German police were ordered not to prosecute migrants two months before New Year sex attacks

The officials in charge in the town of Keil, Germany have gone full-blown insane.


Police in a German town were ordered not to prosecute migrants for certain crimes – just two months before the New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne, it has emerged.

The Daily Mail reports that documents show officers in Kiel, northern Germany, were told to forego prosecuting migrants for theft and criminal damage amid fears there was little chance of succeeding.

The guidelines were issued by the police directorate in the town in October 2015 just months before hundreds of women reported being robbed and molested by migrants in Cologne on December 31. German police have now been accused of ‘surrendering’ in the face of refugee crime.

Documents published by the Bild newspaper show that an official guideline issued by the police directorate in Kiel in October 2015 let asylum seekers effectively live outside the laws of the land when it comes to minor theft and criminal damage.

Officers were told there was little chance of success because so many of the arrivals in Germany do not have papers, and often if they do, they are false. 

Kiel decided that the costs of pursuing asylum seekers for these low-level offences were too high, the chances of success in court too low. Kiel’s police authority stated that its guidelines should become a ‘statewide applicable rule’ whereby ‘simple/low-threshold offences (shoplifting/vandalism)’ by migrants should not be followed up because of the low chance of identifying suspects and gaining a successful prosecution. But ‘higher order’ offences are to be treated the same, ‘especially serious cases of theft and personal injury,’ regardless of whether the perpetrator is a German citizen or a refugee.

The guidelines were sent as a circular to all police stations in Kiel urging restraint if the ID of a migrant suspect could not be ascertained within 12 hours of a crime being reported.

Under pressure after the document surfaced, Kiel’s police authority said a new circular dated December 23 last year made the earlier one ‘outdated’ – but media reports that it contains no references to petty crimes.

Read the whole story here.


7 responses to “German police were ordered not to prosecute migrants two months before New Year sex attacks

  1. I think the German government is insane.


  2. The attitude of the German government is outrageous–not only are German citizens fleeced (in the paying of taxes) to support people to whom they have no legal responsibility, but those very people perpetrate hostile and criminal activities aimed at the German people. The current government needs to be T-H-R-O-W-N O-U-T of office for their crimes against their own people. Then you start deporting anyone who does not have papers (proving who they are, their criminal status, and where they came from.) Germany . . . please wake up! Just like with the America media, the German media has hidden the truth about these “peaceful, asylum seekers.”

    Great post DCG, thank you!


  3. If people do not stand up and stop what is going on here it will be the same. Will the chief of Police or the sheriff do the same and throw up there hands or will they go after them. We shall see and what of the people who live in the places what will they do if the police do nothing? I can tell you what will happen the population of the refugees will start falling off when they start finding dead bodies all over the place. Once their emotion is stirred up I would say no stopping them. I mean your talking about mothers and wives of Americans and they will not stand for it.


  4. graphic criminal charged with minor offense after persuading victim not to press charges for attempted murder SEE also


  5. That has to be the dumbest reason for not enforcing the law. No papers. Big deal, you aren’t arresting the papers. Put the thugs in jail and prosecute, then enforce.
    Laws were made and meant to be followed and those entering countries with the intent to break them have to be arrested.
    Even Turkey has laws for when you steal, you lost your hand. I call that motivation for obeying the law.


  6. I would have resigned on the spot.



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