The transformation of Megyn Kelly

It’s never a good thing when a journalist, instead of reporting the news, becomes instead a subject of news.

That’s the case with FoxNews’ Megyn Kelly, because of her continuing combativeness with Donald Trump.

I don’t watch FauxNews [sic] because I, intentionally, don’t have cable TV. So I wasn’t aware of recent changes in Kelly’s physical appearance, until FOTM readers pointed it out. (See “Strange Bedfellows on FoxNews” and “FAUX NEWS secretly supports illegal immigration“.)

So I went looking for pics of Kelly and compiled the “before” and “after” comparison below:

Megyn Kelly in 2012 vs. 2016

Yikes! What happened to her?

It’s more than the short hair and eye makeup. There’s been a spiritual transformation, and it’s not to the good . . . .

Wikipedia says Megyn Kelly, 45, has a law degree (J.D.) from Albany Law School. An Irish-Italian Roman Catholic, she has three children with her second husband. Politically, she identifies as an independent and says she has voted for both Democrats and Republicans.

Update (June 12 2017):

It turns out Megyn Kelly’s transformation is more than her hairstyle or her hard eyes. Long before she became a FoxNews anchor, Kelly had extensive plastic surgery. H/t National Enquirer.


21 responses to “The transformation of Megyn Kelly

  1. 2012, 41 years old, perky teen look, Miss Universe potential; 2016, 45, feline on the prowl?; 2020, 49, stay tuned.

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  2. Yes, Megyn Kelly does look like the devil with the hair and makeup change. Yes, Donald Trump is spouting what most Americans know/ believe and are saying on Facebook in order to gain popularity in the polls. What we don’t know is whose side he is on; who he is working for. They all work for someone. We do know that the government’s and global elitists not so hidden agenda is depopulation and total control/dictatorship of the people. We know Big Pharma controls the government and is a huge conglomerate with an agenda of greed and experimentation on humans with no regard of the harm they are doing. What we have not yet seen is who is really behind all of this evil. What we need is for all people across the globe to WAKE UP and refuse to allow this evil agenda to go on any longer. We need everyone to raise their voices in protest. We need GOD and an army of angels to save our planet and the human population.

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  3. No man is good, no exceptions; we need all the help the Lord has for everyone who really want it. That is this world, in politics and everywhere else. We should just try to do better every day, the the job will be completed for some in the next world.

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    • marble,

      Just to clear up any misunderstanding: My post is not a I’m-better-than-thou post. Of course, we are all sinners. My post is a result of my being struck by the (physical & spiritual) transformation of Kelly’s appearance.

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  4. Sorry for any possible misunderstanding, that was meant for generalities.

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  5. Yes, she has gone through a not so good transformation over the past few years. She appears, to me, to be leaning more towards the Democrat liberals who, during the last election, removed God from their platform with loud applause. It was only one Dem who knew the outcome of doing this (they’d lose too many supporters) and had it put back in. Unfortunate for her, because of this oh so negative energy she’s taken on, she looks like so many Dem/liberal women. They look like vipers who’ll pounce on anyone at any time – very anti-feminine. Women who believe in abortion most often end up looking anti-feminine because killing your baby is not a feminine trait. American women have become very masculine in attitudes and appearance (clothing and style), which is what the liberal mindset espouses and demands.

    Yes, I believe if a woman is doing the same job as a man and just as well, she should get monetary compensation for it, but to want to be just like a man in every way to “prove you’re just as good as a man” is absurd. Why on earth does any woman want to be just like a man? Men and women are different in many ways, and this is as it should be. We are made of different (opposing) energy and should come together and should create a harmonious balance between each other as one flame. We have different roles (energy) to out-picture and offer our society and world. All of this phony women’s liberation ideation has destroyed women, men, marriage, children, society. Women, men and children are so confused today because we’re each born with specific energy (male, female) but are told it means absolutely nothing and that we aren’t allowed to express who and what we are without being raked over the coals for it. This is total insanity!

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  6. While I no longer like megyn kelly she to has become too combative and its her opinion and no one elses that counts. If she doesn’t like you or agree with you she finds everything she can about you and nit picks (worse then a nagging old lady made that way by an over bearing husband over time) time she leaves the airwaves for constant trump bashing ((I wonder how she likes her country and the direction it has been hijacked over the last 25 yrs actually much longer quite the utopia being developed for your children isn’t it megyn)) …… that said anyone can find any two pictures taken yrs apart find the least flattering one poor lighting, bad outfit too heavy makeup made worse by camera angle and light and present the new demonic version. While Trump has irked her into unashamed Trump Bashing as her mission/directive from her bosses I think using just one photo possibly her worest is not totally fair ……. everyone takes a bad photo every once and awhile …… even hillary dillary put her in the stock. But the truth still is she hates Trump and will say and do anything to bash him down the stairs as the race continues


    • “anyone can find any two pictures taken yrs apart find the least flattering one poor lighting, bad outfit too heavy makeup made worse by camera angle and light and present the new demonic version.”

      I did not purposefully seek a bad pic of Kelly. The 2016 one is from the latest sans-Trump debate. The 2012 pic is from Wiki‘s entry on her. Those were the only two pics I looked at, honest to God.

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  7. Megyn Kelly has drank the kool-aid of liberal, leftist, NWO politics. If any of us think about it, we can come up with a lot of people from those in the media spotlight like Congress and entertainers to just casual acquaintances who have made the same transition. I have long felt that somewhere along the line these people are taken aside by the powers-that-be and told if you do this and this and this, your salary will go up and up and you will always have employment. You either become one of them or you get left out. May the Lord help us in this wicked wicked world.

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  8. I expect that Kelly may have been a conservative at one time. But, her bosses are progressives and her station is owned in large measure by the Saudis and full ownership of Fox is not necessary for SA to manipulate what Ms. Kelly, or anyone else in that organization, says and does. Birds of a feather always flock together and she’s as much an Establishment character as is an well known progressive. Her clash with Trump simply removed her mask.

    Trump for President in 2016.


  9. It’s what happens when you allow yourself to became a paid assassin for the RINO leadership.


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  10. This reminds me of Gulliver’s Travels in which the Lilliputians, if I remember it correctly, had to do a dance on a tightrope, and the king (in this case Roger Ailes) kept raising the tight rope, and enjoyed his subjects inventing a new dance each time while on the tight rope.
    Why Not? Both Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have done basically the same thing!


  11. Interesting. She does look transformed.

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  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post which is indeed noteworthy. The picture of Megan in 2012 reflects someone who is kind, communicative and respectful. The picture of Megan in 2016 reflects someone who is cold, calculating and vicious-looking. Amazing!

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  13. CREEPY!!!!!!!

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  14. Three ideas:
    1. Morphing into Catwoman [Nano]?
    2. Reptilian shape shifting?
    3. “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.” ― Coco Chanel

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  15. Here is a rather telling interview with her:

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  16. Her know it all combative attitude turned me off about a year ago. I used to like the fact she held people accountable, but she has gone over board in her, I am right about everything attitude and will interrupt you to prove it.
    She has gone from the girl next door to a harsher look, thinner, longer face with a more pronounced chin, I thought she was going for the Rachel Madow look.

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  17. In that this article delves into the physiognomy of human faces, I would like to say somethng apropos to this subject. I have been reading a lot about Winston Churchill of late and came upon some interesting opinions about his face. Part of the mystic quality embodied in Churchill’s character, in his legendary fearlessness and unflinching resolve to resist tyranny and evil whatever the cost, was discernible in his face. The arrangement of his features presented a challenge to any foe. Experts had searched his countenance and found no possibility of compromise — rather the probability of combat to the death. This was a face that would not appease or plead, but would fight for what’s right and the righteousness he knew he possessed.
    Now it is possible to view the face of Donald Trump from any angle with different exprssions — he can be serious, he can be annoyed, he can frown, but his natural, inborn facial expression is a radiant smile. His smile is contagious, and imparts self-confidence and good will. It is also a face that reveals a startling degree of intelligence. Through his face, I know he is what he says he is, and will do what he says he will do. There is no guile in his face. He is incapable of sneering, he is not vengeful. He is incapable of an ignoble thought. His ambitions are honorable. He calls a spade a spade. He must answer to the abuse and slanders poured out upon him by his frustrated opponents in the corrupt government, and I think he has done so as a gentleman with the necessary propriety. He is surrounded by envious pygmies who try to provoke him, but he handles them like the royal sovereign he is, with nobility and disdain, and realizing their attacks are beneath his dignity, he deftly turns the other cheek, as he did to Fox and Co. Because of his face, I trust Donald Trump.
    On the other hand, when I look at the face of Ted Cruz, the vibes I get are those of a crooked snake oil salesman, trying to make you think what he is selling is medicine. There is no question of who is the better man.

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  18. Millicent rosenberg

    I can’t believe so many people have described Megan to a is really sad because she was such I nice person at one time. She looked absolutely terrible Sunday evening on her show from Iowa. all you saw was the black eyeliner making her look like a witch. no love coming from her expressions.

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  19. Just found this: Megyn Kelly’s transformation is more than her hairstyle or her hard eyes. Long before she became a FoxNews anchor, Kelly had extensive plastic surgery.


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