VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy

How can a black shooter have a white right hand?

14 responses to “VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy

  1. Check out reviewmanify on Facebook and maybe youtube. This is another false flag.

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  2. His hands appear white in this screenshot. Maybe the lighting has something to do with it? And the hand in the far right picture looks a little darker than the picture on the left. Just my opinion.

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  3. Easy, he is not a dark skinned black man. There are thousands of light skinned (high yellow) I believe they call it, in the world. Take a look around you, I know many, I work with many and have several relatives (mixed) who are. Look at her face and arm and compare to his hand. I realize there are several false flags that have happened in the last few years and this may be one but this hand is not white.

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  4. He is a light skinned black man and probably has Caucasian blood line some where, just guessing but most all his pictures I have seen he is very light skinned.


      • “The ISIS videos” My boyfriend has watched several. In all they appear to be actual killings.

        “How did the shooter know where to find these two at 6:43 am?” Maybe the tv station offered a “tease” with an upcoming live report? Maybe he had some access to the station computers to know of their schedules?

        “The getaway, the rental car, the crash, the obligatory “manifesto” and the “I’m so crazy” video: If someone were to make sure everyone knew he was a shooter in this case, why would he try to get away? What’s the point?” Who knows? The killer was obviously not a rational person.

        If you click on “Here are eight stills from that video in sequence.” You are redirected to this: You are now leaving Before It’s News. We aren’t responsible for any content or security on this site you are about to visit, please visit carefully. Click to continue!
        And when I click on the above link (for all 8 video screen shots) I get this “The webpage cannot be found”.

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        • DCG,

          My understanding of those who say the ISIS beheading videos were staged is that they were filmed in front of a green screen, not that no one actually was killed. I haven’t looked into either the ISIS beheadings or the VA shootings, so I’m an agnostic on both. 😀

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        • Tonight on the news they said he lived, disturbingly, in a building only a block or so from the TV station. He stayed there even after he was fired. For months. The female victim was advised by co-workers not to move into that building because he was living there. His proximity to the station means that he could easily have stalked the reporters and followed them to locations. There’s a video floating around of him taken during a “road rage” incident where he followed someone and then confronted him when he got out of his car.

          I agree that his hands could very well appear whiter, if he’s light skinned and depending upon the light.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Perhaps the picture is taken under staged conditions and it is an effect of artificial lighting. I do know one thing for certain. That is in the picture depicting the gun firing, that is definitely not a real flash.

    Also, I did just minutes ago watched an interview of the reporter’s father, and he certainly did not display the sort of anger I would expect. If it were my daughter who had been murdered, my anger would be aimed in one direction. That would be at the killer. No way could I be distracted to the point of turning my anger and sorrow into a gun control event, and I would be anger all the more by those who would.

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  6. The incident was immediately used as reason for gun control. It took no time for the politicians and media to take the bait.

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  7. Dr. Eowyn,
    I would warn you against using Before Its News for conformation of anything.
    I have been reading your site for years now and feel that I must warn you about this site. I read that site and use it for entertainment only.
    I really enjoy Fellowship of The Minds and check it daily.
    Thank You for the work you do and the site you provide!!

    Hey, I’ve even won you Caption Contest a couple of times.
    Just thought I would throw that in to let you know how much I appreciate this site.

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    • Thanks, Bob, for the warning. I’m normally very wary of Before Its News because the site seems to specialize in really kooky sensational pieces. This article, however, seems to be written with some thought.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. They keep our “little engine that could” going! 😀


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