San Francisco goes down the toilet. Public health hazard!

San Francisco, the leftwing City by the Bay that’s ever so tolerant about the homeless, estimated to number 10,000, has a huge problem with people urinating and defecating in public, as attested to by the images below.

SF poop1SF poop

Nearly two years ago, the problem was already rampant. A citizen resident, Noah Sanders, warned that tourists are vowing not to return to San Francisco because of encounters with human turd. Sanders wrote:

“[T[he odor of piss and shit…permeats…our neigborhoods…. I have experienced days, even weeks, in a row when I’ve had to pull my eager dog away from steaming pancakes of human shit, or I’ve had to step over a sad, sick turd-smeared man passed out among sculpture-like piles of his own doo-doo mere feet from my doorway. However San Francisco’s poop problem isn’t confined to the streets of the Mission. Other neighborhoods ­– particularly SOMA, Mid-Market, and the Tenderloin ­– have a similar human-excrement predicament. Let’s face it: if you live in the city, regardless of location or class affiliation, you’ve probably had your own encounter with the aftermath of a public number-two.”

Recently, public peeing nearly caused a man’s death when a street light pole, its base corroded by age and urine, crashed down on the hood of his car, missing him by about a foot. Public Utilities Commission spokesman Tyrone Jue told SFGate, “We believe there was some contribution of dog or human urine on the base of the pole.”

Ever so tolerant, Jue advised the public urinators to pee instead in a public restroom or at a fire hydrant because, unlike the humble light pole, the fire hydrant is made of a stronger material — cast iron. (Daily Caller)

And what’s mayor Ed Lee‘s solution?

Brandon M. Mercer reports for the San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 26, 2o15:

San Francisco is known for its Golden Gate Bridge, world class cuisine, panoply of cultures, striking skyline, frigid fog, and homeless. More specifically, aggressive panhandling and homeless defecating and urinating in public. And sometimes doing even worse things….

Mayor Ed Lee announced this week that “the homeless must leave the street” for Super Bowl 50…. “We’ll give you an alternative…. We are always going to be supportive. But you are going to have to leave the street….

The idea is to house street campers either in the city’s new Navigation Center in the Mission District — where people can live while they are routed into housing, rehabilitation, employment and other services — or in an estimated 500 units of supportive housing the mayor hopes to have rehabbed and open by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, residents and tourists should arm themselves with Human Wasteland, an interactive map showing areas in San Francisco to avoid. The map is the clever creation of civil-engineer-turned-web-developer Jennifer Wong, who obtained her information of turd deposits from reports of encounters by the public to SF311, the City of San Francisco’s Street and Sidewalk Cleaning division.

↓Click map to enlarge↓

SF public defecation map

H/t FOTM’s maziel


38 responses to “San Francisco goes down the toilet. Public health hazard!

  1. They are not dumping, rather they want to get sodomized.


  2. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

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  3. They really bring the meaning of “going Organic” to a new level in frisco

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  4. See? PROOF that Frisco is the BEST place in the World to NEVER GO.

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  5. I went to San Francisco in 1981, and I was very impressed with how clean the City was—especially since New York was still a trasher’s paradise in those days. Years later, talk show host Michael Savage would criticize San Francisco as being a very dirty, litter-strewn city.
    Civilization and civility constitute a very thin VENEER. But that veneer is necessary to right living. We’re not talking about a man who, desperate, goes in an alley, at night, to urinate against a building when no other options are available. We’re talking about hygiene, sanitation and human dignity here—which seems to be in short supply with these cretins.
    And it was Roger Nash Baldwin, founder of the ACLU, who told 60 Minutes years ago, that we are under a moral obligation to take our enemy’s viewpoint because we would not be civilized if we did not. Baldwin—just as deaf, dumb and blind as fellow-founder Helen Keller—got it exactly backwards. And it is this urge, this compulsion that has turned liberalism into the SUICIDE PACT it is today. This is why liberalism takes all we have achieved for granted, and mocks it, belittles it, focuses on the target, isolates it, and personalizes the attack on it. Liberalism carries on the morally retarded moral imperative of Baldwin that we take our enemy’s side of the matter, and that we pay the price for that. It is the “transvaluation of all values” that Nietzsche called for. It is the tertiary stage of syphilis that destroyed his mind, translated into a moral imperative. And now that the veneer of civilization has been broached, what will people do about it? (Listen closely for the crickets).

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    • Liberalism carries on the morally retarded moral imperative of Baldwin that we take our enemy’s side of the matter

      How come liberals never take conservatives’ side of the matter? Aren’t we their enemies? But then, no one ever claimed liberalism makes sense!

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      • The typical liberal really enjoys the myth of his “moral superiority”!
        The moral superiority of the down-trodden.
        The moral superiority of the non-smoker.
        The moral superiority of the vegan.
        The moral superiority of the self-hating straight Christian white male.
        Andre Gide—no sterling gem, he—said something very true: “The entire problem of Nietzsche can be summed up in a single sentence: ‘He had an insane jealousy of Jesus Christ.'” I think that’s what’s behind it all. A so-called intellectual “needs” someone to look down on!


        • “The moral superiority of the self-hating straight Christian white male” and comments about Christ hardly fits in with your well founded other accusations.

          At the risk of sounding racist (I am not, but factual), it is white Christians (as evangelicals esp.) who are the most conservative religious demographic opposing the liberal ethos and its victim entitlement mentality. Which is from the devil (the first “occupy movement” – as if he was fit for God’s position, and “share the wealth” campaign, as if God was unjust for holding something back that He had: Is. 14; Gn. 3).

          Christ showed mercy to true victims, incld providing salvation which one could not merit, on His own expense, not others. And which is an incentive to betterment so they could help others, as commanded, and He taught abundantly of rewards for valid labor and of costly loss for indolence.

          Liberalism however, effectively denigrates mercy by teaching it is the right of the indolent and dishonest to have the same benefit attained by those who earned such, who “ran the race.” And who, like the devil insinuated of God, are made out to be the oppressors because they rightly have what must be merited.

          Which victim mentality the liberals, like Communists, use in order to present themselves as saviors, but whose motive is selfish, to the end that the masses are never lifted up, but oppressed, and worse than they were before, if they ever were.

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  6. San Francisco deserves this!

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  7. They are the turd world capital of America now

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  8. Just sayin’—I was on a Federal US History Teacher Grant, a study of San Francisco, 2 years ago and we visited/documented the oldest streets (they are now very narrow “walkways” through the older sections of downtown) and it ALL was urine- saturated…enough to almost cause “suffocation” by overwhelming stink: Made your eyes water…senses “smart” with assaulting odor. When we went to a heritage center in the Asian historic district….two punk skate-boarding pre-teens assaulted and harassed a homeless man in broad day-light in a park area outside our tour-focus-building—and TONS of visitor and local park “residents” looked on with passivity…..until our group surrounded the little punks and harassed them BACK and out of the area…We were just on the edge of being assaulted ourselves by these 2 wheezle 11 or 12-year-olds and/or summoning the police (would they have come to save us?).

    I can say I went to San Francisco ONCE…and I’ll never go back again. And then…let’s factor in the “Sanctuary City’ politics and recent executions of innocent citizens by a criminal illegal aliens and I can say, “HELL NO…I’ll NEVER visit San Francisco again!”

    I will loosely quote a wise Biblical “salutation” to San Francisco: “By your fruits you will be known.”

    Whatever reputation San Francisco has today…it has honestly earned.

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  9. What the San Fran leaders are avoiding is the tremendous health hazard this is. The amount of disease and parasites could be catastrophic. Even if the feces is picked up, parasite can still survive and if someone walking barefoot walks into the area with any kind of injury to the foot, they are leaving open room for disaster. We are talking multiple kinds of diseases and hepatitis.
    To ignore this is going on, is grounds for mismanagement and they should be removed from office for dereliction of duty.
    The last time I was there was early 90’s and it was very nice. I wouldn’t spend a dime to go there now.
    I am sure the leaders are fine with ignoring this embarrassment as long as it is NIMBY.

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    • You’re so right, Glenn47! This is and SHOULD BE a major public health issue. I’m just incredulous that the city hasn’t been sued for endangering public health and well being.

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      • That’s what I was wondering…why isn’t the Center for Disease Creation addressing this? Oh wait, it’s a govt org, they only try to force toxic metal laden vaccines on children and adults and don’t actually solve any real problems. Silly me.

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    • It’s the social do-gooders who brought over this tide of vile scum to our shores who should be locked up!


  10. Blue-Eyed Texan

    can I crap on SF too? Where do I sign up?

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  11. Oh great. Finally somebody gives a shit and people complain about that.

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  12. Downtown Denver is having a similar problem since the passage of legal pot which has attracted hordes of bums and vagrants. Particularly during the summer it reeks of urine.

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  13. I was in SF Monday. Not my choice. Saw a guy with a tattoo with a strike-mark through a cross (no Christianity allowed, I guess). Later, my ride out of town on BART was slowed because a guy had jumped in front of the train. Computers across the Golden Gate are routinely slowed by “jumpers”. The place has a creepy vibe. Not at all gay in the ’50’s sense of the word.

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  14. I can’t help but wonder who is voting “thumbs down” almost every comment speaking ill of Frisco. They must be STUPID to not see what the commenters are seeing. Face it-it’s so obvious “you can smell it before you can see it”.

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  15. Meanwhile on the other left coast they are using DNA testing to identify dog turds so they can fine the owners.

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  16. Liberalism at it’s best.

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  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. My first thought was about health issues being created in San Francisco, caused by the excrement and urine of people. The terrible bacteria and germs must affect the populace in San Francisco. This is absolutely horrific!

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