Beware of phone call about IRS lawsuit for taxes owed. It’s a scam

phone scam

Yesterday, I received an alarming phone call.

It was a voice-recording of an official-sounding female, saying that there’s a lawsuit filed against me for taxes owed, and that I must call this number: 213-260-3714.

There are several things wrong about that phone call:

  1. The IRS does not conduct business with a phone call.
  2. Strangely, although I am being sued, the IRS phone call was impersonal because it did not address me by my name.
  3. Are there so many of these lawsuits that the IRS makes robocalls?

So I did a search on the Internet and, sure enough, my suspicion is confirmed.

A post on says:

IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has issued a warning for a phone scam targeting American taxpayers, in which individuals fraudulently claiming to be IRS officials call demanding payment for fake tax liens.

The scammers usually call from a cloned number with a District of Columbia code (202 area code). The number 202-609-7070 has been frequent in complaints in the month of September.

The phoney agent, who usually has a heavy accent, will call or leave a voicemail saying the potential prey owes money to the IRS, and if it isn’t paid immediately, they will be under arrest soon….

The IRS says they have received 95,000 complaints to date about that scam, and about 2,000 people have lost an estimated $7 million from the fraud.

J. Koskinen from IRS commented: “However people have to remember that the Internal Revenue Service will not be a call from out of the blue, but through official IRS correspondence sent through the regular US mail. A large red flag for these scams are angry, threatening calls from these folks who say they are from the IRS and urging immediate payment. This is not how we operate. People have to hang up immediately and phone the IRS.

If you received an IRS impersonation scam phone call, report it to the U.S. Treasury by calling 1-800-366-4484 or fill out a very short form online.


21 responses to “Beware of phone call about IRS lawsuit for taxes owed. It’s a scam

  1. I’ve had a version of these calls in the recent past . Best thing to do , unleash a verbal tirade on these clowns , they’ll hang up . Rather quickly I might add . Don’t hold back , give’em both barrels . ” They earned it “

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  2. Sadly, fraud is alive and well in the world.
    You can enter just the phone number and you will get plenty of sites and testimonies from people telling the same story as you.
    They said they were contacted by a Judy Smith. The 202 number had complaints as far back as last year and the IRS issued warnings back then.
    The 213 is suppose to be a landline in Los Angeles and the 202 number is suppose to be a landline in DC. But if they are cell phones, they can be anywhere and the owner can require different area codes from anywhere.
    I had a problem with the frauds calls wanting access to my computer. I knew it was a fraud and I contacted the FBI. I was told to keep a log of date, time and numbers. Then fill out the form on the net.
    So the last time they called, I told them in a firm nasty voice, that one, I knew this was fraud, 2. I had no computer, 3 I have contacted the FBI, and 4 their number will be reported and traced back.
    Never called me again and I filled out the form.
    I had dozens of calls before I got nasty to the little foreign guy.

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  3. This fraud has been going on for several years now. Nationally, about one in SEVEN forks over money, so it is very lucrative for the thieves. They usually demand payment in prepaid debit cards (which *should* set off alarm bells).

    The IRS is frankly complicit in these calls in that they have used near-thug tactics themselves, for decades, to the point where normal people are beyond-terrified of them and react with panic; paying out thousands of dollars to avoid “arrest” by the “IRS.”

    There is an even worse twist, though – some of these criminals, if you do NOT agree to pay, will then call the police in your town/city and report a murder in progress – please send the SWAT team immediately. So if you get one of these calls, call the police immediately and tell them – for your own protection!

    (How do I know? -Tax accountant by profession. I detest the IRS only slightly less than I detest these miserable thugs, scaring MY clients. I am surprised that, nationally, no elderly person has died from a heart attack or stroke over the fear these scum cause. I have gotten many calls and emails from folks in absolute panicked terror over this.)

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  4. I heard from a friend, that this happened to an autistic man. He withdrew all his money from the bank, left a suicide note, and jumped off a bridge to kill himself.

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  5. I had two such calls just yesterday (supposed IRS.) The first call in the morning said “this is the last notice you will receive.” Then in the afternoon I got yet another call . . . I was left wondering why they reneged on the previous AM call being the “last notice I would receive.”

    As for the loony “Windows” calls; once I told him that I had given my computer to the Goodwill because I could not afford to get it fixed. The fool told me to go to Goodwill and get my laptop back. I actually had this fool going for at least four minutes–time that he could not invest in harassing some other person. Now I just scream at them . . .”Why are you calling me, I don’t have a computer! Why would you bother me. You are an idiot to waste my time when I don’t even have a computer! And on and on and on!

    The sad thing is it is far to hard for authorities to actually lay their hand on these goons in order to get this activity stopped. If they are calling from another country–good luck!

    These parasitic individuals are lower than a snakes belly. I just hope that they get what’s coming to them.

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  6. Received a similar call recently. Caller ID indicated that it originated in Hackensack, NJ…..

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  7. I’ve received at least 4 of the IRS calls, and 2 or 3 of the Windows calls. Hope there’s a special room in Hell reserved for these folks.

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  8. I’ve been pretty lucky on these things so far;Most of what I get are in relation to “For Sale” ads I post on Craigslist. These usually play out in a series of emails (which is stupid on their part,because they’d be much safer to do the deal by phone-MUCH harder to prove.) I got a reply from someone about a truck I had for sale;he was ready to buy it with only the pictures I posted in the ad to know what condition it was in. (At this point I had him pegged as a fraudster;NOBODY would buy a truck without either checking it out himself or having a friend go look it over first.) He offered to send a Money Order for it,and have his shipper come to get it. I told him,”Here’s how it’s going to go-YOU bring the CASH,one thousand dollars,and once its paid for I’ll give you the keys and title and you can move it however you want to. That’s CASH-US Currency.
    Meanwhile,I traced the call to a town in Maine,so when he tried to convince me he’d send the Money Order anyway,and have his driver cash it out when he got here,I asked why he wanted to buy a thousand dollar truck and ship it all the way to the town in Maine (can’t remember the name),when he could probably find one locally he could drive home for a lot less money,he couldn’t give an answer to that. He faked serious indignation at me considering HIM a scammer,and said he thought I was the scammer. I told him “Hey-YOU contacted ME,remember?” He replied with a few lines of derogatory language I’d be embarrassed to relate here-end of discussion. (Must have been a Liberal-he sure ARGUES like one. LOL) These things CAN be fun,if you remember not to give them any “criminally useful” information about yourself. Plus-it wastes a whole evening of his life of crime for a total gain of–NOTHING.

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  9. The IRS itself is a scam. The “Affordable Care Act” is its latest scam!

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  10. Steven,all it takes to get rid of the IRS is a legitimate Flat Tax. I’d disband ’em tomorrow if I was President.


    • NO CAN DO: The IRS was established to back up the money scam perpetrated on us by the Federal Reserve! It was also passed through outright fraud: States were told they could reverse their votes. The history of it is typical of what came out of Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency and that mentality. The “mentality” is this, and it’s settled: The United States Government (legally, a corporation) is a vassal state of England, from where the bankers operate.
      I would favor a fair tax, provided it would be kept honest. Not to worry: The power-brokers will have their ways of screwing that up, too!
      Did you know that the tax dollars we send the IRS go to British banks?


  11. We’ve received these. Since we’ve been audited almost every year since we made political donations to NON-DEM concerns…..we have our records AT HAND and ready……My husband challenged the @#$%^& caller to give case number/SS numbers/any identifying info…..and then promised to kick them to the curb with a phone call to a state senator, for whom my husband technically works……AND to colleagues from the Justice Dept….for which he has worked on and off through 30 years…..and….not to mention that two of our immediate family members work for Homeland Security and the CIA…..the @#$%^& caller ended up hanging up on US. Would that it could be so easy with the aluminum siding salesmen or the solar panel companies that call endlessly……..

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