Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud

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Sandy Hoax

Reblogged from Memory Hole Blog

Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud

By James Tracy • December 14, 2015

Fraud. An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right; Anything calculated to deceive, whether by a single act or combination, or by suppression of truth, or suggestion of what is false, whether it be by direct falsehood or innuendo, by speech or silence, word of mouth, or look or gesture.-Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition

Three years ago the public learned of the most significant mass shooting in recent US history involving the deaths of 20 young school children and seven adults. As a father of three I immediately empathized with the parents, reminding myself there was no real way to fathom the sense of loss such an experience must involve.

After several days of reflection, however, my instincts as a media analyst took charge. In reviewing news coverage of the Sandy Hook School massacre I began to recognize very unusual features in the alleged forensics, the emergency response and the overall way the event was being reported.
Commonplace emergency protocols were abandoned. There was no surge of EMTs into the building, no proper triage protocol employed or Med-Evac helicopters called. Parents were not even allowed to view and hold the bodies of their deceased children, and law enforcement oddly admonished those who questioned the official narrative online were subject to criminal prosecution.

The following day Connecticut’s state coroner amazingly bumbled and guffawed through a fifteen minute press conference where it was anticipated he would provide an expert overview of the postmortem. His responses to reporters’ questions were so bizarre and incompetent I was awaiting an avalanche of lawsuits from victims families to be brought against the school district and State of Connecticut. On December 28 one was filed, then quickly withdrawn. The following October the Sandy Hook School—among the greatest crime scenes in US history—was demolished.

When I chose to publicly share my analyses and suggest that the event was being inaccurately reported and seized upon by politicians to implement long-sought agendas I was attacked and labelled a “conspiracy theorist.”

This media frenzy (here and here) developed into a campaign to embarrass my university employer into firing me. My continued research on this topic has developed into a scholarly project that the institution of tenure was intended to protect. But how could one ever dare propose such subject matter?

Beginning in the 1960s women and racial minorities who secured a toehold in the academy used their tenure to address controversial topics that drew fire from conservative administrators and trustees. Unfortunately this tradition of radical inquiry has evolved into a stultifying, almost Victorian ethos of political correctness that often precludes honest exchange, sees oppression where none exists, and makes tenure a charade. It also renders profane the idea of questioning the motives of America’s first black president and attorney general.

In the December 10, 2015 online edition of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Leonid “Lenny” and Veronique Pozner mounted a vicious attack that sought to intimidate my employer into removing my tenure and depriving me of my livelihood because of the questions I’ve raised concerning the Sandy Hook event and confirmation of Mr. Pozner’s unusually tenacious and profuse copyright claims.

Normally an endeavor targeting an individual’s primary asset would take shape as a lawsuit where proper discovery and judicial procedures might be adhered to.

 The recent 377-page volume of research on the Sandy Hook event compiled by six professors (including myself) would constitute for the Pozners a tremendous burden of going forward. They have thus once again chosen the low road of playing upon the prejudices of decent, good-hearted yet often poorly-informed Americans.

Along these lines, in June 2014 I sent CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who similarly attacked me on national television for questioning the state-sanctioned Sandy Hook narrative, an open letter to join me in a trip to Newtown so that we could together reexamine the facts underlying the horrific tragedy he played a major part in covering. I emphasized that such a scoop could be tantamount to the next Watergate, and if he could satisfactorily put to rest my skepticism I would seriously consider resigning my academic post.

To this day my request has gone unanswered. Perhaps like me, Mr. Cooper knows that Newtown and Connecticut officials have failed to fulfill a multitude of public records requests which would readily confirm the nightmare Cooper and his media colleagues related as fact three years ago.

In a geographically vast country where imagery and emotion reign supreme, where fact is often replaced by unsubstantiated claims and hearsay, the eventual result will likely involve mass fraud leading to a severe loss of our freedoms, perhaps eventual tyranny, as de Tocqueville suggested following his tour of America almost two centuries ago.

Today more than ever citizens would be well served to recognize that much of what they are left to witness via mass media requires serious interrogation, possible only through a consistent regimen of intellectual self defense. This makes good reporters and worthwhile journalism. If that is an outmoded ideal and a skill that can no longer be practiced or taught to young adults I stand guilty as charged.

James Tracy is Associate Professor of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University.

See also:

After offering it for sale for about a month, banned Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — a book co-edited by Professor James Fetzer, with contributors who include Professor James Tracy, Dr. Eowyn, and other professionals. In order that Americans know the truth about Sandy Hook, the book is now available for free to anyone to read. To read/download the book in PDF format, click here: NobodyDiedAtSandyHook.

If you want a hard copy (sure to be a collector’s item!), Fetzer found an alternative printer/distributor for Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — Moon Rock Books. Click here. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free.

UPDATE (Dec. 17, 2015):

Prof. James Tracy reportedly fired by Florida Atlantic U. for Sandy Hook research


37 responses to “Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud

  1. Here are the links I found for this, the interview is great.

    agenda 21 radio

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  2. I think Mr. Tracy,Dr. Eowyn and the others involved in proving SH is a hoax deserve far better from those who participated in the sandy Hoax than the under-handed dirty methods they’ve used to try to cover their collective ass. If they’re so AFRAID to step up and prove the book’s Authors wrong IN COURT, isn’t THAT in itself a confession?
    We have here a team that systematically disassembles, dispels and disproves every detail of every Government-sponsored farce that hits the Lame Stream Media. They say what others are afraid to even hint at, and have the evidence to back what they say. We owe them a HUGE THANK YOU!

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    • We do owe them a large debt. And I do. I don’t think Dr. Halbig is done yet. He’ll reconnoiter. (I have not had any contact with him). Yes, their refusal to answer is a confession, of sorts. But they will continue to cover it up. This story is NOT going away.

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  3. Did you listen to the interview from the Pure Momentum network linked on the site? It is long, but he covers all the things you do in a drill and how this was not to well done. All the little things that don’t add up to a real drama. It is very good and you have been spot on with your stuff. And he is an expert at doing real time drills for emergence preparedness, for schools. You’ll like it.

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  4. “Leonid”? I have only seen Lenny Pozner’s first name as “Leonard.”

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    • Could that spelling allude to something that might become very relevant in the near future?


    • I am originally from Russia. Pozner was born in Latvia. When he was born Latvia was a part of the Soviet Union and the official language there was Russian. They also used many Russian names. Soviet Jews (Pozner is a Jew) frequently named their sons “Leonid” (nick name – “Lyonyah.”) “Leonid” was a very common name for Soviet Jews. Leonard was a very rare name in the USSR. So, it’s very likely that Pozner’s real name is Leonid, not Leonard.

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  5. It is a shameful blot on American society that the Pozner’s have been allowed to run roughshod over this supposed tragedy, as well as all the other fraudsters who are involved. This whole thing stinks to high heavens and after looking at all the evidence, you cannot possibly come to the conclusion that this occurrence was anything other than a fraudulent act from the get-go. I just hope that the day comes when all those who have profited from the Sandy Hook debacle will be answerable before the American people and the whole world for that matter!

    Thank God for all the courageous people, including our own Dr Eowyn, who have kept the faith by bringing forth the true representation of what happened that fateful day.

    God Bless the USA!

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    • Thank you and God bless you, truckjunkie and Auntie Lulu.

      Earlier today, a commenter named Mike Gallo who believes in the Sandy Hoax actually threatened to kill me:

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      • Dr. Eowyn: My prayers are with you. Don’t give up the fight and soldier on. Keep pressing this issue. God Bless.

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      • Noted. I find it very troubling that now they’re coming after you, an innocent.

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      • Sounds like a terroristic threat to me . I’ll be the first to admit I am not well versed in all the abilities of the computer as you are , but can his url thing be traced / If so , notify the local authorities …………….After clicking your link to dip shits comment , I see that you did that …….good .

        He needs to find out that idiotic rants , much like voting , have consequences .

        Actually , it would have been nice to give that 71 yr. old’s e-mail address out . Would have liked to ask him a few q’s .

        Do you believe Oswald killed Kennedy ? Do you really believe Pearl Harbor was a ” sneak attack ” ? Do you really believe Barry is a U.S. citizen ? If the moron answered in the ” affirmative ” to those three , consider the fact that empty cans make the most noise . I could go on , but why waste the time .

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  6. The entire Sandy Hook narrative is an abomination. In the days and weeks following the false flag event, the sheer amount of information that kept coming out was STUPEFYING. After a short while, I began to notice it was DISORIENTING. After watching a few Alex Jones’ Infowars articles, I still thought children died, but I knew something was up—that we were living at the mercy of a government that cannot possibly be trusted.
    Long story short: History has proved, over one dozen times in the 20th Century alone, that every time the citizenry surrenders its firearms, genocide follows. We are living in times when there exists a small but powerful Elite that wants to kill us. We can examine a number of angles—The Georgia Guidestones, the Copenhagen Summits, Global Warming, etc., etc.—and they all share the same IDENTICAL Malthusian NUT: There are too many “useless eaters” in this World, and they have to be exterminated. They claim it’s for the sake of the Earth, or because we’ll all starve to death or run out of resources, but this is the reason: This Elite is SATANIC. They worship Satan. This has been proven time and time again from various angles.
    The brave people who have gone after the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Sandy Hook—Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, James Fetzer, Dr. Eowyn and others—are not done looking for the truth yet, AND THEY’RE NOT GOING TO STOP LOOKING FOR THE TRUTH UNTIL GOD HIMSELF TELLS THEM TO STOP. (I believe Dr. Halbig WILL resume his work, in a less conspicuous way, when he is ready).
    In the meantime, we have to realize just how morally bankrupt and VICIOUS these suppressors of truth are. They believe they have to be: They have people over THEM.
    Long Story Short: The Power Elite have not given up their desire to disarm us. They’re not going to give it up AT ALL. They will continue to orchestrate false flag events, and then cover them up. They are DESPERATE. Even if World-wide nuclear war happens (GOD FORBID), they STILL will not give up their desire to disarm us. That is because they want to KILL US. I look at it this way: The Devil, being the “Prince of this world,” wants to kill us. He has been put in CHECK in this chess game. So he reels and snarls before he will make his next move. The Devil is speaking THROUGH the Pozners (and Obama, et al.)
    I am bookmarking all links in this post now.

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  7. To Professor Tracy, Dr. Eowyn and others who believe Sandy Hook was a complete hoax, (I do as well) I say “Hang in there”. Too many “things” were mishandled, misstated, mismanaged, even the second day after this so-called tragedy. I saw the earliest videos and voice reports from the newscopters; I heard the earliest police radio chatter, and a lot of other “off-color, out of character” goings on. Then, the “capper” for me, was the almost instantaneous newscast and “demands” from the DC “regime” – -likely a “pre-prepared speech” for MORE gun control. Very soon, the conspiracy theories began to develop; I couldn’t argue with any of them, but the “real capper” was when “little Noah Pozner” DIED THE SECOND TIME IN PAKISTAN!!! By then, I had started hearing a lot more about “crisis actors”- before SH, I didn’t even know we had such a thing! Personally, it’s insulting to know these “dipshits” think we’re stupid enough to just “fall” for their propaganda!

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  8. Just a PS -Probably, the only way to prove our theory, beyond question, would be to get a court order for exhumations (the “empty” coffins)!

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    • The problem is a legal one: On what grounds can the public obtain a court order? We have no legal “standing”. We need a brave and principled prosecutor in Connecticut to open this case.

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      • In fact, because of the fraudulent dispensation of federal funds, as well as the great reach of the racket, there are undoubtedly several jurisdictions where RICO charges, both civil and criminal, could be maintained. The main problem for any federal prosecutor is that his or her former boss Eric Holder is the principal promoter of the criminal enterprise. But Holder is gone now.

        If any agent or office in New York could be found, Preet Bharara could do it…and maybe he would!

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  9. I just recently came across an article in the newspaper The Ogden Standard Examiner from Ogden UT about the three year anniversary of the death of Emilie Parker and I thought about your blog and your cause. Now I have been on this blog before because I was simply shocked that there are so many people who think this didn’t happen and I was sincerely attempting to appeal to your sense of compassion in not believing these families. (I don’t care if you don’t trust the government, I don’t either) because I had mentioned that Emilie Parker was buried in my hometown of Ogden UT, and it was a pretty big deal. I was met with a lot of hostility I honestly didn’t expect, since I wasn’t trying to attack anyone. I’m just giving you my background before I ask this question and would ask that you please not attack me again since I’m not attacking anybody here.

    My question is….has anyone here done a basic search behind any of these families involved? I know Robbie Parker graduated from Ben Lomond High School in Ogden Ut. I know both mothers of Robbie & Alissa attended the same high school in the sixties because my mom went to school with them. So I did a quick and simple search for Parker Ben Lomond High School graduate which led me to a site that lists names of graduates from Ben Lomond and found this, it took me less than five minutes

    How do you explain this if you claim Robbie Parker and his entire family don’t exist? Because I know they do, like I said they’re all from Ogden where I grew up.

    I’m just curious what avenues you have pursued to come to the conclusion that this whole family is a fabrication. Especially since you can actually very easily verify a lineage. I only ask not because I give two shakes about the government, I don’t, I personally don’t care what you accuse THEM of. I’m just concerned about these poor families, who have to ignore so much of this, and I personally don’t think it’s fair. Again, I’m not accusing, I’m sure you have very good reasons for making some of these assumptions, but in this case, it’s just not true. Whatever else happened….these kids died. Or at the very least one did, that I know for sure. Please take this in the spirit in which it’s given and understand I’m just trying to help you see these families aren’t the bad guys. Thank you~

    Before you start looking for my IP address again I would like to remind you that I’m posting this from my phone so it’s going to show as anonymous. But if you’re concerned with traceability, I can post later from my PC when I get home but my name is Dawn Michelle Straub (hence username Mickey which I like better than Donald lol) it’s a username I’ve been using on these sites where I have to deal with idiots on these pro-“choice” articles who pretend to care about people but are unmoved by babies being ripped to shreds…if you would like to confirm that, it’s the same username on Disqus. My maiden name Durbin, born in Ogden UT where I resided until 2007 then moved to Peachtree City GA where I currently live. Just thought I’d get that out of the way so you don’t think I’m some “troll”


    • MickeyS,

      Thank you for your civility.

      1. I’m not interested in your identity or your IP address unless a commenter issues a death threat against us.

      2. Nowhere have I ever EVER made the claim that Robbie Parker and his family don’t exist. You must be confusing me with someone else.

      3. Since you say you attended Emilie’s funeral in Utah, which I know did occur, I assume you know the Parkers. Please be so good as to ask Robbie:

      (a) Why he went from joking and laughing to, in a blink of an eye, putting on a sad face and a choking voice before the TV cameras.

      (b) Why he and his wife can put on big happy smiles to have their pictures taken with Obama just 2 days after their precious 6-year-old daughter had been shot dead. If it were my child, I would be disconsolate.

      (c) How much money, in total, did they receive from people donating to the Emilie Parker Fund Facebook page, and from the various charities to Sandy Hook victim families, e.g., United Way.

      (d) Why the Parkers’ home at 13 Country Squire Rd., Sandy Hook, CT 06482, like so many victims’ homes, have a sale price of $0 and a sale date of 12/25/2009, when government offices as well as real estate companies aren’t open on Christmas Day.

      Thank you.


      • I just posted a comment and I don’t know where I posted to for sure, lol. I hope it gets to this post. Anyway, I just put that info out there, I didn’t realize you knew these people are who they say they are, I thought you thought they were crisis actors.


        • Crisis actors are also real people.

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        • Mickey S,

          Once again, you are putting words in my mouth. Never once did I say I know “these people (Robbie & Alissa Parker) are who they say they are.”

          So, it turns out you don’t really know them, or know ANYTHING about Sandy Hook. Why don’t you take the time and actually read all the posts I’ve done on this alleged massacre? As for Emilie Parker, there was a funeral, but did anyone actually see her corpse? No? It was a closed-casket funeral? That figures. Either there never was an “Emilie” Parker or she’s still alive because according to both the FBI and the Social Security Death Master File (the primary source for derived Social Security Death Index), NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK, not even Adam Lanza.

          Please do yourself a favor and read our Sandy Hook posts before your write another comment on FOTM because you are embarrassingly uninformed and naive. Look, I even made it easy for you. Go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page, and you’ll find the links to all of them. Or you can read our collectively-authored book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which is free:

          Read that, then come back here on FOTM so we can have an intelligent conversation.


      • If I may add one more q , e) ……Did you see the body ?

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    • Maybe you can tell us too, please, if they really had 3 kids,

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      • I don’t need to see the body, that’s disgusting. I honestly wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth, I was trying to to find out what you believed. I have read a lot about the theories as to what happened and I have also read perfectly reasonable explanations for those…but that wasn’t the point I was making. Before I make anymore assumptions, because I really don’t want to, please tell me what you think about the Parkers and what you believe about this narrative. Do you believe they created a third daughter that didn’t exist? If so then that would mean both of Emilie’s grandmothers are part of the conspiracy because both of them spoke directly with my mother after her death. Then there’s the mortuary that received her body in Ogden. Are they also part of the conspiracy? And then of course every other member of their family. All these people would have to be part of this narrative for an imaginary child, and that’s just for ONE family. Are you saying all the people I mentioned have been paid by the government to lie? I’m actually curious, because I haven’t seen that addressed.

        But again, I do apologize if I misunderstand what it is that you were saying about Robbie Parker. I guess I saw those other articles about the crisis actors being totally different people, that I assumed that’s what you thought about all that were involved. That was my main purpose for coming back here and explaining to you that the parkers are a real family.


  10. Dr. Eowyn -Your reference to “legal standing” made me wince a bit; of course our tax dollars are being used to fund all of the fraudulent activities that take place- – basically, actions to cause a “reaction” to be used “against US” (like illegal gun-control). We need, as you said-a brave and principled prosecutor, in the state of Connecticut – -if such a one even exists.

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  11. Pingback: The Fraud of Sandy Hook « The Thinking Housewife

  12. Doc Eowyn, you have CONFUSED (I’ll do the confusing in MY world, thank you very much) me; Did I only IMAGINE that you made reference to the term “Brave and Principled PROSECUTOR?” I mean, if you did, why didn’t you just say TREY GOWDY? I am not aware of any other?


  13. Dr. E. , Here is a term that I would like for your readers to become acquainted with, and that I would like to be associated with all who Have, Are, or WILL be referred to as “Conspiracy Theorists”. The term is “PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE”. By the way, Thank YOU, Tracy, and Fetzer, as well as others who have mounted and continue to mount a PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE that we have been, are being, and will continue to be, and perhaps even continue to have been “LIED TO BY ACTUAL CONSPIRACISTS” (also known as CONSPIRATORS).

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  14. It is outrageous that the media, the government, the US President, the police, and private individuals should be allowed to openly defraud members of the public worldwide, and that benficiaries of the fraud should receive monies based on an event that didn’t happen.

    This is crime. It is the crime of the con-artist and there are laws against it. They should be invoked against those who are defauding the public, at great financial benefit to themselves.

    It is mind-boggling that they are able to get away with this. Someone a while back wrote the figure in excess of $200million. All arrived at by fraud. How can they get away with this?

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    • “How can they get away with this?”

      Because of the collusion between government and media. Objective and investigative journalism is dead in Obama’s America.


      • Well, come on! It was dead in George W. Bush’s America! And it was dead in LBJ’s, Nixon’s, Reagan’s, George H.W. Bush’s, and Clinton’s America, too.

        Not too sure if it was functioning during Jimmy Carter’s time. I thought “Nightline” was real!


  15. I’ve read almost every article and a lot of the comments on this site about Sandy Hook. I read about the Ontario couple who visited Newtown. While all of the evidence is convincing, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that 27,000 people living in that town are silent about this. Has anyone asked any resident whether or not the school was open? Seemingly, someone should know. If there were 600+ students attending the school, has not one other family come forward or been asked about the school being open or even about the events that took place on that day. I can’t seem to find anything on the net about this. I almost want to travel to Newtown to start asking questions myself. While government officials are easily persuaded to be silent on the this, I can’t imagine 27,000 people doing the same. Of those 27,000, someone who is not an official or related to the shooting should be able to confirm or deny that the school was operational. Any thoughts on this??

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