FAUX NEWS secretly supports illegal immigration

Fox News Agenda Revealed

Fox News Agenda Revealed

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It’s not about Trump, it’s about national sovereignty

Did you know that Fox News is secretly helping illegal immigrants flood into America, thus destabilizing both our elections and our economy? I didn’t know that until I saw this story today on Breitbart.

I truly don’t know if Donald Trump is a good man, or a Trojan Horse for the Clintons, or something else I wouldn’t like. But I do know one thing. Trump’s actions are not merely forcing the other candidates to show their true colors. In standing up to Fox News this week, he has uncovered the fact that Fox News is working as hard to destroy American sovereignty as any Leftist group in the country. And we now have some insight as to why Fox is pushing Rubio and Cruz on us; both candidates have an indelible record of trying to open the door wide to unfettered immigration.

Did you get that? Fox is our enemy

It’s obvious that there are some really good people at Fox, many in fact. But now we know much more than Fox wanted us to know about it’s owner, Rupert Murdock.

And if this revelation proves true, then what other pieces of the FAUX NEWS secret agenda might yet come to light?

Fair and Balanced?

Conservatives, does Fox have your back?
Or is Fox about to shoot you in the back?


19 responses to “FAUX NEWS secretly supports illegal immigration

  1. Anyone and I mean anyone who thought that Rubert Murdock was not part of the global elites, Bildeburgers, Rockfellows, NWO crowd had their head in the sand and their eyes and ears plugged. FOX has always been the smoke-n-mirrors to the all out and out liberal leftiest elites. As we used to say in an office I worked in, are you ready for the ‘the dog-n-pony show.’

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  2. The only TV news I watch anymore is the local variety. I get my other news off the net because I can read ten times faster than newsreaders can talk, and I can instantly get a different perspective if I want one.

    I only turn on cable news if something major is happening.

    As for Fox, I noticed some time ago they were beginning to lurch even further to the left on a lot of issues that interest me, and Megyn’s in-your-face treatment of Trump during the first debate was the last straw for me.

    It’s not the questions she asked him – it’s the manner in which she did it.

    She looked like a rabid reporter that pursued the man into the men’s room, and even after he closed the stall, she was kicking in the door to keep getting in his face with the same question.

    The fact that they often go easy on the criminal invaders is no surprise, either.

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    • Dave . . .I whole heartedly agree with you. Years back I watch O”Reilly religiously, then I started to have this vague nagging feeling that he just wasn’t a conservative. The same for that shrew Kelly. Thank goodness we now see that these folks are just “deceivers,” and amongst those who we need to totally disregard. I also want to just read my news on the net–I hate having to dink around waiting for a commentator to give me their view of what happened, etc.

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      • I agree with you, when Bill O stated matter of fact he knew the birth certificate was real, when so many of the best detectives said otherwise, I realized he was playing both sides. I guess he didn’t want to lose his yearly invite to the White House, which he loves going to.
        Then the other news he avoids all together, tells me plenty.


  3. I also do not believe that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are true conservatives or our allies. Good article.


  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Secretly?? How could it be a secret, since none have spoken out on it, well…. since glen beck was “attitude adjusted” back in the early 2000s, and know even supports an illegal for the office of president? That is except to call all true U.S. citizens who show legitimate concern for the sovereignty, security, and the economy, of our nation, “Racist”.

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  5. Fox really should change its motto to “Unfair and Imbalanced”, but then, in 2003, a federal appeals judge actually ruled that it’s not illegal for the media to falsify news. And it was a case that involved a Florida affiliate of — surprise! — FoxNews!


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  6. Hi Dr. Eowyn:

    Fox, at least management, has been our “enemy” for a long time; it’s always been just a question of time for management to show its true colors.

    Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which swears allegiance to the NWO. So, when his phone rings and someone says, Rupert, we need you to do this,” he says, “OK.” I believe he is a Conservative, but, alas, money and power are irresistible. And besides, they leave him and his wealth alone.

    So, just as Glenn Beck was let go right after he exposed Soros’ funding of gun running to parts of the Middle East supposedly our enemy, we are not surprised that Fox is funding illegal immigration. Stay Tuned; there’ll be more “shocking” things to come, I am certain.

    The plan is that soon no one will have accurate news; Fox, the cable network with the best ratings, will be the NWO network and the ONLY network news, and that will leave only the internet, which by the way, will also be shut down.

    So, the news, at least for The Remnant Faithful will come from the Lord, somehow.

    Great article.


    Helen Garvey, Ph.D.

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  7. ThisObamaNation

    I realized that Faux News was pinch hitter for the other side back when Glenn Beck started bashing birthers, and Bill O’Reilly and Shepard Smith claimed their “researchers” had looked into Obama’s forged Birth Certificate and Stolen Social Security Number and had concluded that they were both completely legit. The other MAJOR TELL was when I learned that 7 percent of Faux News was owned by a Saudi Prince. Follow the money.

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    • Yep, follow the money. Just about every day I read where the Saudi’s or the Chinese own another American business? or another piece of American real estate. Does America own anything anymore? I know the Useless Nations — oops the UN — Agenda 21 and now their global 2030 project will end up enslaving all of us. Oh Lord please have mercy.

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  8. It is a sad day when the media, who is suppose to be the protection between the people and the country have turned their backs. It is a sad day when you can no longer trust 98% of the people on TV.
    The people have been lied to over and over and they are hoping if they tell us often enough we will believe it.
    Our country is being attacked from the inside, not just by illegals, but by our own government that is suppose to protect us.
    It is each man is on his own now. They worry more about what they can take than what they can do for the betterment of our country.
    We have national parks that have been handed over to the UN and no one knows it.
    We have ranchers and farmers attacked for no other reason that the government wants their land, water, and minerals. And no one knows about it.
    We have foreigners buying up lands all over our country.
    So where is Faux News in all of this? The are MIA.
    I now, only listen to those I feel I can still trust.

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  9. I can’t stand FN any longer. They only survive because they are the best of what is available on TV. They are about as conservative as Mitch McConnell and almost as likable. The way they treat Trump and Cruz is shameful while Jeb and Marco are obvious favorites. I will with your permission of course use your term….Faux News from now on.


  10. I abandoned Fox and all the other cable news shows years ago. As a result I am far more informed. All TV media is NWO. All of it.


  11. i stopped relying on msm years ago. if i want news i will watch the local channels for weather and home-town news, but for news of the world, i watch bbc world news or russia today

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  12. Saudi king is part owner.

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  13. supportusabantsa

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