Another Obama mystery: He wore a wedding ring as a single man

In Western cultures, a married person wears his or her wedding ring on the ring or 4th finger. Indeed, the married Barack Obama wears a gold ring on his ring finger.

But what is odd is that Obama had worn a ring on his wedding ring finger long before he married Mooch in 1992, since at least his days as a student at Occidental College, CA (1979-81).

Below are 3 photos of Obama wearing a “wedding ring” at Occidental.

Obama at OccidentalObama at Occidental CollegeObama sitting alongside Occidental College roommate Hasan Chandoo in 1981 (Photo by Tom Grauman, New Yorker magazine). 

Here’s a pic of Obama allegedly (not!) with his maternal grandparents, when he was a student at Columbia University (1981-83). Once again, he was wearing a “wedding ring”.


Here’s Obama wearing a “wedding ring” as a student at Harvard Law School (1988-91):

Obama at Harvard

Here are 2 photos of Obama and Mooch when they were dating. (They met in June 1989; got engaged in 1991; married on Oct. 3, 1992.) Note the ring on his left ring finger and the absence of ring on hers.

Obama & Michelle on first dateobama-and-michelle before marriage

As the above pics show, Obama had worn a ring on his wedding ring finger when he was single, years before he married.

But is it the same ring?

Let’s compare the gold ring Obama is wearing today with the ring he was wearing at Occidental College:

Obama's ring today & ring worn at Occidental College in 1981

Sure looks like the same ring to me.

What is even stranger is that the ring that Obama has been wearing as both a single and a married man is not a smooth band, but appears to be sculpted or incised.

ring1Closeups of the gold ring on Obama’s finger, from White House photos.

Here are close-ups of the inscription on Obama’s ring:


WND asked Egyptian-born Islamic scholar Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D., to examine the above close-up photos of Obama’s ring. Gabriel’s expert opinion is that the ring is inscribed with these words in Arabic:

There is no god but Allah

That phrase is the first half of the Shahada. The Shahada is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam, expressing the two fundamental beliefs that make a person a Muslim:

  1. There is no god but Allah
  2. Muhammad is Allah’s prophet

Here’s the entire Shahada in Arabic script: لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

Sincere recitation of the Shahada is the sole requirement for becoming a Muslim, as it expresses a person’s rejection of all other gods. Faithfully wearing a ring inscribed with the Shahada is even more a demonstration of commitment than a mere recitation.

It is believed that, while he was a student at Occidental, Obama traveled to (Islamic) Pakistan in 1981, where he stayed for 3 months. Those photos of Obama wearing the Shahada ring at Occidental were taken in 1981.

Obama is so wedded to the Shahada ring that he wore it as a single man and is wearing it today as his wedding band.

There can now be no doubt that Barry Soetoro Obama is a Muslim.

See also “38 reasons why Obama is a Muslim”.

H/t Glenn47


40 responses to “Another Obama mystery: He wore a wedding ring as a single man

  1. I never thought for one minute that he was a Christian, and believed from the get-go that he was a muslim. And I still cannot fathom that after 9-11 when we were told that muslims sent by Osama Bin Laden flew those planes into the Twin Towers, the stupid people in this country voted someone with such a similar name into the office of president, voter fraud notwithstanding. It simply boggles the mind!

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    • Christians don’t use words like “dhimmitude” in conversation. I’m a writer who speaks languages other than English — and I had to look that one up. It’s a word only a Muslim would use.


      • “…I had to look that one up. It’s a word only a Muslim would use.” That word isn’t used by many in a conversation, for sure. Yet many are fully aware of its meaning. Especially if you’ve been to the Middle East, are in the military, or follow web sites/news that report on terrorism and its affiliates.


        • “dhimmitude” was introduced into Western discourse by the writer Bat Ye’or in a French-language article published in the Italian journal La Rassegna mensile di Israel in 1983


  2. So, Fairybarry is ALSO A POLYGAMIST? APPARENTLY, He is the Bride of Allah, OR, the Bride of Mohammed, the Pedophile Prophet of ISLAM. Either way, He’s a Liar and a Fraud.

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  3. Well, have to admit, that is one oddity I have no answer for…why would he wear a wedding ring when not married…is this some Muzzie thing? We know what he is for heaven’s sake, Marxist Muslim…he’s so corrupt and depraved, who knows why he wore it earlier

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  4. I don’t understand what the fuss is about? I thought everybody knew he was muslim from the start. What does that have to do with politics? He isnt pushing any kind of religion into his politics so who cares? He grew up amongst muslims. The main reason why Christians are Christians is because they grew up amongst Christians. Same as if you were born as a viking you would believe in Valhalla. Are we supposed to spread hatred to him because he is different?


    • “Are we supposed to spread hatred to him because he is different?”

      We are supposed to be told the truth, instead of lies.

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      • it was acceptance of the lies and idolatry that got him elected; the truth people rejected when it was presented to them. Before he was elected, many people bravely stood up and called him out for what he was…a fraud. Christians should have stood up, en masse, and stated no real Christian could possibly have that kind of background with personal information hidden in the shadows. But fear (the devil and his minions work through fear) of being called “racist” or even “crazy” and the desire to promote “diversity” permeated their minds and held hostage their tongues.
        I hate saying this, but our so-called Christian country, got what it deserved in the election and re-election of obama. He has established the new status quo and I don’t anticipate anyone who comes after him will change it.

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    • I have no use for stinking commie pukes – I don’t give a damn what color they are, what their religion is, or their friggin’ shoe size.

      This fraud of a POTUS is very rapidly destroying my America.

      Fork him (sideways) and the camel he rode in on.


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    • “What does that have to do with politics?” Are you unaware of what Obama is doing with our military, Iran, Syria and other issues in the Middle East?

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  5. Snopes (the hyper-activist Leftist couple of Internet hounds) has counter comment to this.

    They either photoshopped his ring or can’t see straight.

    The problem with Snopes is that their story makes absolutely no sense.

    Barry’s early adoption of this one ring (to rule us all) is so odd.

    Just perhaps…

    Also, marriage rings are commonly used in the gay community to signify something other than being hitched.

    Likewise it’s true that pierced ears meant something special in the gay community…

    “In the 1980s, in the US, when earrings for men became more mainstream, there was a tradition “Left ear buccaneer, right ear queer”, or “Left is right and right is wrong”, but there was also a tradition “Right is right and left is gay”. It was mostly straight male paranoia rather than anything arising out of the gay community, it varied from place to place, nobody was ever quite sure what it was supposed to be, but you could still get beaten up for getting it wrong by the standards of your area.”

    Wearing a band on the left hand was a cue that Obama was a dominant. If so, this preference would entirely jibe with public claims that he took the dominant gay role in sex play by openly gay members of the Chicago community.

    The ONE unanswered question: WHERE did Obama obtain that ring.

    It does NOT appear to be cheap.

    I’d place my bets on Pakistan — the nation that he visited in 1981.

    “Obama did go to Pakistan that year when he was 20 years old with a college friend, after first seeing his mother and half-sister in Indonesia. That much is true. When he mentioned the 1981 trip during a campaign appearance last year, it came as news, because he had not previously written of it in his books.”

    [ Heh… it’s a spin machine… with the ultimate in ironic titles. What a ‘tell.’ ]

    An EXPENSIVE high-carat gold ring is not going to be of an abstract design — in Muslim Pakistan.

    It’s actually a pretty good bet that the ring was a GIFT from his extremely wealthy pals in Pakistan. His Pakistani buddy’s father was the temporary President of Pakistan. (election interlude period)

    No way would such a gift NOT be Islamic.

    And Barry was virtually without funds all during his youth.

    He was without income, and his trips cost plenty… plenty of other people’s money.

    There is absolutely no evidence that Barry was able to accumulate any other portable wealth at this time.

    Indeed, Barry has long lamented that his finances were tighter than a drum.

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  6. Wow. Some ppl just don’t get it.


  7. Maybe he thought he was married to Allah?


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  8. The “mystery” of the ring was explained on wnd back in 2012 as an affirmation of Obama’s (or whatever his real name is) Muslim faith. Here’s the link:

    read also

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  9. Dr. Robert Christopher Laity
  10. So I believe Muzzies are allowed four wives. Besides Chandoo and Mitchelle, who are his other two wives? ValJar? Rice? Duncan?


  11. the b&w pic of the obamas, aside from obama himself looking distant, has an interesting angle where it is a left eye shot of michelle obama looking like “she” has caught “her” prize and barry is mulling it over…Also, what is that on michelle obama’s face? Looks like a scar or something.
    by the way, that is one ugly ring…I think it is symbolic of a deal he made with some higher ups and reminds him every day of his deal and what he has “sacrificed” or what was/will be “sacrificed”…I wonder who else has that kind of ring?
    There is a website that sells their version of his ring for $11oo and interesting enough the artist created the ring with 4 whole snakes instead of including his chopped up symbols. I do wonder what the snakes and bars (horizontal and vertical) represent.
    That ring is creepy and evil looking.


  12. in the end….aren’t we ALL judged by our “fruits?” Obama is a rotted tree…and the fruits of his presidency are likewise rotted and struggling…They will disintegrate under their own false weights—maybe not before they cause much pain and sorrow and angst….but, rot and fall away, they will. Have Faith that the GOOD will ALWAYS win. The problem is for us….it might not win in OUR TIME….it will win in God’s time.


  13. DREW, you are either blind, incapable of recognizing the political Islamism involved in appointing Members of Islamic Terrorist Organizations as High-Ranking members of the United States Government, or maybe you’re just a Muzzlump Troll, or one of Fairybarry’s Bathhouse Friends, but either way you are just sooooooo full of SHIT.


  14. “Snopes”………Bwaaaahahahahaahahahahahahahhaahahahahaaahahha.


  15. I always hate seeing that picture of Obama with his grandparents, it’s such an obvious photoshop. Whoever created it was a complete idiot, but the Obama campaign still decided to use it. I have no idea why they created it.

    To see how fake it is, simply try to recreate Obama’s grandfathers left arm and hand. His upper left arm you can see is positioned in a downward position, and the hand is about level with his shoulder – above Obama’s left shoulder. This is not possible. Try it, it’s simply not possible. The only way for the grandfathers hand to be where it is, is for his upper arm to be nearly straight out – but it’s not. With the upper arm in the position it is in, it would be possible for his hand to be in a lower position – like on the grandmothers shoulder. Try it.

    It seems fairly obvious that the hand was on the grandmothers shoulder, and it was removed, Obama was photoshoped in, and the hand was placed over his shoulder. Maybe Obama was the one to take the picture. But why in the heck would they photoshop Obama into the picture? And all they needed to do was leave the hand out, and noone would have been the wiser.


  16. …and yet, his supporters are still loyal.


  17. So what if his Muslim?
    F€%$ you all!!!

    He still does a bad job Muslim or not.


  18. Not a surprise. Good page to point the “unbelievers” to! FOTMs scores again!

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  19. So odd – he’s also not wearing it today at his last U.N. speech either. Looked for answers today & found this page. January 20th can’t come soon enough.


  20. It is strictly forbidden for Muslim men to wear golden rings! You can Google that very easy


  21. This whole sordid affair has been one big fraud. It is also done in a manner to provide entertainment for the “initiated”. Part of that smirk on the POS’s face is due to his knowledge of his friends laughing at us.

    It is clear that the “marriage” was “required” in the same way that Hillary and Bill needed Webb Hubble’s daughter. It was convenient. They also got a laugh out of that one.

    His membership in a black, gay church was another. Any amateur investigative journalist could have written a book about that in itself. He was enrolled in a madrassa in Indonesia. They did not and do not accept “Christians”. His mom was a communist. She certainly didn’t provide religious instruction.

    So, here’s the theme, again. Someone totally alien, in every conceivable way, is going to come in like “the expert from afar” and reorder our whole society. Why? Because Soros and his owners want it that way.

    So what’s the message? We don’t care what you want. This is how its going to be. That’s the message.

    I’m sure there’s a tale behind the ring. I can speculate, but I don’t know what it is for certain. He wore it for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t his “honey ring” from his Pakistani lover in college.

    Some of these statements about things being ‘forbidden”, etc., in Islam are just speculation. It is true that Muslim men seldom where any jewelry. That is what the women do. But…….., we have a “half-woman” here.

    I don’t think our resident swisher is the slightest bit ashamed. I think he avoids flaunting it too much to avoid problems. I don’t think he cares one whit if everybody knows he’s queer.

    If you sat down and wrote a fiction story with Ohomo’s “facts” included in the storyline, no one would buy it. For one thing, it’s unbelievable. It isn’t even an acceptable sheep dip story. It’s too complicated and unlikely.

    But, look at what happened with the birth certificate and the SSN. Also the Selective Service registration and a host of other obvious frauds. Nothing, nada, nyet. Where was Congress (ha!). Who is “watch-dogging” this operation?

    I think you could take a baboon, shave its ass and run it for office. They’d fake an election and install it. We can call him “Mallullu”. Of course someone will have to make sure that he walks backwards.


  22. WHO gives a Fu2k Trump Won!!!


    • Are you incapable of writing a 6-word sentence without resorting to obscenity?
      To answer your question: We do. Because it’s posts like this one — written and published long before the Nov. 8, 2016 election — which helped in exposing the truth about Obama-Hillary-Democrats.


  23. This ring is odd, no doubt. The strangest thing of it all is that Muslim men do not wear gold. Research it.


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