Virginia WDBJ false-flag shooting is rapidly falling apart

To the shadowy TPTB (The Powers That Be) who are orchestrating and financing one false flag after another so as to strip Americans of our Second Amendment right to arm ourselves:

You may have the mainstream media do your bidding, but you don’t control the Alternative Media of citizens journalists. Countless of us stand at the ready every time there’s a traumatic mass shooter event. We scour the Internet; pour over, analyze, and take apart news reports and videos; spot out the crisis actors; compare notes and quickly get the word out via blogs and YouTube. And our learning curve is increasing exponentially.

Take the latest Virginia shooting for example.

It is only five days after a disgruntled former reporter at CBS-affiliate WDBJ in Roanoke, VA, Vester Lee Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, allegedly shot and killed WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward while the latter were live on the air in the small town of Moneta, VA. After a 5-hour pursuit by police, the shooter allegedly committed suicide with a gunshot.

But the official story is already falling apart.

The following are what the Alternative Media have found:

1. The black shooter has a white hand


Okay, so maybe the hand looks white because Flanagan/Williams is a light-skinned black.


But how do you explain this? ↓

2. The shooter changed clothes between shootings

WBDJ shooter Bryce Williams changed clothes while shooting

Pic on right is a screenshot from a video supposedly taken by the shooter, Flanagan/Williams, showing him wearing a blue checkered shirt. The killer then posted the video on his Facebook and Twitter pages. (Source) Do you know any killer who would do this while on the run from police?

Pic on left was supposedly taken by cameraman Adam Ward as he was being shot by Flanagan/Williams, showing the shooter was in an all-black outfit.

3. Shootings don’t look authentic

Video footage of the shooting of Parker and Ward suggests the potential use of blanks or the equivalent during the event.

4. The father of Alison, Andy Parker, is an actor, with political ambitions

whose immediate response to the horrible murder of his daughter is GUN CONTROL.

But then Andy says now that he is campaigning for gun control he will probably have to get a firearm to defend himself: “When you’re in the media, as you know, and when you are taking on an issue like this, there are a lot of people who take exception to what you are saying, so I will probably have to do that.” (Source:The Guardian)

Mr. Parker seems to be unclear on the concept of HYPOCRISY.

Like Andy Parker, Alison’s self-described fiancé, WDBJ evening anchorman Chris Hurt, just won’t stop talking and talking and talking about her to TV cameras, eager to convince us he’s Alison’s fiancé by showing a photo album of pictures. That’s exactly how a man behaves whose beloved fiancé had just been shot dead — trundling around a photo album and thrusting it in front of TV cameras. But how do you explain this? ↓

5. Alison’s fiancÉ, Chris Hurt, tweeted about Alison and Adam being shot before they were shot

Alison Parker was murdered at 6:45 a.m., August 26, 2015. (Source)

But Chris Hurt sent a tweet at 6:32 a.m. that morning mourning her, which was 13 minutes before Alison was shot. Here’s the first of a series of Hurt’s tweets, using the past tense for her. (Source: Daily Mail)

Chris Hurt tweet

Note that Alison was in Moneta, VA. Hurt was 26½ miles to the west in Roanoke, VA, which means there is no time difference between them, which means when Hurt tweeted at 6:32 a.m., Aug. 26, Alison was still alive.

Roanoke, VA to Moneta, VA

Here are two more Chris Hurt tweets, both sent minutes before the shootings:

Chris Hurt tweet2Chris Hurt tweet3

6. Neither Alison’s father nor fiancÉ shed a tear or displayed other signs of grief, just like the parents of those dead Sandy Hook kids.

But then Chris Hurt didn’t display signs of grief for a good reason — he’s not really Alison Parker’s fiancé, with only eight social media photos of himself with Alison, although they supposedly had been a couple for 9 months.

7. Alison’s real boyfriend is Daniel Wulz

To quote Joe Wright of Activist Post:

Gun control false flag crisis actors be warned: Facial recognition search software is going to bust you. Funny, the technology is easy enough to use on Facebook, one has to wonder why the mainstream media and police don’t use it for these alleged mass shooter events.

Actually, this is an even bigger warning to the billionaire “philanthropists” who back aggressive gun control initiatives and are likely backing these staged “events.” You’ve hired horrible actors. You’re going to get busted unless you back off. But, alas, we know your allegiance to the UN Small Arms Treaty requires you to push forward despite a growing number who know your game.

The latest reporter shooting hoax in Virginia is getting so easily torn apart by the conspiracy research community that the media’s emotional staging of actors is becoming absurd.

H/t John Molloy, Victoria Rivera, Barry Soetoro, Esq, and FOTM’s Steven Broiles and CSM.

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49 responses to “Virginia WDBJ false-flag shooting is rapidly falling apart

  1. Ditto that!

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  2. The alleged girl alleged victim actually was on that channel, and so was the alleged black, alleged homo, alleged shooter, super nutjob was on that channel. Supernut had enough time to FAX his manifesto, so he had time to change into his disguise. (FAX?)
    The gun didn’t kill them, the loose nut on the end of the gun did it, He done three killings counting himself, and damaged that totally innocent white woman; and there is Virginia’s uber Leftwing screwball Governor and that girl’s whacko daddy; they were made for each other; they’re both psychotic opportunist publicity hounds. Hey what about the shootouts in
    Chicago this weekend, don’t they matter?


  3. THANK GOD for alternate media and its snoops! But there is something going on: Some people in an agency are pulling these things off. WHO? WHAT? WHY?
    Apparently, government is pulling these false flag events off in order to SELL the idea of disarmament. But so far, it’s not working. So they’re beta-testing something.
    Here’s the problem: We need to identify those agencies and people PRONTO. And we need to NEEDLE these CRISIS ACTORS. Sure, they need the money—Don’t we all? But we need intrepid investigative journalists to keep prying the lid off.
    IF the government can ever be nailed on this, then, MAYBE, they’ll be forced to stop this crap! Government must not have any rights in the “entertainment” business!

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    • Broiles | August 31, 2015 at 2:36 pm | Reply
      THANK GOD for alternate media
      (This is so true…guess we won’t have it much longer.)


  4. Vester Lee Flanagan (the shooter) CHANGED CLOTHES during the Roanoake “LIVE TV” shooting hoax.




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  6. The tweets on Chris’ timeline are all time-stamped two hours later than shown above. Don’t know if due to time zones or what.

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    • Does this mean Daily Mail faked Chris Hurt’s tweets? But Daily Mail didn’t even make a point about the tweets being sent before the shooting.


    • I’m confused about this, too. The earlier time stamps were on Twitter. I don’t use Twitter, so I don’t know how it works. However, this was supposedly “debunked” at Snopes. Their “explanation” was that the time stamp that shows up is adjusted by the time zone of the person who’s viewing (receiving?) the tweets. So if one is in the Pacific Time Zone, it shows an earlier time than the time from where it was sent in the Eastern Time Zone. I don’t know if this is correct, or at what point the time stamp is generated.

      I tested it myself today from Twitter. The time stamps still say 6:31 a.m. – 6:34 a.m. for his earliest tweets. In other words, it didn’t adjust the times based upon the time zone he was in versus the one I’m in. It would make far more sense it Twitter would put the time zone into the time stamp. If I remember correctly, the first person to respond to his tweets with sympathy did so at 6:47 a.m.

      I also wonder about the dates of the photos. On Facebook, a person can create a folder and then later on add to it and suddenly an “old” photo will pop up, with old comments, on every friend’s “news feed” (or whatever it’s called), when all the person did was add a new photo to the folder. What creation date goes on new photo(s) as opposed to the creation date on the older photos in the folder? Could this be what happened with the photos added in August 2015 to a folder that she created in 2013, making the photo of Alison with Chris look as if it were added before she even met him?

      This might take some research and testing. Is there anybody more accustomed to using social media who can shed some light?

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  7. I had originally thought the Twitter times were a huge red flag until I realized my Twitter goes by my time zone, which is Pacific. I just double-checked, too. I don’t think the Twitter times mean anything; however, I’m still convinced this was all fake.

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    • Twitter goes by my time zone, which is Pacific.

      Carlo, doesn’t that mean Chris Hurt’s Twitter would go by his time zone, EST? — which was the same time zone as Alison Parker. Both were in Virginia, though 26.5 miles apart.


  8. My belief is that Twitter adjusts due to your time zone setting. Meaning any person’s tweet gets adjusted to your time zone. So, the tweet that appears to us in Pacific time that shows 621a was actually posted at 921a eastern.


    • Yes I believe Twitter adjusts to your time zone. Just checked tweets from some in two different time zones than me and they all matched my time in a different zone. Hmmmm.


  9. I’m not 100% certain, though,


  10. Sorry for the multiple posts. To clarify, here is a tweet from a sports reporter’s feed in Chicago18 minutes ago. He Tweeted at 658p central time in Chicago but the time shows up as 4:58p (pacific/my time) on the bottom. Hope this clarifies.

    Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales · 18 minutes ago
    Video presentation of Arrieta’s no-no on big screen.
    Kristin Fuller Brian Gleason Rich Gonzalez ESPN_CGeezy Garrett Tinsley
    4:58 PM – 31 Aug 2015 · Details


    • Sorry, Carlo, but it doesn’t clarify for me. I went to your sports guy’s feed. Found the tweet. It says 4:58 p.m., but I’m not in the Pacific Time Zone. Makes no sense.

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      • That’s really bizarre, lol. Under your settings, could it possibly be set to Pacific? I just went into my settings and switched to the Alaskan time zone and now that same tweet is 358p and all the other tweets changed an hour.


        • I don’t know. I’m not a member of Twitter so I can’t see or change (or even have) settings. Is it possible there’s a default setting to Pacific time?


    • Thanks for the explanation, Carlo. The question now is where the Daily Mail got those tweets of Chris Hurst.


  11. To me, the first “smoking gun” was the gun itself. I have a Glock too, and any time I fire it, it ejects a spent shell casing out of the ejection port located near the top of the gun. That’s how all semi-auto guns operate.

    You can see the ejection port in the stills and slow motion videos. You do NOT see any shells being ejected.

    You also do not see the slide being “racked”.

    These two observations have been noted by many, on gun and prepper forum threads especially.

    Also, my suspicions were initially raised by the lack of realistic reaction by “Alison”. When a gun is discharged near you, there is a natural involuntary reaction that causes you to jump. She merely turns her shoulders a little bit.

    Also, no reaction on her body, even though you see the gun pointed directly at her while “firing”.

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    • I’m also not familiar with guns, but it sounded on the video more like a pop gun than what I’d expect to hear. I see no effect of at least the first three shots, which were point blank. However, I don’t even know if the “sound track” matches up with the video. I hear three pops and then screams and she runs, but I see no effect on her from the shots. I haven’t watched all the videos. I don’t really want to.

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    • I think this whole thing is fake. However, I saw another video of some car jacker getting shot. His response was nearly identical to this reporter’s response. The car jacker didn’t seem phased and ran away out of sight of the camera. It was determined that he collapsed and died after running about 30 feet away.


  12. Check out these videos one by one. In the Gunman’s video here notice how he CLEARLY fires on the reporter first.

    In the cameraman video here, notice how the cameraman goes down immediately after the first or second shot, when the other video clearly shows, at minimum, the first few shots aimed at the female reporter. I personally don’t see how he could go down based on how point blank the shooter was to the female in the other video.

    If you listen to the interviewee speaking on the CAMERAMAN video, it takes her 4.2 seconds to say “We’re seeing tourism. We want the people that come here to stay, that would…(shots fired) and cameraman seems to go down first.

    In the GUNMAN’s video, the lines are delivered in about 3.3 seconds and reporter is being shot first.

    Could it have been two takes??? Personally, I don’t know how anyone can explain the cameraman going down first when he wasn’t even aimed at. For me, this is more of a smoking gun (no pun intended) than anything else.

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  13. I just saw this article. Is there anything that happens in the US today that isn’t planned or staged? I have come to truly doubt it! Remember what FDR said, “Nothing happens in politics that isn’t planned.” Well, this is all politics, and the plan is to take away our second amendment rights. Too many people have studied all these happenings and have exposed them! Wish the rest of the America public would wake up!

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  15. I do wonder if “gun control” is the real end goal of these psy-ops… after all there are other effects that are pretty obvious as well… which I think I’ve mentioen dhere before. One of those is the knee-jerk reaction, a threat to gun ownership is perceived, those inclined to have such items then react by purchasing more or “stockpiling”, now this isn’t necessarily bad inof itself, however, what if the public is being goaded into having certain areas that are excessively armed, that is to say, what if the public is being intentionally driven to be more armed for purposes of exploiting their behavior in a new “civil” war? This ensures maximum death in such a scenario (making sure just as many “government” people can be killed by the “patriot” people, while those behind the scenes play both sides against each other, likely unharmed.), and also creates, in the event that the property owner is killed or imprisoned, weapons caches which could be exploited by whichever “side” happens across them. In a nutshell, perhaps the goal isn’t necessarily just gun control, but also gun saturation, to ensure maximum casualties (remember the devil worshipers also have that thing about “overpopulation”.) in such a “civil” war scenario. One also wonders, are these events being done also for the purposes of misdirection? (Anyone check out the NDAA for 2016 yet? it’s already in the resolving differences phase, I don’t yet know if they’re trying to slip in any more affronts yet, it is a big bill.)

    Far as this event goes though, too many discrepancies, it is obviously a false flag, regardless of it’s intended goal or goals.

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  16. While this speculation is going on the main issue to me is that one of Soros’ movements *blacklivesmatter* is a falsh flag issue in and of itself. It is a meme. Cops are not out to kill black people. But because people have been manipulated again by this meme process there is another WAR ON POLICE…just like the NYTimes created the same thing back in the early days of the cultural revolution…This shooting and this story is about the widespread attacks and killings of whites and cops of a RACIST nature that THE MSM always hides and at the same time blow up and make racist what is not racist when whites kill blacks which is seldom anyway and usually in self-defense…it is about proving that blacks cannot and most assuredly WILL NOT be held accountable (for various reasons) by the white man’s laws…in a white man’s nation because of a history of slavery…this encourages black on white crime and negative collective and individual acts of black on white violence. That is the issue of this story whether it is real or not. The black shoot in VA surely was nuts because had he lived he would have been a hailed as a hero to the *blacklivesmatter* cause and had he done time in prison he would have been a king…yep, he surely was out of his head.


  17. One other thing that is slightly suspicious is that, while doing this interview in the middle of nowhere where the two victims don’t notice a large angry black man with a transplanted Caucasian hand pointing a gun at them from point blank range for five seconds, the cameraman, during the live interview (1/2-1 foot from large angry point blank gun with transplanted hand black man) seems intent on repeatedly shooting footage of cows in an adjacent field or some such. Before and during “shooting” he keeps drifting away from the one on one interview set up out in the middle of nowhere with the politician. Maybe it is a new way of doing interviews with politicians, we can only hope.

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  19. Are you all a bunch of idiots? Step back and think… Do you really believe that all of this a big hoax? Two peoples lives are gone because of a senseless act. You are fueling the fire of ignorance by all of these comments.

    I grew up in Roanoke and lived there until my 30’s. I know for a fact that the entire community (media, law enforcement, and general public) would not be all in on a plan to fool the larger population.


  20. Great job exposing this false flag guys ! Anyone know what’s happening in Chigaco area ? I don’t know but it looks like more than a ‘normal’ manhunt going on ..


  21. So this begs the question: what happened to the *victims”?! Are they alive or were they murdered?


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  24. supportusabantsa

    Reblogged this on Patriot News II.


  25. Nothing says grief like an oddly over informing tweet! I know when I am sad, I feel an overwhelming need to give total strangers details of my life/loss.
    This is as cold and strange as that supposed text from the “victim” in the recent military shooting. Who is going to take the time to text “Active shooter” during a real active shooting. This is forced fakery.


  26. FAKERY!


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  29. Of course this is fake! But, good for the republicans for fighting back dirty. Democrats were responsible for raping us with this garbage over and over! Since Virginia, Democrats have countered with 2 more fake shootings. All the republicans have to do is put “Andy Parker” in the news again, which they did, to throw shadows on everything prior and everything beyond. It’s so disappointing that Americans are not concious enough to see the tree through this vast forests of bullshit.


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