Berkeley tree-huggers go naked

A group of Berkeleyans fulfilled every stereotype of the woo-woo Left by hugging eucalyptus trees with their clothes off, to protest a proposed tree-clearing program to prevent wildfire.

Tracey Taylor reports for Berkeleyside that an estimated 50-75 people took part in a staged protest on Saturday, July 18, 2015, at a eucalyptus grove on the UC Berkeley campus, many of them stripping naked in doing so, to make clear their opposition to a proposed FEMA-funded tree-clearing program in the East Bay hills.

The event was orchestrated by the Tree Spirit Project whose mission is “to raise awareness of the critical role trees play in our lives, both globally and personally.” Jack Gescheidt, who founded the project, does this partly by taking fine-art photographs of people, often naked, communing with trees and nature.

On Saturday, at around 10 a.m., Gescheidt came to an area of the Cal campus with a six-man crew, according to Ted Friedman who took the photographs published here. Gescheidt gave a “stirring talk” defending the eucalyptus trees, which he said have been wrongly identified as a fire risk. He then directed the volunteers who had shown up to pose artfully against the large trees. Then many of the volunteers stripped off and resumed their poses for photographs to be taken. The shoot took about two hours.

Eye Bleach Alert!

What’s seen can never  be unseen!

You were warned. So if you choose to proceed, don’t complain later.




Berkeley tree huggers2Berkeley tree huggers1

The Federal Emergency Management Agency in March allocated $5.7 million to the California Office of Emergency Services to remove eucalyptus trees as part of fire hazard abatement in Claremont Canyon — scene of a devastating wildfire in 1991 — and other nearby areas, such as Tilden Park and Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. The funds will be distributed to UC Berkeley, the city of Oakland, and the East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD).

The fire that took hold on Oct. 20, 1991 spread across 1,520 acres, incinerating more than 3,300 homes at an average rate of 11 seconds each and, ultimately, injuring 150 people and leaving 25 dead.

The Tree Spirit Project has joined other campaigners who oppose what they say is unnecessary and harmful “clear-cutting.” The Hills Conservation Network (HCN) group is suing FEMA in federal court. It says the clearing of trees will increase rather than decrease fire danger by turning fire-resistant living trees into dead wood left onsite. It is also protesting the potential use of the herbicide Glyphosate, commercially known as Round Up, on the remaining tree stumps after the clearing.

However, another group of hills residents opposes the FEMA decision for the opposite reason: they say the fire mitigation plan doesn’t go far enough. The Claremont Canyon Conservancy (CCC) supports complete eradication. Jon Kaufman, stewardship coordinator of the 500-strong group, said earlier this year: “The problem today is eucalyptuses crowd out native trees, leaving a dense eucalyptus forest with oaks and bays underneath, starved for sunlight.”

Why is it that only the Left protest by going naked? Is it exhibitionism, which they fancifully rationalize as their bold “subversion” of “middle-class” American culture? See:


24 responses to “Berkeley tree-huggers go naked

  1. traildustfotm

    I have a tree hugger among my in-laws. There is no reasoning with the person; it is a point of religion with them. I love the creation as much as most people, but these people are foolish.

    It should be noted that Hitler expressed sadness at the felling of trees, but apparently felt no remorse about “felling” inconvenient people.

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    • Hitler expressed sadness at the felling of trees, but apparently felt no remorse about “felling” inconvenient people.

      I’d bet $100 that the Berkeley naked tree-huggers are all pro-abort.

      I love trees too. Eucalyptus trees, however, are a nuisance, that some bright guy (sarc) imported to California from Australia. They shed (read: litter) and are a fire hazard, their oil being highly flammable. When lit, those trees go ablaze like a Roman candle and explode.

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      • Eucalyptus trees, however, are a nuisance, that some bright guy (sarc) imported to California from Australia.

        Beat me to it…. I bet most of those hippies don’t even know that the trees they are hugging are not even natural to the region — oh wait, they’re all in favor of illegal immigration…. my bad!

        People should get past the idea of venerating all trees simply because they are big and grow slowly — some trees are nothing more than big, slow, weeds.

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      • Right On Dr. E!!! I doubt these naked tree-huggers know or care that these Eucaluptus trees are NOT native to California. They are a foreign, introduced species. They, indeed , explode like a Roman candle with the least amount of introduced heat. I was at work at my school one day when I saw distant smoke from our school’s hilly-vantage site—I estimated that the flames/explosions/fire were coming from near my home, abt 10-miles distant. My principal bade me go home to take care /rescue my dogs, cats, chickens…….When I arrived home…..the fire was, indeed, about 2 miles or less from my house. I opened all the doors on my home (to allow the pets to escape to the outside as needed) and had to do battle with my garden hose for the next hours with the exploding Eucalyptus trees that were engulfed in flamed about a mile to two distant. You can NOT imagine this unless you’ve done it—WHOLE burning branches floating down upon you/your lawn/house from the sky–as well as smaller burning cinders & oil-laden, fiery twigs….. I had to call my husband, who was working at an office on the coast, to arrange an emergency contact with him in case he could get from the coast to our home/or area…and was not allowed to enter……..several places to check to see if I was there, alive,—or our pets were there, alive,…etc……

        I am SO NOT against preservationists in history, architecture, folkart, art of most kinds, horticultural history, and most all the other historic things you can name—-but I can really become PEAVED at naked people who “chain” themselves around an introduced, nuisance plant that sucks up water that we don’t HAVE, and is akin to a Molotov Cocktail bomb in the world of tryng to protect your propert/your community from instant immolation. Who gave birth to these people?

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  2. And being nude helps make their point how? Evasive species are just that. They need to be eradicated for safety and preserving other life. These people refuse to use common sense.

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  3. At least they don’t look like Wal-Mart shoppers

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  4. poor trees….maybe those trees want to get burned and cleared after that experience….disgusting…and I feel sorry for the little commie in training.

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  5. Water cannons. Disgusting and we had to deal with such moonbat losers when the spotted owl ‘crisis’ blew up in Oregon. Now the gov’t is killing the larger owls that have moved in over the years and are feasting on the smaller spotted owls.

    These envoronazis are truly a special kind of stoopid. One of my best days ever was when I dropped a 100′ ft. fir tree with several tree huggers sitting up in the tree. The way I felled the tree, they were never in danger but they did not know this. Was great fun to watch them have to jump and then be arrested and hauled away in cuffs and leg chains. Before this, we had to cut some dumb arse environazis off of the locked gate leading into the timber sale land we were working on.

    Ugh, ewww and I bet most do not know the meaning of real work.

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  6. Regarding the nudity that these people have perpetrated upon us, what is their point and what does it have to do with saving eucalyptus trees? We need the prayer of exorcism which begins, “Save your servant Oh Lord. . .” Dear God, what next?

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  7. and why is it, these sickos can strip their child naked, and shove them into a group of naked adults, in public, and get away with it?

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  8. Next week, hug a cactus! By the way, did those trees provide consent?

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  9. Ya know, if you are going to go naked around other people, at least go on a diet and lose some weight.

    I wonder how long it took them to remove the splinters. 🙂

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  10. A Libtard never misses an opportunity to show his/her ass …. and it’s usually an ass that we really don’t want to see!

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  11. They obviously believe in porn, even child porn, note the naked tween backside to the left in one of the photos. This has nothing to do with saving trees or “art”, I’d guess, and everything to do with indecency and making “hippy porn” to drive corruption and sexualization, the same as “p- riot” and “femen” aren’t about any egalitarian activist goals and all about corrupting society, voyerism and making feminazi porn.

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  12. I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson here. MOST people should NEVER be seen naked.

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