“Migrant” invaders break through Hungary’s border; throw bottles and rocks at riot police

Dusan Stojanovic reports for the AP that earlier today, Sept. 16, 2015, hundreds of migrants invaders broke through a razor-wire fence on Hungary’s border with Serbia. They threw plastic water bottles and rocks at helmeted Hungarian riot police and chanted demands that the border be re-opened. Police responded with tear gas and water cannons.

migrant throw bottle at Hungarian riot police at border

Amir Hassan, an Iraqi who was soaking wet from the water cannon and trying to wash tear gas from his eyes, shouted in the direction of the shielded Hungarian police who were firing volleys of tear gas canisters directly into the crow: “We fled wars and violence and did not expect such brutality and inhumane treatment in Europe. Shame on you, Hungarians!”

The clashes took place at a small border crossing in the Serbian village Horgos, a short distance from the main border crossing into Hungary.

Hungary-Serbia border

Before the tensions escalated, some women had pushed to the front of the crowd and held small babies and children above their heads as they faced police in an obvious appeal for mercy, but no one made it through.

In the past few months, Hungary has become a main entry point into the European Union for migrants, many of them war refugees from Syria and Iraq, with more than 200,000 entering the country so far this year. Almost all entered from the southern border with Serbia and passed through Hungary quickly on their way to Germany or other wealthy Western European nations.

Refugees rest near the border station between Serbia and Hungary in Horgos, Serbia. (Sandor Ujvari/MTI via AP)

Refugees rest near the border station between Serbia and Hungary in Horgos, Serbia. (Sandor Ujvari/MTI via AP)

Hungarian authorities said today that they have arrested a total of 519 migrants who tried to cross the border since tough new laws went into effect yesterday that make it a crime to cross from Serbia anywhere other than at legal checkpoints. Authorities launched 46 criminal prosecutions and found two Iraqi men guilty, the first convictions based on the new laws.

Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar Assad is blaming Europe for the crisis, saying it’s a direct result of the West’s support for extremists in Syria over the past four years. In an interview with Russian media, Assad accused Europe of supporting “terrorism” and providing “protection for terrorists, calling them moderates. How can one be indignant about a drowned child and remain silent about the deaths of thousands of children, elderly people, women and men killed by terrorists in Syria?”

Hungary’s foreign minister Peter Szijjarto denied that closed borders and tough new laws signal callousness toward refugees, repeating the government’s claim that most of those entering Hungary are actually economic migrants. Szijjarto told the AP, “Based on our history, we are always in solidarity with the refugees. What we’re saying is that we cannot accept economic migrants because we cannot bear the burden of that.”

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic criticized Hungary’s decision to seal its border with Serbia for migrants and said Croatia will not do the same: “We are ready to accept these people, regardless of their religion and the color of their skin, and direct them to the destinations where they wish to go, Germany and Scandinavia. Barbed wire in Europe in the 21st century is not an answer, it’s a threat.”

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19 responses to ““Migrant” invaders break through Hungary’s border; throw bottles and rocks at riot police

  1. I know this is a “foreign” concept,but if they’re being oppressed in their home Country,why don’t they fight in their home Country to CHANGE THAT. That’s what people traditionally do.

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  2. Notice how Israel wont take any of these people? But not one word of this by the talking traitors and assorted scum bags on t.v.?

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  3. “…most of those entering Hungary are actually economic migrants” Key word being most: “Hungary Detains 29 Migrants, Including One “Verified Terrorist”

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    • and God knows how many yet-to-be-verified terrorists.

      Thanks, DCG, for the info and link!

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    • DCG . . . you have hit the nail on its head–many, many, many of these people wish to go to the wealthier countries that have liberal social welfare laws. I believe that it was Denmark that has reduced its normal welfare to 50% of the normal allotment for these hoards that are overwhelming the monetary resources of the countries. All EU countries need to follow suit–reduce the welfare allotments. I see in these pictures that there are many healthy “military age” men. I would rather see them fighting in their own countries rather that demanding to resettle in another country and live off the sweat of the brows of the legal citizens in that country. This is a horrible plot that is being fomented. Great post!

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  4. We are allegedly taking 100,000 of these barbaric savages and Obama plans on putting them in the “Red” States to dilute the Republican voting. My question is this…Where the H is the Congress? Are they all on his side, every paid off one of them? Of course these savages will never attack one of the Congresscriminals’ children or grandchildren, so they don’t care, and of course they don’t want to be seen as racist. God help us, please…reposting this important piece. This is so outrageous…are you ready for this filth America? Stock up and lock and load because big time danger is coming our way.

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  5. Totally agree with truckjunkie. That is what we plan to do when all h— breaks loose here. As I type this I am watching the evening news and the “cry me a river” because these illegals have no where to go. Yes they do, they can go back home. However, from what I hear Putin has taken charge and is getting things under control. Putin does not want Europe inundated with these terrorist and he is doing something about it. Take that obama!!

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  6. Mexico also stated it would take some of them in. Story is on Breitbart. Don’t have time to link the story, but wanted to give you all a heads up, if you haven’t seen it. This is not good, at all.

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    • Well, they put up with MS-13 and narcoterrorists…

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      • Dear Anon—I once had an almost melt-down confrontation with a friend, a well-educated Mexican university literature professor, in an LA restaurant b/c he freaked out when I said I took my (grown) kids to the gun range so I could train them to use heirloom, family (century-old) fire arms that I was going to sign off to them…legally…. These arms had been in my family for over a century, including one that my paternal grandfather had inherited and for which he’d hand-carved a stock. My friend flipped OUT right there at the table b/c….he thought that…indignantly…. the way things should be-should mimic his beloved Mexico….where ONLY the military and police can own and use firearms. My level response and eye-contact with him was this: I don’t want to fear my government—my military and my police—-THEY work for ME——I want my GOVERNMENT to fear ME…and that IS the difference between the USA and Mexico on gun laws.”


        • Amen CalGirl. Thus one of the main reasons we have a huge refugee problem, these people will not stand and fight because they are not armed and they are cowards. It has been proven time and time again that criminals will be armed not matter what.


  7. More of the same… where’ve we seen this before?

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  8. Not really too important, but worth (I think) noting— Why is a ‘refugee’ in Hungary is wearing a Jack Daniels T-shirt? Did he get it from a missionary barrel?! Does he know what Jack Daniels is?!


  9. They will break down your walls, enter your houses and devour everything in their path.
    the locusts….

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