European migrant crisis cost British business £660million last year as vital trade routes ground to a halt 

You wonder what it will take for residents to say enough of this invasion. Daily Mail: The European migrant crisis cost British businesses £660million in the last year after the huge influx of people ground vital trade routes to a halt, a report has found.

Lorry loads of vital cargo such as food and medical supplies had to be destroyed after desperate migrants climbed on board vehicles seeking a way into Britain.

Delays caused by border closures across Europe as countries struggled to deal with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants had a crippling effect on deliveries.

Experts warned that the huge cost of the crisis was leading to an increase in the cost of goods and said the problems could lead to an increase in the cost of living if not addressed.

The report, compiled by the British Standards institution (BSI), also warned that the continued flow of migrants will have a more severe effect on the British economy in coming years.

It found that delays at the Channel Tunnel in Calais due to strikes and attempts by migrants to cross enter Britain cost British cargo shippers £800,000 every day.

In another case, a shipment of pharmaceuticals worth nearly £2.6million had to be destroyed after a group of migrants ‘contaminated’ the shipment.

The report blamed border closures in countries such as Germany, Slovakia and Hungary for slowing the movement of goods across Europe and causing businesses to meet delivery deadlines.

The scale of the migrants crisis has left many European countries struggling to cope with the influx of people and the effect on trade.

France announced last week that it was to bring back passport checks on all its borders with the European Union.

Officials said the move was necessary to keep order as it hosts the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change from the end of the month. It follows moves by other countries in the EU’s border-free Schengen Zone, including Germany, to reintroduce checks during the crisis.

BSI’s Jim Yarbrough said: ‘More so than any other economic bloc, Europe relies upon free trade. ‘Every shipment delayed, contaminated or destroyed, raises the cost to the end-consumer.

‘For exports this hurts competitiveness, undermines productivity and risks jobs; for imports it raises the cost of living for each and every citizen.’


16 responses to “European migrant crisis cost British business £660million last year as vital trade routes ground to a halt 

  1. I am beginning to wonder if EU elites have gone insane.

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    • I doubt it. The blurring of language/cultures/borders and pandering national sovereignty to the New World Order has been in the offing ever since Adam Weishaupt first proposed it in 1776. The movement is no longer underground because the Elites now see it as a fait accompli.

      “Some believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” -David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 2003

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  2. And to think – these are just some of the obvious unintended consequences. Many more will surface once the crime rate statistics and the relative loss of business is calculated.

    When they go down, where will the tax revenue, needed to pamper these reptiles, come from? How far are these governments willing to push the “responsible citizenry” to extort the millions/billions needed to house, feed and school these barbarians?

    I liken this situation to taking in a feral cat. Oh, sure, it’s cute and needs the chance to live a life free from want. Or so your charitable heart tells you…

    But when the curtains are found on the floor, your window screens shredded, your favorite fireplace mantle memorobelia is laid waste, the flea bites every household member is sustaining, the crap piles under your bed or in your closet, your other pets come down with some unknown ailment or suffer injuries from brawls with this uncivilized creature, your kids wind up with ringworm or cat-scratch fever or even worse – blood poisoning from a bite sustained in trying to coral the beast – now what?

    And who’s going to pay for the vet bills that your other pets will, undoubtedly, accrue? What will you and your family have to sacrifice just to keep this miscreant creature in good health? What about those unintended doctor bills for the injuries your family sustains from merely trying to comfort the “little darling”?? Were they planned for?

    Over time, is that “cat” all that cute anymore? What have you subjected your once-peaceful home and happy family to? Are the arguments about to start over your “need” to satisfy some lofty humanitarian goal?

    All this for a feral cat you knew nothing about except that it was cute and you were trying to do the “right thing”??? I say NUTS!

    Have I made my point or am I pissing in the wind?


    • You are not pissin’ in the wind! The devastation that will be heaped upon individuals in their own countries will be untold. We all remember the Somali pirates that were seizing freighters; some freight companies resorted to having “armed guards” insure the safe passage of their ships–I for one would not be opposed to machine guns mounted on these high value necessary shipments, along with accompanying guards to insure safe passage and delivery. What is really disturbing is that there are estimates that 80% of these “down-trodden immigrants” are military age Muslim men. Just wait until the full ramifications of the ignorance of the leaders from Germany, Sweden, France who have chosen to allow these hoards to enter their lands and supplant the very people who voted them into office. At some point the s _ _ t is going to hit the fan.


      • I think the ‘consequences’ of unchecked immigration are entirely intended. We must understand that our “free” world today is ruled not by national political parties but by the party of Royalty with a European mindset and a Globalist agenda. The morphing from a representative government system into one of elite royalty did not happen overnight, but incrementally and under the proverbial radar of a deliberately distracted public.

        ‘The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.’ -Thomas Jefferson


        • The British royals want their colonies returned, and the United States is a major part of that goal. It is part of the Rhodes Scholar plan, and every scheme that is thought of may be attempted.


      • “At some point the s _ _ t is going to hit the fan.”

        And when it does, millions will die. There will be no place to hide nor anyone spared the grief of battle. In this country, the Civil war will compare to a bar room brawl when the history books are finally written.


    • Here’s some MINOR details about un-regulated “immigration.”

      Dear Hadenough—-a decade ago, I had for fully 1/2-day in my classroom all year (3 periods a day) a child who had spent summers in a rural Mexican village with her grandmother (very common here in So CA–in fact….they take extended “vacations,” often leaving a week or 2 before any significant public school break…and not returning for up to a month or more AFTER the “break” is over—and THEN….they stand in front of me and say, “My mother says you have to “give me” all my back work to make up…” ) and came back in the fall to school here in the USA…testing positive for ACTIVE tuberculosis. My school district DID NOT ALLOW ME TO BE NOTIFED of this until the END of the school year, when she was moving on and would no longer be my student. This child had more medical privacy “Rights” and protections than me OR MY FAMILY—NEIGHBORS—-Church affiliates…anyone with whom I MIGHT be in contact with through the school year….

      I was “OK” and continue to test “negative” for tuberculosis….for which my school district demands as a condition of my employment that I submit a “negative” test every 2 years. But my neighbor, and 30-year colleague in the school district, a kindergarten teacher, tests “positive” every year b/c she has been positively exposed to the tuberculosis pathogen and has developed her own antibodies. Her job every year depends upon a clear chest x-ray.

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      • This isn’t a surprise. O’dirtbag is using our benevolence to destroy us. Keep safe. It’s nice to be “nice” but when doing so endangers yourself, your family and your existence, what good is being “nice”?
        While I don’t like saying this, it’s time for Americans to turn a cold heart toward those who would have us dead, intentionally or not, and send them back to whence they came.
        Stay safe, my friend. There’s only one of you – remember that!

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  3. After our Supreme Court’s creation of the humanoid corporation, a great hybridization accomplishment, action must be taken to prevent suffering of that entity. Much gratitude from the simple human beings is due.


  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Based on hospital experience, if only as a patient and often unconscious, or as a visitor, I must conclude that elites suffer/enjoy their condition from a lust for power over others that has led to a psychopathic condition of medical mortification. Emergency restoration of frontal lobes required.


  5. The other thing not mentioned here is the fact that so many European countries get their revenue from tourism. I’m thinking that not too many folks are going to be interested in spending thousands of dollars on a trip to there when the Europe we all knew is gone, and all there is to see are Muslims with the filth they leave behind and the crimes they commit.
    Sadly there has not yet been the tipping point against all of this in Europe coming from it’s own people who must wake up from the Marxist conditioning if they are to survive.
    A friend met a couple young German men hiking this last weekend and they told her that the immigration to Germany et all Euro countries was a good thing. When they finally fully wake up to the horror their overlords have perpetrated on them it will be too late. Poor Germans are still frozen with collective guilt inculcated into them since birth. And it’s hard for them to get the word out as to what is going on right underneath their noses with the former East German communist Stasi now in charge on monitoring Facebook chat.


    • Yes, I know. It’s a shame. I lived and worked for ten years in Germany and traveled the length and breadth of the Continent like a native (even got on the wrong train once in Berlin, ending up on “the other side” of the Iron Curtain, which was scary at first but turned out to be no big deal, either for them or for me) — but those days are long gone now. They were happy times. If I move overseas again it will be to SE Asia, for a host of reasons.


  6. ‘The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles.’ -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


  7. If anyone left in Europe, after seeing these invaders, push, shove, bully, intimindate to receive free services and see all the litter and filth and diseases being brought in and still believe these savages have every intention to assimilate have more problems than we can help them with.
    They will not fit in, but will kill and destroy, rape and plunder and still some have a blind eye to what already has happened.
    They will never admit to the horror, but some will blame themselves for not doing enough or doing it correctly.
    By accepting the invaders, they are killing a large part of their industry in tourism, we have no desire to be a part of it.


    • Ditto the U.S. Many who visit never return, having written us off as the world’s largest Third World country. It’s not that the streets aren’t paved with gold; it’s that we didn’t measure up to expectations. Must’ve seen too many Hollywood movies from the 1940’s and 1950’s, when the country was prosperous; people didn’t dress like bums; and actually ‘spoke softly and carried a big stick.’

      Not anymore.


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