Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza’s strange Dec. 13 date-of-death just won’t go away

In a post on June 5, 2014, C. W. Wade of announced that the website and that of Lenny Pozner (father of alleged child victim Noah Pozner),, were releasing the death certificate of Adam Lanza, the alleged mass murderer of 20 first-graders and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut.

Below is the image of Adam Lanza’s death certificate, dated 1/3/2013. I circled in red the 12/14/2012 date of death and the peculiar skewed signature of Newtown town clerk Debbie Aurelia (why is her signature sprawled out of the box?).

↓click image to enlarge↓

Adam Lanza death certificate

Aurelia had refused Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from media and other sources seeking copies of the death certificates of Lanza and his victims, although death certificates are considered vital public records and historically available for public scrutiny. Aurelia justified her denial on the grounds of preventing identity theft and protecting the privacy of the deceased and their families.

On June 18, 2013, the death certificates were released in a belated response to a Freedom of Information request filed by The New York Post

The Post explains that the State of Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission “sided with The Post, maintaining the documents were public record.” In spite of efforts by Aurelia and the state legislature to pass bills to block the release of the death certificates, the bills “never made it to a vote in the Legislature, paving the way for the release of the documents.” (One bill was passed, banning the release of photos and videos of murder victims.)

But neither The Post nor other newspapers that reported on the release published any of the death certificates, not one. Thus far, only two certificates have been published:

  1. That of Noah Pozner, released by his father Lenny, and published by C. W. Wade on on May 12, 2013.
  2. Adam Lanza’s death certificate, also published on

In other words, the public have not seen the remaining 26 death certificates — those of Nancy Lanza and the 19 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

C. W. Wade claimed that since Lanza’s death certificate lists his date of death as December 14, 2012, and was certified by Aurelia, who filed the certificate on January 3, 2013, this refutes the “gimmick” of  “the hoaxer community” (Sandy Hook skeptics) who claimed there is a discrepancy because the Social Security Death Index had listed Lanza as having died on December 13, 2012.

What Wade derisively calls a “gimmick” of “the hoaxer community” is no gimmick, nor is it something contrived by Sandy Hook skeptics. As I had reported in a post, on January 20, 2013, I went on and confirmed a net rumor that Adam Lanza’s Social Security Death Index was listed as December 13, 2012 — a day before the massacre. Here’s a screenshot I took of the SSDI record on, as proof in case the site scrubs the page.

↓click image to enlarge↓

Adam Lanza died 12-13-2012

Note that:

  • I took the screenshot at 2:29 pm, 1/20/2013 (see bottom right of image).
  • SSDI says “Confirmation” is “Proven.”

The information of Lanza’s strange 12/13/2012 SSDI went viral.

13 days later, on Feb. 2, 2013, I discovered that had changed Adam Lanza’s SSDI to December 14, 2012. (See “SSDI changed Adam Lanza’s date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012 !!!.”)

However, another genealogy website,, was slower on the take and still had Lanza’s SSDI as Dec. 13, 2012, days after had made the change to Dec. 14. (See “ still has Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as a day before the Sandy Hook massacre”)

Despite Adam Lanza’s 12/14/2012 death date on his alleged death certificate, the matter is not settled.

John Greenewald, Jr., of the website The Black Vault, obtained a Statement of Death by the Funeral Director for Adam Lanza, which shows his date-of-death as Dec. 13, 2012. Greenewald explains:

As part of the research effort, The Black Vault filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all documents relating to Adam P. Lanza, his death, and the social security record. Almost two months later, a response was received.

The Social Security Administration sent Greenewald two pages, both statements of death for Lanza by the funeral director.

The first, dated 1/15/13, showed Adam P. Lanza’s death occurred on 12/13/12; the day prior to the shooting.The second document, dated 1/24/13, showed Lanza’s death as 12/14/12, with a handwritten statement at the top, “Amended 1/24/13” and the initials “SMO.”

Below are:

  • A letter to Greenewald from Social Security Administration’s FOI officer, Dawn S. Wiggins, dated March 18, 2013 — 3 months before the New York Post received the death certificates of Adam Lanza and his victims.
  • A Statement of Death by Funeral Director for Adam Lanza, dated 1/15/2013, showing Lanza’s date of death as 12/13/2012. The funeral director is listed as Suzanne M. Ouellette of Brookside Chapel and Funeral Home, 116 Main St., Plaistow, NH 03865. (Brookside’s “About Us” web page, however, says its funeral director is Mr.  Francis J. Berube, Jr.  Suzanne Ouellette is identified on LinkedIn as a secretary at Brookside.)
  • An amended Statement of Death by Funeral Director for Adam Lanza, dated 1/24/2013, with Lanza’s date of death changed to 12/14/2012. This document was also signed by Ouellette.

You can also view the documents for yourself here.

reponse to Greenewald FOI requestAdam Lanza Statement of Death by Funeral Director1Adam Lanza Statement of Death by Funeral Director2

From the beginning, nothing about Sandy Hook is transparent or straight-forward. Instead, everything about this alleged massacre has been complicated, convoluted, secretive and shadowy.

So, which document should we believe? —

  1. The original Statement of Death by Funeral Director for Adam Lanza, dated January 15, 2013, which listed Lanza’s date of death as Dec. 13, 2012, or
  2. Adam Lanza’s death certificate, signed by town clerk Debbie Aurelia on January 3, 2013 — with her signature sprawling out of the box (who signs an official document like that?) — which lists Lanza’s date of death as Dec. 14, 2012.

What do you think?

For the links to all the posts FOTM has published on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


A reader Auntie Lulu asked a very good question about whether Debbie Aurelia’s home also was acquired for $0, with a sale date of December 25, 2009 when all government offices were closed, like the homes of Sandy Hook victims and those of the town’s three selectmen and non-victims Gene Rosen, the Phelps, and the Wasiks who made themselves readily available for TV interviews. (See “The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes” and “Sandy Hook: The girl who doesn’t exist and her parents’ $0 home”).

So I found Aurelia’s address and looked it up on Vision Government Solutions, which says her home at 23 Cherry St., Sandy Hook, CT, are co-owned by William Halstead, Sr. & Debbie Aurelia Halstead. There are two sale dates:

  • 12/25/2009: no price listed
  • 10/02/2014: sale price $0

Here’s the screenshot I took of the Vision Government Solutions page. In the lower right corner are the date and time when I took the screenshot. I painted the red boxes and the red arrow.

↓Click image below to enlarge↓

Debbie Aurelia home at 23 Cherry St on Vision Govt Solutions


23 responses to “Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza’s strange Dec. 13 date-of-death just won’t go away

  1. Fabulous post! It would be interesting to find out if Ms Aurelia was also the benefactor of land and/or property for which she paid ” $ 0. ” As far as I am concerned, I tend to believe documents which were enacted closer to the actual date of occurrence, rather than farther away from the occurrence., particularly since the Social Security Dept says he died on the 13th. I certainly agree — what competent official signs any document in such a sloppy, haphazard manner?? None that I know of!

    Liked by 1 person

    • “It would be interesting to find out if Ms Aurelia was also the benefactor of land and/or property for which she paid $0.”

      Brilliant thinking, Auntie Lulu!

      Sure enough, Vision Government Solutions says her home at 23 Cherry St., Sandy Hook, CT, are owned by William Halstead, Sr. & Debbie Aurelia Halstead (she is in her early 50s). There are 2 sale dates:

      12/25/2009: no price listed
      10/02/2014: sale price $0

      Liked by 1 person

    • Auntie Lu,
      I’m thinking this…could Adam Lanza have had a chip implant that told him to kill his mother, and possibly himself, on the 13 day of December, 2012? How else could the entire brouhaha have happened without being planned out? Unless the “powers that be” executed both of them to suit their agenda. Maybe I’m totally off base. I wonder if there are any records of Adam and his mom actually living in Newtown? Did his mom even die? I have so many questions and will continue to stay tuned to the MOST EXCELLENT FOTM!

      Liked by 2 people

      • The mysteries surrounding both the Mother and son are pretty much open ended. Since we know there was not a tragedy which took place at the place and time listed by the powers that be. I hope someday that we will know the unvarnished truth abut this mess.

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  2. Imagine that. The hole keeps getting bigger.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So the traitors forged 1 sloppy “death certificate” for fictional boogeyman “Adam Lanza.” There should be 28 death certificates total — but they don’t exist (despite newspaper headlines claiming death certificates got “released).” If those headlines are accurate, how are those death certificates still mysteriously absent 3 YEARS after Sandy Hoax?

    Where are death certificates for 26 vicSIMS inside the (abandoned) school? Answer = the Regime is too clever to forge 28 (total) death certificates and risk more jail time, so they forged 1 for “Adam” plus 1 for “Noah Pozner,” hoping that would be enough to bamboozle America out of our guns.

    I’d like to see 28 total death certificates. After all, isn’t this the “biggest school shooting in US history?” How did they lose 26 death certificates? Maybe the dog ate them? If these Traitors are going to pull gun-grab Treason, let’s at least force them to create the legally-mandated PAPER TRAIL so when they get arrested for GUN GRAB TREASON, we have courtroom evidence against them (the forged certificates). Why are we letting them off the hook, as they claim “Whoops, we can’t find the death certificates, so you’ll have to settle for this sloppy forgery and a couple headlines claiming the other certificates got released.” 100% bogus.

    I’d also like to see death certificate #29, from Noah Pozner’s SECOND DEATH a couple years after Sandy Hoax (when he died AGAIN in that Pakistan school shooting).

    EVERY TIME Noah Pozner dies, I’d like to see the new death certificate. Someday, Noah Pozner will finish dying, and we can collect all his international death certificates from all his different deaths — gathering them in a collectible spiral notebook with his fake photoshopped portrait on the cover and a nice Certification of Hoax from DHS.

    Then, Obama could declare a national holiday (Noah Pozner Day) when Americans eat cuisine from all the different countries where Noah Pozner died. We’d have American food, then a Pakistani dish, then some _____ and _______ cuisine from the next 2 nations where Noah Pozner plans to die.

    I’m opening a printing account at STAPLES so I’ll be ready to forge Noah’s THIRD death certificate when he dies a third time (probably DEC 2016, since his prior 2 deaths were DEC 2012 and DEC 2014). All it takes is ink and bad eyesight to forge one of these sloppy messes. Noah prefers to die in December every 2 years. Maybe Noah Pozner (son of fraud “Lenny Pozner”) is a “leap-year victim?”

    It’s also interesting that (shill) Lenny Pozner’s website got caught redirecting to NSA. Gee, I wonder why. See prior FOTM article for that little caper.

    I wonder how much jail time Lenny Pozner (not his real name) will get once America wakes up and tracks him down to Argentina.

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  4. Just by coincidence, I was fortunate enough to see the early news copter videos, taken from the air, while all the action was supposedly taking place. I also heard police radio reports about action on the ground. Too many things didn’t add up then. A couple of weeks later I saw your first screen shot of Lanza’s original death certificate (12/13). The district cesspool was too quick to jump on the gun control bandwagon and to top it all off, “little Noah Pozner” (the 6 yr-old who just wouldn’t die) shows up in photos of students who “died” at that school in Pakistan a couple of years ago. Other things occurred along the way that finished convincing me that Sandy Hook was, indeed, a big time hoax. To top it all off I just happened to stumble on a youtube video – -“Obama explains why they stage fake shootings (Redsilver)”. Just put that together with the gun grabber’s reactions, every time there is a mass shooting anywhere. Each incident requires much less time for a reaction- -as if they already have their news releases prepared and ready. Incidentally, prior to Sandy Hook, I didn’t know we had any such thing as “crisis actors”!!

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  5. Wow! This is like Obama’s birth certificate!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Traildust -Exactly “like” the -0- BC! And to kellipage- My “conspiracy theory” was the execution of Lanza and his mother; they were then used as “stage props”! I could be wrong, but that theory fit at the time and still does, at least, in my mind.


    • That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it!


      • Kellie . . . in all likely hood, I fear that perhaps both Adam and Mrs Lanza may well have been victims in this whole debacle. Here in the home of the free, land of the brave–we just don’t want to think that individuals could be “taken out” for some nefarious purpose. But, I am afraid that we can no longer assume that that is true . . .


        • I feel they knew something….Mom and teen were about to let the cat out of the bag about someBODY or someTHING. Every shred of evidence is leading to an answer and fortunately for the world, FOTM and others are giving us those pieces. Unfortunately, though, how will we ever know when or if we correctly solve the puzzle? We may never know. Probably not.


  7. Pingback: Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza’s strange Dec. 13 date-of-death just won’t go away | Scoop Feed

  8. It just gets curiouser and curiouser


  9. Kelliepage -What you suggest might be the case, although rather than an RFID chip, remember Adam Lanza was a seriously disturbed young man, who was on “psychotrop drugs” (mind control drugs). This same type of “mass shooting” has also been carried out by a number of other young men who were also on psychotropic medications. The Aurora, Co. theater shooting (July 2012) was another one. If you haven’t seen the youtube video about fake shootings, go to your search bar and type in “youtube” and then type “Obama explains why they stage fake shootings (Redsilver)”. Pay close attention to what he does say and allow yourself to hear what he is “not” saying.


    • “Adam Lanza was a seriously disturbed young man, who was on “psychotrop drugs” (mind control drugs).”

      Official reports say Lanza was neither mentally ill nor a druggie.


  10. Dr. Eowyn -Which “official reports” are we supposed to believe? The earlier ones, or the latest ones? Let’s face it, if they can forge death certificates, then they can forge “official reports”, by deleting the originals. The “yardbirds” we have running the country, right now, think they can “revise/change” anything they like and just explain it all away by saying “Oh, sorry, that was a mistake”!


  11. NOBODY can do a FOIA request using a fake name. FOIA offices do verify identity of applicants. Thus, CW Wade/Charles Warren Frye is a liar.


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