An Open Letter to Anderson Cooper

It is more than one year five months since Professor James Tracy sent a letter via certified mail to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, asking him to revisit Newtown. Cooper publicly had attacked Tracy for the latter’s skepticism about the official narrative on Sandy Hook, including endangering the safety of Tracy and his family by disclosing his home address.

But there is only silence from Cooper. Nor has any other professional journalist — national, state, or local — seen fit to look into the many anomalies uncovered by skeptics. The national media also refuse to even report on’s banning of the book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Even the Alternative Media powerhouse InfoWars deleted its article on the book ban the same day it was published, followed by the scrubbing of that article from Google cache and

What are Cooper, professional journalists, and InfoWars afraid of?

The truth?

13 responses to “An Open Letter to Anderson Cooper

  1. Do not expect anything from Anderson Cooper, he is CIA all the way as is probably much of mainstream media. What needs to be done is for readers who also use mainstream sources is to keep linking back to the important stories under their puff pieces and propaganda to continue the massive awakening that is happening.

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  2. What did Col. Jesup say in ” A few good men ” ……..” YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH “


  3. Dear Ander(daughter),
    You are a sickening mentally ill gay excuse for a human. When I see you at a “crime scene”, my first thought is that it’s FAKE because you are FAKE! Go crawl in a hole and bury yourself!

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  4. I have little doubt that many of the national news commentators know “knowing the truth” may be injurious to your health. Look at Breitbart, and his sudden and unexpected death;look at the death of the woman from Hawaii who certified that Obama’s birth certificate was true and genuine, who died from minor air plane crash – -where nearly a dozen other people walked away from the crash; look at the political spy thriller author Tom Clancy, who died mysteriously without the reason of death ever being divulged, he was a relatively healthy man of about 60; look at the comedian Joan Rivers, who died from a relatively minor throat surgery within two weeks of making comments about both Mr and Mrs Obama. I believe the list is much longer than what I have listed. I believe that newscastors value their lives more than they value divulging true and factual new stories. I must say . . . can you blame them them? NO. If they would all stand up for the truth, they could put an end to the senseless loss of lives. They have not been willing to tell the truth from the time Obama was a Senator. God Help Us!

    God Bless the USA!

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  5. Anderson Cooper is a functionary, a hand puppet, and he does his job well—for a hypocritical gay man whose conscience is for hire.
    And Mr. Tracy is absolutely right for what he did and for what he wrote. And his reference to Bush-41 and Cord Meyer is spot-on: There are certain people and cliques that simply don’t want the truth revealed about certain things, and they will obstruct inquiry successfully. And that is because they run the Show.
    The more I hear and read of the mainstream media, the more disgusted I become. Well, America is waking up, and the MSM’s time is SHORT. A sea change is about to happen, and the rulers know it. That is why they’re COMING for the Internet!

    We must not allow that to happen.

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  6. After Coopers fake interview in front of the green screen, I expect nothing but his loyalty to this fascist agenda. He is not worthy of our time.

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  7. Who the fuck is Anderson Cooper. Don’t tell me he’s one of those talking heads of Corporate Media.
    Don’t get mad.
    Don’t Watch!!!
    I don’t.


  8. I don’t watch any of them CNN FOX MSNBC BBC.NPR thy all suck Gwen Smeck. Andrea Vanderbilt Cooper. Would love to punch the fack out of Billy Boy O,Riley even Lou Dobbs is a traitor


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