Elderly German woman being harassed by Muslim refugees

In a man-on-the-street interview, a 75-year-old German woman relates how she is harassed by Muslims in her own country.

The video begins with the interviewer asking the woman if refugees are still welcome. She answers, “No, no,” saying that the politicians make the open-door policy “from their throne, sit in their Mercedes and drive through the country, while we old ladies are harassed.”

She relates two incidents:

The first took place when she was sitting on a bench waiting for the subway at Lübecker Strasse, a metro station in Hamburg, Germany. “A refugee came and sat down next to me. He kept looking at me, babbling on first in his language.” Then the man asked what she had in her bag. (The woman was carrying a plastic bag, containing clothing for her seamstress.) So she replied, “Whose business is it [what I have in my bag]?” The man said, “You hot woman.” At this point, a young German man came up to her and said, “I see you are being harassed here.” The refugee started screaming: “Fuck you! Fuck you!”

The second incident happened after the woman got on the train. Sitting next to her was a “black man” with a small laptop or iPad. On the screen was the image of an erect penis. The man said to her, “Good? Is good?” The woman jumped up from her seat and fled.

There are other incidents:

  • 5 minutes from her home is a political asylum housing 490 refugees. On that street, there have been break-ins and “one burglary after another.” The police just shrug their shoulders and say, “Yeah, well, what should one do?”
  • The woman’s best friend had her wallet stolen, twice in four weeks.
  • A neighborhood grocery store said they’re closing because of thefts.

The old woman then started relating another incident that took place on Christmas Eve. The woman went on foot to her local church, St. Michael’s, in Hamburg. The shops were closed. As she rounded a corner, she came upon a group of 100 to 150 refugees. Two of the men “accompanied her down to the subway.”

At this point, 4:02 mark in the video, a young dark-haired man with a smirk on his face rudely interrupts the interview. He is joined by three other dark-haired young men.

As the old woman points out that Islam is incompatible with Christendom, the first youth identifies himself as a Muslim and says, “We are here in Germany.” He tells the old woman she’s wrong about Islam, and accuses her of “offending” him, “a citizen of Islam.”

The height of irony: An old woman recounting how she’s been harassed by Muslims is harassed by an uninvited young Muslim man.

Meanwhile, the human tidal wave of “refugees” and “migrants” inundating Europe promises to get even worse.

The Washington Post reports that the number of people who crossed the sea to reach Europe in the first six weeks of 2016 — around 75,000 — is 25 times what it was during the same period last year.

H/t FOTM’s Anne.


12 responses to “Elderly German woman being harassed by Muslim refugees

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  2. Well,it appears the “Muslims” have discovered a way to conquer the world. VOLUME-drown us in militant Muslims,in sufficient numbers that we can’t stop them without resorting to taking up arms and gunning them down,good and bad alike. Anything less is like trying to bail the sea water from the sinking Titanic with coffee cups.

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  3. I see assimilation is going as planned, or not. I feel for Germany, where several of my ancestors come from. It was once a clean beautiful country with proud people. It is being taken away from them. I pray they fight back and hard to save their country, their people and all their culture and all their history,once it is gone, it is gone.

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  4. Oh Well. This is all just a prelude to massive immigration by the SAME people into the USA. Europe is just a stepping-stone, unless we elect a POTUS who actually adheres to the laws of the USA and respects the right of Congress to make law, and of the Supreme Court to do judicial review of those laws when called for.

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  5. Maybe a few cracked heads will let them know they aren’t welcome!!!


  6. One point this woman brought out, was in times of war people suffer — better that these people suffer (just as others have suffered down through time during times of war or times of occupation.) When I saw the young Muslim men who were making of fun of her . . .frankly, I wanted to smack them around until they will be hearing bells ring into next year. I can certainly see where the young, the elderly, or those not protected by driving in their own car at the disadvantage are easy prey for these Muslim thugs; I suppose their media will take to called them “groups of young people” rather than “Muslim thugs.” This is shameful indeed. It is time for the people of Germany to oust their current leaders, and vote in others who will tend to business and turn back the hoards.

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    • I have to add, this beautiful woman stood her ground better than most politicians do, these days. Those little twits need a lesson in manners, no one was addressing them.


  7. These “refugees” are ignorant and offensive- -“they” offend anyone and everyone who is civilized! The “ignorant ones” should be caged like the animals they are! Merkel should be driven from office and incarcerated with them!


  8. Must be nice to be a ” refugee “………and have an I-phone . I wonder how the short haired punk got it .

    I liked the way she stood her ground when the slime approached her . As to the ” schwartze ” in the subway , a nice big glass of wasser poured over the I-pad would have taken care of that erect penis .

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  9. So sad, the Italian in me wants to smack them upside the head with my shoe! No one should interrupt or talk over an elderly person.


  10. PISS ON ISLAM and their goat f#*king pedophile muhammad who wears a crown of pig shit!


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