Hillary’s health: her meds, thick eyeglasses, and what doctors say

This is a follow-up on my post of Feb. 17, “What is wrong with Hillary?”.

On February 16, while pandering to a black audience in New York, Hillary, who will be 69 years old this October, had a coughing fit that lasted for more than 2 minutes.

Two days later, while campaigning in Las Vegas, she was seen wearing those thick glasses that she first wore after she had fainted and fallen in December 2013.

Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas, Feb. 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton in L.V., Feb. 18, 2016

We were told at the time that she had a head concussion from the fall, which led to a Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST) blood cot between her skull and the brain, resulting in her being treated with anti-coagulants, but that there was no nerve damage. A few weeks later, we were told she had fully recovered and returned to her singularly-lacking-in-achievement work as secretary of state. But months later, Bill Clinton divulged that Hillary actually had sustained injury that “required six months of very serious work to get over.”

On January 23, 2014, she showed up on Capitol Hill wearing thick glasses to testify on Benghazi, wherein she infamously retorted, “What does it now matter?,” when asked why she had lied that a little-known video was the provocation for the Islamist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.


She continued to wear those special glasses for 19 days.

Ophalmologist Dr. Marc Werner told Fox News that the special glasses are Fresnel prism eyeglasses used to treat double vision, which is sometimes caused by severe head trauma. (See “Ophalmologist says Hillary’s thick glasses were for double vision from ‘severe head trauma‘”)

Now she’s back to wearing those special glasses again, which suggests she is experiencing double vision again. So WND consulted several physicians about those glasses, her coughing fit, and the medications she’s known to be taking. Those meds include:

  1. Armour Thyroid, a natural remedy made from desiccated pig glands, for Hillary’s hypothyroid condition.
  2. Coumadin, aka warfarin, a blood-thinner originally developed as a rat poison, for her congenital predisposition to form blood clots.

This is what the physicians said:

1. Dr. Todd Lasner, a neurosurgeon at Mount Sinai Medical in Miami, said while he could not “opine with 100 percent certainty, because we do not have all the medical facts, Fresnel prisms are typically used to correct double vision, to refract light through the prism so you can see a single image as you are normally used to seeing. My first suspicion would be the Fresnel prisms were prescribed for Hillary Clinton because of nerve damage causing double vision resulting from a trauma to her head, possibly from the fall causing the concussion. But without her medical records, I cannot say for certain. The type of blood clot she had in her brain can cause cerebral hemorrhaging, it can cause swelling of the brain, and other times it can just cause headaches, or it may not even be symptomatic in some cases. But for the CVST [blood clot] to cause double vision from a nerve injury that could be cured with a prism lens is unlikely. It’s possible all these conditions could be interrelated somehow.” He said the more likely scenario is that the trauma to Hillary’s head could damage a vein in the brain that leads to the vein developing a blood clot, with the same trauma to the head causing damage to a nerve resulting in the double vision requiring the Fresnel prism lens.

2. Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., a dual board certified osteopathic neurologist and a leading headache specialist who directs the Florida Headache and Movement Disorder Center in Sarasota, Florida, said that when he saw Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas again wearing those black eyeglasses with the Fresnel prism lenses, “I wondered when her double vision came back, or if it never really went away.” Kassicieh said it was nearly certain that wearing eyeglasses fitted with Fresnel prisms meant Clinton was under the care of a specialist eye doctor whose medical records have not been made public.

As for Hillary’s coughing spells, Dr. Kassicieh noted that they seem to be a persistent and recurring problem that’s a separate medical problem from her double vision. “But it makes me wonder if there isn’t something else going on with her health that we don’t know about.” He said that Hillary’s persistent cough may be a result of her taking ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure–a pharmaceutical drug used to help relax blood vessels that in some patients causes a dry, persistent cough. “Or, the coughing could be related to a problem she has with gastroesophageal reflux disease [stomach acid flowing back into esophagus]. But without having access to Hillary Clinton’s medical records, we really don’t know what the problem is causing her to have this persistent, hacking cough.”

3. Dr. Ronald Hoffman, a New York City physician who hosts the nationally syndicated radio program “Intelligent Medicine,” said in a telephone interview that without the medical records, “we really have no idea what the medical condition causing Hillary Clinton to be wearing eyeglasses fitted with Fresnel prism lenses.”

Dr. Hoffman said it’s unusual for a person to have an uncontrolled coughing spell that lasts for minutes at a time because “That is something more than just an occasional clearing of the throat.” He dismissed Hillary’s persistent cough to be a side effect of either Armour Thyroid or Coumadin: “The persistent coughing has to have some explanation. Maybe there is an underlying condition that is not being divulged. But without access to examine her full medical records, we simply do not know.”

Most importantly, Dr. Hoffman said that while “It’s to be expected there might be some medical problems that beset people in their 60s,” it would not be unexpected her physicians might want to gloss over some medical problems to pronounce her in excellent health. “But the real problem here with the Clintons is non-disclosure. If she has some medical issues, let’s hear about them. Why not just air out her full medical records? Especially for a person running for president, the public has a right to know and there is no reason her full medical records should not be made open for examination.


12 responses to “Hillary’s health: her meds, thick eyeglasses, and what doctors say

  1. I agree, the people have a right to know and expect a healthy President. With the Republican Presidents we got their yearly reports. With BO, they have been silent. Makes me think they are hiding something and the same with Hillary. She does not look like someone that would make it for the four years, let alone remain healthy. Is she really running, then a sudden switch?
    Why would anyone at her age with all her millions want to be President instead of finally enjoying life to travel, fish, and enjoy the grand kids? It makes no sense.

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  2. Karma ….. it’s a bitch. Sweet justice/pay back for her numerous grave sins? Or God’s way of saying, “Nah, time’s up.”


  3. I just hope that the American people are smart enough to not saddle our nation with a sick old woman for four years. But, knowing their proclivity for stupidity . . . one cannot rule out her election. No matter how repugnant it may be.

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  4. The Good News: I don’t believe Hillary can win her Party’s nomination at this point.
    The Bad News: Bernie Sanders can.

    The 87-part Wagnerian Opera has just begun!

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  5. In full disclosure, I read this while sitting on the toilet and nothing came out. There must be some underlying medical cause for this condition.


  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    We need full disclosure of her medical records. Something is wrong with her brain because of the way she tells lies. That is not normal. We must insist on a clear “Bill” of health because whatever they have Bill and Hillary both have been struck with it.



  7. If Hillary is elected and then has to resign from office due to her health issues, it might well be that she would continue to get the Presidential salary for the rest of her life. How’s that for a kick in the teeth?


  8. We demand to see all medical records on all candidates for POTUS and VPOTUS. But how do we know they are true and factual? Especially coming from habitual liars.


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  10. I suffer from double vision from taking Excedrin PM that resulted in a seizure. My glasses to correct this problem don’t look like the bottoms of coke bottles and they are also progressive with 14 different levels of lens refractory. I would have to say those glasses of Hillary’s are for some other reason.


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