Iraqi migrant rapes a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna and tells police it was a ‘sexual emergency’

Subhuman piece of you-know-what.


An Iraqi migrant brutally raped a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool cubicle, resulting in the boy being hospitalized for his injuries.

The Daily Mail reports that a lifeguard immediately called an ambulance after the boy went to him in floods of tears. The perp didn’t even take off – he was entertaining himself by repeatedly jumping off the three-metre diving board.

Police arrested him on the spot at the pool in Vienna, and during an interrogation, he told them that it was a ‘sexual emergency’ as he had not had sex in four months.

The Iraqi, who had been working as a taxi driver in Vienna, told police he knew it was ‘a mistake’ and did not mean to ‘scar the boy’, reports Kronen Zeitung. But the migrant, who had entered the country through the Balkans on September 5, official records show, said he could not help himself as he had an ‘excess sexual energy’. He told police that he knew such an act was ‘forbidden in any country of the world’, and he was not ‘always sick’, as he has a wife and a daughter in Iraq.

And this is how far the political madness has taken over: At first, Austrian did not release details of the rape, which happened on December 2 at The Resienbad pool, to protect the victim. Reports emerged on Facebook and police said they must be sensitive about cases involving migrants, who have ‘been through a lot’, but that there would be zero-tolerance.

are you serious

Austrian media have also been following another case of a 13-year-old girl who is allegedly repeatedly being raped by her 26-year-old husband, who she married in Syria. However, the teenager has not spoken against her husband, who is claiming that he has the right to have sex with her after their marriage was consummated, under Islamic law.

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20 responses to “Iraqi migrant rapes a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna and tells police it was a ‘sexual emergency’

  1. This bullshiite is absolutely despicable behavior perpetuated by a so-called “human being” on a defenseless kid. Man, the anger within my soul!

    While I thank my God and Savior for the Holy Spirit’s fruit of self control, I’m also praying He starts cleaning things up, and real soon.

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  2. I am sick to my stomach and I am convinced that these incidents are being allowed to happen because much of the western world has turned its back on God, but will the people turn to him?
    The day of reckoning is coming for these demonic savages, what tools the good Lord uses I dont know…. but I would like to be an arrow in his quiver if given the right circumstances. Let your conscience be your guide.

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    • These incidents happen not just b/c mankind has turned its back on God…..but our leader has turned his back on LAW..(as in—-Obama”s selective Executive discretionary powers/enforcement)..

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  3. castrate him and say it was a “sexual emergency”

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  4. that poor child! I pray for his recovery and the castration of that monster!
    he’s another example of what’s wrong with the “refugee crisis”…leaves wife and child (who should be refugees) in a war-ravaged country while he vacations in a pool in europe and brutally rapes a child because he felt ‘horny’…. pathetic savage POS!
    europeans need to wake up to the evils they have allowed across their borders….they cannot “coexist” with predators who use “religion” as an excuse to go after their: land, women, children, culture, and faith.
    europe playing nice is costing the europeans everything….I pray they awaken from their PC slumber soon, reunite with Jesus, put on the Armor of God and kick those inbred savages off their lands, prosecute their legislature for allowing this mess, learn to arm themselves with physical weapons and self-defense (some parts of europe don’t even allow persons to carry or use pepper spray), and give a fat middle finger to the banks who initiated these conflicts in the first place.

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  5. This is taking place because authorities, while aware of what is happening, want us to be in ignorance lest attainment of their ultimate goal is thwarted.


  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    The children of the father of lies are at work. They have the keys to the family car and are joyriding to death.


  7. Interesting choice of words from a villain that his lynch mob should indeed use. To lynch this criminal really would be a “justice emergency.” For when government refuses to defend its citizens, the Rule of Law fails, and vigilantism would—in this case—be justified.
    Angela Merkel is lynching Europe.

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  8. If you guys really cared you wouldn’t have put Obama in. The man and his cabinet are incompetent !


    • I and others on FOTM most certainly did not “put Obama in.” Did you?


    • It’s assholes like you who have given the country a dick-head like this …No one on this site would have been dumb enough to vote for the queer once , let alone twice . I think your I.Q. dropped into your loins . Enjoy the thought process Zoner


    • BHO is very competent at what he was assigned to do by his master’s, those who, among other things, control MSM and lie to the public through it. Didn’t you know that? Or are you on the side of the would-be rulers of the universe?


  9. How can any person in a uniform justify this action stating because they have been through so much? What about what all the countries and their citizens are going through?
    I think a few well placed castrations advertised far and wide might slow things down. It is only fair. Look at the life that poor little boy will go through the rest of his life. At the very least start using salt Peter in any food served them.
    BTW, who would even get in a pool of the same water by people who are filthy and don’t even wipe or wash?


  10. Infidels and/or women are fair game for the faithful to meet their “needs” while abroad apparently… call it the Ugly Muslim syndrome.


  11. This same thing will be happening in America thanks to the Schmuck in Chief!

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  13. I hope the POS dune monkey is shot deader than frozen dog sh*t trying to escape.

    Sometimes real justice just needs to happen ASAP.



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  15. Welł Dr. E your smarter then look


  16. When Muslims treat other human beings in such a horrific manner, they should have the parts that cause their “sexual emergency” (their dick and balls) to be immediately removed from their bodies. The wounds should be cauterized with a red hot iron rod so that they may survive and act as an example of what happens to Muslims who use their religion as an excuse to force their perversions on innocent children. I hope you get what you deserve in prison Amir!


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