De Blasio criticized for going to gym while FDNY lieutenant was shot on Staten Island by crazed ex-con resisting arrest


NY Daily News: While all hell was breaking loose Friday on Staten Island, Mayor de Blasio was in Brooklyn working on his abs.

Instead of making a beeline for Mariner’s Harbor where a deranged ex-con wounded an FDNY lieutenant, torched his pad, and was keeping a small army of cops at bay, de Blasio spent 100 minutes at the YMCA on Ninth St. in Park Slope, City Hall confirmed. Then it was off to the nearby Colson Patisserie, presumably for his usual post-workout espresso, witnesses said.

They mayor denied that account. Asked later why he didn’t ditch the workout and go straight to Staten Island, a clearly peeved de Blasio snapped at a reporter. “We’re briefing you on a serious situation,” he said. “That’s not a serious question.” Team de Blasio continued doing damage control after the mayor left.

“Today a fireman could have lost his life,” spokeswoman Karen Hinton tweeted at 3:33 p.m. “Police officers as well. They did their jobs to protect Staten Island. That’s a news story.”

But Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said de Blasio should not have been fiddling around in Brooklyn while a building in Staten Island was burning and a maniac was shooting at police officers. “Even the Emperor Nero attempted to put the fire out in Rome,” Mullins said. “If true, I am once again saddened for all New Yorkers as to the lack of leadership from City Hall. Hopefully much like the ashes of Rome, a more spectacular New York City will rise again.”

Hinton insisted de Blasio was on top of the fast-moving situation and in regular contact with Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro. “The mayor spoke to fire and police commissioners during this time” at the gym, she said. Starting at 7 a.m., Hinton said, “he continued receiving multiple updates until he departed for Staten Island. This includes leaving the gym to make and take a series of calls from approximately 10:40 to 11:15, when he departed for Staten Island.”

Hinton said de Blasio was at the gym from 9 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. But when de Blasio left, it was out through a back door to avoid the cameras out front, NY1 reported.

A worker at Colson confirmed that de Blasio made a quick pit stop at his favorite coffee spot before heading to Staten Island and that her boss handled his order. De Blasio is “a wonderful and loyal customer and we respect his privacy,” another worker said.

The mayor arrived at the Staten Island hospital where the wounded fire Lt. James Hayes was being treated shortly before noon – more than five hours after Garland Tyree barricaded himself inside his pad and started shooting.

De Blasio was supposed to hold a press conference at 1:30 p.m. And, of course, it was late. The presser did not start until 2:32 p.m.  City Hall officials said the delayed start time was due to police continuing to gather information.

Chirlane McCray

Chirlane McCray

The mayor’s slow-motion response to a fast-moving situation came a day after City Hall was embarrassed by revelations that First Lady Chirlane McCray bailed out of jury duty by telling the judge she was too busy to do her civic duty.

This, however, was not de Blasio’s first self-inflicted wound. De Blasio has undermined himself repeatedly with his chronic lateness, the most egregious example of which resulted in his missing the moment of silence at a Flight 587 memorial in Queens – and outraging relatives of the victims.

The mayor was also criticized for his decision to call the NYPD after a political supporter, Bishop Orlando Findlayter, was arrested for outstanding warrants.

Finally, de Blasio’s decision to give the Rev. Al Sharpton equal footing in a police-community round table with Bratton infuriated police officers and fueled the fury that resulted in cops turning their backs on him at the funerals of two slain officers in December.



6 responses to “De Blasio criticized for going to gym while FDNY lieutenant was shot on Staten Island by crazed ex-con resisting arrest

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    it is a little unrealistic to expect the mayor of a large city to come running into the middle of situation just to show his face, (which is all it would amount to) and interfere in the efforts of the supposed experts whose duty it is to handle such situation.

    After all what does a politician know of crime on the streets, or the needs of the people. They are more concerned with their position above the everyday lives of the common, depriving the people of ways of defending themselves from each other, and more importantly, defending themselves from government totalitarianism.


    • He could have at least appeared and showed some compassion. mayor Rudy was always a hands on mayor. New York needs him back. This nut will destroy a once fine city.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it is fair to conclude that de Blazio is a dope and his wife is also a dopey princess who is to busy to do her civic duty. Let’s just hope that there are enough “intelligent” people in New York City to kick this clown to the curb in the net election.


  3. what an egomaniac nutjob! any who votes for him are the same…


  4. Warren Wilhelm, whom I shall henceforth call “Kaiser Wilhelm,” is an absolutely self-absorbed moral imbecile who has no vision for himself, let alone a large city. What if, GOD FORBID, a major Act of War is unleashed upon New York?
    But that’s New York for you, in a way: With the exception of Rudy Guiliani (who was not perfect), election after election, New Yorkers always vote for the worst possible candidate!
    Hopefully Kaiser Wilhelm—the white Dinkins—will be “one and done.” But in 2017, another convenient idiot will be there to take his place. You can bet on it. And we will go back to the days of the 1970s, the Summer of Sam, rising tolls and bus fares, less parking spaces, etc., etc.
    So New Yorkers must ask themselves: Who REALLY runs this town? And what can be done to block the libtard voting bloc? God knows the conservatives have been of no help!


  5. Hope we see this again soon…


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