Syrian refugees are a health hazard to US by bringing flesh-eating leishmaniasis disease

Despite the fact that the FBI had admitted that they don’t have the database to vet Syrian “refugees” being brought to the U.S., on December 18, 2015, the traitorous Republican-majority Congress approved of the omnibus spending bill H.R. 2029 that fully funds the “refugee” program, as well as Planned Parenthood, climate change, and amnesty for illegals. (See “Betrayal: GOP funds Planned Parenthood, Syrian ‘refugees’ and amnesty for illegals“)

But the problem isn’t just that Muslim jihadists are among those “refugees”. It turns out that Syrian “refugees” are also bringing into this country a terrible flesh-eating disease called cutaneous leishmaniasis. In fact, the federal government’s Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) published an article about this more than a year ago.

In the October 2014 issue of the CDC’s EID Journal, an article titled “Ongoing Epidemic of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis among Syrian Refugees, Lebanon” says:

(Note: footnotes are omitted in the excerpts below; words colored green are mine)

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease comprising a wide spectrum of chronic infections in humans and in certain animal species…. Leishmaniasis is a major public health concern in the eastern Mediterranean region, which bears the brunt of the worldwide prevalence (≈57%), and is endemic to 16 of the 23 countries in this region, and Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Syrian Arab Republic are among the hot spots of leishmaniasis.

The 3 major forms of leishmaniasis (cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and visceral) are transmitted by the bite of the female sandfly…. Aleppo [the largest city in Syria] is one of the most cutaneous leishmaniasis–endemic areas in the world; ≈12,000 new cases occur each year. We have documented a cutaneous leishmaniasis outbreak among Syrian refugees within the Lebanese borders that began in September 2012 and is ongoing….

Most (77%) patients reported the appearance of the first lesion after being in Lebanon for >2 months [which means infected people are symptomless in the beginning stage!], and 53% of patients recalled history of an antecedent insect bite….

Fifty-nine percent of patients had >1 of the following: disease compromising the function of vital sensory organs (eye, ear, nose, and mouth) (27%); lesions >5 cm in diameter (49%); disfiguring facial lesions (37%); special forms, such as sporotrichoid or lymphangietic with satellite lesions (9%); and lesions present for >12 months’ duration (9%) [see Figure 2 below]

Leishmaniasis among Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Figure 2. Patterns of leishmaniasis among Syrian refugees in Lebanon, 2012. A, B) Lesions impinging and possibly hindering the function of vital sensory organs, including the nose and eyes. C, D) Lesions >5 cm.E, F) Lesions disfiguring the face. G, H) Special forms of cutaneous leishmaniasis; shown here is a patient with spread and satellite lesions on the hand and arm. I, J) Patient with 15 lesions. (Source: CDC)

Aaron Klein reports for Breitbart, Dec. 20, 2015, that according to the peer-reviewed medical journal Pathogens, ​Lebanon had no cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis prior to 2008. After  the arrival of refugees, however, 1,033 cases were confirmed by 2012, 96.6% (998) of which were among Syrian refugees.

L​eishmaniasis has been spreading like wildfire in Syria since the health system collapsed in “rebel”-held territories in 2011. By 2012, there were already 52,982 documented cases of the disease in Syria.

An article in the UK’s Mirror of Dec. 4, 2015, reports that “health experts” say that ISIS or Islamic State militants are spreading leishmaniasis, “a flesh eating bug across war-torn Syria” as a result of their “slaughtering innocent people and dumping their bodies in the street.”

Breitbart continues:

Health agencies confirmed that Syrian refugees have transported leishmaniasis to Lebanon and Turkey, where it has been difficult to manage and treat.

Compounding the problem, patients can be infected with ​the parasitic disease ​without showing symptoms for weeks, months, or even years, ​and ​an asymptomatic patient most likely doesn’t know that he or she is a carrier.

​​This means the health screening process for refugees could miss the disease entirely​….

Cutaneous [leishmaniasis] is the most common form among Syrians. It manifests in skin sores ​that typically develop within a few weeks or months of a sand fly bite. The sores can initially appear as bumps or nodules and may evolve into volcano-like ulcers.

Here’s a pic of a volcano-like cutaneous leishmaniasis ulcer (warning: gruesome!):

cutaneous leishmaniasis volcano lesion

Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis causes skin ulcers like the cutaneous form​, ​​as well as mucosal ulcers ​that usually damage the nose and mouth.

Visceral leishmaniasis, which has also been found among Syrian refugees, is the most serious form and can be fatal. It damages internal organs, usually the spleen and liver, and also affects bone marrow.

For the names of the 150 Republicans in the House of Reps. who voted for HR 2029, the omnibus spending bill that fully funds the “resettlement” of Syrian “refugees” to the U.S., click here.

And if you still support the GOP by donating money and voting for this traitorous party, you are complicit in bringing leishmaniasis to America — a horrible disease that especially afflicts children.

H/t FOTM‘s GiGi & maziel



25 responses to “Syrian refugees are a health hazard to US by bringing flesh-eating leishmaniasis disease

  1. Great article Dr and so worthy to be put on every American’s desk. Especially those that try to shame the rest into ignoring the facts of all the dangers.
    I have been screaming this for a year about those coming across our Southern border. Diseases and parasites are making their way into our country and many here have no or little immunity to fight them.
    Now, finding this and other diseases and parasite that are prevalent in the ME, such as one called Kissing Disease, makes it more important to pay attention.

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  2. Terrible, terrible. Those poor people!
    This is another basis for indicting Bliar, (Blair) and the two Shrubs, (Bush senior and junior), for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, for invading Iraq, (Gulf War 1991), and Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003 respectively, and now Syria, upon totally fabricated information. And Obomber should be included in that list of warring psychopaths.
    The spread of leishmaniasis disease across North-East Africa, and now possibly Europe and America, is directly attributed to the policies of the above four psychopathic maniacs. The sooner they are indicted and brought to justice the better for the peace of the world.

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  3. I hope Obama and his whole famn damily contract it.

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    • Oh! Jack . . . let’s not be selfish and limit this heinous disease to just the Obama family — how about the Congressman who voted “yes” to putting up our treasury to bringing these peoples to this land! I don’t particularly want the Congressmen/Congresswomen themselves to contract it–I want their loved ones . . . wives, children, parents, nieces, nephews, brothers, sister, grandparents to contract the disease (so that if death were at the end of the disease, they would not mercifully get to suffer death — they would get to go on, and on, and on, watching their loved ones suffer such agony–all in the knowledge that they had of their own free well voted to bring this pestilence to the shores of America. Sometimes suffering is much more profound when it is a loved one who is actually the one who is caught up in a disease. Since we already know that “elections have consequences,” we can infer that when our Congress “votes” they are in effect “electing to institute certain laws, or spend monies on this or that! I would say that this would be supreme justice under the circumstances. What a horrible thing that a plague would deliberately be brought to us the peoples of the United States of America (and I would assume Canada also.)

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      • Auntie-I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,but if it has to happen,those who voted AGAINST their constituents’ wishes should be there to hug and kiss every one of ’em as they enter the Country. I don’t know if it’s contagious,but even if it isn’t,I hope they enjoy the thought of those oozing sores forming on the lips they kiss their loved ones with,every time they try to sleep. This is yet ANOTHER reason we should keep the “refugees” close to their home Country,and NOT expose them to any degree of American life. Treat them where they ARE-DON’T bring them HERE!!!

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        • truckjunkie . . .the thought of open oozing sores on the lips of loved ones is sublime (or, at least it really creeped me out!) It’s for sure the folks in DC don’t have a clue, and if they did they really don’t care what happens to their constituents.

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  4. there is no common sense in government today…’s nice that the cdc will print this info, but why aren’t they requiring quarantine for these “refugees”?
    oh, wait! the fda approved a new drug for leishmaniasis last year:
    These pictures should be posted directly in front of the politicians who voted for the spending bill and the liberals who stand at airports greeting the “refugees” along with a sign that reads: “Coming to a town near you.”

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  5. If this disease spreads here to people who have never been to the middle east, then it’s plain and simple: a bio weapon. Sand flies are common on gulf coast beaches and if disease spreads to all sand flies, many will be infected.

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  6. This proves just how evil our government is: They are anxious to get rid of us, and will welcome, tolerate and encourage ANYTHING that promises to do exactly that.
    And the fact that Paul Ryan has grown a beard (and does NOT wear it well) means that he IS a WEREWOLF!


    • They’re not considering the fact that when one plays this “game”,there’s usually an unexpected “back-splash” that they’ll be up to their Lyin’ Eyes” in,whether they want it or not.


    • At least our ‘world govt’ isn’t making a secret of wanting to kill off most of the worlds population, they were considerate enough to erect the Georgia Guidestones, after all.


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  8. This should be no problem. Those that want the Muslim here should be resettled within 3 miles of where they live and where they go to work and the route they take to do both of them.

    They want them so badly here it must be done this way.


  9. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    If you are not for us, you are against us. Is there anyone around who is for us? Speak up!

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  10. George Washington

    They are spraying this shit on us dumbasses, it’s an excuse that the refugees are carrying it in.


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  15. here is a link from almost 11 years ago that describes what our soldiers in iraq had to deal with regarding sand fly bites, treatment, and prevention:
    ‘In Hawijah, the sand flies, not insurgents, strike fear”


  16. Those poor kids and adults…God how awful….and the CDC is worrying about some measles outbreaks. I think that most should be warned about this…I don’t hear the mASS media mentioning this..gee, what a surprise.


  17. You’re right about one thing: Leishmaniasis is a devastating disease. However, it cannot be transmitted from human to human and therefore it cannot be transmitted from Syrians to North Americans. It needs to be transmitted by a special sandfly that doesn’t live in the USA, so therefore these refugees are not the cause of the disease in the USA. Visceral Leishmaniasis has never, ever been documented in the United States, in all of history.


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