Parents of alleged Sandy Hook victim want Professor James Tracy to lose his job

Noah Pozner is a very special boy because he has the distinction of dying twice — first at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012; then thousands of miles across the world at the Peshawar Army School shooting in Pakistan 2 years later on December 16, 2014.

Lenny & Veronique Pozner

Now, on the 3rd anniversary of Noah’s first death, his parents Leonard (Lenny) and Veronique have penned an article attacking not just all Sandy Hook skeptics, but James Tracy in particular.

Tracy is a tenured Associate Professor of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the owner of Memory Hole Blog.

In 2013, when Tracy first expressed his skepticism about the official narrative on Sandy Hook, he put his career, professional reputation, as well as the safety of himself and his family in jeopardy:

  • CNN’s Anderson Cooper attacked Tracy and endangered his safety by publicly disclosing Tracy’s home address.
  • Nor is Tracy’s tenure any protection because FAU is seeking to abolish tenure. As you will read in the Pozners’ op/ed, Lenny and Veronique are aimed at precisely that — the firing of James Tracy from his tenured professorship on the grounds that his skepticism about Sandy Hook and other false flags harm the university’s reputation.

I am not reproducing the Pozners’ op/ed, “Sandy Hook Massacre 3rd Anniversary: Two parents target FAU conspiracy theorist,” because Sun-Sentinel has a copyright on the article and something tells me that the paper will go after FOTM. However, it is not a violation of copyright to quote a few excerpts from the Pozners’ op/ed. Here’s a sample:

In this piece we want to focus on someone who is chief among the conspiracy theorists — Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy….

Although FAU issued a “reprimand” to Tracy for the irresponsible and insensitive comments he made in late 2012, he has shown no remorse and continues to conceive conspiracy theories out of each new mass shooting….

It is time FAU reassess if their priorities properly reflect the best interests of their staff, donors and — most importantly — their students. “The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, but the Constitution does not guarantee that you can’t be fired for expressing your beliefs as part of your job,” says the National Education Association. “The courts could decide either way and the burden of proof shifts sharply to the professor.”

How you can help.

Please help Professor James Tracy in the following ways:

  1. Write a comment in support of Tracy and all Sandy Hook skeptics on the Pozner article on the (Florida) Sun-Sentinel‘s website. Go here.
  2. Call or write the president of Florida Atlantic University, Dr. John Kelly, reminding him that a university’s purpose is the pursuit and imparting of knowledge, and that the purpose of tenure is precisely to protect faculty like James Tracy from the shifting winds of political correctness and popular opinion. Here is FAU President John Kelly’s contact info.:
    1. Phone: (561) 297-3450
    2. Email: Kelly’s email link is disabled. Here are the email addresses of:
      1. Peter Hull, VP of Public Affairs:
      2. Lynn Laurenti, Special Assistant to the President:
    3. Mailing address: Rm 339, Kenneth R. Williams Administration Building 10, Florida Atlantic University, 777 Glades Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33431
  3. Most importantly, please pray for Jim Tracy and his family.

See also:

After offering it for sale for about a month, banned Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — a book co-edited by Professor James Fetzer, with contributors who include Professor James Tracy, Dr. Eowyn, and other professionals. In order that Americans know the truth about Sandy Hook, the book is now available for free to anyone to read. To read/download the book in PDF format, click here: NobodyDiedAtSandyHook.

If you want a hard copy (sure to be a collector’s item!), Fetzer found an alternative printer/distributor for Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — Moon Rock Books. Click here. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free.

UPDATE (DEC. 17, 2015):

Prof. James Tracy reportedly fired by Florida Atlantic U. for Sandy Hook research


44 responses to “Parents of alleged Sandy Hook victim want Professor James Tracy to lose his job

  1. publish the address of anderson cooper (and al sharpton and a lot more who are just puppets of o’bama)


  2. The photo of Veronique does not look like a woman leaving her murdered son’s funeral and on the way to a week of Shiva. Further, Jews are usually buried within a day after the death. Finally, the picture in the post is half of the picture; just behind Veronique is a woman who appears to be a handler (or director), physically trying to get Veronique offstage before she takes more bows.

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  3. As if the Pozners’ main concern is the FAU college students. Yeah, riiiiiiight.

    Seems the Pozners have made it their life mission to silence and destroy those who voice an opinion they don’t like.

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  4. Thank you for sharing this information. As a longtime reader and frequent commenter at MHB, I have come to know Dr. Tracy quite well through his writings. He is hardly “a wild-eyed conspiracy nut”.

    What the Pozners are attempting is nothing short of a modern-day tar-and-feathering.

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  5. I pray for Dr. Tracy, his family, and all associates who stand with him against the lies and treachery of the sandy hook-line-and-stinker gun control narrative false flag event.

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    • We have the irony of Haller-Pozner working for banning of right to bear arms in our country and has as her main job legal counsel to a country that requires its citizenry to be armed.
      The Globalists’ motive for disarming an honest citizenry: bring in millions of blood-thirsty jihadists to fight the weakness Americans, drive us to cry for help from UN troops, bring in those troops after a surge of depopulation, impose global UN rule. Rwanda was probably a test for it. It is much like what Kissinger called for years ago. A real Hegalian dialectic work.
      David Rockefeller, 1973, after returning from China, where Mao murdered between 40 and 60 million of his countrymen, “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony… There is a very real and pervasive dedication to Chairman Mao and Maoist principles. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community purpose.” My question, and we all, I am sure, have many more, community purpose for what?
      I recall that during the Tiananmen Square revolt, Kissinger was outraged about people supporting the rebels. He declared that the Chinese government had the right to do what it thought best for law and order (even if Communist and for “community purpose.”)
      Do the Globalists want a slave labor camp for the billions of the world, a global Auschwitz? North Korea around the world? I want to be proven wrong.

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  6. So let me get this straight, The Pozners, are to be given unlimited press time to talk about Sandy Hook, the ability to influence the country’s laws, even so far as to lobby against the first and second amendments, millions of dollars, and anyone who questions the event, even after the passage of the N.D.A.A. of 2012 which legalizes the use of propaganda against the American people, is a conspiracy theorist and should be fired? Yeah that makes perfect sense.

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  7. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    If you pray for peace, be careful about the type of peace you pray for.

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  8. I’d REALLY like Mr. Tracy and the alleged parents to sit down together so they can answer some questions and explain how so many impossibilities happened,and why THEIR story is so FAR from what Tracy’s evidence proves. But we all know THAT will never happen;their story would NEVER stand up to honest scrutiny.

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  9. Isn’t it rather obvious…They used to just laugh at the conspiracy theorists calling them tin foil hat wearers, now they want to hang them. The Pozners and their ilk protesteth too much.

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  10. I guess there are still those that are a little uncomfortable about being exposed for the frauds they are. So their next move is to silence those that are searching for the truth. It is working and they are methodically doing it. First threaten Halbig into silence, now the good Dr. Watch for more down the road. They are getting some WH counseling I would bet.

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  11. And the bigger Tizzy THEY have,the more they’re proving OUR case.

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  12. I think Professor Tracy should file a defamation suit against the Pozner’s and Anderson Cooper. They would have to appear in court and answer questions under oath and evidence could be presented.

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  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. I will, of course, pray for Professor Tracy, Professor Fetzer and you to be protected by God’s heavenly hosts, and for your guardian angels to give specific importance regarding this matter. You, Dr. Eowyn, have worked so hard conducting grueling, painstaking and thorough research to find the truth of Sandy Hook, as I am sure the other two professors as well.

    I will calll President Kelly on Monday.

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  14. did you see where they finally admitted it was a drill and NO ONE WAS KILLED! It came up on my facebook but I ‘m not sure of the correct link yet


  15. It’s not possible to write a comment on the Pozner articles without paying 0,99 cents for a day pass, for me as a European reader. I take offence at the thought of having to pay a fee before I am able to express my opinion in public forums on articles of ultimate importance and especially on the subject of what appears to be a grand, orchestrated crime of fraud and perhaps even an example of the treasonous use of weapons of mass deception against the voting public by big Media corporations in America ewith the government and lawmakers turning a blind eye to it, brought by the exponential rate of growth of the attention and thus the possibilities of manipulation enabled by the internet by an emotionally overreactive public, baited by the harrowing reports of a mass primary school killing.
    The fact that perfectly reasonable questions as to what really went on in Sandy Hook have been met by victimization, libellous defamatory remarks against critical readers and experts such as Wolfgang Halbig (who is pursuing a class action against charities connected with the purported Sandy Hook Massacre) and personal threats to Professor Tracy by merit of his merely impartially focussing upon strange and anomolous details and the overall fake scenariof the Sandy Hook crime scene, with for example laughing crisis actors posing as greiving parents, forged entries into the registry of deaths for Connecticut state pertaining to deaths outside of Connecticuts borders, and the staging of the event in a school building which had bee out of use for over four years, would seem to border on the montypythonesque and ludicrous, were it not for the fact that the world public was hereby deceived by this play acting. Moreover the fact that the side-product of the reasonable scepticism and unstilled disbelief which have motivated Professor Tracey and other critical writers has resulted in the criminalisation of scepticism and investigation into the Sandy Hook Massacre as a consequence of critical investigative journalism by the State of Connecticut, are nothing more than incredible totalitarian legislative measures aimed to restrict and punish freedom of speech and inquiry, in order to conceal what to all intents and purposes would appear to be a treasonous undertaking involving many instances in the piublic domain and an ongoing fraud washing millions into the pockets of various charities.
    So that circulated, preposterous and unpunished fraudulent myths may no longer constitute the ongoing fabric of American society I do hearby fully endorse Professor Tracey advocacy for the truth and for an independant international investigation into Sandy Hook. The arrangement of the Sandy Hook Massacre is a deceptive crime against democracy and human decency. It should not go unpunished! The dissemination of such dubious events as reality should be punishable as an unlawful use of weapons of mass deception and be awarded long prison sentences and colossal fines.

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  19. I have been looking for a copyright infringement suit filed by anyone named Pozner (or HONR) against “Tracy, James,” through PACER, which is the electronic case info system run by the federal courts. Nothing comes up.

    Tracy said in one of his posts that this suit had been filed against him on March 22, 2015. That was a Sunday (which means: no suit can be filed). I did unrestricted date searches, too, of course.

    In Tracy’s “Memory Hole Blog” original post about this suit, in March, he had a link to the complaint, but that link does not work now. (I don’t know if it ever did.)

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  20. I searched in the 11th Circuit, where Florida is, and in the district courts of Connecticut, Florida, and the District of Columbia.

    By the way, the suit that Pozner, Soto, et al. brought against the arms manufacturers was remanded on 9/30/15 from the federal court to the state court in Connecticut.

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  21. Actually, reviewing his post of April 17, 2015, I believe he has used the word “claim” when he meant only “notice.” The notice of copyright infringement was sent to his ISP, so no court case has yet been filed. So my comment is premature. (Sorry!)

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  22. That said, it is OK with me if you remove my earlier post. However, since you are communicating with James Tracy by email, please ask him to repost the notice of claim that was sent to his ISP by Lenny Pozner, since the link on his site is broken.



  23. Pozner – disclosure.


  24. It’s heartening to see WordPress standing up for the right of free speech. I take it it did the same thing in your case, Dr. Eowyn?


    • Yup. WordPress unilaterally took down the pics of Noah Pozner from my posts, and then sent me an email, threatening to shut down FOTM if we ever violate Lenny’s alleged copy right over those pics again — pics that Lenny had published on Noah’s memorial Facebook page, which makes those pics public domain.

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  25. Oh, for heaven’s sake. Some advocate for freedom of speech! Preposterous!

    Anne Berg tells me WordPress has been partnering with Microsoft since 2010. I wonder if these problems would have arisen without that joinder.


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