Isn’t this precious: George Clooney supports Germany’s open door to ‘refugees’

Ben Child reports for The Guardian that George Clooney and his Lebanese-born skeletal-thin lawyer wife, Amal, were in Berlin to promote his new comedy film Hail, Caesar! (which bombed in the U.S. box office), at the 66th Internationale Filmfest Berlin.

George & Amal meet with Merkel (photo by Guido Bergmann/Bundesregierung via Getty Images)

George & Amal meet with Merkel (photo by Guido Bergmann/Bundesregierung via Getty Images)

There, on the morning of February 12, the Clooneys had a one-hour meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel “to discuss the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and the political reaction to it in Europe and elsewhere.”

Merkel has led Germany to bear the brunt of the “refugee” invasion, taking in nearly one in two of all asylum applications made by Syrians in EU member states last year.

After the meeting, George Clooney declared to the world that he and Amal fully support Merkel’s open-door policy towards “refugees,” telling reporters: “I absolutely agree with her”.

The Clooneys were accompanied by David Miliband, the former UK foreign secretary who is now head of the New York-based International Rescue Committee. Miliband told the BBC Merkel is “showing very strong leadership” during the crisis.

Hey, George and Amal, let’s see you open your many luxury residences to the “refugees,” mansions purchased from the mega-millions Clooney’s made from people — including conservatives — paying money to see his movies. The mansions include:

George Clooney's Lake Como mansion

George Clooney’s Lake Como mansion

  1. Villa Oleandra, an 18th century lakeside villa on the shores of scenic Lake Como in Laglio, Italy, which George bought for $10 million in 2002 and which he’s now unloading for $100 million.
  2. A $15 million, 9-bedroom, riverside mansion in the village of Berkshire, England, which the Clooneys last year began renovating by installing a 60-ft. swimming pool, among other features, causing much chaos and outrage among neighbors and villagers.
  3. A historic 10-bedroom English manor nestled upon a 5.5-acre private island, overlooking the River Thames in Sonning Eye village, England, which the Clooneys bought in 2014 for $12 million.  (#2 and #3 may be the same mansion.)
  4. A 7-bedroom 10-bath beachfront mansion outside Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico.
  5. A home in Los Angeles, described as “a sprawling estate“.

What, you haven’t taken in even one “refugee”?

I’m shocked. Just shocked.

Just so you know, George Clooney is also anti our Second Amendment gun rights. See “Anti-gun organizations, celebrities, journalists, corporations“.

See also:


19 responses to “Isn’t this precious: George Clooney supports Germany’s open door to ‘refugees’

  1. george clooney and michael moore must be the best of pals…birds of a feather

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  2. Another lib acting the way they do ….” Do as I say , not as I do ….”…….I wonder if Amal would like to live with Muslim extremists in one of their comfy abodes under shitria law ?

    What would Rosemary be thinking right about now about her precious offsprings ” thoughts “…….total sarc pertaining thoughts

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  3. Of course he agrees with Merkel! I think Clooney is part of the global elites, not the top, but right there with them on their agenda. He’s a fraud. Not much else can be said about and for him – he’s part of the false utopia that in reality is the doom of the human race on planet earth. He’s not gotten any of my attention in movies or comments he makes – he’s their useless minion.

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  4. I wonder if Clooney would continue to be a liberal wind bag was present when the Somali muslim terrorist chopped at people with a machete in Columbus Ohio a few days ago. He should stick with his career and
    keep his mouth shut.

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    • Yup, he’s an actor… and should stick to talking about movies and acting.

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      • George Clooney has political ambitions. Many believe that, after many years as a confirmed bachelor “dating” a seemingly unending series of starlets & models, he married “respectable” lawyer Amal as a stepping stone to running for political office. There’s politics in his family: George’s mom was a former beauty queen and city councilwoman. His maternal great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann Sparrow, was the half-sister of Nancy Lincoln, mother of President Abraham Lincoln.

        We must keep a watchful eye on him & keep him on our political radar.


      • It never ceases to amaze me that actors somehow feel they are so educated and knowledgeable about these world issues that they are just forced somehow to come forward and dump their words of wisdom on us the stupid, uneducated peons! Since when did actors and actresses get to be so damnably high minded? Most of them have s _ _ t for brains. My cat could give me as intelligence a synopsis of what’s going on and what needs to be done to rectify the situation. A pox on their house!!!!

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  5. Typical liberal hypocrite. Don’t pay to see any of his movies and won’t ever do so.

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  6. At least Clooney’s not a hypocrite, inasmuch as humanitarianism and philanthropy, as generally used by his ilk, are euphemisms for their anti-metaphysical, atheistic, thoroughly materialistic and Darwinistic globalism. So what else is new, right? His going with Milliband, in this case, whose IRC’s board belies an interest in real people and epitomizes the marshaling of intellectual resources to effect the globalized NWO, enforced in large part by the electronic hyper-interconnectivity promising control over “smart” phones, homes, water & electricity metering, cars, cities, stores–you name it. Naturally Clooney, Merkel, and Milliband are on board with this atomization of Europe that will make resistance futile.


  7. No Surprise is it. Despite whatever good looks the man has I never found him appealing because there is a shallowness to him. I always found him and his performances unconvincing and boring. Son of a beauty queen ? Yeah, George is nothing more than that either- a hollow beauty queen. I hope the people of Germany and other European countries hear about this and make their feelings known loud and clear by not going to the flaming jackass’ movie.

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  8. I don’t know one person who likes this guy.

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  9. I commend Mr. Looney for his good taste, and I must say I would love to possess his Lake Como manse myself! (But I would remove the lone tall tree lakeside of his abode, as it resembles a symbolic middle finger!)
    At any rate, let’s all envy his wealth and drool over the photos, and dream of the perfect world we would love to have.
    And then let’s come down to Earth.
    Mr. Clooney is a fine actor who has had the misfortune to make some bad movies. But we have to separate the fine actor from his politics. It is a mystery, of sorts: Hollywood is CHOCK LOADED with Leftist Freaks whose politics are, to put it mildly, INSANE. And yet, they know their craft of acting. Who can explain it?
    And yet there are people we meet who seem to be excellent at what they do or seem to be truly good human beings—but we’re not the fly on the wall. We only THINK we know someone.
    George Clooney is the post-modern recreation of the Silva Thins Man of the 1960’s—a veritable Secret Agent Man. And he can act. But he’s living proof one can be these things, and still be a moral imbecile.
    As they say in Brooklyn, “Eh, Go Figuya!”


  10. Hey all you hordes, cLooney has some free mansion space for rent.

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  11. Well, well, well, little Georgie selling his house so he doesn’t have to supply rooms for the invaders. Nice mark up on the house. But the new paint job sucks.
    He married a Muslim, and I have felt since day one, she runs the roost and it was a marriage of convenience. Something is a little amiss with these two.
    Him being such a BO admirer and supporter. We spend no money on his movies.
    I hope she takes him for everything.

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  12. Just read this today; it is excellent; it is from the blog Dover Beach:

    “Geert Wilders: ‘The Patriot Spring'”


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