Father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker is a former professional actor

Obama has a lot more he wants to accomplish

On August 26, 2015, two employees of CBS affiliate WDBJ of Roanoke, Virginia, were shot dead while conducting a live television interview near Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta.

They were 24-year-old news reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old photojournalist Adam Ward.

The gunman was a former WDBJ reporter, 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II, also known by the professional pseudonym of Bryce Williams, who was fired for disruptive conduct in 2013. After a 5-hour manhunt, Flanagan shot himself during a car chase with police officers and died later at a hospital.

Alison’s father, Andy Parker, interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, immediately called for gun control. He vowed:

“I’m not gonna let this issue [gun control] drop. You know, we’ve got to do something about crazy people getting guns. And I, you know, the problem that you guys have got ahead, I know it’s a news business and this is a big story, but next week it ain’t gonna be a story any more and everybody’s gonna forget it. But you mark my words: My mission in life, and I talked to the governor [Terry McAuliffe, a gun control advocate] and he called me and he said, and I told him I’m gonna do something, whatever it takes to get gun legislation to shame people, to shame legislators into doing something to close loopholes in background checks and making sure crazy people don’t get guns. And he said, ‘You go, I’m right there with you.’ So this is not the last you heard of me. This is something that’s Alison’s legacy that I wanna make happen.”

Note: Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, an ardent advocate of gun control, was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. He’s a cousin of Syracuse law professor Sharon McAuliffe, who some suspect is school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe who allegedly died in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. (See “Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?“) Coincidentally, Terry McAuliffe is also very much concerned about NASA funding issues. See here and here.

It turns out Andy Parker is a former actor.

On his LinkedIn page, Parker, who is now a “headhunter for the banking industry,” claims to have been a “professional actor” in his youth, for 6 years from 1979 to 1985, in the greater New York City area, and had “appeared on Broadway in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, and at the Kennedy Center in “Pump Boys & Dinettes,” as well as “numerous regional stage credits and regional and national TV commercials.”

Under the section “Volunteer Experience & Causes,” Parker says he’s the founder of a “community theatre organization” called TheatreWorks Community Players (TWCP), where he served as the board president for more than 6 years, from 2004 to 2010.  TWCP went from staging “one summer production a year, to full seasons in its own black box theatre.”

From his bio above, it is not unreasonable for us to gather that Andy Parker is a failed actor who never made it “big time,” but retained his interest in acting, as evidenced by his founding of the community theater.

Is Andy Parker another crisis actor?

Here are the screenshots I took of Andy Parker’s LinkedIn page, in case he scrubs it in the days to come. (Click images to enlarge)

Andy Parker1Andy Parker2Andy Parker3Andy Parker4Andy Parker5Andy Parker6

H/t Professor Doom 1

H/t Memory Hole reader Comrade Ogilvy

Update (Aug. 29, 2015):

Andy Parker says now that he is campaigning for gun control he will probably have to get a firearm to defend himself: “When you’re in the media, as you know, and when you are taking on an issue like this, there are a lot of people who take exception to what you are saying, so I will probably have to do that.” (Source: The Guardian)


Update (Aug. 31, 2015):

Here’s a sample of Andy Parker’s groan-inducing acting. No wonder he dropped out of professional acting after 6 years.

From his latest performance before TV news cameras, I say he’s still a lousy actor.


36 responses to “Father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker is a former professional actor

  1. Interesting. Can all the players be made to spin up their IDs and careers, and then disappear unharmed, with no verifiable burial? Could the players be as non-authentic as our Kenyan born president, a mere persona of no real substance? Hmmm…

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    • I notice that Andy has not cried that much. To be honest I have never see him cry for his daughter. She was so young that I figured he would be crying kind of often. There are a few crisis actors in the Boston Bombing also.


  2. That certainly seems to be the case. And of course he’s hyper-GUN CONTROL with no logic or common sense regarding his thoughts (if there ARE any “thoughts”) and actions. Keep an eye on his bank account balance-this should perk it up appreciably.

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  3. There was something not right about the shooters video, that I was so hesitant to watch. We will only know it is another brainwashing gun grab.

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  4. This sounds like a Sandy Hook type of shooting. Also, did you see the video of the shooter’s hand which is white, not black? The shooter supposedly took this video of himself aiming the gun during the shooting.

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  5. Never Trust Power

    The day after the “shooting”,Andy Parker did interviews with the biggest networks,morning to night,pushing the assault weapons,high magazine ban.Twelve hours after his daughter is killed,he’s not at home,comforting family members,his wife,other children?Who is making funeral arrangements?And,why this agenda of assault weapons?This was supposedly committed with a HANDGUN.Where are Andy’s tears?Nowhere to be found,just like all the Sandy Hook parents:women,lipstick,no sign of a single tear,perfectly composed,laughing,smiling.THINK.

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  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. It is indeed incredible and noteworthy that Andy Parker has been so active whilst still experiencing terrible grief. We shall see what the truth unveils.

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    • Andy Parker’s “terrible grief” is without tears or other signs of genuine grief, like red-rimmed eyes, flushed face, and red nose — just like the parents of the supposed child victims of Sandy Hook.

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      • Very true, with just losing a precious daughter. I think his gun control rant was very ill timed. He did not look genuine. I guess the name Parker is popular for these fakes.
        Me, if it were my child, I would still be in such a state of grief and numbness, guns would be far down on my radar. The shooter would be the target of my hate.

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      • Indeed, I meant “terrible grief” as sarcasm. I can see where you felt compelled to comment. I am losing my touch. (LOL)

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  7. Already others have had real problems with this story, or at least the video of it. (I learned that You Tube had deleted video commentaries on it within the hour).
    I watched the video. Let me see if I have this straight: The gunman fires three shots into a petite woman. There is no blood splatter, and she manages to turn and run away. Also, where are the shells from the clip? Uh Huh. Right.
    At any rate, here’s my point: Whether there actually was a real shooting or not, whether crisis actors were used or not, whether there are real dead bodies or not, people have to wake up to what a False Flag Event is. We are being manipulated, either by lone nuts or the coverage of them. And I say we are being manipulated by the lap-dog of the Government, the mainstream media. “Hello, it’s six o’clock, and here’s what we want you to think.”
    A number of people have woken up. But, apparently, not enough.

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  8. The reporter was wearing red and black clothing. It is an occult message to the initiated. Some examples here:

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  9. Thanks for posting on this Dr. Eowyn! Also, some guy “PK” (jungle surfer youtuber?) caught something interesting. First you see the white looking hand of the shooter wearing a blue plaid shirt, then they show us a shot supposedly from the dead camera man looking up at the shooter, but now he’s dressed in black http://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?84859-Tv-News-reporter-and-camera-man-killed-while-on-the-air&p=789350&viewfull=1#post789350

    Someone made a great graphic with the two photos (I don’t know how to post it here), with the caption “When I’m conducting a false flag shooting of a journalist on live tv, I always make sure I have time to change shirts in between shots” –it’s posted here: http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/08/27/va-reporter-and-cameraman-shooting-discrepancy/comment-page-1/#comment-95256

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  10. Many people I follow in alternative media are calling False Flag on this one. I’m no expert, but I wondered why there was no blood spatter showing on the female victim. It seems like with all those shots, something would be flying through the air. Just don’t know what to think anymore.

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  11. Please anyone with experience with guns could you give me your expert opinion? Is there any possibility that ” the shooter” could have initially missed when shooting at the reporter ?? How did ” the shooter” get within about 5/6 feet of the ” victims” and they never even noticed him?? I observed the reporter briefly glancing around for a split second way before the shooter started advancing towards them. Why did the management of the property replace the wooden floor the very next day??? You could see the replaced boards during a newscast while they actually pointed the fact out. The older lady being interviewed had major surgery. Is there any way to confirm this??? Wouldn’t that prove that gun shots were actually fired?? Thank you for opening my eyes !!!

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    • There is a good chance not all the three bullets hit her. Looking at the video he is very shaky and doesnt appear to handle the recoil very well at all. This would indicate he wasnt an experienced shooter and nervous. Allison did seem to notice him for a split second. He wasnt pointing the gun at that stage and reporters often ignore bystanders and focus on there job of reporting. Its not like they would be expecting someone is going to shoot them. I havnt herd anything about parts of the decking being replaced. But im not surprised they would do so. Because 3 people got shot and although we dont see blood going everywhere like in the movies in the short few seconds of video. There would have been some bleeding going on. Replacing the blood stained boards as soon as they were allowed to is very logical and the right thing to do. As for the older lady having major surgery. Hopefully she makes a full recovery and if so she will most likely do an interview talking about the ordeal. She is the only witness at the scene and no doubt people will call her an actor when she tells her story.


  12. Someone not my friend posted on Facebook in comments that the “husband” of the other female victim TWEETED she had been shot 12 MINUTES BEFORE the attack occurred. Anyone able to corroborate this?


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  14. UPDATE:

    Andy Parker says now that he is campaigning for gun control he will probably have to get a firearm to defend himself: “When you’re in the media, as you know, and when you are taking on an issue like this, there are a lot of people who take exception to what you are saying, so I will probably have to do that.” (Source: The Guardian)


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  15. This shooting was such a JOKE! Another Sandy Hook Line and Stinker!!!

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  16. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com

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  18. Here’s some other info for your files: As of 20 sept 2015 Ward &Parker have still not been registered dead !
    Alison Parker & her autisic brother Andrew Austin Parker (drew) have no birth certificates.
    Andy lying pinocchio parker is really Gilbert Andrew Parker born 29june 1953 in Harris Texas. Him & Barabara Bailey married 4april 1981 in Dallas Texas. NO natural born children recorded !
    so Ali & Drew must be adopted.
    Gilbert Andrew Parker arrested for speeding appeared in court 14july 2015, Martinsville Virginia. his income stated as $35,107.00. House in Collinsville VA valued at £107.000.00.
    His family Address at time of Alison death was 1394 Plantation Drive Colinsville VA.
    All this info is available under the freedom of information act.

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