“Migrants” drown small Austrian town in garbage and feces

Nickelsdorf, Austria

Nickelsdorf, a small town of 1,600 in Austria, discovered what happens when they opened their borders to “migrants” and “refugees” from the Middle East and North Africa — garbage and human feces everywhere.

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The Vienna website unzensuriert.at reports (Google translation), Oct. 10, 2015, that the 1,600 inhabitants of the border town of Nickelsdorf are “literally overwhelmed” by “illegal immigrants” who left “an orgy of waste and feces wherever you look.” 

Anyone seeing “the uncontrollable crowds and their behavior” realizes that “Austria has lost sovereignty over its borders.” Both the army and the police seem helpless to do anything, lacking “the political will.” 

The population of the border town are similarly resigned. For months now, the women of Nickelsdorf no longer travel alone by bike or on foot to avoid being “confronted alone by a crowd of love-hungry young foreign men.”

Town residents’ use of trains (that transport the “aliens” to Vienna) are also affected. Witnesses say “all train cars are extremely dirty and had to be cleaned and disinfected. Some are so polluted, they are no longer usable. Many of the immigrants from the Middle East” are unfamiliar with “western toilets just as with any type of waste disposal.” 

Commuters report that the “hundreds of refugees” who recently occupied Arena Nova, the indoor multi-purpose stadium in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, “defecated everywhere” and “completely ruined” the stadium’s “mobile toilets”.

There are “rumors that a number of police cadets who were employed here in Nickelsdorf are fighting a losing battle and are suffering from unspecified ailments.”

Many of Nickelsdorf’s residents “feel completely abandoned by the government.” One man compares their present siege to the end of the Second World War when Austrians “were defenseless, at the mercy of marauding Russians.

One volunteer, evidently “distraught,” said that we repeatedly are insulted by the refugees calling us Christians whores.Others do not understand why the migrants have “the blessing of the federal government to march uncontrolled into their country.” They note that among the migrants were “the strangest types,” including Chinese people seemingly from Mongolia or similar areas — not Syrians. There is a persistent rumor that Hungary “exploited the chaos to empty their overcrowded prisons.” 

There are also persistent reports of Ruhr, an infectious intestinal disease. After the Catholic Church in Nickelsdorf briefly housed “refugees” in an empty house, the house had to be disinfected by the health authorities. Residents are asking Why have we not seen or heard anything about it in the media? Why we are not informed about what‘s going on here?” 

H/t Clash Daily

The garbage left behind by the “migrant” invaders of Europe are reminiscent of the trash left behind by America’s migrant invaders across the Mexican border. Here are pics taken by residents of Tucson, Arizona, of the debris those invaders left behind in the wash that leads directly north to Tucson.

A Minuteman stands among hundreds of disgarded bags and clothing at a layup area in the Arizona desert.

If you think Arizona is making this stuff up, here’s an account by FoxNews, May 7, 2008:

In 2006 alone, more than 1.18 million pounds of trash was collected along southern Arizona border, many in the meeting spots where immigrants rest, change clothes and wait to hitch a ride further north with a smuggler.

Arizonia officials have spent approximately $4.4 million over five years to clean up the mess, that continues to build with each crossing. Nearly $1 million was spent for 2007 from a base BLM appropriation….

Since 2003, the Arizona BLM has run a project to mitigate the damage caused by the migration of illegal immigrants along the state’s border with Mexico. Click here to read the BLM’s latest report on the cleanup (PDF).

“What we’re beginning to wonder is how extensive is the problem?” McFarlin said. “How many millions of pounds of garbage? How many roads are really damaged? How many miles of illegal trails?” McFarlin’s agency works with local government, student volunteers and civic groups to bag trash in wilderness areas frequented by immigrants. The BLM also disguises smuggling roads by planting new vegetation over the desert tracks carved by smugglers.

“The first thing you notice if you were to drive across some of this land is you see water bottles, lots of water bottles,” McFarlin said. “Where people stop to wait to be picked up — we call them ‘layup’ spots — then you will see more of the clothing, medicine bottles, papers, everything. “We recently cleaned up one location with almost 4,000 backpacks left behind,” she said. “We’ve seen it time and time again, where we go in and clean up these areas and within months they’re just filled again with the same debris.”

If these actions had been done in one of our Northwest forests or seashore national parks, there would be an uprising of outraged environmentalists. Strange that when it’s happening on the Arizona-Mexican border, no one cares.

You won’t see these pictures on CNN, CBS, ABC, or NBC. Nor will they mention the disease that comes from the uncovered human waste left in our desert.


25 responses to ““Migrants” drown small Austrian town in garbage and feces

  1. It is called being invaded! And we are, being invaded!

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  2. The first things the people in Europe need to do is, remove their government that is there to supposedly to protect them.
    I really feel sorry for the people there, they are very fastidious in being clean in body and home. This has to be such a cultural shock to them. I think they are finally understanding just how nasty and dangerous these invaders are.
    The very same for the people in the USA, the border states Govenors should send in their reserves and to heck with what DC says.
    You either pay for protection or spend the money cleaning up the health hazards. The number of parasite and diseases being brought into Europe and here will be overwhelming.

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  3. “We’ve seen it time and time again, where we go in and clean up these areas and within months they’re just filled again with the same debris.”
    One option is to stop cleaning these areas. the debris builds up and the area becomes impassable, thus impeding the flow of migrants. Then as a condition of remaining in this country legally, the migrants should be made to go back to these areas and spend a day cleaning them up themselves.

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  4. If Obama could have his way we’d be in exactly the same shape.
    WAIT Obama does have his way and we ARE in the same shape.
    We have Hispanics too.
    They say these illegals are brought in by landscapers meatpackers and the hospitality industry, but that’s pretty much a lie. They are here to shift the demographics to ensure Commiecrats win elections.

    Several states have set up sanctuary cities for them.

    The attorney/commentator on FOX went ballistic this morning about this and ruined the mood of prescription drug ads, car insurance ads, diet loss ads and luxury cars with a dose of reality.
    He might be thru at FOX for speaking out.

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    • Very wrong to classify Mexican immigrants in the same breath as Islamic immigrants. Mexicans are 99% Roman catholic, hard workers with a strong work ethic, and have unbelievably beautiful families.


      • Says you, ya simple fuck. Mexicans belong in Mexico. You belong in a cheap pine box you fucking sell out. YOU could always move to Mexico to be among the Roman Catholics and beutiful people you speak of. Ask a Mexican if “we” (men such as myself, aka Americans) ever went to war with Mexico what side they would fight for. When you get the answer, work on becoming a functional man who gives a fuck about his own people. If you still feel the same way, live in Compton for week and witness the beautiful in all their splendor. You simple minded faggots are ruining the soil with your retardation. America was fought and won for Americans like me.


  5. This posting is very reblog- and WordPress-worthy.

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  6. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Enough said.

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  7. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    A clean bird that calls in unclean birds to foul the nest of the host is also foul.


  8. they call the locals names …. look at the filth they are ….. could no one see this coming hahahaha wake up what did you expect with hoards showing up at once a backyard picknick ….. they laugh about the mess they make …. best send them back home while you can ……. they will destroy your countries …… and the lending bankers will love them for that

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  9. This is the net result of letting in 3rd world slime into Western areas . This must have something to do with the re-distribution of the worlds assholes . Instead of raising the bar up , it is being lowered to the room temp i.q.level

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  10. I have been reading some chilling articles about plans to bring Syrian Refugees to the United States. According to an article that appeared in the Washington Post on Sept. 11, 2015, if you live in Mississippi, North Dakota, Alaska, Texas, Michigan and Hawaii, Syrian refugees may be coming to your hometown. 75% have been identified as males of military fighting ages. John Kerry, Secretary of State, said that the number of refugees would increase in 2016 from 70,000 to 80,000. In 2017 another 100,000 will be accepted under Kerry’s plan. Last week, Senators Patrick Leahy and Lindsey Graham revealed a supplemental spending bill to help Syrian refugees. Leahy’s office estimates that the measure would help 100,000 migrants over the next two years at a cost of $1 billion dollars. According to another article which appeared in the New York Times Magazine, most of the migrants will be Muslims, because the Obama Administration will be accepting few if any Christian refugees. Like the Jews during World War II, the door will be closed to them. No matter how horrific the beheadings, enslavements, and mass murders the Obama Administration has no compassion for Christian refugees. The idea is to reduce the number of Christians in the designated areas and increase the number of Muslims and minority religions.

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  11. When we lived in CA in the late 80’s we worked with several migrants. Even though they were hard workers, they were talking about taking “their” country back, back then.
    As for Europe, to be so naive to think all these open borders will not kill their tourism money, they are deluding themselves. Who, in their right mind would spend good money to see anything that look like these pictures and face the possibility of the dangers we have already seen?

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    • I think you have brought up a very significant point–we envision lovely pictures of Swiss Alps villages, quaint French towns, lovely snow-covered hillsides in Sweden . . . we don’t expect filth, garbage, and worst of all, unfortunately, migrants who may be bringing diseases that are unknown to Western European lands. How in Heavens name will there be medical personnel, etc to deal with not only the indigenous peoples, but those who are coming??? I certainly have no intent of signing up for a vacation to France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark or any of these other regions. Some of these areas are very dependent on other Western nations coming their wealth to spend on vacations, hotels, meals, trinkets, etc. If push comes to shove–I might as well drive over to the Kittridge area garbage transit station where they load up garbage from the Portland area to be shipped to Eastern Oregon for landfill disposal–at least it would be cheaper, and hopefully one would not become infected with some rare disease. Call me crazy, but now any time I go grocery shopping–I always avail myself of a sanitizing handwipe to clean the handle of the bascart, and another one to clean my hands before I proceed to shop. We are used to sanitary surroundings, but now I think everyone has to protect themselves . . . it is necessary that each of us be scrupulous regard protecting ourselves from other peoples who may not have good hygeine, or those who may be carriers of disease. None of us can know who handled the bascart we are using before we got there. It is also important that we instill in other members of our families the observance of same protective measures. Who knows what the future will bring?

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  12. I’ve been to Austria and met some really interesting people. It is a truly beautiful part of the world, too.

    Sad what they are letting happen to it. 😦


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  13. The best money I ever spent was to put up a 6-foot tall wrought-iron fence with a fleur-d’-lis pointy-thingy on EVERY vertical iron rod ( @$1 each….& there must be 1,000 of them…..), across/around my front & side yards (the rest of side/back yards were already fenced with rural cross-fencing for a half acre). We have to continually paint it and maintain it…but we put it in after the umpteenth consecutive illegal stole car covers and then,used them to “nest” in a depression in a distant edge of our neighbor’s 2-acre yard. We were continually in fear of illegals using our back yard/pool for a bathroom ….as they had already done with a communal water-pump station across the street from us. Additionally, an illegal had stolen a 5-year-old baby girl out of her bedroom in a rural, but upscale, neighborhood within miles of us…..raped and abused her…and then tied her up into a tree to hang there……..We had little kids at the time….do you not think we were crazy with fear (?)…esp with illegals prowling our neighborhood already….stealing our belongings (besides our car covers…they also broke into our neighbor’s garage, another neighbor’s car….and stole clothing off of outdoor clothes-drying lines and bikes……) It’s been WELL_WORTH the cost & fuss. It also keeps out random solitcitors, crazy neighbors with stray kids and vicious dogs..(who, before the fence, attacked and wounded two of our dogs on our own property…) Now, I garden in my FRONT yard, and my own elderly dogs can rest in the grass and watch the world go by without fear of being ripped apart by the dogs of ignoramous owners who let them run free…..and so on, and so on….

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  14. That number of young radicalized men would constitute an invasion by any sane calculation.

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    • It is an invasion encouraged by those of our leaders who want us to be defeated. And no longer a Christian or Judeo-Christian nation.
      Continuing turning against Israel will cause destruction taking place in Europe to continue here.


  15. The European Liberal brain tries to figure out how to differentiate between a Muslim mother with children of a murderous Muslim man,
    and a murderous Muslim man.
    I know one who lives an hour away from the advancing murderous horde in Austria and her only concern is being fair while her own children (and she) are in danger of being pillaged.

    The Muslim men do not have the same issues, they just rape anyone they can poke, then destroy everything in their path.

    The U.S.A. is next.


  16. That’s what you get for electing politically correct, naive, leftist politicians who haven’t a clue about your culture and values. That’s also why Americans twice elected a fraud like Obama and Canadians elected a child like Justin Trudeau.


  17. The first thing Austrians must do is grab your rifles and handguns and line up at the entry points. Shoot any migrant male……period……unless he is with a wife and child. Otherwise, consider them what they are…..disgusting, disease infested, violent vermin.

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  18. These ppl are disgusting pigs. Send them back then nuke the middle east.


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