Prof. James Tracy fired by Florida Atlantic U. for Sandy Hook research

The once world-class U.S. college and university system just committed suicide on the altar of political correctness.

The media, led by New York Daily News, Daily Mail, and Sun-Sentinel are reporting that Florida Atlantic University (FAU) either has fired (sent “a termination notice”) or is moving to fire a tenured professor because of his research into the alleged Sandy Hook massacre, which led him to question the official narrative on Sandy Hook.

So much for academic freedom and tenure.

He is James Tracy, tenured Associate Professor of Communication and Multimedia Studies and the owner of Memory Hole Blog.

James Tracy (photo by Michelle Friswell)

James Tracy (photo by Michelle Friswell)

In 2013, when Tracy first expressed his skepticism about the official narrative on Sandy Hook, he put his career, professional reputation, as well as the safety of himself and his family in jeopardy. CNN’s Anderson Cooper attacked Tracy and endangered his and his family’s safety by publicly disclosing Tracy’s home address.

Lenny & Veronique Pozner

Leonard (Lenny) and Veronique Pozner are the parents of alleged child victim Noah who managed to die a second time in the Peshawar Army School shooting in Pakistan two years after his first death in Sandy Hook.

A week ago, on Dec. 10, 2015, the Pozners penned an op/ed for (Florida) Sun-Sentinel titled “Sandy Hook Massacre 3rd Anniversary: Two parents target FAU conspiracy theorist,” attacking not just all Sandy Hook skeptics, but James Tracy in particular, calling him “chief among the conspiracy theorists”. (See my post, “Parents of alleged Sandy Hook victim want Professor James Tracy to lose his job”.)

In writing their op/ed, the Pozners evidently wanted to get Tracy fired. They wrote:

Although FAU issued a “reprimand” to Tracy for the irresponsible and insensitive comments he made in late 2012, he has shown no remorse and continues to conceive conspiracy theories out of each new mass shooting . . . . It is time FAU reassess if their priorities properly reflect the best interests of their staff, donors and — most importantly — their students.

Yesterday, the New York Daily News (NYDN) published an article by Denis Slattery claiming that Tracy had been fired by FAU for “harassing” Lenny and Veronique Pozner. 

Note: Denis Slattery has an investment in the official Sandy Hook narrative. NYDN describes him as “Perhaps the biggest story he has covered for the News was the Newtown school shooting. He was one of the first members of the press to arrive in the small town after the horrific incident.” 

Soon after the article was published, NYDN retitled the article to “Crazed Florida professor could be fired for harassing parents of Sandy Hook victim for 3 years while claiming school massacre was a hoax”.

The article is a vicious hit-piece that makes no effort at objective journalism, but instead is slanted completely in favor of the Pozners, and demonizes Tracy by calling him “crazed” and “twisted”. (Read it here.)

Slattery writes:

A twisted professor at a Florida college is about to lose his job after waging a sick conspiracy campaign against the parents of one of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Florida Atlantic University announced Wednesday it was taking steps to remove controversial communications Prof. James Tracy after his repeated claims that the shooting that left 26 people dead in Newtown, Conn., was a hoax.

Tracy reportedly was harassing Lenny and Veronique Pozner, claiming their slain son, Noah, never existed, according to the couple.

In other words, in America today, to raise questions about the alleged death of a boy named Noah Pozner is now harassment.

Citing NYDN, the UK’s Daily Mail also claims Tracy has been fired:

A Florida professor was fired this week after initiating a years-long campaign claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and harassing the family of a victim he believes never existed.

James Tracy, who teaches Culture of Conspiracy at Florida Atlantic University, launched his own conspiracy theory in the aftermath of Sandy Hook three years ago, based on conflicting media reports from the day of shooting that lead him to question whether it happened at all.

As part of the bizarre theory, Tracy allegedly began harassing the parents of six-year-old Noah Pozner – one of 20 children in the attack by shooter Adam Lanza – demanding proof that the child ever existed.

Tracy was finally sent a termination letter from the university this week, which he has 10 days to respond to, according to The New York Daily News.

Other news outlets are reporting the same, including TPNCBS News, and Sun-Sentinel.

Here’s a statement issued by Florida Atlantic University:

December 16, 2015

In light of numerous requests from media outlets and the public, the University makes the following statement:

Today, James Tracy, an associate professor in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, was served a Notice of Proposed Discipline—Termination by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at Florida Atlantic University.

In accordance with the University’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Faculty of Florida union, by which the University and James Tracy are bound, faculty who receive such notice are afforded a grievance process. James Tracy has 10 days to respond to the notice after which final action may be taken.

In accordance with university practice regarding personnel issues, the university will make no further comment for the time being

How you can help.

Please help Professor James Tracy in the following ways:

  1. Write a comment in support of Tracy to the various newspapers. Let your voice be heard.
    1. Since NYDN does not enable reader comments, please send NYDN an email to
    2. To write a comment on the Daily Mail article about Tracy, click here. The comments thus far are overwhelmingly against Tracy.
    3. To write a comment on Sun-Sentinel, click here.
  2. Call or write the president of Florida Atlantic University, Dr. John Kelly, reminding him that a university’s purpose is the pursuit and imparting of knowledge, and that the purpose of tenure is precisely to protect faculty like James Tracy from the shifting winds of political correctness and popular opinion. Here is FAU President John Kelly’s contact info.:
    1. Phone: (561) 297-3450
    2. Email: Kelly’s email link is disabled. Here are the email addresses of:
      1. Peter Hull, VP of Public Affairs:
      2. Lynn Laurenti, Special Assistant to the President:
    3. Mailing address: Rm 339, Kenneth R. Williams Administration Building 10, Florida Atlantic University, 777 Glades Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33431
  3. Be prepared to donate to Tracy’s legal defense, no matter how small a sum.
  4. Pray for Jim Tracy and his family. He has a wife and four children.

UPDATE (Dec. 18, 2015):

I’ve received confirmation from tenured Professor Tracy that he indeed was served “a letter of termination” by his employer, FAU. The tenured faculty of America’s colleges and universities should know that the job of every one of them is now in danger.

See also:

After offering it for sale for about a month, banned Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — a book co-edited by Professor James Fetzer, with contributors who include Professor James Tracy, Dr. Eowyn, and other professionals. In order that Americans know the truth about Sandy Hook, the book is now available for free to anyone to read. To read/download the book in PDF format, click here: NobodyDiedAtSandyHook.

If you want a hard copy (sure to be a collector’s item!), Fetzer found an alternative printer/distributor for Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — Moon Rock Books. Click here. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free.


31 responses to “Prof. James Tracy fired by Florida Atlantic U. for Sandy Hook research

  1. Reblogged this on Debatable News: Mainstream to Tinfoil Hat and more and commented:

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    • I have sent my letter to the two email addresses provided for the university. We have become a nation of false flag attacks. President Kennedy and others before him warned us clearly of the total take over of our democracy. He was murdered for it. The U.S.S. Liberty, the Pentagon Papers, The Northwoods Documents, Boston Marathon, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Paris, San Bernardino CA, all false flags. More to come I am sure until we are under martial law. I am no tin hat person, I am a retired teacher and professional who has done the research into the above. I have listened to the survivors of the U.S. S. Liberty. Unless We the People unite against tyranny and demand that the U.S. Constitution be followed we are done for. It may be too late. Corporate media owned by the 6 corporations who also make weapons of war have successfully controlled the minds of Americans.


  2. I’ll bet there are over a dozen REAL Universities who will welcome him with open arms. I’m sure he’s disappointed with their decision;If I was him,I wouldn’t want to work with such a short-sighted,wrong-minded “University” anyway.

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  3. I hope he sues the university and forces them to prove their “case”. Praying for Professor Tracy and his family.

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  4. Something’s rotten in Newtown…

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  5. HuffPo has picked up the AP story and ran it pretty high up (in the order) on their home page.

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  6. And I would venture to say, not one of them has sat down and gone through all the evidence, including the proof the school was not an active school for the previous four years.
    Or how one little boy showed up dead in two different countries, like you mentioned. Or how there had been no evidence of internet activity for four years.
    But, they aren’t looking for proof of anything. They are looking for a reason to get rid of a good man that doesn’t fit their agenda.
    This is their opportunity to attack and attack with viciousness to rid them of a thorn in their side,
    They still have to prove him wrong or prove it really happened. They showed no bodies or even injured people.
    The parents sure seem to protest too much when things get a little to close to the truth.
    I am sending my email now.

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  8. Funny how that goez???….Why is it that every time some one even mentions anything negative from the “Party Line” on Sandy Hook, they get thrown under the Bus!!!!????? Somebody got something to hide, eh???? Like maybe it’s really “Sandy Hoax!!!?”
    Barry and Eric Enterprises got busted on their “Gallopin’ Gunz” aka “Fast and Furious” trip in AZ when Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata got killed with gunz they (the BATFE With connections all the way to Barry’s Pen!!) got busted by Mike Vanderoegh and Dave Codre!!!! They “B&E Ent.” couldn’t let a failed project go to waste so they conjured up “Sandy Hoax!!!” It almost worked, well maybe not, all it did is make the price of Guns and Ammo GO LIGHTYEARS!! and make Barry the Best “Gunz and Ammo salesman ” of the Universe!! Barry and bitch need to take a real close look at recent history…..Nicoli and his wife Elana I think lived for abou 5 minutes after their trial back when…’Took the two out in front of the steps to the Capital. lined them up and shot them!!! Then there was Mussollini, his girlfriend, and a couple of others , after they were executed their bodies were hung up by the heels at that Esso station!! The “Movie Tone News” Newsreels played that scene well into the late 40’s..I remember being a little kid and watching that at the Columbia Theater!!!
    Kitchee Koo you bas$@rds!!!,


  9. From my own experience in education, it’s all about political intrigue and subversion. It is not about the “impartial pursuit of truth,” although it should be. Problem is, just as Gerald Celente has said “politics is show business for ugly people,” education is politics for people not cagey enough to make it in politics.
    Ever notice that the script is usually the same? That they keep “repeating the Kennedy assassination” (or its coverup) again and again? The Pozners have a vested interest here: Not being exposed for whatever they did or failed to do. That’s because the next domino will fall, and the next, and the next, and so on. So they attack the messenger. Given the fact that Anderson Cooper, the New York Daily News and other high-profile sources are leaning on FAU, the people at that university don’t have the stomach for the fight to stand up for their own. Educators, I can tell you from my own personal experience, are moral invertebrates: They have no courage if it could cost them anything. Dr. Tracy is merely the latest messenger.
    The Pozners apply the pressure. Then some reporters and newspapers apply the pressure. But the pressure comes from the top down: Someone is pressuring them. Who? Those people who scripted and organized the false flag event.
    What do we stand to lose? Honest academic inquiry. Honest and aggressive independent journalism. Good professors like Dr. Tracy. Our Second Amendment rights. Our First Amendment rights. (The Second Amendment is there to protect the First, and all the others). There is an agenda with a crowd behind it: Gun control. But why outlaw guns? So tyranny can take over without resistance. In other words, in the battle between ideology and truth, ideology will always win in the short run.
    I salute Dr. Tracy for his courage (ditto Dr. Wolfgang Halbig), and I will contact the links you provided. In the meantime, are there any other intrepid independent journalists who can help him, even with moral encouragement?

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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    Again, it reminds me of how all the holocaust deniers have been treated. Real contradictory evidence and rational questions are met with vindictive spite and physical threats, even prosecution by law, rather than simple discussion of proof. Such events should easily stand on the evidence itself without discrepancies or dispute.


  11. Clearly this is a pozner scheme (instead of a ponzi scheme. heh) but in all seriousness, I can’t say that this is entirely unexpected. That is because the universities are dens of satanism or their atheist lackies, entrusted with the deeper brainwashing of people which starts in the elementary public school system. After all, lest we forget john dewey was one of the ones involved in writing up the humanist manifesto and was a bit of a militant atheist, and he had studied hegel for a time as well (yes, that same hegel from which the term hegelian dialectics comes from. Was dewey performing that exact function, claiming the school system that worked well back then had a Problem, then exploiting the Reaction of people who believed his claptrap, and proposing a Solution that was geared towards his luciferian goals?)

    As far as things going for Mr. Tracey, assuming he isn’t putting on a show (There is always the chance that someone may not be what they seem, I’m not trying to cause him any more trouble, rather that sometimes the puppets of evil will set up a false victim to drain resources and support or weary people of something, IE trump being a stump to stumble people, who will probably vanish back to his mansion or condo after sucking up all the funds from the political run and serving his part in the psy-op that is politics) he will certainly be fighting an uphill battle, since the majority of the media (alt and mainstream) are compromised, and weaponized, he’ll be having to fend off broadsides from all sides, probably.

    Far as the venomous viper anderson cooper is concerned, perhaps someone should pay a visit to his home address and just leave a typed message taped to his mailbox reminding him that he really should treat others as he would like to have himself be treated, and that it isn’t very nice to expose people’s home addresses on nationally broadcast news (they don’t even do that to criminals to respect their “right to privacy”, after all). I would also suggest Tracey bring litigation against cooper for defamation and endangering the personal security of a citizen of the United States… but then I am no lawyer or attourney, either.


    • Seumas,

      I find your radical skepticism most repugnant. Jim Tracy, who has 4 children and a wife to support, has been fired (served a letter of termination) from his tenured professorship by his employer, Florida Atlantic University, and you suspect he’s “putting on a show”?

      Why don’t you go after Alex Jones, whose Infowars took down a post on’s banning of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook the same day Infowars published it, and then proceeded to delete that post from Google cache as well.

      The book is now free in PDF format:


      • Not meaning to offend anyone Dr. Eowyn, but I really know nothing about Tracey, and definitely don’t know him in person, so I cannot be absolutely sure of who he is, given I’ve only heard of him in the past couple of years, so I prefer to err on the side of caution.
        As far as jones goes though, he has proven plenty of times he is likely in business for disinformation, as well as his perpetual avoidance of certain particular subjects, despite having plenty enough time to have covered them, he is no more trustworthy than david icke.

        Just because I maintain my grains of salt, doesn’t mean I would be withholding help from Tracey, though, regardless of whether he is or isn’t what he seems, things like prayer will be just as effective. After all God knows who Tracey is, and what is best needed to help him.

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  12. Well I e-mailed both FAU reps listed the following: ‘You should be ashamed of not only yourself but your pathetic liberal PC sucking “school”. Grow some balls like Tracy and stand up for the truth as James has and quit sucking on our corrupt governments teet.’

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  13. If he truly has been harassing the Pozners why hasn’t he been arrested for it and why all the fuss to go to his boss its just a Bullshit way of being a bully if any thing they’re the ones harassing now they’re professional gun lobbyists.

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  14. Such actions emanate from the higher ups, the very higher ups. I would hope there’s some great lawyers who would bestow some pro bono on Tracy to clear his name and lay a nice, fat suit on FAU. Total disgrace and the airhead citizens who think Tracy deserves a term in the stocks need to ponder what losing the first amendment would mean to them. Of course, airheads don’t think any deeper than an Angstrom unit. I believe that the people that seek vengeance on Tracy are likely caught up in soap operas. Stupid people abound in this country thanks to the curse of John Dewey.

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  15. Well, I finally got my letter through to the school.
    When I tried to comment on the Daily Mail, I was almost done twice and got kicked off at the very end. I hope others have better luck than I.

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  16. Well, it just shows the sad state of affairs we are in. I agree with bmcewen: asking someone for a death certificate is not harassment. Getting someone fired from his job, writing editorials in the local paper, posting someone’s home address is.
    However, this is FL, where Teri Schiavo died b/c her caring “husband” (who had a live-in girlfriend and children by her) while Teri was an invalid remembered that once upon a time she said she didn’t want to endure life by being hooked up to a machine and was only carrying out her wishes. I realize it was another county this all took place in, but just the same no one in the legal community helped her–yes, that includes first and foremost Jeb Bush for all his posturing. And after Teri died her slow death, the probate judge who oversaw everything got an award from the county bar assn.
    Our country/society is dying and it isn’t coming back.
    We each must decide whether to go along to get along or resist in what we can. I don’t have any answers except to just be true to the truth and don’t expect a reward in this life. In the meantime, I hope some of his friends are able to help him in this tragic predicament.
    So much for being tenured, but who can trust the legal system these days? I will pray that some good people will come forward to help him sort things out.
    Here is something I ran across this a.m. that shows in yet another way what a hoax Sandy Hook is (starts getting good at 9 min. mark):

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    • “Our country/society is dying and it isn’t coming back. We each must decide whether to go along to get along or resist in what we can. I don’t have any answers except to just be true to the truth and don’t expect a reward in this life.”

      Jesus weeps for America


  17. i hope Tracy has a really good lawyer & sues the shit out of this school, they have wanted him gone from the first article he wrote 3 years ago , without James Traci ,this load of sandy hook fictional crap would have died a long time ago , he has been instrumental in the TRUTH coming out on this subject , he deserves a medal , not to be fired.


  18. LETTER WRITTEN & being sent in support of James Tracy : & phone calls will be made every day this week also : TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN ,

    Dr. James Tracy is a HERO , he should not be fired from his job , this is a horrifying travesty of justice . James Tracy has kept this HOAX alive for the last 2 years or more & thank God he has awakened so many people to this TV HOAX that NEVER HAPPENED , it was a DRILL & you know dam well it was a drill . Every single person involved with these fictional “mass shootings” will be held accountable once the truth comes out & it will , we are all working VERY HARD to see that the truth comes out. More &more people are waking up by the minute to these CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) TV owned media HOAX’S .

    As you will see below James Tracy is hardly alone in knowing that this sandy hook DRILL/ TV show was a complete HOAX against the American people & people of the world & our TV is being used as a weapon ( of lies ) against us all – if more people would do the research they also would see what is going on , but they just turn on those idiot black box’s & take the words of the teleprompter readers they have been brain washed to believe they are being told the truth by these liars , when almost everything on the TV is a lie & is produced for the agenda ( agenda 21 – one world governance) .


    THE TV IS A WEAPON OF MASS DISTRACTION FOR THE TERRORISM THAT IS BEING PERPETRATED AGAINST US ALL – wake the hell up and start seeking TRUTH like James Tracy is doing , he is a HERO FOR TRUTH if any of you would do the research instead of ridiculing & condemnation before you investigate , because what you are doing in the “media” makes you all the pinnacle of ignorance !


    MUST WATCH – Dane Wigington – one of the top researchers on the subject
    Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

    NO JETS do NOT spray “CON” trails – if you can see a trail coming from a jet/plane it is ALWAYS TOXIC CHEMICAL SPRAY 100% OF THE TIME High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, The Contrail Lie
    ONE THOUSAND Dr.s, Scientists,Pilots & leading experts on GEOENGINEERING & CLIMATE ENGINEERING met in N.California to discuss the dangers of what is being done to us all PLEASE WATCH in its entirety

    CLIMATE ENGINEERING – WEATHER MODIFICATION – TREES COVERED IN MOLDS ? ( when i was a tree climbing kid , i didnt have to climb over MOLD ) – leaves are just sproutinig then the FIRST RAIN, they have holes blown in them & are dying from the toxins that are raining down on us .
    We are all in grave danger – our soil, water, weather is being engineered ( poisoned ) we are being sprayed via corrupt government/military jets – all any one has to do is LOOK UP AT THE SKY ( specially mornings & evenings ) and see the jets spraying us en mass
    i took these videos myself :

    these are NOT figments of my imagination – this is well documented across the planet what is being done to us all


    we are under ATTACK every single day in every state in the nation

    CHEMICAL WARFARE is being used against the American people we are being SPRAYED VIA MILITARY JETS every single day right in front of your faces (after all where is the best place to hide something ? RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES )

    this is a GLOBAL project via the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations/ united nations/ trilateral commisson ).

    if we dont stop geoengineering NOTHING else will matter , it is destroying the eco system & every living thing on the planet .


    HERE is KRISTEN MEGHAN a united states air force BIO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SPECIALIST telling how she was threatened by the military she had dedicated her entire life to trying to help us – a retired Air Force Chemtrail Whistleblower Exposes Geoengineering

    if you can SEE a trail coming from a jet/plane is IS TOXIC CHEMICALS 100% OF THE TIME .

    You are now Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds, Nano-Particulates of Aluminum and Barium, and Polymer Fibers with Unidentified Bio-Active Material

    a truly disgusted citizen who is sick of the lies and the actors that are hired to read scripts as if it is the truth . you are all complicit in the destruction of not only America but your own children & our entire planet .


  19. Dr. Tracy gave up ALL to make sure truth, or the search for it, prevails. This is a true American. He has my respect. I hope everyone pitches in to help he and his family get back on his feet.




  21. Smoking Gun footage destroys Sandy Hook HOAX:


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