Calif. students now given six ‘gender identity’ choices on college admissions applications


College Fix: Questions about gender identity and sexual orientation have been added to admissions applications used by the University of California system, including no less than six choices for students when checking off their “gender identity.”

One new question posed to those seeking admittance to the system – which educates 233,000 students enrolled in 10 campuses statewide – is “How do you describe yourself? (Mark one answer).”

The choices are: “male; female; trans male/trans man; trans female/trans woman; gender queer/gender non-conforming; and different identity.”

The application also asks “what sex were you assigned at birth, such as on an original birth certificate?” and the two choices are: male or female.

The questions are voluntary and responses to the questions will not impact admissions decisions, Shelly Meron, a spokesperson for the UC Office of the President, told The College Fix via email.

The questions were added in response to legislation passed in 2011 that requested the system provide students, faculty and staff an opportunity to report their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression on forms used to collect demographic data, Meron stated. Another question added to the application this year asks students’ sexual orientation, and offers “heterosexual or straight,” “gay or lesbian,” or a fill in the blank category.

“Allowing the LGBT community to self-identify also supports the university’s priority of creating an inclusive and welcoming campus environment,” Meron stated in an email to The Fix. “Responses will also provide UC campuses with data that will help us better understand and meet the diverse needs of our students.”

These changes underscore additional modifications made recently to accommodate LGBTQ students and faculty.

“In 2014, UC began adjusting its student record systems to allow students to indicate a preferred name to appear on campus records along with their legal name. And many campuses have already begun converting single-stall restrooms into gender-neutral facilities in existing buildings, where practicable,” according to UCR Today.

“In addition, the university is initiating a two-year project designed to coordinate and promote interdisciplinary study of genders and sexualities across the UC system,” UCR Today added.

The project will include convening UC stakeholders to identify ways to advance student learning about LGBT issues, and conclude with a systemwide symposium that will showcase research from students and faculty in the field of genders and sexualities.”

As for the application changes, student opinion on the issue is divided, with some students happy to see the amendments and others skeptical of the university’s intentions.

Shannon Frick, a senior aerospace engineering student at the University of California San Diego, told The College Fix in an email that “I think that putting it on there might actually open it up to claims of discrimination.” He also said he believes in a merit system, and he questioned how adding the question to the application could preserve such a system.

On the flipside, 2015 UCLA graduate and political science major Tyler Kroteskey told The College Fix, “Provided it is used for research purposes as opposed to influencing admissions decisions, I see the move to allow UC applicants to voluntarily list their gender and sexual orientation as a positive step.”

He went on to say that the demographic data could help the campuses better provide resources to students. Among solutions that could be proffered to “meet the diverse needs of students” are more “gender neutral” bathrooms. For example, the UC Berkeley “Bathroom Brigade” contends it is inconvenient for some students to use the restroom because only a third of Berkeley buildings have gender neutral restrooms.

There is a small but growing minority of colleges that have a sexual orientation question on their application.

The college to start the trend, Elmhurst College in Illinois, began listing a sexual orientation question in 2011. Since then, MIT, Boston University, University of Pennsylvania, and several others have hopped on the band wagon. This year Duke University and all UC campuses followed suit.


35 responses to “Calif. students now given six ‘gender identity’ choices on college admissions applications

  1. And the 7th box should have been for Butt Ugly.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    And this is an institution for higher learning? Don’t think so. Not even teaching basic biology.

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  3. Wish we could afford to leave this satanic and insane state. Im sicker by the day at humanity’s stupidity.

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    • It’s the government people’s fault. From the corrupt Congress, corrupt Supreme Court and corrupt President to every official, bureaucrat and entrance-level civil servant who participates in the evil for a paycheck and pension.

      Read Mathew 10: 34. Jesus wants us to take the sword to these evil ones.


  4. This guy looks like Fiona from the Shrek movies.

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  5. Insanity! Liberalism truly is a form of psychosis.


  6. michaelfrivero

    I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body! 🙂


  7. Transformer is not on there I see. 😁

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  8. Why stop at six choices” How about adding pedophile, forced sex enthusiast, bestiality practitioner, SCAT addict, etc…..

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    • Exactly—wait for it….And, we forgot trans-racial, trans-handicapped, trans-genus/species, or, how about even incestial preferences? According to the Supreme Court (at least one opinon that is now enshrined IN PRINT and on the record for all time…..) you can’t legistlate LOVE. It’s a CIVIL RIGHT now.


  9. I realize these are behaviors, rather than “genders”, but scientifically there are only two genders, female = xx and male = xy or xyy(1 of 200 males)
    The term “gender” is used to rationalize behaviors, as all but the first two categories are scientifically fictitious.

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  11. I think we can all get out of the hand basket now…..
    We’ve arrived.
    …. and it didn’t take nearly as long as we expected!


  12. They don’t have one that says “How ’bout you uck off! None of your business”.

    That ought to teach them!


  13. Clearly this is designed to gauge the “corruption index” of those signing up, and also to falsely pump “stats” and “data” with malarkey definitions to over-emphasize things, like say the percentage of homosexuals, or grossly deceived people identifying wrongly, with a final effect of being a propaganda campaign, as those entering the system may ask questions about the bizarre questions on the papers and may subsequently be approached with intent of recruitment by an “apologist” for the mental-spiritual illnesses mentioned.

    This is one reason you should Not send your children to “college” or “university” because the system is in essence a malignant tumor of brainwashing, conditioning, and filth, they do not merit getting any money from you or your children, and have nothing of value to impart, or on the off-chance they do, the student will have to endure a toxic environment that will see them conform or be made into a pariah if they disobey the edicts of the puppets of evil running the place at large.

    Frankly, people should start boycotting/banning/whatever else these institutions of pollution, and not let them see even a wooden nickel in profit… corrupt schools are a big part of the problem, and the longer they are permitted to do business, the more minds they will infect, and those infected will infect others, spreading the filth like the disease it is.


  14. The Hawaii Governor recently signed some paperwork that a person can change the sex on their birth certificate if they just ‘feel’ like a different sex. No surgery or treatment required.
    The world has gone insane.


  15. Satan is the god of confusion. It’s not difficult to see who these are following.


  16. European American

    How about a category called “IT”?


  17. They forgot to add other categories: child attraction below age of 12, hermaphrodite, foot fetish, urine fetish, breast milk festish, etc etc ad nauseum. Opening up pandora’s box will be a picnic compared to where they are going with this.


  18. And I’ll bet every alternative preference offered believes that women should have the right to vote with no exceptions.


  19. I see that straight White males need not apply.


  20. this is mentally ill along with the mentally ill perverts running these bastions of hell holes.


  21. Bunch of nuts.


  22. No case for : i’m batman?!


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  25. This is a school??? You are talking about a learning institution right? Well clearly this “school” is run by backwards window licking dickstains…..their mothers should have swallowed. You are either a MALE or FEMALE….or in that persons case a butt-fugly male or female…


  26. Laura Mariotti

    This is getting way out of hand


  27. Korrie Smallwood

    When it comes right down to it, who really cares what you are!!!!!


  28. What is extremely sad to me is that they pose the very forward and mind bending question, what gender were you assigned at birth. That speaks to the very transgender Satanists behind these schemes. Genre will be better once they add clone and robotoid. Blechhhh!


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