2016: Obama’s America: My Movie Review

In July Terry wrote about the movie, “2016: Obama’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza. It is based on his book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage. As of Sunday afternoon (4:00 pm Pacific), the documentary ranked no. 8 in ticket sales, with $6.2 million in sales.

We went and saw the movie Sunday night. I really wasn’t expecting to learn anything new about Obama. After all, I had done my homework in 2008. I knew about Obama’s radical stance on late-term abortion, his family abandonment issues (and his polygamist father who drank too much), his communists ties, his anti-American buddies, and his stance on the Second Amendment, as well as his “Chicago” way of politics.

Any one who had done their homework and had access to the Internet could have determined what Skippy was all about. Apparently, the sheeple just didn’t care.

So did I learn anything new in this movie? Not really…

D’Souza does a good job outlining what the media refused to tell you about Obama. He also explores the relationship Obama had with his mother and the absentee father he never had. How was Obama influenced so greatly by this non-existent father? His mother, Ann Dunham, kept positive images alive of Obama’s father, she basically “airbrushed” his father. Obama, so disappointed in his father, felt the need to prove to himself, and those around him, that he would never be a disappointment.

The movie also explores Obama’s “founding fathers” – Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, Roberto Unger, and Reverend Wright. Characters we all knew of – yet the SRM refused to report on them.

The movie ended on a depressing note: outlining what 2016 might be like with another four years of Obama. Israel in great danger (as if they aren’t already), the “United States of Islam”, and more massive debt.

Lastly, during the Nuclear Summit in Seoul in 2012, Obama agreed to decrease our nuclear warheads from approximately 5,000 to 1,500, and ultimately 300 warheads. This would put the USA in much lesser power than Russia, China, and possibly some Middle Eastern countries.

Positive note: There were many “silver-haired” folks in the theatre. And some applause at the end of the movie! I hope the November election is just as positive.


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Dr. Eowyn

Thanks, DCG, for the review! That saves me from going to the cinemaplex to see this, since I/we already know most, if not all, of the information in the movie. I am glad that other Americans, who are not political junkies, get the chance to find out the truth about the POS — which the MSM will never tell ya!


My husband and I are planning on going to see it. I just kind of want the movie to put it all together for me.


Saw it Saturday night in TX. Not a crowded theatre unfortunately but the numbers seem encouraging. There was no cheering and in fact it was like a funeral as we all filed out with our heads down. Instead of making those kids sing that horrible song, they should make their PARENTS see this film!
I think he wants us all in huts like those in Kenya.


Has anyone else heard about the fake assassination obama has planned, I read about it and checked google and bing, and it told about it! I think he’ll do it during their dem convention, they would blame it on the white guys , and all hell would break loose, the black would start riots, then he could call martial law! I think it was Al Sharpton had a say in it too!