The truth about Ahmed, the Muslim “clock boy”

Please see the latest outrage from Ahmed: “Muslim ‘clock boy’ wants $15M for ‘permanently scarring’ his reputation

On September 14, 2015, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas for bringing an alleged hoax bomb to school. News of the arrest rapidly went viral, resulting in allegations of racial profiling and Islamophobia.

As recounted by Wikipedia, Mohamed had reconstructed an electronic clock in a pencil box and brought it to school to show his teachers. His English teacher thought the clock resembled a bomb, confiscated it and reported the boy to the school’s principal. Local law enforcement was called and Mohamed was questioned by police for an hour and a half. After being taken into custody, handcuffed, and transported to a juvenile detention facility, he was fingerprinted and his photograph was taken. He was then released to his parents. The case was not pursued further by juvenile justice authorities, but Mohamed was suspended from school for three days.

After Obama, other politicians, activists, technology company executives, and media personalities remarked on the incident, Mohamed was invited to the White House and a number of high-profile events related to encouraging youth interest in science and technology. After the incident, the family decided to move to Qatar, accepting a scholarship offered to Mohamed by the Qatar Foundation.

Ahmed Mohamed clock boy

Here is the truth about Ahmed, the Muslim clock boy, from an article, “Clock and Bull Story,” by author William Kilpatrick in Crisis Magazine, Oct. 26, 2015. Kilpatrick demonstrates that the national media, once again, can’t be bothered with finding out and reporting the truth.

You’ve no doubt heard about the “clock boy”—the 14-year-old Muslim student who brought a self-made clock to school to show to his teachers and was then detained by police on the suspicion that the clock might be a bomb.

The media pounced on the story as a classic case of Islamophobia, the president complimented Ahmed Mohamed on his “cool clock” and invited him to the White House, and just about everyone agreed that the young bespectacled clock maker was a boy genius. Offers of scholarship money poured in from giant social media companies, and the Cambridge Public Library, which might have been expected to show more prudence (it stands next to Cambridge Rindge and Latin—the school attended by the Boston Marathon bombers), hosted a “Stand with Ahmed and Build Your Own Clock Day.”

And then the clock narrative began to unwind. It turns out that Ahmed didn’t make the clock, but had merely taken out the innards of a Radio Shack digital clock and installed it in a cigar box. What’s more, it appears that the boy was not as innocent as portrayed. The first teacher he showed it to told him to put it in his locker and not show it around. Nevertheless, Ahmed continued to show it around until he found a teacher who reacted with the apparently desired response.

When the Irving, Texas police showed up, they found the boy to be uncooperative, and, seeing that a few months previously, two jihadists had attempted to machine-gun an art exhibition in nearby Garland, they thought it prudent to detain Ahmed until they were sure of the situation.

The case that the teen was deliberately trying to provoke a confrontation was strengthened as more was learned about his family. His older sister, Eyman, was once suspended from her school for threatening to blow it up. His uncle runs a trucking company called Twin Towers Transportation. And his father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, is a publicity hungry activist who calls himself a sheik, wears flowing white robes, and is a 9/11 Truther. The elder Mohamed routinely returns to Sudan to run as a presidential candidate, and he once debated Pastor Terry Jones of Koran-burning fame.

In one of his posts (in Arabic), Ahmed’s father rails against Islamophobia and says that “Muslims … must exploit every opportunity to reveal the truth of Islam.” He has certainly done that. With the help of his lawyers, publicists from CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), and considerable assist from the media, Mr. Mohamed has parlayed the incident into a whirlwind global publicity campaign. In recent months this has included an appearance for his son on the Dr. Oz show, a photo-op with the Queen of Jordan at the UN, and a world tour for the family. The tour took the family to Mecca and to meetings with various world leaders, including the genocidal president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. To top it all off, the media’s favorite all-American family then decided to relocate to Qatar in response to an offer from the Qatar Foundation for Ahmed to study at its Young Innovators Program.

“Muslims … must exploit every opportunity to reveal the truth of Islam”? In retrospect, it looks like Mr. Mohamed not only “exploits” opportunities, but also does his best to create them. The whole incident seems to be a pre-planned family plot intended to reinforce the Islamophobia narrative and gain some publicity for the family in the bargain.

Instead of a classic case of Islamophobia, the clock boy affair might better be seen as a classic case of stealth jihad. It’s reminiscent of the “flying imams” incident several years back in which a group of six imams praying loudly in Arabic and otherwise behaving in unusual ways scared the daylights out of fellow passengers on a flight to Phoenix. After being ejected from the plane prior to take off, the imams turned around and sued not only the airline and the police, but also passengers who had reported their suspicious behavior to the flight crew. Eventually U.S. Airways and the imams settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Fearful that the incident would have a chilling effect on airport security, Congress passed a law to give immunity to citizens who report suspicious behavior.

Will the Ahmed affair have a similar chilling effect? Will teachers be more likely to look the other way when Muslim students act suspiciously? We are continually reminded that if we see something we should say something. But what if the penalty for seeing and saying is to be held up for ridicule by everyone from the press to the president? By instantly granting celebrity status to the Muslim community’s young Tom Edison, the social elites were implying that the teachers and police back in Irving were just paranoid rednecks. In fact, Ahmed himself said something to that effect. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, he stated that he was detained “because I’m a Muslim.” “There is a lot of stereotypes [sic] for people who are foreigners and [when] they have Muslim names … no, this would not have happened to any of my classmates.”

As a reward for his battle against Islamophobia, CAIR presented Ahmed with the American Muslim of the Year Award at its 21st annual “Champions for Justice” banquet. By sheer coincidence, the ubiquitous CAIR was the group that provided legal counsel for the flying imams in their successful action against U.S. Airways. CAIR, which bills itself as a civil rights group, is considered by some to be the premier stealth jihad organization in the U.S. It has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, and in a 2008 court decision it was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in a large-scale terrorist funding operation. And, although CAIR is considered by the U.S. government to be a model of moderation, the government of the United Arab Emirates includes it on its list of worldwide terrorist organizations.

But, to employ the obvious pun, who cares about all that when CAIR features photogenic “Champions of Justice” at its annual banquet and when the media treats it as though it were a branch of the Red Cross? The most disturbing aspect of the clock boy affair is not its apparently duplicitous nature, but the willingness of establishment institutions to sign up for the campaign against Islamophobia.

It’s to be expected that CAIR will put a happy face on all things Islamic. As the Geico commercial says, “that’s what they do.” But why the social and political elites continued to lend a hand even after the clock story had unwound is harder to fathom. What they are celebrating is a process by which Americans are made to feel ashamed for raising security concerns. […]

9/11 woke up America, but since then many Americans have fallen into a semi-comatose state, knocked slap-happy by repeated politically correct blows to the head. Thanks in part to the PR work of groups like CAIR and their boosters in media and government, a sizable number of citizens have gone back to sleep. The digital clock that Ahmed Mohamed brought to school was fully intact except for its casing. The clock-and-bull story manufactured by the social elites is also carefully put together—except for one detail. Someone removed the alarm.


23 responses to “The truth about Ahmed, the Muslim “clock boy”

  1. Thank you for detailing this out, Dr. Eowyn. It really does come down to deliberate conditioning, and stealth jihad.

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  2. Moving the innards of a digital clock from its plastic case to a large pencil box leaves room to add sticks of dynamite at some time in the not too distant future. Was this really just an innocent gesture?

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  3. Glad you’ve gotten this out. I had already ferreted this out, but the Lame-stream Dem super-pac media will not tell the truth.

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  4. This incident was a total setup. And “Clockmed” is now moving to Qatar. DLTDHYAOTWO.

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  5. ALERT THE MEDIA! What, they already know and not only don’t care, but are instead behind all these realities of conspiracy?

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    To whom it may concern, i. e., all with Judeo-Christian values and love for our nation.

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  7. Personally, I’ve not cared much about the “incident”, but part of the reason it has such traction is because there is a paranoia about mulsim folk going around, lest we forget the same media currently pandering to this goal is the same one that caused the whole issue to begin with, due to all the fear mongering etc. they have caused the problem, they’re controlling the reaction, and they’re going to propose a solution that is engineered to benefit the devil’s schemes.

    Whether or not the kid is from a trollish family and may himself be such a troll, the incident was only able to be accomplished because the satanist media and it’s backers and shills created a “problem” in the first place. Note how it also helps reinforce the international image of americans as intolerant witch-hunting paranoid schizophrenics, besides feeding the overall image of muslims as bomb wielding savages. Both of which pander to dividing and conquering strategies and serve several agendas at the same time.

    What better way to cut off muslims from hearing the Truth about Christ than by making certain as many Christians as possible across the board refuse to even be in the same room with them by getting the Christians to believe they’re auto-terrorists? What better way to keep muslims in the mindset that their religion is right than by providing them with persecution? And of course, what better way to make sure american Christians aren’t taken seriously in other countries than by making sure americans are perceived in other countries as backward paranoid bumbling idiots? After all ain other countries the U.S. is still thought of as (if only nominally) Christian, thereby sullying that reputation by proxy as well.

    With “clock boy” we see all of these factors being played into and exploited. it keeps the muslims charging ahead because they think persecution equals correctness (something the jehovahs witness cult also panders to.) it keeps Christians from trying to get muslims out of islam, it is used to defame Christians as paranoid bigots, and of course to also test how well the media machine can condition the sum of the U.S. population. These are just some of the things going on behind the scenes in this, I suspect.

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  8. Wonderful comments have already been made. What floors me is this comment taken from the article — “And, although CAIR is considered by the U.S. government to be a model of moderation, the government of the United Arab Emirates includes it on its list of worldwide terrorist organizations.” Now ain’t this grand, We consider CAIR with warm fuzzy feelings and another Arab country, the United Arab Emirates consider them terrorist. Don’t you think another Arab country could tell a terrorist organization. Oh I forgot our muzzie prez would support the muslime terrorist. Silly me.

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    • In 2007, CAIR was named by U.S. Federal prosecutors in a list of unindicted co-conspirators in a Hamas funding case involving the Holy Land Foundation. Hamas, of course, is a terrorist group.


  9. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

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  10. ‘We’re living in an age where what you say and its relation with the facts is completely irrelevant.’ -Charles Krauthammer, November 2015

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  11. I for one am happy that clock boy and his family are leaving the US. I hope never to return. It would seem that every individual in the family is problematic. The saddest of all things is that other young people who actually have accomplished a feat of some consequence are left out in the dark–the President does not call them, they don’t go to the White House, all these Fortune 500 companies do not have them visit their headquarters. Their efforts which may well be far superior to what clock boy did, go unrecognized. It is only because everyone wants to strive to be so PC that they bend over backwards to pander to someone who happens to be a Muslim. This really isn’t good for anyone; clock boy gets the idea that he is a remarkable young man, other young people who may be far more gifted come away feeling like their efforts are worthless, and the rest of us just sit around scratching our heads wondering why people in high positions are acting so stupid! Great post!

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  12. Love the continuation and clarification of just who and what clock boy is.
    Your last paragraph was so profound. The people are in a coma like state amazes me. We know who they are, what they want. We know they have no plans to become American or assimilate into our society. They have pushed, shoved, demanded, extorted, bullied their way into taking over. And we hear nothing but crickets. In fact, we give them all the room they want.
    Same for Sweden and Germany, now look at the demise of those countries.
    In fact, so many are in denial and bend over backwards to ignore those that have common sense and a gut feeling, this is not going to end well.
    I heard Michelle Bachman loud and clear a few years ago and saw how she was abused.
    We have documented case after case of abuse from these groups and are witnessing CAIR inside our White House and see nothing being done.
    We have seen case after case of events on planes and those witnessing them are chastised. Annie Jacobsen of Women’s Wall Street witnessed such action on a plane a few years back and wrote a series on them and was basically blown off. The same treatment for actor James Woods.
    We have citizens bending over backwards to give these people a road into taking our country from us. So many want to be PC so badly, I guess they didn’t read our column on what PC really means.

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    Hmm. Interesting.

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  14. Many people, at least here in New York, are in a “comatose state.” WHY? Regardless of their political views, people are too busy working and taking care of their business. They get home and they’re tired. They’re unaware of alternative media.
    As a cab driver, I’ve told thousands of people over the years about Alex Jones, Mike Adams the Health Ranger, Henry Makow, et al. I’d say maybe about five out of every hundred didn’t know any of these alternative news sources (or played dumb), and about half of them sounded like they didn’t want to hear it. Once in a while, someone would bring up 9/11 or chemtrails. Passengers like that were somewhat receptive. But I think people just don’t want to be lectured.
    A good number of people I’ve picked up are sick and tired of Obama, yet they are still reluctant to hear it. Alex Jones says some people are waking up. I guess it’s not enough. I think many people here in New York feel that the entire situation is hopeless. Everyone seems to be beaten down.
    Hopefully Clock Boy and Co. won’t be back.

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  15. There is a lot of info out there that this is exactly the same type of “clock” that has been used to blow up places before. The Dad evidently thought this would bring some kind of lawsuit….for profit. But instead, they milked it for the publicity and surely made tons of money in the process.
    Here is one I liked:
    I refer back again to this YouTube video interview with Ahmed. He explains that he closed up the box with a piece of cord because he didn’t want it to look suspicious [1:26]. I’m curious, why would “looking suspicious” have even crossed his mind before this whole event unfolded, if he was truly showing off a hobby project, something so innocuous as an alarm clock. Why did he choose a pencil box, one that looks like a miniature briefcase no less, as an enclosure for a clock? It’s awful hard to see the clock with the case closed. On the other hand, with the case open, it’s awful dangerous to have an exposed power transformer sitting near the snooze button (unless, perhaps his invention was to stop serial-snooze-button pressers by giving them a dangerous electrical shock!)

    Why indeed. Admittance of forethought?

    Much more here on reverse engineering his “clock”

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