Hillary’s war on women: Power-hungry Hillary will do anything to keep the Clintons at the top

Which comes as a surprise to no one, except Drew Barrymore.

Power hungry couple

Power hungry couple

Excerpt from the Daily Mail:

New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer, who recently published RFK Jr.: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Dark Side of the Dream, investigated the Clintons in his book State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

She was a pretty 21-year-old political science major, and he was a 27-year-old law school graduate embarking on his first political campaign. They instantly fell for each other. But when the other woman in his life learned of their affair, things turned frighteningly ugly.

It may sound like the story line for a juicy TV miniseries, but it was real-life. The characters in the drama were a young Bill Clinton, his then longtime girlfriend, Hillary Rodham, and a college girl by the name of Marla Crider. 

Marla Crider

Marla Crider

Before her death last year, Crider sat down for an explosive interview that revealed the perverse lengths Hillary would go to ensure that her political ambitions for herself and her husband-to-be would be realized.

The Clinton-Rodham-Crider triangle is important in the Clinton biography because it underscores and documents the first time Bill cheated on Hillary — even before they were married, but seriously involved.

Driven and ambitious, Hillary did every catty thing to break up the relationship and keep Bill for herself, based not on love, as Marla Crider perceived it back then in 1974 Arkansas, but rather on a ‘secret pact’ that Bill and Hillary had forged for their future – that they’d work together as a disciplined team so that one day he, and hopefully later she, would be elected president.

Time's Hillary cover

Long before the so-called Clinton ‘bimbo eruptions,’ long before the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, Bill Clinton had, behind Hillary’s back, a serious affair with pretty Arkansas brunette Marla, who was working in his first political campaign.

In a radio interview with broadcaster Aaron Klein, Monica Lewinsky confidant Linda Tripp revealed that Bill had flings with thousands of women, including another White House Staffer and, of course, Gennifer Flowers. Bill has also had sexual assault charges leveled at him by Kathleen Willey and Paul Jones, who won an $850,000 lawsuit against him for sexual harassment.

Now the Clintons fear – and justifiably so – that Bill’s relationship with Marla, along with the other women in his life, will be used as fodder against Hillary in the race for the White House.

Slender, olive-skinned, green-eyed Marla Crider’s relationship with Bill flew under the radar until it was revealed in my New York Times bestselling book, ‘State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton,’ published following Clinton’s impeachment by the House of Representatives, and acquittal by the Senate.

A native of Bill Clinton’s home state, Arkansas, Marla was a sharply intelligent college girl majoring in political science at the University of Arkansas when, in 1974, she joined charismatic, idealistic and seemingly unattached Bill Clinton’s first political campaign. The recent law school graduate was running for the state’s Third Congressional District seat against a popular Republican who had been in office seemingly forever.

Bill...who wouldn't love him?

Bill still a virtual “babe magnet” after all these years.

Everywhere Bill campaigned, there were women, groupies, drawn to him like ants to a picnic. Bill Clinton was a virtual babe magnet, and it was clear to his campaign manager, Paul Fray, and campaign office workers that he took advantage of the situation.

‘They’d [women] write down their names, their phone numbers, their addresses on a napkin, whatever was handy, and hand it to him,’ one campaign source recalled.And while he was getting all that action, his girlfriend Hillary was hundreds of miles away in Washington, D.C. working for the Watergate Committee.

But of all the Arkansas cuties who let Bill know they were available, he chose Marla Crider, with her intriguing looks and long dark hair. The first time they met, she later recalled in interviews for my book, it was practically love at first sight. She was so impressed with him that, ‘I told my mother that night, “Bill Clinton will someday be president.” I just instinctively felt like the sky was the limit for him.’

A number of books about the Clintons before mine had mentioned a ‘college girl’ who was romantically involved with Clinton during his first campaign, and had to be hidden whenever Hillary showed up. But no one had ever found her.

As she later noted to my researcher who tracked her down: ‘In 25 years I’ve never talked about this.’ But she finally decided to open up.

She said she knew that Hillary Rodham, then working in Washington for the Watergate committee, was Bill’s girlfriend, and had asked him ‘point-blank if he were engaged to her yet.’ Bill said no, noting, ‘If she chose to come back, I would probably pursue the relationship. But we’re not engaged.’ Marla said she believed him. She considered him hers.

But when she later asked him about Hillary she got quite a different response. ‘You and Hillary, what’s the deal? Are you in love with her?’ ‘Yeah, I am,’ he responded. ‘But I don’t know if this is right. …I don’t know if she can fit in here.’

‘What is it about her?’ Marla asked. Bill’s response surprised her. ‘She gets me started, kicks my butt, and makes me do the things I’ve got to do.’

To Marla it sounded more like Bill was discussing a tough Marine Corps drill instructor rather than a woman with whom he claimed he was in love with. ‘Are you going to build a marriage off of this?’ Marla asked dubiously.

Hillary had become aware of the romance – presumably from intelligence gathered from people she knew in the campaign. And she saw Marla as genuine threat to her future with Bill. Her claws were out and a number of a confrontations followed. Hillary made surprise visits to Bill’s campaign headquarters, in one instance causing Bill to cancel an overnight trip with Marla.

That night at headquarters Marla was drinking a glass of wine. Hillary, she recalled, ‘Strolls up to me, takes the glass of wine out of my hand, says, ‘Hmmm, wine’ – takes a drink of it, gives it back to me and says, staring me down, “I’ll have to get some of that.”

‘It was her way of letting me know – like a cat – marking its territory. Everybody in there just turned and looked, like what the hell was that all about? And Hillary just had this kind of half smirk on her face and she strolled off.

Read the rest of the story here.

ready for hillary


12 responses to “Hillary’s war on women: Power-hungry Hillary will do anything to keep the Clintons at the top

  1. Some men have a certain level of charisma no one can deny. It’s not rational. No one can explain it. It seems to me Bill Clinton had that charisma.
    It’s not just in the looks or appearance; There’s something about the attitude that shines forth. In and of itself, it seems as if it’s neither good nor evil, it just is. Jack Kennedy had it. His son had it. Bill Clinton, apparently, still has some of it left.
    This charisma is not limited to men with height. I’ve seen some average-heighted men with it. Nor does hair explain it: I’ve seen long-haired men possess this quality and short-haired men have it.
    What is this thing called charisma? I don’t totally know, not by a long-shot. But as I have said, there’s something about the charismatic man’s attitude toward people. It seems as if they’re radiating sunlight.
    It can be used for good or for evil. Some men just like people. Others are narcissists who have to have their “narcissistic supply,” like a vampire needs blood.
    And there are men (such as myself) who do not possess this charisma (and who could not care less). It seems to me to be a sort of bonus some men have, along with their intelligence and other qualities. But this charisma, as enduring as it can be over time, opens doors and makes others do things that, together, make things happen. But it is not of much substance, in and of itself.
    And Bill Clinton, apparently, still has this charisma, despite his wizened looks and his trembling hands. He still possesses this auxillary luxury, despite the woman he has been married to.
    That is how enduring charisma may be. And even a moral leper like Bill Clinton can radiate it.


    • I’m immune to Bill Clinton’s charisma from the very beginning when he first ran for POTUS. In fact, at the time, I actually had a dream that he “came on” to me, to which I did not respond. I have never ever had this kind of dream about anyone.

      And I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s immune to his so-called charm, which really is simply the way of the lascivious demon satyr, portrayed in Roman mythology with goat-like features, and in Greek mythology with a permanent erection.


      • I whole heartedly agree with you, there is something so very, very repugnant in the thought that WJC has had sexual dalliances with thousands of woman. It is truly enough to gag a maggot!.


      • I do not totally know what Bill Clinton’s problem is. You mention the satyr, and I get it.
        Bill Clinton, so the story goes, lost his father before he was born. And I have heard (but not read) that his mother had a reputation with the men. I am sure this served as a bad influence on him.
        Be that as it may, Nietzsche, if my memory serves me correctly, discussed the battle between the Apollonian and the Dionysian. And although he was a foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic, he had a point: This battle of the Bacchinalian has gone on throughout history—it traces back to Babylon, maybe even before that.
        This does not excuse Bill Clinton the man. And it certainly does NOT make him a great man. As I said in another reply to another post, I think Bill Clinton is more of a barometer of the way things are, rather than a cause of our current cultural malaise. (And I consider Bush the Elder as being more of a cause or facilitator of this malaise and hence my obsession with him, given his tentacles: I consider Bush-41 to be the more evil and more pervasively wicked man).
        (Just an odd thing about me: You mention you had a dream of Bill Clinton. I haven’t had a dream about anyone famous that I can remember. They say we dream every night, although I rarely remember mine. But in those dreams I do remember having, in most of them, I am STONE DEAF. What do you make of that?)


    • Steven . . . you may not possess charisma, but you are butt kickin’ intelligence–that dear man is everything. A man who is only interested in being in the sack, is no better than a wayward animal. Many of us women would willingly take intelligence over looks, charisma, money, possessions . . . to do not sell yourself short. I always look forward to your contributions because they are always, without failing, intellectual and make me think. Using ones mine is a great thing.


      • Thanks, Auntie Lulu, and I’ve learned, over the years, to curb my tongue and not my pen! Many people don’t like to get too deep. And sometimes here, I re-read my posts, because I don’t want to come on like a ton of bricks.
        I credit my parents for this. My father was always goading me on to learn new things, and he always challenged the news, probing, as he could in those days, to what was behind it. And I credit my mother who, in contrast to Dad, knew how to talk to people and didn’t let me in on much but, she was always looking for the good in people.
        (I believe both of my parents are saints, in the literal sense of the word).


  2. ugh! i can’t stand that beast and her half-witted slutty husband.


  3. Marla Crider should hire a bodyguard.


  4. I can say, since day one, if it was closing time in a bar and I had done shots all night and no one was left in there, but the bartender, Bill and me, I would still walk out alone. He has that much appeal.


  5. “‘She gets me started, kicks my butt, and makes me do the things I’ve got to do.'”
    sounds like he married his ‘momma’




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