Sandy Hook dad had choke-hold on daughter during media interview

There are so many oddities about Sandy Hook: the lack of signs of grief on the part of parents of the child victims; the victims’ RIP/donation webpages created days before the shooting; Associated Press stories and photos of Sandy Hook which predate the shooting by days and even weeks; the remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook parents to professional crisis actors; alleged killer Adam Lanza’s SSDI date-of-death as one day before the shooting; CNN’s fake footage of first responders running into the school; the refusal of state and local authorities to release death certificates of not just the victims but of Lanza himself; the refusal of state and local authorities to answer questions raised by citizens about the shooting; constructions workers who demolished the school being sworn to confidentiality; one of the child victims (Noah Pozner) being included among those killed in a school shooting 2 years later in Pakistan; evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School had been unoccupied before the shooting; and more….

Here’s another oddity that recently was brought to my attention — and it’s disturbing.

Joseph and Lynn Wasik, parents of Alexis, who was then a third-grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School, were one of the first people to be interviewed by the press. Like the ubiquitous Gene Rosen but less famous, the Wasiks were also regular interviewees of the media about the shooting. Some examples:

From Washington Post, on the day of the shooting, Dec. 14, 2012:

Joseph Wasik, 42, wasn’t too worried when his wife, Lynn, called to say she had received a text alert from the school. Like schools nationwide, Sandy Hook had been on lockdown before, always for events that turned out to be nothing. Earlier this year, reports of a loose bear seen in town had activated the system.

But when Wasik flipped open his laptop and saw a report of a school shooting, he got in his car and headed to Sandy Hook, where his daughter Alexis is a third-grader. “I flew down there,” said Wasik, an electrician.

When he arrived, the backup of emergency vehicles and panicked parents extended half a mile beyond the school. Wasik parked on the first lawn he could find and ran. “It was chaos, cars blocking everything, a SWAT team,” he said. “All these parents screaming for their kids.”

From New Haven Register, Dec. 22, 2012:

Joe Wasik, a 42-year-old electrician and longtime resident of the town, told the Wall Street Journal he and his wife were struggling with how to talk to their daughter about what had happened, and how to feel about trying to return to school life, and normalcy.

“It’s basically like a little Vermont,” Wasik said. “You have general stores, you see your friends and neighbors in town. You just never thought anything like this would happen here.”

From Fox News, Dec. 16, 2012:

[Reporter Chris] WALLACE: Lynn and Joe, and, little Alexis, I see in front of you — does Alexis want to talk about it? And if so, what are you telling her?

WASIK: It — as far as talking, we are breaking it to her slowly, we’re not trying to pry too much. If she is forthcoming and telling us stuff, we’re allowing it — you know, letting her come out slowly. We’re not prying into her, you know, what happened. We don’t want to do that. […]

WALLACE: And Lynn and Joe, there were other remarkable acts of bravery, none greater than the principal, Dawn Hochsprung. And we understand when she heard the gunfire, she ran towards it, not away from it, and apparently lunged at the shooter trying to save the students and ended up losing her own life.

Tell us about Dawn.

LYNN WASIK, MOTHER OF SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Dawn was phenomenal, I had sent here just about every morning. Alexis is part of the before and after-school program at the school and every day I would see Dawn. It was always — Dawn has got an infectious smile and she just — was just so caring and she got down to the children’s level. She participated with — in so many activities with the children. And, she dressed up when they had a sock hop and went in and danced with the children and this year, if they sold 3,000 books, she dressed up as a book fairy.

And she just — she just was such a wonderful, wonderful, warm person. And, there’s no words to describe the loss that we have all as a community felt, and not only her family. […]

WALLACE: And, Lynn, finally, and I guess this is the hardest question, how do you make sense of this?

L. WASIK: There is no sense. There is absolutely no sense to this. And it is — I think I’m still very numb. And just like Robert has said, we’re blessed with having our daughter here with us today, but how many families and friends and everyone within the community didn’t go home with their children Friday night.

And it is just very, very heart-wrenching and there is no — there’s no way to make any sense of anything, what this person has done, not only to families, but to a community, to a nation, and it’s just — it’s just unfathomable. You just don’t — who would have ever thought here in this little town of Newtown, of 20,000 some-odd people, and that’s why people are here, it is a small community, it’s a wonderful community, where people are — they come together.

And, as we were coming through town, there is a banner that says, we will — we will be strong, as a community. We will remain strong. And, we will always be here, for anyone and everyone, within our community and, within our school.

This is the Fox News video of Chris Wallace’s interview of the Wasiks. The voice you hear is of a concerned citizen calling Connecticut’s child protective services about Joseph Wasik’s abuse of Alexis. (To see the original Fox News video, go here.)

Note how during the entire interview, Joseph kept his left hand right at his daughter’s throat. Alexis repeatedly tried to move his hand away….


But each time the girl tried to free herself from Joseph’s hand at her throat, the man not only moved his hand back but clasped his left hand with his right hand to better control Alexis.


For her part, Lynn reinforced Joseph’s choke-hold on their daughter by putting her hand on her husband’s left arm, thereby increasing the weight of Joseph’s choke-hold on Alexis’ throat. Poor girl.

Something very wrong was going on.

Joseph Wasik is listed on as an electrician:

Level: E2
Status: ACTIVE
License Number: ELC.0189813-E2

To see all the posts we’ve done on Sandy Hook, go here.

H/t Barry Soetoro, Esq.


20 responses to “Sandy Hook dad had choke-hold on daughter during media interview

  1. Okay, that was spooky. And what was dad chewing on, knowing he was going on TV, a toothpick? Was he not taking the interview seriously?
    Were these people strangers to her. Usually little girls hang all over their daddys.
    I have never seen any of her interviews. But you are correct, something was amiss.

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  2. Thanks, reblogged on

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  3. choke hold??? …. yes just like the Eric Garner choke hold …. F Please ….. how many times have you stood with your children in front of you with your hands on their shoulder and hands /fingers curved more naturally in an inward direction. How is the wifes hand adding pressure when you don’t see any discomfort from the girl. Not saying Sandy Hook was not a false flag I know it is …. I also know a choke hold when I see one and thats no choke hold. If the father applied pressure to his hands you would have seen that clearly in several ways. Find the girl and ask her


    • I don’t need to “find the girl and ask her.” Her distress was evident in the video. You must be blind not to see her REPEATEDLY try — but failed — to free herself by moving Joseph’s hand away from her throat.


    • Not only do we see the little girl sort of rocking to and fro to lessen the father’s grip, but she actually puts her hand up and tries to take his hand away. That little girl is being used as a “prop,” and obviously she is uncomfortable. The father is using his hand(s) just like putting a “choke collar” on a puppy to get the puppy under control. All you have to do is look at the film clip. I do hope that something has been done, but unfortunately the way the “powers that be” have controlled everything regarding this alleged shooting–I seriously doubt that anything is or will be done relative to this. It will be interesting to see when some of these children reach adulthood–what will they say about what went on that fateful date!

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    • A little vapor locked on reading body English there, UH?

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  4. creepy, and seems like a sandy hook cult

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  5. Sandy Hook “parents” might be child abusers given a choice: “Help the Regime trick America out of its guns, or else go to prison for child molestation.”

    Someone is controlling those fake Sandy Hoax parents — forcing them on TV to lie and push the NEWTOWN Gun Grab Hoax.

    Alexis Wasik had several TV interviews with various networks over a 3-day period following the FAKE shooting.

    If that “shooting” were real, no parent would march their kid around, making them dance for all the networks. They’d rush home with their kid, thanking God she didn’t die.

    Sandy Hoax = Treason

    Don’t let the Regime scam you out of your guns with fake “shootings” and fake “terror attacks.”

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  6. (Forensic Proof) Sandy Hook = Inside Job.

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  7. Sandy Hook Treason: WHY THEY DID IT.

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  8. EVERYTHING going on in this country since the ruinous reign of Barack Obama is highly disturbing and creepy! I do believe he’s opened the gates of Hell and brought it’s destructive forces with him.

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  9. If just two or three Republican presidential candidates would support each other in revealing Sandy Hook as a false flag event with evidence that can’t be disputed, it would bring down this regime including most legislators from all parties. But, that would be potentially damaging to those who are currently legislators because they would have difficulty explaining why they didn’t come forward earlier, making them complicit. Ben Carson and Donald Trump have never held a political office at the national level that I’m aware of. With the connections Carson and Trump have, there’s no way they don’t know the truth. Others who may possibly be believable, but because they have been or are currently in politics making them suspect, are Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee and Paul Rand. It’s just sickening that none of them have the courage to do what’s right for our country.

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    • I think it all comes down to the Politicians’ paychecks and job security. That’s why it isn’t getting torn apart. I doubt the “Brown-Nose Media” would be much help either.

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  10. Check this out.

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