How America got that way…




By justice a king gives a country stability,
but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down.
– Proverbs 29:4

So, all you presidential hopefuls, the choice is yours. Are you going to be honest, or are you going to take the money?

So, all you presidential hopefuls, the choice is yours. Are you going to be honest, or are you going to take the money?

12 responses to “How America got that way…

  1. A fish rots from the head down.

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  2. Why Trump and Ben Carson are doing so well this year… they’re not politicians.

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  3. Muslim states donated at least $20 million. Many good questions can be asked.

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    • Yes indeed. With this sell-out, would (God forbid) President Clinton issue stand-down orders to first responders in the event of an ISIS attack in one of our cities?


  4. Follow the money. They are not giving it to the witch for the hell of it . And we all know it can’t be for her pleasing personality or her dedication to the down trodden . They are hoping she will be just another tool of the ” bankers ” , which we all know that she is . She is the ultimate p.o.s.

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  5. We are living in what Lyndon Larouche calls a “Zeusian System.” Yes, we have the bolder tied around our necks and are sentenced to roll it uphill forever. We are all Sisyphus!
    It is a CORPORATE FASCISM, in which the corporations own the politicians. Corporations’ lawyers actually write the legislation and dictate official policy. This has not just popped up with Obama’s and Hillary’s “crony capitalism,” No Sir: This began in earnest during the Reagan Years and started to accelerate under George W. Bush.
    We are living under an OLIGARCHY driven by debt. The system is about to implode, and the Ruling Elite know this. Therefore, they are getting ready by consolidating their power while they prepare a FIEFDOM OF SLAVERY for us. When it all goes down, they will live in their armored redoubts. It’s NOT “capitalism”: It is a Corporate Fascism run by and for an Oligarchy.

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  6. Agree with it all. Many basic Christian principles were ignored during Reagan years. He mocked the poor, greed became a virtue, our national debt skyrocketed, Carter’s plan for Iran was thwarted through backchannels, arms were given for hostages, a Marine barracks was bombed with great loss of life… He did support some Christian values to be sure, but remember that it was through him that the media, mainly radio and television, accepted once-forbidden obscenities for the sake of freedom/profit.
    He was used by the Rockefeller/Bush group for their purposes, and industry began its departure with imports of foreign goods, including agricultural products. And I don’t agree that if you have seen one redwood tree, you have seen them all.
    Unfortunately, Mammon became accepted. True, there were some admirable traits of his, but he was like everyone else, a mix of good and evil.


    • Right you are, Marble, and ALL politics in America is a Rockefeller Franchise. The Bush Cabal are their deputies, as it were, and Reagan, regrettably, is about the best we can hope for.
      Donald Trump, you’re no Ronald Reagan.

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  7. We have been taught that the Love of Money is the root of all Evil.
    I guess the perfect example would be an earlier column here of who got paid what to vote for Obamatrade. Some sold their souls at the cost of the country they were elected to protect.
    I hope they find it all worth it and what they are leaving their children.


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