Was Michelle Obama texting during national anthem?

An email is circulating with a screenshot from a CNN video of what appears to be Michelle Obama texting as the Star Spangled Banner was played at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 25, 2015. (H/t John Molloy)

woman texting during pledge of allegiance

But when the image is enlarged, it’s clear the texting woman isn’t Mooch.

closeup of Helena Andrews

Whoever took the screenshot from the CNN video chose to ignore CNN’s closeup shots of “texting woman” which clearly show her not to be Mooch.

“Texting woman” is Washington Post reporter Helena Andrews. This is her tweet:

Helena Andrews tweet Yesha Callahan of TheRoot (who is black) made “texting woman” into a racist white vs. black incident. Callahan reproduced 9 tweets from various people who were upset by “texting woman” and noted that the tweeters were all “white”. Callahan writes:

I find it interesting that not one avatar in the slew of Andrews’ mentions who criticized her was a person of color. It seems as though white people take their patriotism quite seriously, especially when it offers them a chance to attack a black person online.

More evidence that Obama, celebrated in 2008 by the MSM Ministry of Truth as America’s first “post-racial president” who would bring racial healing to this country, instead has set back race relations by a hundred years.

Poll taken in Dec. 2014

Poll taken in Dec. 2014

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15 responses to “Was Michelle Obama texting during national anthem?

  1. I don’t care what her excuse is, you do not show such disrespect during our Pledge of Allegiance. Ten to one, she wasn’t taking notes.

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  2. The pledge takes all of 30 seconds. Her mind was incapable of honoring our pledge and waiting 1 minute?

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  3. How can this woman be mistaken for the ” Mooch ” , she actually looks feminine !

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  4. With a butt that wide , that’s a full back side


  5. traildustfotm

    Any comments I would make at this moment would be too extreme. We got what (someone) voted for. God knows how I tried to dissuade people from voting for Obama.


  6. Now we know where the phrase, “All ass, no class” came from.

    LOL – Or is it the other way around?



  7. You’re all Americans and don’t even know the difference between the Pledge of Alligence and the Star-Spangled Banner? And I can see how everyone is upset at this woman, but not at the white man in front of her not putting his hand over his heart. It’s because she’s black, right?


    • RA:

      There is no need for you to be insulting: Of course, we know the difference between the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem. Are all liberals like you so stupid as to think conservatives don’t?

      I went by what the circulating email said — that Mooch was texting during the Pledge of Allegiance. You are right: one can hear the Star Spangled Banner in the snippet of the CNN video, although neither you nor I know if the Pledge was recited after the song. But I thank you for bringing the mistake to our attention. The title of this post is now emended.

      Nor is there a need for you to descend to the low depths calling us racists. Do read my post again — it was written to clarify what was asserted in a circulating email. I don’t care for the body language of the white dude standing in front of the female Washington Post reporter, but he is not the First Lady — and the original email was outraged that a First Lady would text during the pledge national anthem.

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  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this necessary post. As usual, some individuals don’t know how to comprehend what they read, which stupidity turns into an insult. As always, I appreciate your clarifying the matter and setting forth the truth that it was not Michelle Obama who was texting, but another individual. Again, your charity is always noteworthy and is one of the reasons I so admire you.


  9. This issue has nothing to do with being black, white, brown, yellow, green, or purple. It has everything to do with a lack of respect. If indeed they were saying the pledge of allegiance when this photo was taken, the person could have at the very least put her phone down for the 30-40 seconds that it takes to say the pledge. Not saying she had to recite the pledge, but at least show some respect for those around you who are.


  10. I personally don’t care what your race is. If you’re going to be disrespectful you should be called out for it.

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