Betrayal: GOP funds Planned Parenthood, Syrian “refugees” and amnesty for illegals

Someone please tell me why we had voted a Republican majority to the House and Senate?

Tweedledee & Tweedledum

House Republicans, led by new Speaker Paul Ryan, have completely caved in and given their approval to a $1.67 trillion, 2,100-page, debt-ridden omnibus spending bill. 

In so doing, the Republicans are stabbing in the back Americans who had voted for them in the 2014 mid-term elections by funding:

  1. Obama’s massive wave of “refugees” from Syria and other terror-risk countries (170,000 people in 2016 alone!).
  2. Obama’s 2012 radical amnesty agenda for illegal “immigrants,” sanctuary cities and the release of criminal aliens.
  3. Massive increase in H-2B visas for foreign labor used to displace American workers.
  4. Obama’s climate change agenda.
  5. Fully funding Planned Parenthood, 5 months after a series of videos showed Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of unborn baby parts and discussing illegal partial-birth abortions.

All this, while increasing the federal deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.

House members were given little time to actually read the spending bill. Congressman David Brat (R-VA), who voted an emphatic “No” on the bill, said in an email that 2,100-page bill was dropped on his desk at 1:30 AM Wednesday morning.

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman, a board member of the Center for Medical Progress that conducted the undercover video investigations, says the funding shows “the corrupt, establishment Republicans are once again walking lockstep with the pro-abortion Democrats to give the criminal enterprise Planned Parenthood more money. Over the past six months, we have proven that Planned Parenthood routinely engages in gross criminal conduct that includes profiting from the sale of fetal body parts, changing the abortion procedure to put their profits ahead of women’s safety, and killing children that were born alive.”

And to think Paul Ryan actually calls himself a Roman Catholic. steaming-turd-smiley-emoticon

Breitbart rightly calls the Ryan-Pelosi deal a “total and complete sell-out of the American people”.

Sources: LifeSiteNews;


26 responses to “Betrayal: GOP funds Planned Parenthood, Syrian “refugees” and amnesty for illegals

  1. total sell out. exactly. Merry Christmas.

    What will they do for the finale?

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  2. two sides of the same coin….both parties answer to the same masters and their masters are not the american people.
    they don’t care what happens to us as long as they get theirs.

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  3. Dad once told me, years ago during Reagan’s final couple of years as President, how frustrated he was that, every time he supported a candidate, on any level, that the exact opposite candidate would get elected, time after time, and that, up until Reagan, it was consistent.
    Well, here we are, way down the Rabbit Hole, and we finally have the biggest Republican majority in the House, at least, since the Civil War. And from the drop of its 2014 win, what did we get? A phony and (apparently medicated) wuss of a man, John Boehner, who would weep at the drop of a hat, and an even more Hitchcockian Nancy Pelosi lurking behind the scenes.
    Where to go with this, as there are as many boulevards in this as there are in Paris?
    You strike a chord, Dr. Eowyn, when you said, “And to think Paul Ryan actually calls himself a Roman Catholic.” I think this is the real starting point, for a few good reasons. First, whether it is this current malaise or some other crisis of the past, the War is ALWAYS spiritual in nature. And, Second, Paul Ryan is only the latest scoundrel to come down the pike. (The fact that Mr. Wolverine Eyes has grown a beard is a signal that he IS a “beard.”)
    There used to be a saying: “As Maine goes, so goes the Nation.” Any honest inquiry into this Age will lead to this observation: As the Roman Catholic Church goes, so goes the World. We have witnessed the triumph of moral ambiguity over clarity and precision over the past 57 years, and “it ain’t over til it’s over.”
    I used to think that, with the death of Ted Kennedy, the worst was behind us, as far as traitorious Catholics were concerned. Not so: Sen. Chappaquiddick, after all, only laid the foundations of the socialist state America has now become. (It is beginning to gel quickly. And then the cement will cure).
    Clearly, the Church has been infiltrated and subverted, and we’ve seen the Fish rot from the head down: It began in the Vatican bureaucratic apparatus, and continued with a Vatican II agenda, completed with grotesqueries in the College of Cardinals and the bishops around the world. Is it any wonder, then, that Mr. Wolverine Eyes calls himself a “Catholic”? Nancy Pelosi and John “Wuss” Boehner call themselves “Catholic”!
    Or, look at it from the bottom up instead of the top down: Millions of women who call themselves “Catholic” practice contraception and have had abortions—which their so-called “Catholic” husbands and boyfriends persuaded them to get!
    (And the moral ROT we’ve been living in has just been topped off by a liberation theology leftist and MASONIC Pope!)
    Well, it seems to me that Our Lady of Quito predicted this current crisis. And Our Blessed Mother came back again and again, at Lasallette and Lourdes and Fatima. It SEEMS as if Her pleas and warnings have been of no avail. Not necessarily so: It seems to me that God has withdrawn a good deal of His Protection from the World, but He is STILL in control. And what has been predicted in Revelation MUST—as it is God’s Word—happen. And yet, it also seems to me that Our Blessed Mother MUST HAVE held Our Lord’s Hand of Judgment back on many occasions.
    I think we are on the verge of a very quick period in History, where a lot more will happen in five or so years that usually happens in an entire generation. The outward appearance of the Church has changed (NOT its doctrines), its “dramatis personae” have kept up modernistic appearances, and the world has gone down the rabbit hole. Things will change FOREVER, QUICKLY, AND SOON.
    Ted Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, John Boehner, Paul Ryan and others have sold their souls. They have already enjoyed their “reward.” I’m as nervous as hell over what’s about to happen. But God Almighty shall win, and these “footnotes of treason” shall be forgotten soon enough!

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    • Steven . . . as much as I would like to hide in a corner and deny the things you have said–I can’t. Due to the continuous march towards evil doing, our country is in for some rocky times. It is sad that we brought it on ourselves.

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  4. DCG , sorry for your loss !!! I’ve lost both my parents , I think I can say I know what you are feeling . It hurts bad .

    As to the article , I think we can figure out that there is not a penny’s worth a difference ( accounting for inflation , hehehe)…..between these two asinine institutions . May they both discover the heat of the lower regions

    I have gotten to the point where everything I hear from these anal cavities , I think the opposite . This country is screwed , jewed , and tattooed !

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  5. I am out to destroy the Republican traitors who are just our hired hands, as is the president. I want the party to shatter into splinters at my feet. And that is why I am voting for Donald Trump. William Bennett wrote about him yesterday and that article will appear on Derrell Day Show FB page. Please read it. I am a New Yorker. I understand Trump. We are very direct people – we try to cut to the meat in about two sentences and have no patience for conversations that go nowhere. Bennett understands this,too. We have coddled these career criminals too long. They are far beneath you and I. The Republican Party has to be dissolved. If you are reading this, you are truly informed, truly conservative and may agree with me. I hope you do. No longer can we afford to stand by and watch your posterity’s future be flushed away into the toilet of socialist/progressive communism. No time for being “Mr. Nice Guy” and begging these pieces of crap to listen to you. You call them; you tell them you are leaving the party. There will be no donations. Unsubscribe to their pleas for donations. I have Heidi Cruz and Ted begging for money. Paul Ryan, I understand, and please straighten me out if I am wrong, stipulated in his agreement to become Speaker, that he won’t be vacated like Boehner. Now that makes sense. We have one last chance to save this country. Personally, no one is talking in my area about anyone but Donald Trump. The renegade! The guy who cannot, personally, accept defeat or failure. That is what makes him tick. Please call your local Republican headquarters, Paul Ryan’s office, your congressmen and senators. Here is a toll-free no. to the Congressional switchboard: 866-338-1015. Thank you for letting me vent. Get on Twitter, get on FB, and let’s raise some hell!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you – I love you all, especially my friend who runs FOTM. Find courage, find strength. You are not alone, but our wonderful country, so weakened by the filth in the White House, is hanging by a thread. We all know it. Onward!

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  6. I say again, with the strongest *Sigh* I can muster:
    On Global Governance, they do well to call us Sedition because in fact we are. The sedition we willfully admit to being guilty of is committed not at the former Government of The United States. How may one be guilty of sedition against a non-existent state?

    We are fully aware there are those that still believe there is a fully, independent functioning federal government. Global Governance has for intentional purposes already arrived with most Amerikans still living in the fairytale land their minds defense mechanism keeps them trapped.

    A government of the United States of America does not actually exist, it is merely a shell really, a tool for the globalists to bring the population to its knees.

    Excerpted from: The Elites State; Force of Violence, Financial Wars on the Publix Consciousness – Human Society


  7. All the comments so far are spot on. So glad to know that I am not alone in how I see what is happening around us. Love the Tweedle picture. As they say, a picture is a thousand words. Hold on to your hat because we are in for one Heavenly ride!!!!

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  8. Well, I had thought I was going to make it at least through Christmas and avoid the world, but this morning’s vote has me so livid I am chewing through a box of nails.

    Paul Ryan should have never taken Bonehead’s place, as his liberal voting record would make a democrat blush – and I blame every last republican that voted for the turncoat to be speaker.

    How can he speak when his head is so for up Obama’s ass he can read the label on his necktie?

    Because of this, and a whole lot of other reasons, I will be voting Trump at every opportunity, as I believe he is the only one left that might actually turn this mess around before it really is too late.

    This hideous spending bill might mean it already is too late, I don’t know.

    As for the repubElican party, they can kiss my arse goodbye for good.

    Never again – no matter what.


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  9. I keep hearing pundits worry that if Trump is elected, he will lead to the end of the Republican Party. They lament the possible demise of the GOP.

    Somebody please explain to me, what’s the downside to the GOP ending?

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  10. If the GOP ends they’ll have to close all those numbered Swiss bank accounts and create new ones in some unnamed safe haven; maybe Cuba?

    Somebody please explain who cares what Carl Rove, Ted Koppel and that former speaker with the slut wife have to say?

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  11. Back in the day, these traitors would be taken out and !@#t. Today they get to appropriate their own raises. WTF?

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  12. Well, I think it is now very clear why the dems supported Ryan for that position. He was bought and paid for. Stamped and ready for delivery.
    His new found wealth has gone to his head. He now has built a large fence around his property with a guard. The very things he is denying the people.
    He has become scum to betray the very people that gave him his power.
    This stab in the back was one of the worse betrayals I have had to experience.
    Now, we are told there will most likely be a loss of over 200,000 jobs. And unlimited amount of people coming in with free rein.
    He is no Catholic or Christian. He is no patriot, he is a turn coat.

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  13. Just an add on. I have to give kudos to Sessions for the good fight and telling the truth. We need about 4 dozen more of him.

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  14. I think we all knew this was coming. I’m not sure WHY it happened that Ryan was the only RINO who could be coerced into stepping up to take the job,but I knew right away he’d sell us out at his first opportunity,and WOW-did he bring it? The ONLY solace I can see is that once Trump takes office,THIS BS will NOT survive. He has an agenda that will be TOXIC to RINO and LIBERAL alike,because It will prove to weed out a lot of the corruption and back-stabbing they’ve come to rely on,as well as the corrupt career politicians that have worked for years to destroy the America we used to have.

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    • Even though we knew it was coming. It still hurts. Today’s vote just confirmed the people have no say whatsoever and elections are nothing but a farce. They say one thing. We vote, then they do what they dam well please after that.
      No one holds to party lines and no one keeps promises. No one listens to the people, but will deny them the very thing they take for themselves.
      Elections have proven to be a waste of time. If the fraud doesn’t take care of the results, they will just put in who ever they can control the best.
      Thus, Trump is on everyone’s hit list. He can’t be controlled, he can’t be bought, he doesn’t need their money and he is proven to be a savvy businessman that has admitted what he doesn’t know, he will hire the best advisors. He doesn’t play their games and he says what is the truth, however much it hurts. How can anyone argue with that?
      The GOP and RNC are jokes. Buy their actions, you can tell this isn’t about what is best for the country, but their bank accounts.
      If it keeps going this way, Trump may be the only fresh breath of air this country needs. Time will tell.

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      • I see our elections similar to a game of cards…the dealer deals the cards to the players (voters) and the players pick the cards they were dealt…in the end of this game the only real winner is the house. The only time a player “wins” is when they learn to beat the house.
        Our country hasn’t learned to beat the house. We are still hoping the cards we are dealt will result in our victory.


    • What happened to quiet Louie Gohmert? He would have been great – but I asked someone about that I guess maybe in his office and they said he had no support.


  15. Glen and others – don’t be hurt. We knew neither house just after they were seated after the election could be trusted. There is no longer a “two party system”. There is one party, all bought and paid for, or coerced somehow by blackmail. We are dealing with the biggest, most powerful mob ever to exist within our borders, the US government, from the top down and laterally to the SCOTUS, AG, etc. We have our heritage herds of wild horses and burros being extincted by the BLM and the DOI, the Forest Service and other agencies by hideously cruel roundups and shipped to Mexico for slaughter. They are protected. But the ranchers lobbied for grazing rights and so did big mining and oil. There is NOTHING corruption by government that is good and vaguely “American” with this administration. Did anyone see Bear Gryles and Obama at the Glacier. I don’t have cable but happened upon it with my rabbit ears setup the other night. Didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or weep. It was DISGUSTING. We cannot even receive a receipt on our ballots and the voting machines can be manipulated and reprogrammed or hacked to vote another way. And if not there is a great possibility our ballots are counted overseas, notably Scytl, a Soros-owned venture in Spain – look it up. So there’s no time to feel sad or defeated. I am gaining a lot of strength and courage to speak out freely. Get on the social networks and spread your feelings, contribute to news items. It is working.

    And criticize loudly. Don’t ever be silent.


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  17. Hmmm, wonder if they have had a “sudden influx of $ into their checking accounts”?


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