The Devil is transgender

About 5 months ago, I asked in a post when and how transgenders became all the rage in America:

Something is going on to which the American people are not privy.

Every evidence we have is that those who identify themselves as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) comprise no more than 5% of the U.S. population.…which means transgenders must be less than 1% of the U.S. population. And yet, if we go by the pervasive news about transgenders and the relentless drumbeat for “transgender rights” by every institution of the Left — by the media, pop culture, academia, and the Obama administration — you would think every other person you meet is a transgender….

The simple truth is that a person’s sex or gender is determined by our DNA, specifically, chromosomes: females have XX chromosomes; males have XY chromosomes. That means no amount of surgical mutilation and hormone “therapy” can actually transform a man into a woman by creating an ovary, uterus or milk-producing breasts; nor can surgery transform a woman into a man by creating sperm, testicles, and a real penis. Those are determined by birth — by our chromosomal DNA. (See “A transsexual regrets his ‘gender-reassignment’ surgery“)

That is why psychiatrist Joseph Berger, M.D. says from a medical and scientific perspective, there is no such thing as a transgendered person.

Paul R. McHugh, M.D., former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, agrees. According to Dr. McHugh, “transgenders” are people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically, much like other body dysmorphic disorders, such as anorexia. The difference, of course, is that body parts like penises, testicles, and breasts are not amputated in an effort to “cure” other assumption disorders.

And yet a year ago, Time magazine’s cover of June 9, 2014 proclaimed that we’re at a “Transgender Tipping Point: America’s Next Civil Rights Frontier.”

Time transgender cover

With the benefit of hindsight, we now know Time was exactly right about the tipping point. In the span of a mere year, U.S. media and pop culture have not just succumbed but fully embraced the scientifically-fictitious transgenderism:

  • Bruce Jenner, who got breast implants but still has male chromosomes and genitalia, is now referred to by the feminine pronouns “she” and “her”.
  • The Pentagon will begin admitting “transgenders” into the military and taxpayers will pay for their gender-reassignment body mutilation surgery.
  • Applicants to the formerly serious institutions of higher learning, the University of California system, are asked to choose among six (!) genders.

We are in Alice’s Through-the-Looking-Glass land where up is down, and down is up, and sane people find themselves in a country gone stark raving mad.

I’ve puzzled about this, especially the dizzying speed of the change in American culture and attitudes. Then came that proverbial light bulb of illumination.

In a July 27, 2015 essay in Patheos, Fr. Dwight Longenecker draws our attention to the Baphomet, a well-known pictorial representation of the devil as androgynous, both male and female, or in today’s parlance, a transgender.


Fr. Longenecker describes the Baphomet:

Rising from his lap is the pagan Caduceus–the rod with two serpents entwined that the pagan god Mercury carries. According to Satanic lore, this is a phallic symbol with the earth powers of the serpent intertwined.

The winged goat headed figure not only has male genitalia, but breasts.

Furthermore, when you look closely you’ll see that the beast has two arms–one male and one female.

On the arms are the Latin words “Solve” and “Coagula”. These mean “Separate” and “Come Together”. These are occult words for the task of the alchemist who takes what is integrated and natural–breaks it and then puts it back together in a new (and perverted) way.

This is precisely what Satan is doing at this time with human sexuality. Through feminism, homosexualism, trans genderism, gender confusion and “identifying” as whatever gender a person wants, the distinctions between male and female are being broken and put back together however it is desired.

The celebration of “Caitlyn” Jenner–indeed the enforced celebration and constant publicity about this “transitioning” is a visual illustration of what is going on.

I will say what Fr. Longenecker hints at and implies: Satanism explains America’s rapid acceptance of transgenders. Indeed, Christ called the Devil “the father of all lies”, and we have been warned by St. Paul (2 Timothy 3:1-4, 12-13):

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God . . . and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

The Devil is transgender

See also “The dark side of the push for transgenderism: Sex with she-males” and “Detroit goes to the devil“.


60 responses to “The Devil is transgender

  1. Wow! To think that there are that many people who worship the devil in this country in order for that change to be made so quickly. Oh Lord Oh Lord have mercy on us!

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  2. I for one have become overwhelmed by the horrific on-going news stories about Bruce Jenner. It’s every day, almost hourly–when he did, what he wore, where he went, who he went with. Please give it a rest! I for one don’t care. When I see him in heels and a mini-skirt, it is not a pretty sight, he is left with very masculine, lean, angular legs–not the soft and rounded legs of a woman. When I hear him speak, his voice belies the fact that he is dressed in the trappings of a woman. Why would any of us want to traipse around in get-ups that are not flattering to our natural gender. That’s fine that he wants to do this–but give us a break, we don’t need to be inundated by every change of clothing, each new change of nail polish, each new hair do. Do you get the picture–I am just worn out by this whole affair. I do not wish Bruce any ill will, I just don’t want this continued parade on the news!

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  3. Sorry, I guess I ranted and raved so much I missed the whole point of this most excellent article. Yes, I do feel that this is a Satan inspired movement to confuse and frustrate the children of God.

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  4. …and the more confused the kids are,the easier it is to gain control of their minds and souls.

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    • Just part of the Commies goals for America.

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    • homosexuality has become so alarming. the bible is totally against it and i’ve found insights (or ‘truths” for me). this is a clear sign the world’s morals are deteriorating and i fear for my children. to better understand, we need to get better equipped with shielding (if not battling) ourselves and our loved ones from the eternal consequences of this gravest of sins. most of humanity has succumbed to the devil’s schemes that it even accepts and tolerates (worse, supports) this blasphemy. how sad.

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  5. hense earlier grade sex education classes …. excuse me sex preversion classes to make more of the same in a few years time and then more …. all to erode families separate and divide us turn more from God and the media is doing there part funny how they were able to predict this one year before like the masters had it planned many years ago. I met a guy a few years back he had back yard meetings for stuff going on in the world for about 20 ppl … he lost his house, his girlfriend and daughters but I didn’t know why we were not close only aquaintances. I heard him on one of his internet shows say he was living in a tent and needed a place to stay … I had room for keith so I told him to come here as it was late Oct and getting cold out and no one else offered. He showed up wearing a dress with his girly belongings and his pc for his internet shows …. shocked but being a good hearted person I did not turn him away. He shared his story of man rape when he was a boy in Ireland but even before this he said he always felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body. He was coming out in the months I hadn’t seen him. No wonder he lost all his friends. He was here for 14 months doing his internet radio shows and research living off a few donations and my charity. He wanted me to call him Kate so I did and he tried to get me to have sex with him ….. make me barf and told him I’m not interested leave me alone after about 6 to 8 suttle suggestive hints. He is not attractive but thinks he is, super sized ego which I don’t care for ppl like that and he was so rude to ppl on his show and had many followers from around the world they slowly started to decrease and he chased more ppl away then listened. He could not she his inflated ego and his arrogance believing he was so enlighten even calling himself a god we are all god’s GAWD what a total jerk … I stopped listening to Kate of Gaia (he is on youtube and and Judge Bows to Sovereign video on you tube this is the time I knew him and he dressed as a man hiding the I wanna be a woman inside from everyone. The more I saw this arrogent guy in a dress in my house the more I really didn’t want to have him freeload on my dime. He was mad I stopped listening to the show and started going out of town to listeners homes to help with court issues etc and I guess bad mouth me and it worked the next victims believed what he told thaem about me and the took him in ….. hahahaha it didn’t take long for them to realize how aweful and arrogent he is so he stayed a month or two and moved on. I see the parraell with keith/kate of gaia and bruce jenner … and the controlled media will ramm this so far down our throats till it comes out our asses … this is what we are being fed as entertainment, horse feathers. no fan of the kardashians, or bruce jenner but he has many fans in the LGBT community. So glad keith left pissed off, I know he won’t be back. Not sure why I shared that I guess cause he is the only tranny I’ve met and sorry I don’t like the new reinvented you.


    • Thank you for sharing your story. The last office I worked in had a transgender (a jesse went to jessica) as the IT person. What little contact I had with this person was cordial and professional. Now that I am retired I am not faced with this crowd, although there are two sodomite couples in our small town. They do not flaunt it. For me, information is knowledge, and the more we know the better able we are to discern who we are dealing with and can avoid them. The joys of being retired, you get to select your friends, acquaintances and can pick and choose with whom you do business.

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  6. Dr. Eowyn the picture and description says a lot about transgenders or at least the one I know I will share with a few of keiths ex friends

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  7. I always believed a doctor told immediately by a persons sexual organs whether he was male or female. I’m thinking now that if gender is by hormones,it’ll tKe a while after a baby is born to test his hormones to be certain. Bruce Jenner should pose nude for playboy or make pornography movies so we can see how perverts like him have sexual relations as we wl now have classes on transgender s taught in our s hoops to be sure the one worlders pervert as many more young to the homosexual lifestyle as possible. I wonder how many men this pervert Bruce Jenner turned on sexually with his female person a?


  8. Democrats worshipping their god in Detriot…

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  9. Dr. Eowyn,

    This sort of malarkey has been in the making quite a long time, as you already know it was the satanist/occultist alphonse louis constant/”elphas levi” who first constructed the blasphemy image of “baphomet”. However “trans” creatures were found in old pagan religions as well… at least one tribe in africa circumsizes men and cuts bits off of women because they were deceived into thinking that a hermaphroditic progenator of humans caused “gender pollution”, or so I have read. If one looked back in mythology, one finds that the phrygians had a variant legend of some demi-deity that was both genders and was, per the greek retelling, castrated to turn it into the phrygian deity cybele, it’s severed male bits later impregnated (indirectly) a nymph who gave birth to the male attis, who, disgustingly enough, became the object of incestuous affection of the previously mentioned cybele (attis effectively being it’s “son”.) “she” then forced him to castrate himself, etc. (Christian folk will recognize the name “tammuz”, which is supposedly another name the deity of attis went by.) This demonstrates the devil has been pushing this kind of crazy, likely since the beginning of mankind’s time… the “modern” movement though, may require a bit more digging to find the proponents of. (Although I know that hermaphroditism/transgenderism had been present for a while in the majority furry fandom in the mid 90’s.)

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    • Thank you, Seumas, for the history. The dizzying speed at which trans genderism is promoted and accepted by Americans is, however, unprecedented in history.

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    • Please do pardon my mistake by the way, I should have said that tammuz is believed by some to be associated with attis, not that they are the exact same deity. (Their myths do share some elements, as do the myths of adonis, etc. but whether they are all stemming from one source has yet to be established.)

      Suffice it to say all this “acceptance” must have stemmed from indoctrination, and I do suspect the modern problem to have taken off in the 1960’s… although curiously enough many of the vileness that was pushed in the 60’s was also pushed in and around the 1800’s. (Mary shelley whose claim to fame is the writing of frankenstein was a proponent & practitioner of “free love” as was her husband, and as one might imagine, that did not work out well for either of them.) Heres hoping todays Generation will get sick of the bombardment of all this propaganda and start utilizing that inclination to rebel, for rebelling against these perversions.

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  10. I *Sigh too much these days. Amerika The Lost.

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  11. Within DAYS of Barrack Hussein Obama’s Oath of Office (in fact, immediately—upon him leaving the Inaugural Parade/seating & going into the White House & signing whatever he did to close his personal records from the world forever) I felt the panic of the “trapped.” I felt like I went to bed in one world & woke up the next in another—a “nether world” so bizarre, cruel, as to be a fictional tome so outrageously odd as to NOT be believed or expected….and YET….it keeps coming over us in waves: same-sex “marriage,” gay “boyscout leaders,” trading sexual body parts surgically, selling aborted baby organs, snipping the spines of born-alive aborted babies—or as Obama prefers—putting the alive aborted baby into a closet until it dies from the violence of abortion & the ensuing neglect (so as to protect the mother’s right to abortion….), IRS used as an arm of the Executive to punish political “enemies,” Fast and Furious arms schemes meant to promote Obama’s trumped-up assault on the 2nd ammendment, resulting in the death of Amerian ranchers & American border patrols & then covered-up—–and the Benghazi coverup (you KNOW where the “stand down” order came from—-only ONE person is “commander -in-chief ” of the armed forces……)….and, we’ve not even discussed the bazillion-page unread Obamacare bill cooked up by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, and Obama, et al…..with death panels, watered-down socialized health services, & huge deductables, kicking aged people off their previous health care in the middle of life-saving treatments (b/c their insurance doesn’t contain birth control pills or pregnancy care or, whatever)….I’m sure I’m missing some things….. like killing the oil pipeline that could, conceivably let Middle Eatern terrorist states die on the vine–and then, the recent Iran “treaty,” b/c we have NO “leaverage” in the Middle East anymore, the abandonment of our ally, Israel, the Beau Bergdahl trade: and I expect Obama, with his phone and pen, to not only CLOSE Guantanamo…BUT to summarily, unilaterally turn it back to the Communist Cuban Dictatorship….90 miles from our borders… about the trade imbalance with China, et al & the bogus car co. bailouts (hey Chysler people…how glad are you that Obama saved Chrysler instead of some other MORE DESERVING manufacturing companies? Talk to me after they buy your defective vehicle back……) OMG and I’ve NOT even touched on the border crisis or the bus loads of illegals on the BIG WHITE OBAMA buses that were dumped off yet again in our very SMALL southern CA village that I saw with my OWN EYES this past week (my husband also saw in this same-time frame what was probably a Homeland Security CHECK at the COSTCO for over $37,000 for this “little batch of illegal people”—clothing, personal hygiene goods…coats, shoes…snacks…..THIS WAS JUST ONE of the white Fed buses.)…..I think I can’t go on…’s nauseating…..

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    • I have stumbled across this very late, but I have to mention that I don’t believe a single one of your references has anything to do with executive responsibilities found in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Federalist Papers.


    • If anyone fitted the image of the Antichrist, it definitely was Obama. Kind of made me feel disappointed that he wasn’t.


    • Yep, imagine being a gay communist married to a gorilla-like transvestite. Imagine that your whole family raised you on hatred for this country and for European countries adherence to Western values.

      Suddenly, they give you the keys to the treasury. You can stuff every open position with reprobates that you’ve known for years. Hell, you can even create a few more. When you run out of those you can contract your friends.

      Nobody will say anything because you’re “black” (well, sort of). You will then proceed to rule the country undemocratically. You will pick up that NWO ball and run down field with it. After all, you’ve gotta pay back all those favors.

      So now we witness the total collapse. We get to see the traitorous sycophants on our payroll for what and who they are. They are hoping that all the conditioning holds long enough for them to escape.

      Looking back over history, I don’t recognize another era or place with a rogue’s gallery to match this one. There’s been a lot of pain and dirty deeds done cheap, but there have been limits.

      What we’re witnessing now is that final rush to get their plan in place before the sleepers awake. They have well and truly bet the farm that they’ll succeed.


  12. The Longshoreman Philosopher, Eric Hoffer, in his book “The True Believer,” says that “all followers of mass movements live out the biographies of their founders.” Well, we’ve been living in the Age of Nihilism for quite a while now, and people are living out Nietzsche’s nihilism of “the transvaluation of all values.” It’s called the “Law” of inversion or reversal.
    What started out with trifling little oddities and curiosities has gained enough momentum to reach this point. We are being primed for the Great Deception or Delusion. Once the transgender fallacy takes hold, real men and women will be shamed for their very identities. It is a sort of mass hypnotism. What has started now has people either in a state of apathy or disgust. Soon, with the enforcement arm of political correctness, those who are apathetic will remain so; While those who remain disgusted will be pressured to remain silent.
    We’ve seen this before. Yeats wrote in “The Second Coming”: “The best lack all conviction, and the worst are filled with a passionate intensity.”

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  13. We have cleaned the air, but polluted the soul.

    Dr. Bob Moorehead

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  14. This, ongoing, attack on healthy sexuality, & the biological family in America, did not just come about by accident, but rather it was brought about by a deliberate & ongoing campaign on the part of the news & entertainment media,.& this attack began with the feminist & abortion movements.
    And, it just so happens that both the news & entertainment media are under total Zionist control,.

    So,..might it be a fair question, for me, to ask,..’WHAT, exactly, is the, ultimate, PURPOSE of the Zionist agenda in these matters ,.?

    As if I didn’t know,..


  15. I’ve been thinking, all of this egregious evil going on in this country, perpetrated by this administration, the media and the liberal progressives is so obvious and in your face, could this all be one big distraction from something even bigger and darker? Are we being manipulated to become used to all this and see it as “normal?” Is the sudden worship of transgenderism, all the false flag shootings i.e. Sandy Hook, Boston etc.
    the whole made-up issue with the confederate flag and so many more insults too numerous to mention, a great big “hey! look over there!” distraction?
    Perhaps to keep us from thinking too much about our freedoms being taken away, the surveillance state, the destruction of the family, eugenics through Planned Parenthood, Agenda 21 and forced vaccinations.
    Do you think it’s a coincidence that the media is freaking out about a lion being killed just as Planned Parenthood is being exposed? Maybe all of this that vexes the good people is to keep them off the scent of something even worse. I find this hard to express clearly. Any thoughts?

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    • I would agree with you DB. Yes, it is very hard to put into words because it is so abnormal to the way we as humans naturally view things. Here is why I agree with you. In the mid-sixties early seventies, when Congress made it mandatory for all schools to have equal sports activities for both girls and boys (this was called Title X or something like that) my father said that the emphasis on sports was nothing more than to distract the sheeples from what the gov’t was doing. In other words, let the people be entertained so that they will not pay any attention to what our elected representatives are doing. Keep the sheeples busy with bread (fully tummys) and circus (entertainment) and they will follow you any where. Over those forty plus years, they have had to up the ante of distractions because too many sheeples are now onto what is happening. When George Bush, Sr. started publically talking about a New World Order, I felt then that we had lost the battle. Our one and only saving grace is the Lord, Jesus Christ. May he come quickly!

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    • Do you think it’s a coincidence that the media is freaking out about a lion being killed just as Planned Parenthood is being exposed?

      Bull’s eye, db!


  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this magnificent post. The movie, called, “Devil,” runs its credits with a visual of parts of NYC being completely upside down. I found it to be a very clever and accurate explanation of how the devil works. The devil turns facts and the truth completely upside down. This is his motis operandi. Good becomes evil, and evil becomes good, which explains our situation today, in a society dictated by moral relativism.

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  17. I mourn for my children. That this is the disgusting world i brought them into….they are trying to beat people into believing this craziness is normal. GOD fearing saints are forced into accepting this garbage. Well let the beheading begin … sudden death , sudden glory!! But woe unto the beheaders for the WRATH to come! GOD IS NOT MOCKED

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  18. Can you explain about people with an extra chromosome???? Is it also Satan’s work?????


  19. The elite satanists who run the world transgender their children. They are rewarded for it. It is an abomination. It perverts Gods creation which was created in his image. Almost all actresses are. They come from generational satanic families. Trump and all his wives are trannies. Michelle Obama is also. Even Lucille Ball. Yes! Lucy.


  20. I know a dyke named Millie and she said, “I wanna be a man,” so I said, “I fig’r you already are, bitch!” And then I gave her a squashed pumpkin for Halloween.


  21. TrannyDevilWorshiper

    Satan is a translady? No wonder she’s so cool! 😀


  22. autistictransking

    This is ridiculous.


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  26. Someone tell Dr. Phil.


  27. They are really eunuchs, as described in the Bible. If someone wants to become a eunuch there’s really not that much any of can do to stop him. Doctors don’t get many patients who want to become eunuchs, so the surgery is being repackaged and sold as transsexual, in order to attract more customers. It’s a marketing ploy.


  28. The academia world is used to manipulate others into accepting beyond abnormal conditions and beliefs. Such as a term called gender fluidity, where a child or even adult can intermittently decide what gender they are for the day or week or hour. Academia has convinced the world that their word is superior and their beliefs are of a higher evolution and understanding. It is nothing more than manipulation at its core. We have grown into a society where the academia world has been turned into the new religious order, self made little Gods that will lead the lesser able to the path of nobler thinking. Very few truly believe in a possible Judgment and punishment of this world. The human has grown into it’s own arrogance.

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    • God hates the proud. when man has angered the Lord, He makes them not think right even. And bad old Satan jumped right in, corrupting the minds and hearts of those hapless souls and taking control. That’s why i never stop declaring Psalm 91 upon my children, family and friends. I didn’t know how to pray right before; but when my life got shaken and rattled (to the point where i asked God: how about giving me cancer?!’) and i was so messed up ‘seeking’ Him was the only option left. And i have learned so much from then on. Thanks for your thoughts, Mr. Milton…

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  29. Bruce jenner is nothing but a dirty old transvestite ! He isn’t a woman… He’s a man with fake silicone implants…. Also when he’s in make up and dressed up like a woman… He’s one of THEE ugliness “women” I’ve ever seen ! LOL… He’s sick in the head… And full of demons. Transgender is just the new word for transvestite !!!


  30. I am fucking disgusted by you people. You use pseudoscientific explanations and call it basic biology. This is not a simple black and white matter and you should be ashamed of pretending to be an authority on the subject. I openly accept debate… but if you are going to be preachy to me, a human being born of god… then you can go to hell with your old testament views.


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