2016 presidential election was a spiritual war, and it’s ongoing

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“For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.” –Ephesians 6

Trump’s inauguration set the record for most prayers at inaugural ceremonies.
Kate Irby reports for McClatchy DC, Jan. 20, 2017:

Trump, who is starting the day at St. John’s Church for a service at 8:30 a.m., will have six religious prayers as part of the ceremony, three invocations and three benedictions.
That’s a record, according to Jim Bendat, the author of “Democracy’s Big Day,” who was speaking on CNN Friday morning.
The first invocation is scheduled for 11:21 a.m. and the final benediction is scheduled for 12:14 p.m.
Trump will be sworn in using both his own Bible, gifted to him by his mother, and the Bible used to swear in President Abraham Lincoln.
The National Prayer Service will be held on Saturday and features 26 religious leaders. Most come from denominations of the Christian faith, but other faiths featured include Islam, Judaism and the Navajo Nation.

On the morning after his inauguration, President Trump attended an interfaith prayer service at Washington National Cathedral. Prayers asking for divine help for Trump were offered by clergy of Christian denominations (Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal), Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh.  (Daily Mail)
Contrast the above with these pics of satanists at the violent protests in D.C. on inaugural day (PJ Media):

The spiritual war continues.
On January 23, 2017, his first full day of work in the White House, which was also a day after the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Trump signed an executive order banning U.S. taxpayers’ funding of overseas pro-abortion groups.
WND reports, Feb. 23, 2017:

Exorcists, witches and occultists “in a number of magical groups” are announcing plans for a ritual designed to “bind Donald Trump and all who abet him.”
It’s to happen Friday at midnight at a variety of locations across the nation, and again every month until Donald Trump is no longer in office.
The rite, requiring a stub of a candle, a pin, salt, matches, a tarot card, a feather and other odds and ends, calls on spirits to ensure President Trump will “fail utterly.” It also includes burning a picture of the commander in chief, visualizing him “blowing apart into dust or ash.”

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18 responses to “2016 presidential election was a spiritual war, and it’s ongoing

  1. Now, witches nationwide have organized a monthly ritual to oppose Trump and the victory for America to rise up to healthy psychology, prosperity and freedom, and Trump’s administration. They also plan on this ritual until he is removed from office. They encourage everyone to embrace witchcraft so they are recruiting to increase their ranks. We must pray throughout the day every day to counteract their every thought and effort. God is the victor – evil never ultimately wins. All glory to God! We were winning from the beginning!

  2. An on-going spiritual war is exactly what it is. Check this out: elle.com/culture/career-politics/news/a43285/casting-spell-donald-trump/
    While the Elle article is rather tongue-in-cheek, if you go to this woman’s website, you can see that she is dead serious about it. I am not a witch, but I do know that those practitioners who are genuine pagans follow the “do no harm” concept. The fact that she doesn’t tells me she aligns with a very different and dark code. We all need to continue to pray for the safety of Donald Trump, his family, staff, etc. and for America.

  3. I believe millions of us are praying for President Trump, his family & Administration. There’s a loosely (word by tweet) coordinated group of us that set alarms at 3:15a.m. EST daily, and we each pray in our own way, but in unison. The further we can spread the word, the better. Our faith is far too strong for the witches to impact us. Last I heard, they had decided to pray FOR the President vs. cast demonic spells against him.
    Given that we’re surrounded by Satanic, evil forces, we must all keep the faith, pray and involve ourselves in whatever other way we’re able. God is with us, we will prevail, have no fear. We will never give up the fight for God and The Republic. I’m convinced this is our last chance.

  4. Possessed by demons. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Never more obvious than here. These people are so lost.
    Time to pray for our president and his administration and to come against these evil entities by the blood and power of Jesus.

  5. I continue to pray that the blinders will come off the American people, and that the Holy Spirit will continue to expose these evil people. I pray also that, whatever evil they plan against our president, our country, and each of us who oppose them, will instead come back to them in multiples.
    Oh LORD, shatter all their teeth.

  6. The title to the photo says the satanists are wearing pentagrams. However, the emblem worn by the black hood on the left of the picture doesn’t look to me like a pentagram. It looks like a circle with lines enscribed inside it. It is difficult to tell, but the lines appear to divide the circumfrence into six uneven parts vice five. Does anyone recognize this symbol?

  7. I’ve been reading the Bible. I peeked at the end and I know how it comes out.

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