The dark side of the push for transgenderism: Sex with she-males

Like you, I am perplexed by how the transgender movement has taken America by storm so quickly and successfully in the span of a mere year or two. The big TV networks are aggressively promoting the transgender agenda. Some examples (h/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV):

  • ABC Diane Sawyer’s interview with Bruce “Call me Caitlyn” Jenner got rave ratings.
  • PBS aired a 90-minute Frontline special “Growing Up Trans” on June 30, 2015, described as: “Just a generation ago, it was adults, not kids, who changed genders. But today, many children are transitioning, too — with new medical options, and at younger and younger ages. In ‘Growing Up Trans’…FRONTLINE takes viewers on an intimate and eye-opening journey inside the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their families.”
  • The Learning Channel has a new series beginning July 15 titled, “I Am Jazz,” about a young teenager who was born a boy and has transgendered to a girl since the age of two years old, with the full support of his parents.

Then I began noticing and putting some pieces together.

In his book Miracles, C. S. Lewis presciently observed that “Sexual intercourse is rapidly becoming the one thing venerated in a world without veneration.”

And in a world where sex is the be-all and end-all, and where there no longer are constraints on sexual behavior, people get bored with normal, ordinary sex and look for new thrills to titillate their jaded but never-satiated appetites. One of those new thrills is sex with transgenders, especially men who seek out she-males. The latter are men who imagine themselves to be “transgenders,” but who retain their penises. In other words, transvestites with breast implants.

Here are the pieces I put together:

  1. This blog, Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM), gets hundreds of spam comments a day. Thanks to our server WordPress’s spam filter, 99% of those comments never see the light of day but are dumped into our spam folder. As the owner and administrator of FOTM, I empty our spam folder every morning and, if I have the time, periodically throughout the day. Among the commercial spam for this or that product, I regularly see ads for she-male porn. What is interesting is that we don’t ever get spam for other types of porn. Only she-male porn.
Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

  1. Do you remember actor Eddie Murphy being caught in West Hollywood in 1997 with a transsexual prostitute in his car? Murphy said he was simply being a “good Samaritan” by offering a ride in the wee hours of the morning. According to a report by Z107.9 on May 13, 2014, however, 25-year-old mtf (male-to-female) transsexual Honey Dip Ashton is threatening to sue Murphy for $1.2 million for his “empty promises.” Ashton claims “she” had an intimate relationship with Murphy for years and posted a string of tweets detailing “her” encounters with Murphy beginning when Ashton was 17, a minor. Ashton’s tweets include details about Murphy’s home (that she used to give Murphy “oiled massages under the fireplace down in the loft with the black metal spiral staircase”) and his anatomy (Murphy’s penis “bends downward”).
  2. Former football pro Hank Baskett (husband of reality TV actress and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner Kendra Wilkinson) reportedly had an affair with a she-male “model” named Ava Sabrina London when Kendra was 8 months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

A pregnant Kendra Wilkinson with Hank Baskett

A pregnant Kendra Wilkinson with Hank Baskett

Baskett has denied the affair, but London gave National Enquirer a graphic account of “her” tryst with Baskett in April 2014. “She” said Baskett “contacted me through a [YouTube] video I had posted”; paid $400 for a wild sex romp at her Sherman Oaks, Calif., apartment; and that he “absolutely knew” that “she” was a transsexual. The Enquirer had London take a polygraph or lie-detector test administered by a “nationally renowned examiner,” which “she” passed “with flying colors.”

She-male Ava Sabrina London

She-male Ava Sabrina London

There is a paucity of research on sex with transgenders because, like other political taboos (e.g., homosexuals and pedophilia; race and IQ), it’s one of those politically incorrect topics for scientific research. The following is what little we do know, from an informative Salon article by Tracy Clark-Flory, a self-described “gender queer”:

  • Men who are attracted to trans women are colloquially called “tranny chasers” or “transfans”. The technical term for such attractions is gynandromorphophilia.
  • We don’t know how many men have these attractions, but if porn is any indication, there are many. “T-girl” porn is the 4th most popular type of “adult” porn website, according to the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, by Sai Gaddam and Ogi Ogas.
  • Heterosexual men are the main consumers of T-girl porn. Gaddam and Ogas speculate that the appeal comes from the “novel juxtaposition” of feminine cues like breasts, with the penis, which “has a special power to activate the male sexual brain.” According to homosexual journalist Daniel Harris, who wrote a memoir titled Diary of a Drag Queen which chronicles his experiences dressing in drag to attract heterosexual men, hetero men are opportunists “willing to overlook the imperfections of the disguise for the sake of a good blow job, which he has heard through the sexual grapevine, correctly as everyone knows is more expertly administered by men than by women.” However, Harris claims that based on his experience, “there isn’t a single type but many types” who are attracted to trans women and drag queens. They include “the man who is actually a homosexual and whose interest in transvestites is exclusively genital,” and “genuine fetishists, the ones who actively seek out transvestites and may even prefer them to women.”
  • According to a Northwestern University online survey of 205 men with a sexual interest in trans women, 51% identified as straight, 41% called themselves bisexual, only 6 men identified themselves as “gay.” Kevin Hsu, one of the study’s researchers, said this “contrasts with one popular misconception that men who have an interest in trans women must be gay men, or closeted gays. The interest in trans women appears to be a distinct sexual interest separate from heterosexual men’s attraction to women for the majority of men, but there is a substantial minority who may experience it as their sexual orientation [i.e., fetish]. That is, their sexual attraction to trans women is the central part of their sexuality and not a secondary interest.”

So how much of the current movement to normalize and popularize transgenderism is driven by this not-talked-about sexual undercurrent? Those who know will never admit it . . . .

See also:

UPDATE (Sept. 30, 2016):

More evidence in support of this post’s thesis:

  • Promiscuous actor Charlie Sheen, probably jaded by sex with thousands of women, many of them hookers, also had sex with “transsexuals,” one of whom, Sheen is convinced, gave him “the gift that keeps on giving” — HIV/AIDS.
  • The late actor David Carradine, 72, who was found dead in his hotel room’s closet in Thailand in 2009, “always had an interest in pre-op transsexuals,” according to Skip E. Lowe, whom the National Enquirer calls a “Hollywood insider”.


39 responses to “The dark side of the push for transgenderism: Sex with she-males

  1. Diane Sawyer is a good, long-standing member of the CFR, and previously had an enthusiastic interview with a man who obtained an implanted computer chip. This is a part of the depopulation plan, and it has the additional NWO benefits of emasculation/increasing passivity of males.
    Are you ready, “people”? Had your branding (chips) and shots? Your fodder is waiting for you in the stockyard, chow time!
    By the way, those who would lead us to sacrifice today are themselves being herded by Lucifer, no longer bright morning star, to the stockyard prepared for him and described in Isaiah 14.


  2. Ew, just ew!!!

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  3. it is sickening how this society has deconstructed what was once an act of love between a husband and wife to excuses for “straight” males to want to be with other males who look female and still call them “straight”. Psychology has removed the stigma associated with sodomite sex and is now encouraging that behavior among children as well. This is how they are engineering the growth of the homosexual mafia. To me, homosexuality is another form of sex addiction. Sodomites are obsessed with sex and all things perverted. Next thing you know someone will sue bible publishers for stating God’s word against homosexual behavior because it hurts their feelings…oh wait, that’s already happening.
    A male knowingly having relations with another male is a sodomite…..doesn’t matter how the male or she-male packages himself to appear. There is no way a person having homosexual relations can be considered “straight”…not in a normal world. But, of course, everything in this world is turning up-side down, so there you go.

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  4. Superp overview. Reblogged on

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  5. Stuff for guys on the “down low”…


  6. This is beyond parody or farce. This is beyond surreal. This is strangely evil. But we must remember that nothing happens down here on Earth that has not happened first in the spiritual realm, in one way or another.
    Could it be that Satan, who has no flesh, is having these lost souls act out his Autobiography? Worth investigating.

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    • The crazier and more evil everything will get, the easier it should be able to make the right decisions. Satan is messing with what God has made for His own delight. We were all born in sin given us by Satan, and he is having us destroy God’s work ourselves. Matthew 24 will hurt, but it will be the only way out of the problem caused by man’s cooperation with the one who hates us.

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  7. It doesn’t matter how you slice, dice, paint, stuff, fluff, buff and torment your body. Your DNA is still your original DNA.
    No matter how you excuse it, it is still demented and such a small minority having so much power over the majority is getting out of control.
    Trying to make the rest is us believe this is normal has not read the Bible.
    Is it all the drugs being put into our water systems? Is it people eating and drinking out of contaminated containers? Lead poisoning?
    Something is messing with Mother Nature.

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  8. If Bruce Jenner is in love with another transgender woman, that makes him gay, transgender and in the eyes of the left, lesbian (because HE is a boy.)

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  9. Amazing the intense interest of the media to push transgender. Who knew that it was even an issue (or is really an issue). From the exposure it gets on TV one would think 85 percent of the American population is gay or transgender. How bizarre!

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  10. Weirdos


  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. We must stand against the devil and his minions, speak the Truth, and act in accordance with the Gospels. We need to make Our Lord Jesus Christ “in your face” by being his soldiers in word and deed.

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  13. More confirmation of this post’s thesis:
    Actor David Carradine, who died hanging from a metal bar in a Thai hotel closet, allegedly had a penchant for sex with pre-op “transgenders,” i.e., male transvestites.


  14. I used to be a participant in the trannychaser lifestyle for many years, but have now recently turned away from it after learning about the satanic symbolism of the baphomet. In the back of my mind, I always knew it was wrong to be that way, but i honestly had no idea that having sexual relations with shemales was in essence just like having sex with the devil. As bad as I feel about my past behavior, I am glad to now know the truth, and that my blinded eyes have been opened to see the error of my ways. I will NEVER engage in this perversion again!!! Thank You, Jesus!!!

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  15. I’m going to try and do this as “delicately” as possible, but let’s face it, some of it IS indelicate.

    Normal sex is healthy, necessary and something that bonds a man and woman together. It is intimate and respectful. In addition, the parts fit and work properly.

    Perverted sex is not sexual relations. It is just perverted sex. It is “pleasuring oneself” with no regard for your partner. What some find erotic is hard to understand. There are more myths out there than hard evidence. I do not believe statistics such as those quoted in this article.

    What studies we do have suggest that these perverse behaviors are the results of victimization from other perverts. They also suggest that, if a person stops engaging in these practices that normal relationships can be reestablished.

    Prancing queers and transgender s are parodies of sexuality. It is sick and twisted. Believe it or not there is a whole “chicks with dicks” movement whereby women are attracted to these “man-boys” as well. This is thought to be desirable in that women will not have to put up with certain male traits that they find objectionable but still be able to have “normal” relationships in the bargain.

    There is a school of thought that traces the origins of this perversity back to military experiments conducted in Asia after WWII. They make a pretty good case.

    In any event, perversity has always been around. Catering to it has taken on new dimensions. Please read the attached article and think it over:

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  16. Update:

    More evidence in support of this post’s thesis:

    (1) Promiscuous actor Charlie Sheen, probably jaded by sex with thousands of women, many of them hookers, also had sex with “transsexuals,” one of whom, Sheen is convinced, gave him “the gift that keeps on giving” — HIV/AIDS.

    (2)The late actor David Carradine, 72, who was found dead in his hotel room’s closet in Thailand in 2009 from auto-asphyxiation (although he had a wound around his neck that suggests strangling by another, “always had an interest in pre-op transsexuals,” according to Skip E. Lowe, whom the National Enquirer calls a “Hollywood insider”.


    • I wish I could communicate better what I think about this. Both of these examples show the same thing. Both are examples of when some sexual urge takes over everything else in one’s life. The reason the government uses sex in experiments is that it is a powerful set of stimuli to use in mind control.

      I’m sure that David Carradine, being a star, probably had a girl friend. Having a girly friend or wife should be sufficient to satisfy normal urges and emotional needs. When someone starts to need perverse images or activities in order to be stimulated they need help.

      It is the same with Sheen. Just because they are normal women there are too many of them. Then the weird stimulation thing kicks in. Soon these guy’s genitals are controlling their lives. Is that “normal” or acceptable?

      We talk of sin. That’s as it should be, we don’t need to say much else. These guys think they’re much too smart for that. Whatever! I honestly think that I don’t have these problems because I’m not looking for them. I don’t live in a world dedicated to my hedonism.

      Just look at “the wages of sin”. One has AIDS and the other ends up hanged in a closet in Asia.

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  17. It’s a TRAP. I was a victim of this tranny shemale agenda. I started to feel my spirit being attacked and it made me think of terrible things like I’ll become just like them. Fuck that. The government wants this to be mainstream now and in the future all women will be trannies that’s what they want. They think a transsexuals is the original woman and female is the fake one. That’s the agenda to use Mind Control on society ‘MK Ultra’ to keep us dumbed down and follow their god Satan

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    • It’s a TRAP. It’s all apart of the government’s agenda to condition men into being gay. ‘MK Ultra Mind Control’. Men have always been perverted to some degree that’s why trannies are so popular. They’re using our lust for women and twisting it to their own will for us that’s ‘Human Conditioning’. They have this aura about them that they’re so sensitive and sexy and they need to be tamed by us is what lures us in.This society has been so dumbed down that we don’t even know what a real woman looks like anymore. Girls don’t have cocks and boys don’t have a vegina I learned this as a boy. They want to replace women with transsexuals these Satanists want trannies to be the real woman. Read your bible and find Jesus Christ.

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  18. “17-year-old transgender star to cut off male genitals on anniversary of gay ‘marriage’ ruling”
    something in the back of the picture makes it look like he has a horn on top of his head…please pray for this terribly confused boy.
    as a result from taking female hormones and testosterone blockers prepubescently, he has developed breasts and gained weight but also stated:
    ” “Because I started the [puberty] blockers so early, I never went through puberty,” he explained in a YouTube video about the upcoming surgery. “That’s why I’ve been able to be so feminine. But because of that, it caused me to be so suppressed that I didn’t have growth in that region.” ”
    ” “I haven’t experienced any sexual sensation…I don’t even know what she’s talking about,” Jennings said after the surgeon (Dr. Christine McGinn) talked to him and his parents about that topic. “It is possible that hormone suppression has affected my libido. I don’t have the same signals coming from my genitalia to my brain and I don’t have those hormones driving me on.” ”
    the surgeon (butcher) in the video is a tranny and tells the boy that after his surgery his prostate will act as a g-spot…so sad.
    this boy is a chemically castrated male wearing female clothing who is about to become a eunuch.

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