More than 15 per cent of the Hillary Clinton’s emails released on Saturday were deemed ‘confidential’ while three were labeled ‘secret’

Just another day in the email/private server drama that doesn’t have any effect on her campaign.

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make

More than 15 per cent of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails released on Saturday contain classified information, with three being labeled ‘secret’.

The Daily Mail reports that of the 551 messages released on Saturday in response to a federal judge’s order, 81 were deemed classified, mostly at the lowest level of sensitivity. None were labeled ‘top secret’.

The State Department released more than 1,000 new pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Saturday. One of the messages is a long note from David Satterfield, a top US diplomat to Egypt, who told White House and State Department officials about negotiations in the Sinai.

The message’s contents have been deemed ‘secret’, though there is no sign they were labeled such at the time in which the email was sent, according to the Washington Times. Clinton was forwarded the message by top aide Jacob Sullivan.

The department has now released more than 45,000 pages of emails from the private account Clinton used as secretary of state. It plans to finish making her emails public on February 29, a day before the critical Super Tuesday primaries.

But ahead of the deadline previous deadline – January 29 – the State Department told the judge that they had discovered 4,000 additional emails that had not been checked for classified or private material. A top State Department open-records official took blame for not hitting the January deadline.

Clinton has struggled to put the email controversy to rest as she seeks the Democratic presidential nomination. Last month, 22 emails were withheld in full because they contained ‘top secret’ material. The FBI also is examining the security of the homebrew server she maintained for email use while in office.

Read the whole story here.

Hillary For Prison 2016

I’m still not holding my breath that anything will happen to her.

Get. Her. In. Jail. Now.


6 responses to “More than 15 per cent of the Hillary Clinton’s emails released on Saturday were deemed ‘confidential’ while three were labeled ‘secret’

  1. It is a travesty to think, for instance, that she remains at large–which the Hammonds (Burns, Oregon) have been forced to serve a second prison sentence for the same offense. Hillary gets to walk free, after all the felonious activities she has been involved in, walks free. She is a traitor to our nation, and should be dealt with accordingly. Although, she is not currently in jail, there is still an investigation going on, which means we may yet see this old cow behind bars–where she belongs.

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  2. It seems to me that Hillary Clinton is demonically possessed, in part because she continues to skate. Talk about Teflon! I also think she has the inside dirt on a number of people, and that blackmail provides, in part, the Teflon.
    Rather than hope against hope for the impossible, perhaps she should be enabled to commit further and more numerous crimes, in the hopes she will self-destruct.
    In a way, Mrs. Clinton reminds me of Teresa Roquetin, whose adultery was the LEAST of her crimes! Perhaps she and her, ahem, husband can be positioned and aligned so as to meet the same fate as the fictional (?) Miss Roquetin did. Fair is fair: Live by the Law of the Jungle, Die by the Law of the Jungle!

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  3. It amazes me the difference in the treatment between Killery and Petraus. He wrote on a paper, locked in his desk, never in the Internet and gave some info to his biographer and look at what they have done to him. And are still doing, in face.
    Wow stunning. On the other hand, our nations security has been compromised and heavily. Makes one curious as to weather her negligence and arrogance into our safety and leaving us so vulnerable wasn’t the door opened for getting our government computers hacked and employees info taken.


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