Dementia is hitting younger people and is more deadly

Dementia, also known as senility, is a broad category of brain diseases that cause a long term decrease in the ability to think, remember, and speak. such that a person’s daily functioning is affected. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease which makes up 50% to 70% of cases. Other common types include vascular dementia (25%), Lewy body dementia (15%), and frontotemporal dementia.


Daniela Deane reports for The Washington Post, Aug. 6, 2015, that a new 21-countries study finds that people across the world are developing dementia a decade earlier than 20 years ago. 

The study, published in the Surgical Neurology International journal, compared 21 Western countries between the years 1989 and 2010, and found that the disease is now being regularly diagnosed in people in their late 40s and that death rates are soaring.

The study found that deaths caused by neurological disease had risen significantly in adults aged 55 to 74, virtually doubling in the over-75s:

  • Dementias accounted for some 60% of the increase in deaths.
  • The remaining 40% were other neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease.

The problem is particularly acute in the United States, where neurological deaths in men aged over 75 have nearly tripled and in women increased more than fivefold, the leader of the study, Colin Pritchard from Bournemouth University, told the London Times.

Pritchard said the sharp increase in death rates from dementia-related diseases cannot simply be blamed on an aging population or stepped-up diagnosis: “The rate of increase in such a short time suggested a silent or even a hidden epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just aging.” No single factor is to blame, but instead a combination of environmental factors such as pollution from aircraft and cars, as well as widespread use of pesticides could be the culprit. “The environmental changes in the last 20 years have seen increases in the human environment of petro-chemicals — air transport, quadrupling of motor vehicles, insecticides and rises in background electro-magnetic field, and so on,” Pritchard said.

Other experts quoted by the Times were skeptical about the causes for the increase:

  • Tom Dening, professor of dementia research at the University of Nottingham, said that falling death rates for cancer and heart disease could account for the spike in deaths from neurological disease since people “had to die of something.” [That sure makes a lot of sense. Not!]
  • Dr. Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer’s Reserach UK, said,  told the paper. ““We can’t conclude that modern life is causing these conditions at a younger age. We know that Alzheimer’s and other dementias can have a complex interplay of risk factors.”

Pritchard warned, however, that it was “time for us to wake up and realize that a major problem we now face is unprecedented levels of neurological disease, not just the early dementias.”

The increase in early-onset dementia has implications for both the patients, their families, and health care costs.

An article on diagnosing early onset dementia (EOD) in the International Journal of General Medicine points out that:

EOD poses a real problem to the patient, their family members and caregivers, doctors, health services, and residential programs. The challenges faced include difficulty in making the diagnosis, the impact of the diagnosis on family members and children (as EOD patients may still have younger offspring), employment, family and personal finances, and quality of life. […] as early dementia affects patients who are still at an active age and vibrant in their social circles; the financial, health, wellbeing, social structure, and family losses create chaos in the family; wreak havoc in marital dynamics; and bring major uncertainties in terms of unemployment, financial issues, and long-term health care.

By the way, a new study says obesity can increase your chances of getting Azheimer’s. I’ve hesitated to post this because of the hissy fit thrown by a reader at the last post I did on obesity.

new Iowa State University study found that obesity, or more specifically the insulin resistance that is common in those who are overweight, is strongly associated with memory loss and increases a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Past research already indicates that obesity also increases your risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks & strokes) and some cancers.

In addition to dementia, strokes also seem to be becoming more common among younger people. Experts think the increase may be due to a rise in risk factors such as diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol.

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34 responses to “Dementia is hitting younger people and is more deadly

  1. Big Pharma-Monsanto–Geo-Engineering- beginning with”Operation Paperclip” the three main chemicals coming from aerial spraying-aluminum,barium,strontium-now documented proof-study @ another good article to diabetes-@ 7-16-15 “Corn-ered:America’s Native Crop almost impossible to avoid at supermarket-corn in every product in Supermarket! Our entire diet colonized by this one plant! Monsanto/Syngenta- the famous eugenist Bill gates helping fund monsanto and chemtrails. Who knows exactly what they are releasing into the air. This guy needs removed from our planet,along with soros,rothschilds,bush clinton little o and company-the phony pope also,he is set to announce the nwo- here soon.(note the u.S. navy is in on the spraying as well) ps-young and old alike-if they have installed smartmeters on your house-make your utility co remove it immediately! health hazards-heart,respiratory ect…..

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    • And they lie and swear Monsanto is safe. There is a lot of evidence that dispute their lies.
      A few years back we watched the documentary, Netflix at the time, called The Future of Food. It explains it well along with how they want control of every seed in the world.
      What is happening to farmers in India committing suicide is sad. Monsanto has backed them into a corner and forcing them into bankruptcy.
      A must watch doc. Dr. Mercola has written extensively on this also and all the dieases it causes.

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      • The Future of Food is an excellent DVD and I agree, Monsanto is evil and is causing death, disease, and ill-health across the globe. They have our government in their back pocket and use our govt to bully other countries into using their chemicals and GMO products.


    • yep, aluminum, a neurotoxin, in chemtrails (that we breathe and land on our crops), used to cook and store food and beverages (we ingest it), in lotions and anti-perspirants (our skin is our biggest organ), on flooring to make it scratch-resistant (we inhale residual and ingest after touching), in vaccinations as an adjuvant (injected)…and a bunch of other places. Interestingly enough, there is a direct link between the neurotoxin aluminum and Alzheimers…

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      • MomOfIV:

        There’s so much controversy surrounding whether aluminum is implicated in Azheimer’s. But here’s a recent study that there is a link. From Science Daily, Feb. 12, 2014:

        Research at Keele University in Staffordshire, UK, has shown for the first time that an individual who was exposed to aluminum at work and died of Alzheimer’s disease had high levels of aluminum in the brain. While aluminum is a known neurotoxin and occupational exposure to aluminum has been implicated in neurological disease, including Alzheimer’s disease, this finding is believed to be the first record of a direct link between Alzheimer’s disease and elevated brain aluminum following occupational exposure to the metal.


  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. The results of the studies are frightening.

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  3. I’m fat, and I promise not to throw a hissy fit.

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  4. Dr. I am so glad you covered this subject. After my grandmother pass from this horrible disease, I realized, no human should ever have to suffer like this.
    She was always a very active and fit person. The sudden onset stunned the whole family. By 65 she was 80 % lost to us. Due to wonderful private care taking, she lived another 11 years, but the quality was very low.
    I always wondered about aluminum in her brain. For years, she worked with aluminum parts for pay phones.
    Again, great information and thank you.

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  5. I was just thinking, as I looked at the two images of brains, about what the brains (if any) of Obama, Kerry, the Clintons, Harry Reid, DWS, and all the others might look like.
    The image of a shriveled up, black peanut came to mind.


  6. Thank you for sounding the alarm, Dr. Eowyn,

    I’ve been cutting sugar out of my diet more and more the past year. Sugar’s many ways to sneak into our food choices make it very hard to remove. It has been tied to inflammation of the blood (heart disease), inflammation of the joints (arthritis), and inflammation of the brain (dementia).

    But sugar is just one thing. This is a complicated problem that won’t be solved with just one answer.

    PS: My arthritic hands no longer hurt!

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    • Thank you, TD, for the warning and reminder about sugar. It is very very bad for us, esp. refined sugar in processed food.

      I’m so glad your hands no longer hurt ’cause you need them to make your beautiful art! 😀


  7. I don’t agree with the “overweight” charts for a couple of reasons…….1.They are promoted by the New World Order people, like Mrs.Obama, and……….2. I have a mom that had 3 sisters; one of the sisters was very “overweight” and the rest were thin. The heavy one just died at 91, after being healthy her whole life. One of the thin sisters died of cancer at the age of 53. And it’s the same story on my dad’s side of the family…..the heavy sister is having a healthy life in her 80’s, the rest are long dead (including my super-fit dad, who died from cancer at the age of 49.) I am basically “fat” and healthy, and drive my “perfect weight” in-laws nuts……they keep telling me how “unhealthy” I am, while they pop every pill they can get from the doctor for all of their ailments. By the way, I LOVE to laugh, I appreciate the life God gave me, and I know that the Bible doesn’t have a weight chart. God DOES want us to show “moderation in all things”.

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    • robin,

      Weight charts and scientific findings on the health dangers of obesity are GENERALIZATIONS — cautionary statistics that behoove our attention. There can be individual exceptions. Certainly, being thin or not overweight is no guarantee that one is healthy. Good health depends on many factors: genes (inheritance), weight, exercise, diet, lifestyle. I’m glad for you that you are overweight but healthy.


      • Yes, there are so many “individual exceptions” to the “weight charts and scientific findings”, that, WHY USE THEM AT ALL? Because the NWO is going to use them to control the masses… A couple of the stories I’ve heard from people just in the past few months include a truck-driver that can’t drive anymore because his “BMI” isn’t within their made-up limits, and a women whose age sent her from a personal healthcare insurance to government healthcare and now can’t get a 2nd surgery done because she is “too heavy” (also based on some made-up random chart.)


  8. Don’t use aspartame in any way, shape or form.

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  9. And remember: Thug Culture is there every step of the way to aid the Cause. RAP = CRAP!


  10. This may be partially due to the polio vax .


  11. Leeann Springer

    I do several things to try and halt senility, Alzheimer, and Organic Brain Syndrome. I exercise on a stepper, eat healthy foods, plant non-hybrid seeds, and refrain from using insecticides. My cattle graze from pastures that are poison-free and no hormones are ever pumped into their bodies. My chickens are free-range and eat healthy corn feed. Living simple, eating healthy, and living low-key, in my opinion, are life extenders. I do math problems at least 4 times a week, usually for 1 to 2 hour sessions. Performing mental calculations exercises the brain. Many people doubt it when I say that algebra is fun. I stay away from fast-food and junk food. I use all cast iron and stainless steel cookware. Prayer is a big part of my life. My style of living may not prevent mental frailness or Alzheimer; but it may delay the possibilities. My dear late uncle, died at age 90. His mind was sharp as a tack and his wit and humor never stopped. He was a fabulous historian. His complaint was not being able to play the violin anymore because he had arthritis. He lived a very simple life, even though he could have lived “higher on the hog” so to speak. He was always pleasant and spoke well of others. We had good discussions during his time on earth. He felt that children needed to play outdoors and not play videogames. He said the earth was being poisoned by those with no respect for it. More people today seem depressed also, which probably short circuits mentality and maybe brings on other mental frailties. He also said one of the most damaging poisons to the earth and people, was petro-chemicals; and he had a suspicious nature when seeing chem-trails. I have also noticed that people who smoke a lot seem to have foggy memories. Another area of concern that some may not be aware, is to test your dishes and cups for lead. There are “lead sticks” that can be purchased to detect for lead. A lot of clothing with bright and deep colors, often has lead in it to set the dyes and can be absorbed by the skin. Lead and mercury can cause serious brain damage and neurological problems. Well, thank you Dr. Eowyn, for allowing me to ramble on with my thoughts………Leeann

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    • Performing mental calculations exercises the brain.

      New study finds that intellectual pursuits can also buffer us from drug addiction by rewiring the brain’s reward system.


    • Thanks for rambling Leeann! The most SIMPLE explanation is the correct explanation (is that something like “Okhams’ Razor?”)….so, I, like you …believe in very easy ways of living to try & ward off disasters brought upon us by yet unknown modern circumstances: I do a math puzzle and a word puzzle first thing in the AM each day! I use glass containers for leftovers & even to pack my lunch items (fr used, cleaned, recycled bottles/jars fr other store-bought products—I save most & have distributed them to others for the same uses….). A dear friend surmised openly to me maybe 30 yrs ago that maybe a rise in cancer was connected to a rise in the use of “newer” things in our culture…like plastics…I don’t know if this is so…but I DO KNOW I don’t really NEED to use them if I recycle things I already HAVE…& no one ever connected the use of glass to cancer or other ills…unless it contained lead…& even then…the contents of that kind of glass had to contain certain corrosive materials….this is OLD news…well-taken…& today’s commercial pickle jar…for instance…can NOT contain lead…so, I clean/ reuse…And, besides …be truthful—do you want to make sun tea or drink your iced tea out of plastic—or glass? How about your tomato soup at lunch…glass or plastic in the micro? I keep chickens for my eggs…I don’t deworm or treat their health in any way w/chemicals or antibiotics. I “worm” & de-mite them w/diatomaceous earth. I rid my tomato/other garden plants of pests the same way…w/powder of food-grade diatomaceous earth (which is decomposed shells of pre-historic sea creatures……when pests, like present-day mites, aphids, intestinal worms ….encounter/ingest this, they die a death of a thousand cuts—it’s like eating glass…..NO POISONS NEEDED..AND—it does NOT affect people…in fact, if you have worms…you can eat it, too, to good effect!!!! 🙂 ) I do a hundred other “no brainer” EASY things that negate the use of modern anti-biotics or chemicals (maybe b/c I was raised by religiously conservative sects of farm people) …..not just b/c they might be “bad” for us…but even that they just are NOT NEEDED, are a pain in the butt to go acquire (go to a Dr or vet or whatever….and costly compared to an easier, less costly, less damaging solution). My brother once had a cat with mange of year’s duration. They’d vetted it, tested it, medicated it in dozens of (costly) ways over maybe 3-4 yrs…& yet the cat suffered & they could not “cuddle” or love it…it was a BAD situation. In desperation one night my brother seized the cat out of a carrier-cage where it spent most of it’s time/life (due to the affliction) & greased it all over with Crisco….feeling that he MIGHT suffocate the mite that was causing the year’s-long misery that anti-biotics & insecticides & “whatever” was NOT curing. (Consider—if you can “smother” the mite, you don’t NEED a chemical or anti-biotic for the host….just GREASE will do it!!!). Bingo!!!! The poor afflicted cat was “cured” almost overnight!!!!! After years of the cat & family suffering!!!! NO poison insecticides…no antibiotics ….JUST CRISCO! BTW…yrs later…the CDC came out w/a pronouncement that you can grease up your head w/Crisco if you have lice—-& rid yourself of the pests without using pesticides on your skin/head……

      Like Leeann….I could go on about this subject…..not just b/c I’d like to live more simply…but b/c I do not TRUST or BELIEVE 100% in what others would like to “sell ” us these days….the simplest “solution” or simplest way of life is often the most healthy…for sure…it cuts out the chances that you are buying what others are selling JUST B/C of passing fancy or passing chance to make a big cash haul……

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  13. Leeann Springer

    CalGirl: Thank you for the helpful tips and also advocating for simple living. The “diatomaceous earth” sounds very interesting and I’m going to try it. You live an “earth friendly” life and that is good! Being resourceful and taking natural approaches is wise. I don’t cook in a microwave, because I’ve never been convinced that it is safe. Dr. Eown; the article on intellectual pursuits/brain conditioning is very informative. The mice experiments, mirror what is happening to many humans in this world. I’m glad to know that mental calculations, really do exercise the brain. That explains why I like to do them. Leeann


  14. Pritchard warned, however, that it was “time for us to wake up and realize that a major problem we now face is unprecedented levels of neurological disease, not just the early dementias.


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