Europe’s “refugee” crisis is coming to America: 10,000 Syrians already here; Obama plans to bring in many times more

Thus far, the U.S. has been spared Europe’s “refugee” crisis because of accessibility — the “refugees” and “migrants” would have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get here.

But Obama won’t let that geographical obstacle stop him. He is planning to bring  in tens of thousands of refugees from just Syria, and who knows how many more from other Muslim countries.

The New York Times on Oct. 21, 2015 claimed that, since the Syrian civil war began 4 years ago — a war that Obama and the Western powers have inflamed and fomented by actively aiding the so-called “rebels” among whom are al-Qaeda and ISIS jihadists — “just 1,854 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the United States.” Those Syrians have been placed in 130 towns and cities (see map below).

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Syrian refugees in the U.S.

The NYT described those resettled Syrians as “among the most vulnerable people in the war: single mothers and their children; religious minorities; victims of violence or torture.” Although some were resettled in large cities like Houston, most were sent to more affordable, medium-size cities by the nine “voluntary agencies” that handle refugee resettlement. To illustrate, Boise, Idaho, has accepted more refugees than New York and Los Angeles combined; Worcester, Mass., has taken in more than Boston.

“Voluntary agencies” sound noble, but the term simply means non-profits, some of which are religious or faith-based organizations. According to the DHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement, the 9 non-profits that are paid by the government U.S. taxpayers to resettle “refugees” are:

  1. Church World Service (CWS)
  2. Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC)
  3. Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)
  4. Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
  5. International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  6. US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)
  7. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
  8. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
  9. World Relief Corporation (WR)

Note that at least 5 of the 9 are faith-based organizations — so much for religious groups’ tax-exempt status in exchange for their being apolitical. More than that, working hand-in-glove with the federal government in resettling “refugees” as well as illegal migrants is a lucrative business for churches and faith-based groups. (See “Collusion of Church & State in Invasion of Illegals: $182M to house ‘unaccompanied children’ for just 4 months”)

Recall that the New York Times on Oct. 21, 2015 claimed that “just” 1,854 Syrian refugees had been resettled in the U.S.

Less than a month later on November 15, Clash Daily reports that the first wave of Syrian “refugees” has arrived, flown to the U.S. by the International Organization for Migration, which will be reimbursed by the State Department for the airfare.

According to the French news wire Agence France-Presse, 10,000 Syrian “refugees” recently arrived in New Orleans and will be resettled in Louisiana and 180 other American communities where they will be “aided” within the first 30 to 90 days in settling and finding employment in the area. After approximately 90 days, refugees are no longer eligible for the State Department-funded support that they were receiving through migrant and refugee “voluntary agencies”. However, they will be eligible for “support programs” through the Department of Health and Human Services.

It is unclear how much the screening process for the 10,000 Syrian refugees will cost American taxpayers. Last year, the State Department spent $1.1 billion resettling people from around the world in the U.S., which comes to about $16,000 per person — a figure that does not include later “support programs” or welfare.

Those 10,000 Syrians are merely the first wave.

The New York Times reports that on Sept. 27, 2015, Secretary of State John Kerry said the Obama administration will increase the number of worldwide refugees the U.S. accepts each year to 100,000 by 2017, a significant increase over the current annual cap of 70,000. Kerry said the United States would explore ways to increase the overall limit of refugees beyond 100,000, while carrying out background checks to ensure that their numbers are not infiltrated by terrorists.

The advocacy group has been pressing the United States to take 100,000 Syrians next year, while complaining that even “this minimal increase for next year is certainly not a strong response to the largest refugee crisis since World War II.”

Under the new plan announced by Kerry, the limit on annual refugee visas would be increased to 85,000 in 2016. The cap would then rise to 100,000 the following year. 

Sean Hannity is being derided for falling for a parody site’s claim that Obama plans to bring 250,000 Syrian refugees to America. But if you add the 11,854 Syrians already here to the 85,000 (for 2016) and the 100,000 (for 2017), you get a total of 196,854 Syrian refugees brought into the United States in the next two years, which is not that different from the 250,000 figure.

We don’t know nor will we be told how many of those tens of thousands of Syrian refugees are Muslims, instead of Christians.

Syrians are only a portion of the “refugee” crisis. Thus far, about four million Syrians have fled to other countries; hundreds of thousands of others from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia have been pouring into Europe.

The three largest groups of refugees admitted to the U.S. last year were from Iraq, Somalia and Bhutan. Syrians were at the bottom of the list of nationalities. If 197,000 Syrians will be resettled in the U.S. by 2017, we can imagine what the total number of “refugees” coming to America will be.

In the meantime, America’s national debt continues to escalate to an official figure of $20 trillion (and an unofficial estimate of many times that).

See also:


America’s state governors are beginning to say “No” to Obama’s refugee plans.

3 days after ISIS’s terrorist attacks in Paris, 13 U.S. state governors are refusing letting Syrian “refugees” resettle in their states. The states, in the order of stating their refusal, are North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, Alabama. (Source: AP via Daily Mail).

Update (Nov. 17)

The number of refuseniks is now 25. It is noteworthy that 22 refusenik state governors are Republicans. (Breitbart)



21 responses to “Europe’s “refugee” crisis is coming to America: 10,000 Syrians already here; Obama plans to bring in many times more

  1. Hey, let’s bomb all we can, a country that we haven’t been able to dominate (Syria), cause their population to leave. Have thousands of more pretend to also be from Syria, spread them (muslims) around to Christian countries where there will be cultural clashes, give them some money for a while but then let them fight the poor already in the USA for the low-skilled jobs, and if we can stir in some false flags between Christians and muslims, maybe we can incite rioting so we can declare Martial Law? Yeah, sounds good to me (not, but it does to a person who wants to destroy the USA and modern civilization such as o’bama).

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  2. We are in for very big trouble…please people, always be aware of your surroundings…observant, and please, if you have concealed carry, make sure you do carry…things are about to change drastically for American citizens. Bad enough we had 10,000 murders per year by illegal aliens according to FBI stats, now that number will rise exponentially. God help us because our Congress criminals sure won’t.

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  3. If all this really happens I think we’ll see the US becoming also far less Jewish (and it is actually only a small number of Jews in the US now, they are just overrepresented by the media and in certain professions). As liberal Jews have intermarried and assimilated at an extremely rapid rate, there will be few Jews left. The religious Jews, if given these future conditions, may have to make aliyah to Israel as Jews in Europe have done.

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  4. I just read online news that the governors of Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan and I think possibly two other states have banned taking in Syrian immigrants. I agree, we are in for a whirlwind. The very best thing each of us can do to prepare . . . stay close to the Lord, and seek His guidance.

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  5. The people in this country had better wake up and organize. I know they won’t.

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  6. Lock and load

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  7. The refugees are already here. I live on the Gulf Coast about 60 miles from New Orleans. Around the 3rd of Nov we were told that Syrian refugees were coming into New Orleans. I called both of my senators’
    offices. They denied knowing anything about it, but did admit that there were plans to bring them to Mississippi. I let it be known to them that I was opposed to this. I received a letter last week from Sen. Roger Wicker, who disagreed with me. He said that accepting the refugees was the humane thing to do. There are rumors now that the refugees are already in Biloxi. Catholic Social Services in Biloxi has denied any knowledge of this, but this doesn’t mean they are not there. Now we are being told that the State Department says that the Governors cannot legally keep them out of their states. Once they get refugee status they can legally move into any state they want to. It is reason for much concern because even the FBI says that it is impossible to screen these people because there are no data bases in Syrian and other counties. There is no way we can possibly know who they are. The Obama Administration could refuse to accept them but it has refused to do so. One presidential candidate proposed accepting only Christians, but Obama made a statement today that a person’s religion could not be used as a means of immigration. Kiss Mardi Gras goodbye. It will no longer be safe.

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    • I wonder if the ones that the Catholics are helping are Christians (yeah, there’s Christian Syrians) or muslims.


    • Oh my evh…thanks for the news from your area! This means that it has all been “in the works” for quite a while now if they are already on your doorstep! I had no idea!

      To those who would say that we are “Islamaphobic” b/c we would shrink from having the “open borders” that we effectivelly have now with this Obama administratioin…..and that we are “Islamaphobic” b/c we fear the release of “Gitmo” prisoners will bring death and carnage to us once again in the future….and we are Islamaphobic b/c we fear thousands of undocumented, un-investigated radicals entering our borders as they travel amongst the innocents……I say…….So sorry, to enter this country you have to pass all the benchmarks set by our laws….and if I’ve hurt your feelings….in 20 years…if I am still alive and untouched (as well as my loved ones—untouched, too) by an Islamic terrorists….I will apologize profusely for my suspicious misgivings between the years of 2001—-2000-whatever.

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  8. New Hampshire has taken in almost 1000 immigrants, with most settling in the small cities of Manchester and Concord. Some have arrived from places like Slovakia, Brazil, and Bhutan and have integrated very well into the economic, social, and business life of New Hampshire. But then there are the hundreds of Somalis and muslims who have become parasites and criminals, soaking up way more than their share of money and “free” (to them) goods and services and bringing in dozens of their parasitic relations. In addition, they cause a hugely disproportionate amount of serious crime such as thefts, arson, beatings, and murder. It’s time they “immigrate” back to their home countries with or without our help.

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  9. Notice carefully how the concentration of imported Jihadists is centered around major cities.


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  10. President Zero has spent the last seven years trying to avoid the world as it is. If he cannot rise to the challenge of leadership in this historic crisis, then, for the good of humanity, he should resign. Congress should have impeached him a long time ago.

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  11. In the article, and in various posts on FaceBook, and the Internet I have read that 10K Invaders arrived in New Orleans last Friday, Nov 13.
    This has not been reported on anywhere in the MSM, nor widely disseminated…nor are there any follow up stories.
    That’s a lot of people to disappear.
    I have heard Jindal say he does not want any to arrive in LA, but nothing about 10K having already arrived….
    “According to the French news wire Agence France-Presse, 10,000 Syrian “refugees” recently arrived in New Orleans and will be resettled in Louisiana and 180 other American communities where they will be “aided” within the first 30 to 90 days in settling and finding employment in the area. After approximately 90 days, refugees are no longer eligible for the State Department-funded support that they were receiving through migrant and refugee “voluntary agencies”. However, they will be eligible for “support programs” through the Department of Health and Human Services.”
    Has this already happened, or not?
    I cannot seem to verify this news.
    Thank you in advance for any response.


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  13. Since President want-to-be Muslim Obama desires these misfits so bad.Let him take this trash and garbage into his private living quarters at what was once called the White House.Since he seems to desire them so much he should feel right at home in the surroundings.You go Muslim Obama!And when you finally leave Washington for the last time,THANK GOD,you can take them home with you and play will the terrorist blow up my house.But because you are Muslim and trust them with your life and the lives of your family,no they would never do that to you would they sucker?


  14. The genocide of the white American ( and European), which will serve the dark powers to have even more wealth and power under a totalitarian agenda – one world government. When are members of the public going to man up and start taking legal action against these traitorous politicians, prime ministers and presidents? They need to be imprisoned. Just because they have power, does not make them exempt from punishment. The people have power too, if they aren’t demoralized.


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