91-year-old woman suffocated in sex game with married neighbor

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Gerard Couzens reports for The Mirror, Dec. 6, 2015 that a 91-year-old woman in Portugal is believed to have suffocated during a “sex game” with a married 49-year-old neighbor.

The elderly woman was found on her bed naked from her waist down next to a sex toy in Aveiro, 50 miles south of Porto, Portugal. Autopsy results showed she had died from asphyxia from a sex game that spiraled out of control.

A married dad-of-two living next door was arrested after DNA analysis of semen recovered from the scene. He was released on bail after going before a judge.

Police believe the woman’s death was a “tragic accident” as there was no sign of a forced entry and nothing had been taken from the house.

Another neighbor described the woman, who lived alone, as being “very active” despite her age, and that the male married neighbor often went round her house to do odd jobs.

Aveiro & Fatima in Portugal


Aveiro, known as the Venice of Portugal, is a city of 78,450 population (in 2011) on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Erotic asphyxiation is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal.

It is said that when the carotid arteries on either side of the neck carrying oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain, are compressed, as in strangulation or hanging, the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide can increase feelings of giddiness, lightheadness, and pleasure.

The idea for erotic asphyxiation most likely came from observations that men who were executed by hanging developed an erection and occasional ejaculation when being hanged.

However, deaths often occur when the loss of consciousness caused by partial asphyxia leads to loss of control over the means of strangulation, resulting in death. Autoerotic asphyxiation is particularly hazardous because the person suffocating him/herself has no partner to intervene in a life-threatening situation.

The great majority of known erotic asphyxial deaths are male. The mean age of accidental death is mid-20s, but deaths have been reported in adolescents and in men in their 70s.

Actor David Carradine died from accidental autoerotic asphyxiation at age 72 on June 4, 2009, according to the medical examiner who performed a private autopsy on the actor. His body was found hanging by a rope in a closet in his hotel room in Thailand, and there was evidence of a recent orgasm. Two of Carradine’s ex-wives, Gail Jensen and Marina Anderson, stated publicly that his sexual interests included the practice of self-bondage.

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

No wonder Our Lady of Fatima told the three shepherd children to whom she appeared in 1916-17 that “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”

The Fatima shepherd children: Lucia Santos, Francisco and Jacinta Marto.

The Fatima shepherd children: Lucia Santos, Francisco and Jacinta Marto.

Sister Lucia, who was the last living Fatima seer until she died in 2005 at age 97, said this refers primarily to sins against chastity, also called sins of impurity. The reason is not because sins against chastity are the most grievous sins, but because they are the most common and because sins of impurity are less likely to be repented of than other sins. (See “Full Text of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima“)



14 responses to “91-year-old woman suffocated in sex game with married neighbor

  1. Michael Hutchens of INXS (“In Excess”) also was found like Carradine, in his native Australia.

    I believe in the Message and Our Lady of Fatima: It was photographed and filmed. However, much clandestine skullduggery occurred in the Church while Pius XII was still Pope. Vatican Catholic Channel on You Tube had a video—about three years ago—on the impostor Sr. Lucy.

    I say this not to be a downer: We have to know the historical facts of what happened to the Catholic Church, and we have to be able to tell the true people from the false. A number of people have problems with Most Holy Family Monastery. (Ann Barnhardt told me to avoid them, over two years back, calling them a “stone-cold cult.”) But I have found almost all of their videos’ history to be accurate. Their video on “The Impostor Sister Lucy” was very well-done and well-documented.

    Here’s my point: Many Catholics who went along with the so-called reforms of Vatican II have fallen for the entire 57-year old script hook, line and sinker. I lost my faith over this (and other things), and so have many other people. I estimate that at least TWO BILLION PEOPLE have lost their souls because of this, the Biggest Fraud in ALL HISTORY. Your quote of Sr. Lucy makes perfect sense—but IF the Vatican Catholic video is for real (I believe it is)—then the real Sr. Lucy DID NOT SAY IT. This is of the utmost importance: People can be goaded to believe in anything! Many people, for example, believe in the Bayside Apparitions, but I DON’T, even if some of them sound sensible.

    I don’t mean to be critical. But this post is an important one, for a number of reasons. This old lady played with fire, and she got burnt! You would think that age would temper the fires of lust. (At least, that is what I observed and heard, as a boy—just as the Sexual Revolution got roiling.) I have never been married (not for lack of desire or trying!) but I have found that a chaste life is possible—even out of self-interest. Satan knows well that once he can destroy a person’s sexual self-control, he can attack that person’s entire character and personality. And YES, the World WILL burn because of it!


  2. A 16 year old child in my former community died from this, apparently the kids in his high school were learning and practicing this sick act. High School…

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  3. I found this posting of interest because it mentioned the nearby city of Aveiro, as being a Venice-like place, and I’m always interested in architecture, ciity planning, and related subjects.

    As for the incident, when I read of it in the email, it immediately struck me as yet one more BNWD event, which has very little interest for me, as I get a goodly dose every day as it is!


  4. I find much of this blog useful for the purposes of the NWO and gang stalking etc but I suppose I should realize it is a Christian based blog.
    Firstly, she was GOING TO DIE SOON ANYWAY. Secondly: WHAT A WAY TO GO!!
    Third..(ly?): You needed to provide a MAP for this news story? Complete with pointing out where these cities or towns are? OMG! Its not like there arent 50000000000 people doing something sexual RIGHT NOW on that map anyway…or anywhere else on the world map. Some living and some dying. You could have relations and then get killed by a bus outside..or a falling safe like in the old cartoons. You never know when yer time will come.

    Well…you DO but its best not to focus on it. And IF you DO…then what better time to say ‘goodbye’ to humanity in such a personable way?

    This lady probably was into this when younger and she just was too elderly to handle it now or her neighbor likes mature women and got her to try something new.

    People could only WISH to go out with this kind of bang. Getting hit by a car or a plane crash or various other unpleasant ways of dying sounds much worse. At least her next past life regression will be interesting.

    Also in this Latin culture its probably more tolerated for men to go outside the home or if its small enough everyone knew each other anyway.
    Its a crappy thing to have to go before a judge for anyway. Beats a DUI I guess.

    More assist with the NWO please….less judgement of Nature’s ways.

    BTW the miss piggy caption thing is ridiculous. Shes not even fat. And if youve ever been to an art school (Im assuming no) then you would realize that artists LIKE overweight models becuz its more to draw and covers broader ranges of human anatomy.

    Fail on both posts.

    But I appreciate your actual real contributions to fighting the true bad guys in thier take over of the world and enslavement of humanity. Which has little to do with things humans have been doing for thousands of years and everything to do with technological and scientific advances the elite have the corner market on.

    Come back to the fold of the fighting core. There are too many fake Xians, infiltrated churches and intel operatives and agents doing disinfo on the internet.


  5. Rachael O . . . it would seem that you are having a terrible day! If you do not think that following the Word of God, including His laws regarding chastity, adultery, etc. . . . why in Heavens name do you take the time to read this blog! Dr Eowyn takes her time and effort to bring various stories to our attention — and she is a “10.” You are very insulting to others, such as the inclusion of the map — I for one do not remember my geography as I once did, so I appreciated seeing where this particular bit of stupidity on the part of this elderly woman took place.If you do not like what is presented here, you should certainly go to your community library and check out books that cover those things that you are interested in, rather than get your panties in a bunch because someone is presenting information in a manner that is not appealing to you. Sweetheart, you just need to get real!

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  6. I am so grieved about such things, it is impossible to express how bad I feel about it.

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  7. horrible!
    I’m wondering with that scenario, did she really die during sex or before? It is possible that he went into her home with an infatuation for his neighbor because she was an “active” woman (hence no forced entry because they were neighbors and he helped her around her house) and suffocated her and then raped her and claimed it was consensual. What stands out to me the most was that she was laying on her bed with only her shirt on and in a position that is most convenient for him. “The great majority of known erotic asphyxial deaths are male. The mean age of accidental death is mid-20s, but deaths have been reported in adolescents and in men in their 70s.” She doesn’t fit the norm for erotic asphyxia but he sure does….maybe his perversion is watching the woman being asphyxiated, I guess there is no way of telling for sure, but it does seem rather odd to me (on so many levels).

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  8. What you said in your last line-me too.


  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post, which is an example of how low and evil our society has become. This is utterly and unequivocally, demonic.


  10. This is certainly one of the oddest of the “odd jobs” that he did for this novogenarian! lol


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