Bombshell: Hillary’s unsecured emails contained names of CIA spies

Hillary For Prison 2016

Last Friday (Jan. 29) afternoon, the State Department released another court-mandated batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails from when she was secretary of state. But 22 emails (totaling 37 pages of text) were withheld, even with entire sections redacted.

Those 22 emails were withheld at the request of the intelligence community because although Hillary and her staff treated them as “unclassified,” the emails actually were “Top Secret”.

“Top Secret” is the federal government’s highest official classification level, defined as “information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.” The disclosure of Top Secret information is a serious criminal matter that normal Americans face prosecution and substantial jail time for perpetrating.

So what is in those 22 “Top Secret” emails?

Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne report for FoxNews, Feb. 1, 2016, that according to a U.S. government official who has reviewed the documents, the 22 emails are withheld because they contain “operational intelligence” — real-time information on intelligence collection, sources (informants on CIA’s payroll), the movement of assets, as well as names of CIA agents. The presence of that information on Hillary’s unsecure, personal email system jeopardized “sources, methods and lives”.

The official was not authorized to speak on the record and was limited in discussing the contents because of their highly classified nature. The official emphasized that the “TOP SECRET” documents were sent over an extended period of time — from the installation of Hillary’s private email server in 2009 until early 2013 when Clinton stepped down as secretary of state.

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas), who sits on the House intelligence committee, said Hillary had to know what she was dealing with: “There is no way that someone, a senior government official who has been handling classified information for a good chunk of their adult life, could not have known that this information ought to be classified, whether it was marked or not. Anyone with the capacity to read and an understanding of American national security, an 8th grade reading level or above, would understand that the release of this information or the potential breach of a non-secure system presented risk to American national security.”

Pompeo pointed out that the Top Secret information might have fallen into the hands of the Iranians, or the Russians, or the Chinese, or just hackers, and that the Obama administration should assume that information has in fact gotten out. That, in turn, counsels changes in operations by the military and intelligence communities.

On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, one day before the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton claimed ignorance on the sensitivity of the materials because they weren’t marked as “classified”. She accused the Republicans of using it “to beat up on me.”

When ABC’s “This Week” reminded her that in her signed 2009 non-disclosure agreement, she had acknowledged that markings are irrelevant (the agreement states “classified information is marked or unmarked … including oral communications”), Hillary blamed her aides, saying: “When you receive information, of course, there has to be some markings, some indication that someone down the chain had thought that this was classified and that was not the case.”

But Hillary is contradicted by national security attorney Edward MacMahon Jr., who represented former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling in the high-profile leak investigation regarding a New York Times reporter. MacMahon said, “Everybody who has a security clearance [as Hillary had] has an individual obligation to protect the information. Just because somebody sends it to you … you can’t just turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened and pretend it’s unclassified information.”

These rules, known as the Code of Federal Regulations, apply to U.S. government employees with security clearances and state there is an obligation to report any possible breach by both the sender and the receiver of the information. The rules state: “Any person who has knowledge that classified information has been or may have been lost, possibly compromised or disclosed to an unauthorized person shall immediately report the circumstances to an official designated for this purpose.”

Meanwhile, the release of other Hillary emails has revealed that then-Sen. John Kerry (who is now secretary of state was also using an unsecured, personal email account for classified information. 

Furthermore, a 2009 email released to Judicial Watch after a federal lawsuit shows that Patrick Kennedy, the top administrator at the State Department was, in the words of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, “in on Hillary Clinton’s separate email network and system from the get-go.” Kennedy is expected to testify this month before the Republican-led Benghazi Select Committee.

According to John Schindler of Observer, CIA and the entire intelligence community are in panic mode right now, trying to determine which intelligence officers and agents have been compromised by Hillary’s EmailGate. A senior intelligence community official called the 22 withheld emails “a death sentence” for CIA officers and foreign agents working for U.S. intelligence, saying, “if we’re lucky only agents, not our officers, will get killed because of this.”

 At a minimum, valuable covers have been blown, careers have been ruined, and lives have been put at serious risk. Our spies’ greatest concern now is what’s still in Hillary’s emails that investigators have yet to find.

And what about those 30,000 emails that Hillary had deleted?

An exasperated Pentagon counterintelligence official said, “I’ll spend the rest of my career trying to figure out what classified information was in those. Everybody is mad as hell right now. The worst part is that Moscow and Beijing have that information but the intelligence community maybe never will.”

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20 responses to “Bombshell: Hillary’s unsecured emails contained names of CIA spies

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  2. We all know she has lied repeatedly on this subject. We know that anyone in a secure position of the gov. Is given a yearly tutorial, complete with signing the form you understand what is acceptable protocol, but what really really tinks me off is the flippant, nonchalant attitude dealing with this country’s security. They have put every citizen in harms way and given those wanting to harm us a back door way to enter this country and hack our systems. For that, she, as well as Kerry should be prosecuted.

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    • Glenn47 . . I could not agree with you more. The fact that you and I and everyone in this land has been put at risk, true the families of CIA assets on the front lines are in more imminent danger of death. Then to find out that that fool Kerry was also doing the same when he was a senator; I would say that act conveys the basis that he is incompetent to serve as Secretary of State. This whole debacle needs to end with Clinton going to prison (and I don’t mean a country club prison,) along with a number of her personal staff member — how is it that they could be serving as aids to the Secretary of State, yet they “chose to disregard” the training that is provided regarding the transmittal of classified documents. This is so horrid, how many of us who love this country, would even think of casually doing this same thing? No, I didn’t think so. Actually, I think she should be charged with treason, and dealt with in the most severest terms for that offense.

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  3. It seems to me that Hillary, Secret Service or no Secret Service, had better watch her back.

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  5. look at the bright side, the exposed could be commie pink Kenyan supporters. what does it matter anyways? there is no such thing a constitutional republic in what was once America. the mind wash is so thorough everyone argues about liberal and conservative, forgot all about unconstitutional and constitutional. the police state has been accepted.

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  6. Guess who’s going under the bus before Hillary even will…


  7. williamjamesward

    How loyal will Hillary’s acolytes be when they know they face decades if not life in prison. Hillary of course will say
    “I don’t recall” my flunkies are to blame, get them. I think Mullah Obama is sweating the fact that money for information may be tied to the Clinton foundation and money from there secreted in a round about way to him, we shall see. I hear the singing on the chain gang getting closer and louder.

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  8. Infuriating beyond belief…and the media and clowns in DC roll along like nothing happened. She needs to be in jail NOW!

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    • From what Dr Tom OBrien told me, both of them should have gone to prison in the Seventies; instead they framed him and put him through NINE NY Grand Juries, and EACH one found him INNOCENT! They both have trails of blood-tainted money everywhere.


      • Joseph . . . it would be a long, long list if each name was listed that the Clinton’s have been responsible for murdering. I for one will be glad when their tickets get punched and they have to report to the gates of Hell for everlast torment.

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        • Amen and thank you! Now that Tom’s gone –likley ‘assisted’ by one of this creepy duoply’s minions– I can start to spill the beans on this sick sick sick Satanic set of sadistic slaughterers, starting with Benghazi as their latest killings.


  9. we must understand that the people in power are practicing sorcery/witchcraft on us . This includes the president and much of Hollywood as well as those in congress . This is very deep and involves sororities and fraternities as well as freemasonry and all groups that are associated with the Babylonian belief of Egypt . Since what happened in the garden of Eden the woman is under the headship of the Serpent/Satan and the man is now under the headship of the woman and this certainly shows in Hollywood . So when is the man going to take back his headship back and put Hillary in prison . Google took away my former e-mail of garside01 and I can no longer receive mail under it .


  10. Son of the Rabbit People

    Could someone please ask Scooter Libby for his opinion regarding this?

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  11. I won’t get started on this miserable creep as it will send my BP up forty points. She can’t go fast enough to suit me!

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  12. The regime’s “lynchpin” will never indict, because obama/soetoro/sobarka/ sumohadiwidjojo will not allow it; but, you can bet the FBI will not hesitate to go public and blow the whistle! The sooner they do it, the better!

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  13. Well…that is one good thing that has come out of this… To hell with the drug-running, murdering thugs known as the CIA. The CIA is the enemy of the American people and good, decent people everywhere… Ought to be a bounty on anyone associated with the CIA Mafia.

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  14. So I’m going to paraphrase Hillary’s reasoning: “What difference, at this point, does it make…..I TESITIFIED for 11 hours to Congress. I am OFF THE HOOK,b/c as every elementary school kid and their parents KNOW in this modern day—TURNING IN the work equals FULL CREDIT…even if the work (long hours of testimony) was BOGUS!!!!!!!!”

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  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. Ms. “What difference does it make” Hilary doesn’t care who she harms as long as it benefits her. She is the Medusa of our land,. sickening and frightening to the core. She has no remorse for what she did with such amazingly important information that belongs to our nation that might affect the entire world, and most especially, the disclosure of this information could hurt our nation’s agents, notwithstanding what effect it has already had upon our nation’s intelligence. She is so selfish and awful to have deleted so many of the e-mails-the harm from which could be and/or is irreparable. We already know she is an expert at shredding documents. She has been and still is participating in criminal activities. . . .And yet, this person is running for president. . .Dear God, please, please help us.

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