German heavy-metal rocker says he was at a snuff party where people pay $100K to watch “people” get killed

There truly is no limit to human depravity.

Snuff movies and snuff parties, where a real person is killed for entertainment, are the stuff of rumor. But now, a heavy metal rocker confirms that snuff parties are real.

Scorpions are a German heavy-metal rock band, founded in 1965. One of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, the group has over 100 million recordings sold. Ralph Rieckermann played bass and provided backing vocals for Scorpions from 1993-2003.

In this video, Riechermann was asked by TMZ if he had attended Berlin’s popular fetish parties, this was Riechermann’s response: “I went to one, one time, really bad ___.”

TMZ asked: “Was it a donkey show [human having sex with a donkey]?”

Riechermann: “No actually, I think they actually killed people there and stuff. They paid like up to a $100,000 to see people get executed. I’m not kidding.”

As if that’s not disturbing enough, Riechermann then said he’s been to an even worse party: “I went to another one, where literally I saw, like, the grossest…. I wanted to throw up.”

H/t Free Patriot Post and FOTM’s maziel

Update (Feb. 8, 2018):

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St. Michael end days


St. Michael, the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection
against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do thou,
oh Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the power of God,
cast into Hell,
Satan and all the other evil spirits
who prowl about the world,
seeking the ruin of souls.


21 responses to “German heavy-metal rocker says he was at a snuff party where people pay $100K to watch “people” get killed

  1. That would be a room full of very sick puppies.

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  2. $100,000!!!!! They can go to Chicago, DC,, or Oakland and watch the death show for free!


    • But then they’ll put their own safety in jeopardy. What’s the fun in that? /sarc


    • Liz, such participations are never ‘FOR FREE’ as the cost is loss of one’s soul. Those who partake willingly commit a mortal sin; as for those who ‘go along’ w/the crowd, be assured they too pay a price, for even if the first trespass was forgiven, I very much doubt that a second one will be.

      Some readers will feel I am too harsh; but were we not told that the greatest blasphemy is to deny the Holy Spirit? And what else can such participation be, but exactly that: to treat humans as a disposable commodity w/o a soul?

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      • You raise a good point Joseph. For an unbeliever the sin might be venal. For a believer it would be mortal. We’re told that the only sin that will not be forgiven is to sin against the Holy Spirit.

        What greater sin against the Holy Spirit could there be but to take pleasure from watching lives that were created by the Giver of Life be extinguished?

        These behaviors are disgusting when done in secret. I note with displeasure that they are emerging into the light.

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  3. dear brothers & sisters, please bear with me. what is needed in this moment of human history is urgent, & must be shouted without restraint.

    O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior,
    Scatter the forces of evil
    so they are not engrossed in darkness
    but can come to Light! amen, amen. †
    Most Holy Mary 7/23/11

    “…The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize into what sin it is sinking. It needs your prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger…” Our lady of Medjugorje

    ” I must cast new light upon the whole world. A new dawn will arise, coming from the West, a surprise of the Spirit, not foreseen or expected, catching people by surprise….” Most Holy Mary 6/5/15

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  4. Alex Jones had a short segment on this, and news of these things have been surfacing for years. To wit, the British Government, even before Jimmy Savile, has been engaged in these things. Just recently, the government there sealed a report “in the interests of national security.”
    There have been a number of intrepid investigative reporters who have been on this for two decades now. It goes on over here; It didn’t end with the Franklin Coverup.
    The ruling elites don’t want honest people in government; They want people they can blackmail and control. Sexual improprieties, and now this, is the simplest way to do it. And it is evil beyond belief.

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  5. traildustfotm

    When encountering someone like this creep the words, “terminate with extreme prejudice,” come to mind. The earth needs to be rid of such monsters. And if you were at a party like that, and horrified at the activities, then you are likely intended to be part of the entertainment.

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    • Isn’t it in Germany where one sicko advertised on the Internet for someone—another sicko—-to fulfill his fantasy by cooking and eating him—-and someone did? GEEZ—-can I venture to observe—it appears these people have too much idle time on their hands….. (?)

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  6. There are public beheadings in Arab countries today. I don’t know how true this is, but people who have lived in some of these countries told me that if there are more than one beheadings at the same time, bets are taken on which beheaded corpse will twitch the longest. Really crude.

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  7. There are just no words.

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  8. Amen to the prayer at the end of your article, Dr. E. God have mercy.

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  9. Actually, Ralph Rieckermann himself commented on Alex’s site saying that TMZ had twisted what he said and put words in his mouth. He said he’s never been to a snuff party in his life. It was friends telling him about a party they had attended (Nice friends) and the media ran with it. So, I dunno. Not gonna jump to conclusions myself. Not to say this crap doesn’t happen though. Just look at the middle east.


  10. This is right up there with big game hunts in closed areas in the US? What kind of “sport” is that?
    And places in other parts of the world that hunt humans.
    This world is closing in to the tipping point when it becomes too late to save humanity.

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    • I have it on pretty good authority that those human hunts happen in the US as well. That’s just another “benefit” of belonging to Skippy’s inner circle.

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  11. There seems to be no limit to the depravity of man. It will always be with us. It is like roaches in a wall. When they get too thick they begin to show up in the light.

    It is good to be sickened by things like this. If we’re not, we are being overcome. It is important to realize that there are those in this world who have given up their souls for material and sensational pleasure. The more depraved and twisted, the more satisfaction they derive from it.

    Don’t ever think it doesn’t exist. It does. For some of these wealthy entertainers it is a sign that they’ve “arrived”. These things happen all over the world.

    The Spirit will protect us. This is why its so important to develop and keep your relationship with God in tact. God in His mercy will keep us safe.

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