Michelle Obama had plastic surgery at taxpayers’ expense

A recent article in The National Enquirer claims that Michelle Obama had plastic surgery in 2011, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which meant the wholly medically-unnecessary surgery was paid by taxpayers.

Before you recoil in horror because the source is a supermarket tabloid, bear in mind two things:

  1. This is not the sort of news that the liberal MSM would ever cover.
  2. National Enquirer is the only paper that doggedly pursued and exposed the true story of former U.S. senator and 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards’ adultery and child, for which the Enquirer was nominated for the Pulitzer.

Here’s the National Enquirer article in its entirety:

Her vanity comes before our vets! In a slap in the face to America’s courageous wounded warriors, First Lady Michelle Obama used Walter Reed Army Medical Center as her own personal outpatient plastic surgery clinic, The National Enquirer has learned.

“It’s appalling!” fumed Jill Farrell of Judicial Watch. “With taxpayers picking up the tab for her ski trips to Aspen and beach outings to Hawaii, we might as well pay for her abs and butt, too!”

Michelle was whisked to the hospital with “the utmost secrecy” in the summer of 2011, a source told The Enquirer.

“Secret Service agents were stationed both inside and outside the operating room. Michelle had fat sucked from her abdomen, hips and butt.

While such procedures can take up to two hours, “she was done in 45 minutes to an hour.”

What’s more, the source added, “When elective surgery is done, even if it’s cosmetic, the surgeon’s fee is waived. If Michelle paid anything, it would have been just for the anesthesiologist.

“Because Michelle is First Lady though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the government picked up the total tab, meaning taxpayers forked over their hard-earned dollars to satisfy her vanity!”

The Enquirer has also learned Michelle, 51, has likely had more than just liposuction at such military facilities.

We asked a panel of top plastic surgeons to analyze before-and-after photos of the First Lady, and each agreed the mother of two has undergone a so-called “liquid facelift” with Botox and filler injections, plus a nose job!

“A little Botox helps to smooth out those forehead lines earned during the last campaign,” theorized Dr. Lyle Back. “I can [also] see the rhinoplasty work she had done is very obvious. It is superb, sophisticated work, though.”

Dr. Otto Placik said Michelle now has fewer crow’s feet, indicating she’s had “definite Botox,” as well as a Hollywood-ready smile.

He added: “Her lips are fuller, indicating fillers into both upper and lower lips. Besides that, her marionette lines [running down from the corners of her mouth] are almost completely gone.”

Respected plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan added: “She has a decrease in the height of her smile, which can happen when a lot of filler is placed in the cheeks and smile lines.”

The experts’ conclusions further incensed Jill, who charged: “Michelle Obama is taking up needed space while veterans are awaiting care and suffering. It’s a crying shame!”

It would be next to impossible to ascertain from images of Mooch if she had had liposuction. But we can see if she’s had a nose job by comparing pictures of her in her youth with more recent pics. Here are two head-shots of Mooch for comparison (click image to enlarge).

Michelle Obama's nose job

From the two pics, there’s no doubt Mooch had a nose job.

See also “Did Obama have a nose job?“.


23 responses to “Michelle Obama had plastic surgery at taxpayers’ expense

  1. The arrogant self-entitlement of our politicians gets worse every year. And I thought the Clintons were bad!

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  2. My goodness. Multiple plastic surgeries – and she still looks like that? Those doctors must deem her case “The Audacity Of Hopelessness”.

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  3. I wonder what happened to the plastic surgeon who worked on “her”? I’m sure he got more than what he bargained for.


  4. Isn’t this the same “First Lady” who has raved about the rest of us “eating right?” If she is “herself” eating right–why does she need fat suction? This is truly the height of a person being a self-righteous, arrogant, narcissistic individual (but then, I think we already knew that was true!)

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  5. We want her to look as attractive as possible on our next twenty dollar bill.

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  6. As they say,”You can put lipstick on a pig…in THIS case,AMERICA’S lipstick,but it’s STILL a pig.”

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  7. Bless her heart, she still ain’t pretty.

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  8. “…Mother of two… ” you mean FATHER of two because we know the communistsocialistmarxistleninistmaoist ChristianHating/AmericaDestroying/MudslumLovingUnFitTo CommandIllegal SUMBITCH doesn’t HAVE ANY BALLS to father any children!!! Except maybe the Spawn of satan. Just sayin… And by the way, moochie is the most repulsive, repugnant POS with two legs.

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  9. I’m sorry, but there aren’t enough plastic surgeons on the planet to make him/her/it remotely attractive.


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  10. Maybe ‘she’ had some work done so ‘she’ can wear white pants in public again without ‘it’ showing.
    Guess ‘she’ needed the liposuction after feeding at the public trough for six years……

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  11. With all the nose work, no wonder she can’t control her snot.
    She needs to know beauty comes from within.

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  12. Lipstick on a pig….


  13. The doc forgot one thing though , the removal of the ” Battle of the Bulge ” waging in it’s white pants


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