What is wrong with Hillary?

Hillary has a coughing fit in NY, Feb. 16, 2016

Last night, looking at once bloated and haggard while pandering to a black audience (saying “whites” were “privileged”) at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City, Hillary had a severe coughing fit that lasted for more than 2 minutes.

Her coughing fit is a reminder that this woman, who will be 69 years old this October, has some serious health problems. See:

But it’s not just her physical health.

Hillary seems to be cracking up, mentally.

A day before, in Reno, NV, she barked like a dog:

At an Iowa rally, she gyrated on stage with her middle-aged groupies, like a Depend commercial for adult diapers:

And let us not forget this obscene twerking performance when she was secretary of state:

grinding Hillary

Even her aides say Hillary Clinton is ‘often confused’.

Then there’s this candid shot from September 2015, of Hillary without her make-up, looking worn and sickly.

The pic accompanied a Radar Online article on Edward Klein’s new book, Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary, which quoted “political insiders” saying Hillary is tired, depressed, and plagued by “blinding headaches,” bouts of insomnia, and “near-fainting spells” on the campaign trail which are kept secret.


49 responses to “What is wrong with Hillary?

  1. Ever notice how the “high and mighty” (in their little minds, that is) always seem to descend into physical and mental “vertigo” once they near their goals. They act like, and probably are, drunk with power (remember Loui Gohmert dancing on the stage right after his censure?) as the world crumbles at their feet.
    They make me wanna puke….!

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    • You want to puke because you are a moral person with ethics, terms that are unknown to the Klintons [sic].

      As you may know from what I’ve revealed on this site about the TOTAL evil of this creature [I cannot believe she is 100% human], I will not cease that revelation until she is stopped, and as Eo is my inspiration, believe it!


  2. Hillary seems as if her heart is not in it. I’ve read that she answers, in part, to Saudi money. Who knows who owns her?
    As for Bill, I saw a photo of him yesterday, taken a day or two before, that showed him gaunt and visibly down in weight. I don’t think either one of them are in good health.
    And what have they accomplished? Not much that’s good. I’d hate to be in their shoes.

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  3. She makes me I’ll too whenever I see or hear her sick twisted crap.
    Same for BHO. He makes me sicker.
    And Crun and Jeb!

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  4. The ‘barking like a dog’ incident makes me think of possession. The rumors of her being involved in witchcraft (which is another form of Satanism) would certainly explain this odd behaviour. You can’t dabble in the occult unscathed. She will have a lot to answer for before Almighty God, but I still don’t want anyone to go to Hell, so I’ll pray for her conversion before it’s too late.

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    • The question is, what is wrong with Hillary?

      In one word, I would say the answer is: everything.

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    • Dear Helene;
      It’s very kind of you to pray for her –shall we say, perhaps– recovery, but in her case I’m pretty certain that she’s long gone over to the Other Side. Of course, it’s better to live in hope than in despair, but I’ll make an exception and say that I’d despair of hope in her case.


      • Yes we all should pray for her but in reality, she has so much sin weighing down her soul . . . including (per Larry Nichols who worked for the Clintons, and said that he murdered people for the Clintons) the shedding of innocent blood is on her hands. The thievery and other sins which she has committed are nothing when compared to having the blood of other children of Our God placed at her doorstep. Once you have crossed that line I just don’t know. In my mind I am glad that the Lord will be the one who is judging (and not me) for we know that His Justice will be fair and just–and that the person who committed the sin will have a personal knowledge that the sentence they are given is just and fair. Part of the agony of being in Hell is that ones mind will over and over again remind us that we choose by our actions what sentence we are/were entitled to. I would imagine that the agony of Hell will be enough to cause its inhabitants such exquisite agony that they will fervently wish they had never been created.

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        • Dear Auntie Lulu: once again you are really too kind-hearted in regard of our enemies. Unlike youself, these creeps have NO regard for us in any way except to learn how better to manipulate us, ‘for our own good,’ of course. I’ve worked for some mega-weallthy people over the past fifty years and seen it in play too many times,

          These filth tried to stop my dear friend Dr Tom OBrien from revealing their financial crimes, blaming him instead, as they had the political power to intimidate him and the entire judicial system.

          But Tom was the same as I: raised in a very tough RC neighbourhood where one learned early on that, as Bob Dylan wrote, “if you live outside the law you must be honest,” which they CANNOT be about anything in their fulsome lives [I use this word correctly, not as most people mis-interpret it], and believe me when I say they are the darkest of the Dark Side. They’d sell their mothers and children to advance themselves. Believe it.

          And while all of what you write is true, it only applies to those of us mere humans who have a moral compass AND the conscience to follow it, as Eo reminded me long ago. These creeps never had nor ever will: they are truly LOST SOULS, as I understand & accept from Christian theology.

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      • Hi Joseph, I understand where you’re coming from. It’s hard for me to pray for her but after hearing about these Near Death experiences of hell – you wouldn’t want anyone to go there. On the other hand I can’t quite bring myself to pray for Obama yet. That’s a work in progress.
        BTW Happy Birthday from me as well and many happy returns of the day!

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  5. Hillary reminds me of the mentally ill monarchs throughout history. Caligula, King George III, Commodus, etc. Truly horrifying and pathetic.

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    • True enough, but at least historians said of Commodus that he was not only the physically most powerful man of his era, but that he also had stupendous athletic skills and endurance. More than one source has stated he was likely the greatest athlete-combatant in human history, but who knows what our GMO-laced future will bring?

      As for his being insane, he didn’t start out that way, but his self-imposed isolation from the Romans he supposedly ruled over as Supreme Protector, combined with the devious personalities of his companions, gradually made him sink into depraved lusts and actions. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodus, also http://www.ancient.eu/commodus/%5D

      Wait a minute… when I re-read what I wrote I see you’re correct. She’ll be truly unique from the get-go: the first insane lesbian megalomaniac POTUS. And perhaps –now that the USA has embraced all twelve stages of Dr Michael Grant’s criteria for the decline & collapse of the Roman Empire– she’ll also become the first woman to be assassinated by one of its imperial agencies, the very ones she thought she was controlling. I hope I live to see that happy day, or night, as the case may be!

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  6. Planned parenthood is always coming up with ideas for more affordable birth control for women ……If this pic doesn’t do it , nothing will ……Tape this pic above your headboard and just feel your man’s reaction to it . Can’t get much cheaper than that .

    On the serious side , ? ….Who cares what is bothering her ? The sooner she becomes worm food , the better . Only problem is another will come out of nowhere with her line of b.s. , and the sheeple will fall for it . Hook , line , and sinker …..Much to their demise .

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  7. Are we given reason to worry about the selection of Vice President more than usual?

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    • Yes, in abundance. I’m thinking Old Joe Biden will be put in at the last minute, just like the ‘succession’ in the latter Roman Empire.

      As the foundations of the State became more swampy, the madness for power reached the stage where rich Senators would BID for the office by promising money & goodies to the military.


  8. America has been there, done that with the Clintons. When will the Clintons realize this fact. In reality, she hasn’t won in either of the states so far, but, she did pick up the majority of delegates in both states. How is this posible? Fraud and stealing this election me thinks.

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    • That’s the Bizarro New World Disorder [BNWD] in action: if you don’t like having a programmed machine cast your vote for you, why don’t you move to Russia?

      See the problem? That’s why I refer to it as the USSA, even before Eisenhower [whom I liked when I was a child, but have since changed as I learned more of his history] issued his famous warning about the military-industrial complex. In his original statement he put the Congress in as well, but one of his aides had him delete that, as it cut too close to the bone. And now, as we used to say in Viet-Nam, “There it is!”


  9. so, basically, if poor health hillery is elected (God forbid), she will accomplish her goal of attaining POTUS status and the person she has chosen as VP will be the real POTUS.
    Lord help us.

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  10. LOL – Well, when you spend your entire life inhaling fire, sulfur and brimstone…


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  11. It’s called ‘Karma’…..
    All of the sins of her past have caught up with her, and it shows on her disgusting face. She’s now paying the price for her treachery.
    Hopefully, if there is any justice in the afterlife, she and her spouse will both rot and burn in Hell.
    Perhaps they’ll both suffer the same fate as Hitler in “Little Nicky”….
    …. pass them a pineapple, …….. spines first.

    (As for the insane elites of the past, I;ve read that it may have been caused by drinking alcolholic beverages from high-lead content vessels.)

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  12. Asking what is wrong with Hiillary is not a trigger for us to try to solve the problems. Especially if one of the solutions is to vote for her.
    “Hillary needs your vote or else she will die”.
    Rest In Peace Bitch.

    She took a lot of money (a lot of money) and made promises (not to voters, but to big players) and it’s looking like she won’t be able to keep them and she knows what they will do.
    So the look on her face is how she looks when she is soiling herself.

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  13. I would suspect she has a bad post nasal drip and it affects her sleep. As we age, our voice becomes weaker and more hoarse and talking only exacerbates the problem. So, I am suggesting, she sits down and shut up.
    We all know the office of the president is about money and power.
    Why would she need either in this stage of her life. She has more power than anyone would ever need and her multi millions is more than they will ever spend. Did they not steal and damage our White House enough when they left the last time?
    This Inate need for more power and money borders on insanity.
    Good grief, take these last years and sit back and go fishing and enjoy life and the grand kids. They have the opportunity so many would give their right arm for. Such greed, on the the big sins.
    She has nothing to give the country, leave us in peace.

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  14. Happy birthday, and have many more. If you sleep a little late tomorrow and don’t provide informative and interesting contributions early in the day, we will understand. Once a year. (Sarc.) Look forward to more efforts to restore what we have lost of our civilization of humanity.

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  16. Irene Arias 2104 JARRORD place SMYRNA Ga 30080

    She lies and laugh about it she thinks she can lie and everybody believe her she was the lover of vicent foster mr.foster was killed in the White House when he next day was going to give his resignation to bill Clinton he never left the W House alive the cameras does not show he living alive they murdered him because he knew too much and they scarred his wife if she was going to inquiring about he had two shots and there is more ………


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