Sandy Hook, Oregon college shooting, and the 10 ducks

On October 1, 2015, 26-year-old biracial student Christopher Harper-Mercer shot and killed 9 (and injured another 9) on the picturesque campus of Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, Oregon. After a 2-min. exchange of gunfire with two responding plainclothes police detectives, Harper-Mercer killed himself, resulting in a total death toll of 10.

Dan Bidondi is a reporter for InfoWars. On the day before the Oregon shooting, Bidondi was in Connecticut covering former Florida state trooper Wolfgang Halbig’s Freedom of Information lawsuit for certain Sandy Hook documents.

Bidondi said he found 9 “Sandy Hook ducks” on his car, and a 10th duck in the gas tank compartment., which is the same number as the death toll at Umpqua Community College a day later. Here is what Bidondi posted on his Facebook page:

Dan Bidondi Facebook post

“Sandy Hook ducks” are the inception of a self-described Sandy Hook “school-based police officer” who founded a Facebook page called The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary. The page was created sometime in January 2013, just weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on Dec. 12, 2012.

The page’s self-description says:

“A collection of rubber ducks to bring smiles to the faces of the kids and adults that need as much to smile about as we can give.

I am assigned to the Sandy Hook School as the school based police officer. A donor had sent approximately 500 small rubber ducks, which the kids loved immensely. My counterpart and I spread them out everyday in the lobby of the school kids, and yes adults, take them to keep. The joy the ducks bring to everyone can not be put into words. We plan to keep buying ducks and placing them out everyday as long as the school is in use. Anyone that would like to help us with the purchasing of the ducks, your help is greatly appreciated. If you would like to send a monetary donation or order ducks contact me and I will provide an address. Everyone in the school enjoys the ducks and we never want to have to tell anyone we don’t have any to give them, child or adult.”

The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary asks for donations of ducks or money to be sent to 261 S. Main St. #312, Newtown CT. 06470.

Here’s the address on Google Map (click map to enlarge):

261 S Main St, Newtown, CT

A search on Google for “261 S. Main St., Newtown, CT 06470” shows one result: the UPS Store, which has a mailbox service.

In other words, The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary‘s address is a rented mailbox at the UPS Store on 261 S. Main St.

Curiously, 261 S. Main St. is also the new address of HONR Network, a “business” of Lenny Pozner, father of alleged Sandy Hook child victim Noah — that Noah Pozner who died twice, the first time at Sandy Hook Elementary School; the second time two years later in a school shooting in Peshawar, Pakistan. Lenny has been using HONR Network to harass bloggers and YouTubers, claiming that their publishing images of Noah violates copy right, although the source of those images is the Noah Pozner memorial Facebook page Lenny himself had set up. The page can be viewed by anyone, which means those images of Noah are in the public domain.

Despite that, Lenny succeeded in getting WordPress, this blog’s server, take down those pictures, without even notifying me first. WordPress also repeatedly threatened to shut down Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) if we violate Lenny’s copy right again, regardless of FOTM’s Fair Use disclaimer as a not-for-profit site. (See also “Sandy Hook dad Lenny Pozner’s website redirects to Obama regime’s NSA.”)

The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary reacted quickly to the Oregon college shooting. On the same day of the shooting, Oct. 1, 2015, this was posted on The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary‘s timeline:

Ducks of Sandy Hook Oregon sign

So what do you make of the 10 Sandy Hook ducks placed on Dan Bidondi’s car a day before the Oregon Umpqua College shooting?

  • Were the 10 ducks a predictive warning about the next day’s Umpqua Community College shooting?
  • Were the 10 ducks a prediction of the Umpqua death toll?
  • If so, that foreknowledge implies the Umpqua shooting is a planned and contrived false-flag event.

H/t Professor Doom 1 and FOTM reader cs.


18 responses to “Sandy Hook, Oregon college shooting, and the 10 ducks

  1. if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…..

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    • Yes, that’s inductive logic by which most likely conclusion is held-up and ck’d for dis-confirming evidence–which there is none for Sandy hoax and these continuing “events” done to terrorize the people.

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  2. maybe I missed something. how did the duck get in the picture?


  3. That’s the same LENNY POZNER (shill) whose website was redirecting to NSA:

    That’s the same LENNY POZNER whose fake “son” died TWICE. Noah Pozner fake-died at Sandy Hook, then fake-died AGAIN 2 years later, in Pakistan. Both times were (fake) “school shootings.” Place your bets on which city/country Noah Pozner will die in the THIRD time!

    Lenny Pozner isn’t in prison for gun-grab Treason, because _________ (??)

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  4. It is not difficult to imagine that every single mass shooting that has taken place in the past 6 years IS a false flag, or staged event, at the behest of obama/soetoro/sobarka/sumohadiwidjojo. Go to youtube and type in “Obama explains why they stage fake shootings (Redsilver)”. Listen carefully; it’s not the exact words he uses, but the words he does not use that tell the story.

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  5. PS -You will also notice, each time one of these events occurs, the liberal regime’s “reaction time” gets shorter and quicker – -like they have their little speeches ALL prepared. I have no doubt that they do, indeed, have each speech ready for that particular event.

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  7. I have listened to Infowars for over three years now, and although Dan Bidondi has not been on there lately, he has done excellent work for them. My question is this: Why would they tip off Dan Bidondi to something he himself would unlikely be able to cover, unless this is a veiled threat of some kind?
    Be that as it may, we have to study the dirty tactics of these people, and we’d better learn them quickly. We also have to learn the tactics of false flag events, whether people die in them or not.
    And, Dr. Eowyn, make plans to move FOTM to another server, should that be necessary.

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  8. Truly strange stuff!


  9. these are principalities of evil working in unison. Evil spirits directed from obama, and his convenant of demons and witches. Attacking and using week minded people for such abominal tasks. Evil has been given the authority to rule through the inactive completion of faith by the church. The ones who sit dormit covered in Christ’s blood and refuse to use it’s authority and power.God doesn’t hold the unaccountable, accountable, He holds the church.


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  13. I don’t see that anyone has pointed out yet that the University of Oregon’s sports teams are the “Oregon Ducks.” Apologies if I missed this, but I don’t see it. Anyway, that’s what they call ’em.


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