Sandy Hook dad Lenny Pozner’s website redirects to Obama regime’s NSA

Lenny & Veronique Pozner

Leonard “Lenny” Pozner, 47, claims to be the biological father of Noah Pozner, one of the first-graders allegedly shot dead by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut, on Dec. 14, 2012.

Noah is a remarkable boy because 2 years after he was killed in Newtown, he was once again killed thousands of miles away across the world in Peshawar, Pakistan, this time in the Army Public School shooting on December 16, 2014. (See “Dead again: Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner also killed in Pakistan Taliban shooting!”)

Curiously, Lenny did not attend his slain son’s funeral. Instead, after the Jewish shiva mourning period, Lenny skipped Noah’s funeral and instead “went to be with family in Florida.” (Source: Forward)

Lenny is unique among the parents and families of Sandy Hook victims in the aggressive way he’s gone after people who are skeptical of the official account of the Sandy Hook shooting. In addition to decrying the skeptics in a newspaper op/ed, Lenny is using a company called HONR Network which he’d set up expressly for the purpose, to remove any image of Noah from blogs and YouTube on the grounds of copyright violation, although the Facebook page Lenny had created to commemorate his son has scores of Noah’s images, which means those images are in the public domain.

Dutchsince is one of the bloggers hounded by Lenny. Here’s Dutchsince’s account of what happened:

Yesterday, a Sandy Hook ($andy Crook) family member came to a video I made and filed a false copyright claim against it because I’m showing a google search containing something they don’t like.

Video they flagged: (dead link)

The man filing the false claims of copyright goes by many names [including Lenny P. Osner], the name associated with the COMPANY (which filed the claim against me) is Leonard Pozner (age 47 from Newtown CT). HONR Network is his company which specializes in getting content removed from the internet which they don’t approve of.

…I tried to file a dispute against his false claim, and youtube would NOT allow a dispute to be filed.  First time I’ve seen this in over 4 years of making videos….

Filing a claim of copyright theft (by the Sandy Hook family) is a public accusation of a crime being committed.

The fact that I cannot dispute this means that even though I committed no crime, I have been deemed guilty by the person accusing me of the crime.  I now have to get a lawyer and sue to have this accusation of a crime removed.

If I agree, or let this go, it stands as a copyright crime / violation for life.  I have to counter sue (in actual court not on youtube) to have my name cleared….

People are LETTING this Sandy Hook family walk all over our rights, all because they supposedly lost someone?  Do we let victims of crimes determine our free speech rights?  Crime victims can be unreasonable, reactionary, and sometimes downright crazy in their behavior.

Lenny also went after blogger Johnny Cirucci. Lenny’s harassment and intimidation of blogger and college student Timothy Hunter is especially reprehensible. Hunter’s youtube and email were blocked (see his tweet below); he no longer blogs; and Hunter is now so spooked, he won’t even communicate with me although he and I had collaborated on an important post, “Sandy Hook deception: Associated Press stories & photos predate the massacre.”

Timothy Hunter tweet

Lenny also went after this blog, Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM).

He prevailed on WordPress, FOTM‘s server, to take down Noah’s pictures, without even notifying me, the owner, first. WordPress also repeatedly threatened to shut down FOTM for violating Lenny’s copy right claims, despite FOTM’s Fair Use disclaimer as a not-for-profit site. WordPress also removed from FOTM the address and phone number of Lenny’s HONR Network company, although:

  • HONR’s address is public information that anyone can find by “googling” HONR Network.
  • HONR Network has its address on its Contact page.

Notwithstanding his aggressive pursuit against bloggers on alleged copyright infringement, Lenny is strangely incurious about why an image of his son was included on a wall-poster commemorating the victims of the Peshawar Army School shooting. (See “BBC admits but will not investigate why pic of Sandy Hook’s Noah Pozner is among Peshawar massacre victims”)

Back to Lenny Pozner’s company, HONR Network. This what Dutchsince found (all the information below is public record):

  • HONR Network was a “fictitious name” in Florida.
  • Its owner is Leonard Pozner.
  • HONR Network had no registered agent.
  • Filing Date: Nov. 3, 2014.
  • Filing Number: G14000111151
  • The address for the so-called business, HONR Network, was a P.O. Box in Boca Raton, FL 33432.

Although HONR Network is listed as a business, it conducts no buying or selling, nor does it have a store front. Its address is a P.O. Box address, which is why Dutchsince calls it a “‘fictional’ entity created to harass others online under the GUISE of corporate law.”


Some have wondered how Lenny has the resources to set up HONR Network and the time to go after bloggers and YouTubers. There are speculations that HONR Network may be a front for a government operation.

Wonder and speculate no more, for lo and behold, if you go to or type HONR.COM into your browser, and hit “enter”, you’ll be directed to a federal government website — that of the National Security Agency (NSA)!

I did that yesterday and have the following screenshots to prove I did.

The first screenshot was taken when I typed the URL http://www., then hit “Enter”. Note that the time and date are, respectively, 12:41 PM and 1/6/2015 (see lower right corner of screenshot below, inside the red box I painted). Note that the screenshot shows the Honr URL, but the page that came up is NSA’s website.

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Lenny Pozner website1

I took the second screenshot (below) one second later, which shows the URL now says

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Lenny Pozner website2

See also:


Minutes after I’d published this post, a friend emailed me that the HONR link no longer redirects to the NSA. Good thing I took the screenshots!

TPTB likes to play mind-games with the little people. See:


39 responses to “Sandy Hook dad Lenny Pozner’s website redirects to Obama regime’s NSA

  1. Doesn’t this all just get more and more bizarre. Thanks for the post, passing it on.

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  2. Also reblogging, thanks again

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  3. traildustfotm

    I can hardly find any pictures of Lenny on Google.


    • Here’s a nice picture of him:

      And here’s the gun-grabber “wife,” Veronique Pozner (aka Veronique Haller):

      The “Pozners” promote their (fake) “dead kid,” who dies every 2 years in a different country in different “school massacres.” In other words, they are frauds, trying to scam Americans out of their 2nd Amendment rights:


      • “Kate”:

        I substituted your pic of Veronique with another one that doesn’t have Noah’s image in it, so Lenny won’t scream “copyright violation” and WordPress won’t threaten to shut down FOTM, again.


        • Aha! I thought NSA was extra-efficient today! Yes, Lenny Scam-ner seems to hate those photos of Noah being “mourned” overseas during his many “deaths” at various “school massacres.”


  4. traildustfotm

    I went to and found this:


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  5. This whole shooting hoax was not only to take away our guns,but to also make millions of donated money for the hoax actors.They do not want anyone to take that away so you have all this false reporting.

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  6. Lenny Pozner is either DHS or NSA. His job seems to be scrubbing info that exposes the Newtown CT gun-grab Hoax.

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  7. Sandy Hook TREASON: WHY they did it.

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  8. Forensic Proof: Sandy Hook was FAKE.

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  9. It seems to me, a lot of people must be getting a bit too close to fully exposing the truth. If everything was on the up and up, why so many defensive moves? When you spend so much time and money attacking people looking for the truth, is clear enough to me.
    From the live feed that day, it never felt real and I made that comment then and still feel the same.

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  10. Why can’t Lenny Pozner and Veronique Pozner (aka Haller; aka Vabner) be more like these cheery parents of (fake) dead kids?

    Losing their child to a crazed killer is the most fun they’ve had in years!


      • Sandyhookthrowaway05

        I am the discoverer of this honr redirect to thr website.

        The admin of metabunk has viciously edited my original post to make it seem like he and not I made the discovery

        Original submission:

        I want to know why my discovery was misrepresented and uncredited.

        We conspiracy theorists are supposed to help each other and expand on each others ideas, not plagiarize each other like spoilt children. I am really disgusted right now.

        I am waiting.


        • Show me where in my post I claimed to be the first to “discover” the redirect. In fact, I explicitly and clearly gave a hat-tip to reader “Barry Soetoro, Esq” who alerted me to the redirect in an email, and could well have INDEPENDENTLY discovered the redirect. Since this is so very important to you, I am happy to acknowledge you as the “discoverer.” I had no idea this is an ego contest. Please give us the URL of your website so I can properly credit you.


          • To the indignant, spitting-with-rage Sandyhookthrowaway05:

            More than 15 hours later, I’m still waiting for the URL of your website so I can properly credit you for being the “discoverer”.


            • Sandyhookthrowaway05:

              It is now more than 42 hours since I first asked you for the URL of your website, wherein you had announced your discovery of the Lenny website redirect to NSA. Common sense leads me to conclude that you’re not the “discoverer” after all. Tsk, tsk.


              • Sandyhookthrowaway05:

                It is now more than FOUR days since I first asked for the URL of your website so that I can properly credit you for being the “discoverer.” I’m still waiting for your response….


  11. So it’s 950pm central time. I typed in the web site and got “” . I then went back and retyped it using the FULL address with http etc. That time I found myself on the NSA page. It’s the darndest thing! If I could I would screenshot it but I am on a kindle and I don’t think I can.

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  12. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Sandy Hook a false flag! You be the judge!

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  15. “In all cases if you outline the physical location of any individual with the intent to harm, shame, stalk, humiliate, endanger, or otherwise compromise the safety and security of ANY individual you have placed that person in a position of risk and you are in violation of ALL State Stalking laws.”

    Bloggers who are seeking to uncover illegal acts perpetrated by government and unknown entities are protected by both journalist privilege as well as shield laws. Investigative Journalism is a legal activity in the united states as long as your intent is not malicious, is in the public best interest, and the information is obtained through legal and publicly available sources. Investigative Journalism is not considered harassment, stalking, humiliating, or a threatening act in any way, and thus does not violate the law which you speak of. Multiple courts have upheld the right of bloggers who engage in Investigative journalism to have the same protections as any other member of the press under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    “This law is about acts that endanger the safety of, or encourage attacks against, a person or a person’s family. It is not about where you found the information.

    18 USC § 119”

    Nobody has endangered the safety of, or encouraged attacks against any of these individuals whom are being investigated.

    One thing I should make perfectly clear. I am in no way a representative of I am simply providing my personal opinion on the matter after having discussed it with a friend who is the former president of the California State Bar.

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    • Thank you, andrew, for citing U.S. Code 18 USC 18 USC § 119. Alas, Twitter and WordPress don’t seem to care about the rights of FOTM. They accede to whoever lodged the accusation (Hello, Lenny) without bothering to ask for evidence or investigating if FOTM actually violated stalking laws. 😦

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