Belgium’s culture of death: Woman, 24, granted right to die by euthanasia over suicidal thoughts: ‘Life, that’s not for me’


NY Daily News: A 24-year-old Belgian woman who suffers from depression and has had a “death wish” since childhood has been granted the right to die  — even though she’s not terminally ill.

Doctors gave the young woman, identified only as Laura, the go-ahead to be euthanized by lethal injection after she spent her life battling suicidal thoughts, she told Belgian newspaper De Morgen.

“Life, that’s not for me,” she said. “Death feels to me not as a choice. If I had a choice, I would choose a bearable life, but I have done everything and that was unsuccessful.”

Laura, who entered a psychiatric institution when she was 21, said her alcohol father and troubled childhood contributed to her longtime “death wish.”

“I played all my life with these thoughts of suicide, I have also done a few attempts,” she said. “But then there is someone who needs me, and I don’t want to hurt anyone. That has always stopped me.”

Laura is now planning her funeral and final words to loved ones, De Morgen reported. “What I’m going to say on that last moment, I do not know yet,” Laura said. “I have extensively written ideas in letters to my friends. I think everything has already been appointed.

“Maybe I will finally figure it out with these words: ‘Those who are about to die salute you.'”

Belgium, which legalized euthanasia in 2002, gave the physically healthy woman the green light to end her life as a terminally ill California mother sues the state for the same permissions.

Christy O’Donnell, 46, who suffers from stage IV lung cancer, has less than four months left to live but fears an agonizing death that will feel like drowning.

She follows in the footsteps of Brittany Maynard, a cancer-stricken California woman who led the “death with dignity movement” and moved to Oregon to legally take her own life with prescription drugs last November.

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7 responses to “Belgium’s culture of death: Woman, 24, granted right to die by euthanasia over suicidal thoughts: ‘Life, that’s not for me’

  1. I really wish the media would not report stories like this. I’m not mad at Fellowship; You’re the messenger here. But we’ve had a number of these stories over the years, beginning with Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
    I, too, have suffered from depression over the years, and let me tell you what I’ve discovered. The consequences of what we do come back to us, even if only mentally. What is masking as depression very well could be ACEDIA, a spiritual torpor, marked by a certain chronic sadness coupled with a spiritual sloth.
    That very well could be what is bothering this woman. But we’re stuck in a world GONE MAD with the Nietzschean madness of “do your own thing.”
    Hell is an awfully long time to be wrong.

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  2. Excellent points, and I understand how you have lived the truths of which you write.

    What troubles me most about this is that in a predominantly Roman Catholic country she doesn’t seem to have a single friend who’s tried to dissuade her from her soon-to-be fatal course.

    “…to my friends. I think everything has already been appointed,” is what she states for the media, yet “…[if] there is someone who needs me, and I don’t want to hurt anyone. That has always stopped me.”

    So is there not a single person who cares enough for this woman’s soul that s/he couldn’t speak “to her condition,” as Friends would say? If we who read & write for the FOTM were able to, I’m certain more than one of us would create a healing relationship w/her. There is a terrible sin of omission hanging over this entire scandal, IMO.


  3. Steven, I am sorry to read about what you have been given bybour enemy, keep up the faith that will get you over the finish line for an eternity of joy. My comment is not for those who are close to the front lines in this conflict, but to describe Belgium somewhat.
    If one looks up “Mothers of Darkness”, “Mothers of Darkness Castle”, “Chateau Amerois”, and “Chateau Amerois II”, one will see a source of evil in Belgium, part of the center of a desired Babylon II, governmental center of the European Union. There are two castles involved, one of which has within it a “cathedral” with the “thousand points of light” referred to by GWHB more than once. I will leave it for others to study for themselves and draw their own conclusions, but, for me, it has the appearance Luciferian evil. By the way, one of the two castle lands was owned by Prince Philip Saxe Coberg Gotha, deceased, presently owned by the Salvoy family, manufacturer of pharmaceuticals.
    The enemy is everywhere, but Jesus is even closer and victorius, call on God and keep the prize Jesus has for you.


  4. We should all be in unity with prayers for one another in this conflict. We all have the same enemy coming at us with different uniforms and methods of attack. I am sure that those like you will never go AWOL or desert.


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