Video of Egyptians mocking Obama is a spoof

There’s a video of an Egyptian news show in Arabic mocking Obama which has gone viral via email and social media. Conservatives, especially, are gleefully passing it to one another.

Before you pass it to your family, friends and acquaintances, you really should read this post first because the video’s a spoof.

On May 20, 2015, in New London, Connecticut, in his commencement address to the Coast Guard Academy, Obama called “climate change” — the new PC word for “anthropogenic (man-made) global warming” — “a serious threat to global security and an immediate risk” to U.S. national security.

In the video below of a news show in Egypt, supposedly translated by MEMRI TV, the show’s host and guests heaped derision on Obama, beginning with the host asking incredulously about Obama: “Is he insane?”

One guest says: “He’s on drugs.”

Another guest says: “What did you expect from an Affirmative Action president?”

Then a man identified as retired Egyptian General Mahmoud Mansour says: “This guy has never served in the military, never worked a day in his life.”

“Have you seen his wife? Who do you think makes the decisions? He does what she says. It’s that simple. Did you see that video of him working out? My 8-year-old daughter has bigger biceps than him.”

The show host then wonders if Obama is “deliberately trying to destroy his country.” To which one of the guests replies, “Of course, he is.”

Gen. Mansour: “Look at what he did in Libya. It’s all a part of his plan. This is a man who ignores the evidence of his own eyes. He is too afraid. He doesn’t want to admit the truth. Look at how he deals with ISIS and their Muslim fighters. He thinks if he is just nice to Muslims, then ISIS will stop trying to kill them and give them a big hug.”

Gen. Mansour asks the host, “You don’t think it [what Obama is doing] is deliberate?” Then, turning to address the camera, apparently speaking directly to Americans, Gen. Mansour says:

“You people need to wake up now. America is getting weaker by the day under this president. Your enemies no longer fear you, and your allies no longer trust you. How do you fix it? You start dealing with the problem. You start focusing on what it is. Like Egypt, you get rid of this ISIS-loving president and start defending America.”

There’s just one thing wrong about the video.

It’s a spoof.

How do I know that?

I know that because I actually read the comments posted to the video’s YouTube page.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by IPhoneConservative. This is what he wrote in a comment:

“Folks…….this a spoof. It was never intended to be taken as a legitimate news report. Obviously two things are at play here. One, I did the job too well. Two, we have come to the stage in the Obama presidency where quite literally……….anything is possible.”

One more thing: There is no Egyptian general, retired or active, named Mahmoud Mansour. I did an Internet search, and the closest I found is a man named Adly Mansour, who was Egypt’s interim president from July 3, 2013 to June 8, 2014.

Please stop passing the video around as truth. You’ll just make yourself look gullible and foolish.


21 responses to “Video of Egyptians mocking Obama is a spoof

  1. Spoof or not, it is dang funny. And oh so close to the truth. Loved it.

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  2. This depends on what you define ‘truth’ as.
    As Bill and Hill. Truth is like uh relative.
    They have been running with their own versions of the truth for decades.
    Ask BHO. He speaks and it makes no sense.much less is it true. We’re beating ISIS?

    And the numb skull drive-by voters? They’re also big on fact checking.

    Compared to the lies and propaganda spewed out by politicians, MSM and even FoxNews this is true enough. The insights are plausible: especially that Michelle is running things, only she is to stupid, she is a petty thief turned loose in the ultimate Mall.

    Anyway What difference does it make?

    How about Sharptons idiotic comment on
    whether the floods in TX are God’s retribution, or the consequences of climate change?
    That crap made it to TV,

    I’ll stick with Mahmoud and friends. I’d like to hear more from them in the future. Take off Gutfeld or Greta and put them on.

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    • You don’t think it is important that we know that the video is a spoof? You don’t think it’s important to know that the Egyptians in the video didn’t actually say what the spoofer had them say, and that there is no such person in Egypt as retired general Mahmoud Mansour?

      Although I agree with the spoof’s view of Obama, truth is important to me. If your position is that it makes no difference whether something is true or not, then sadly you are just as bad as moral relativists.

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      • Ditto Dr. Eowyn. The word for people who do not think truth is important, is “lukewarm”. Our Lord said He would vomit them out of his mouth.

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      • Please Dr. Eowyn…………..elaborate on how you know without a doubt that this is not the opinion of respectable Muslims in any country ? Or perhaps your personal opinion ?


        • Anthony,

          I had already explained how I know this video is not true. I will repeat what I had written:

          Because the person who made this video and uploaded it to YouTube said it’s a spoof.

          Go to the video’s YouTube page and read what he wrote yourself.


      • Did you have an Arabic speaking person translate what they’re saying? I did, and they’re saying exactly what the subtitles say they’re saying. I’m not buying the spoof BS.


  3. Awww…


  4. I am so disappointed…… I was starting to think that the Political Arena isn’t completely devoid of intelligence….. and now, to think that it was all a joke. But, a damned funny one.

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  5. But the fact that it was, still is, and will be believed does show just how low the Obamination has sunk, even to the TV-jaded sheeple who voted for him. H L Mencken was right: “One day the boobocracy will vote for someone even more stupid than they are, and then they’ll be truly happy, for they can feel they are smarter than he is.” I paraphrase, but you catch his drift.

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  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for setting the population straight as to the actual status of this video. It is noteworthy that even though you went through the efforts to do this, you still are the recipient of stupid comments. God help us.

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  7. I’m glad to know that this is a spoof. Many a truth is spoken in jest. (Wish I’d said that.) Loved it. It was too perfect to be the truth-the Egyptians, that is. Term

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  8. Of course this is a spoof.
    They’re not Egyptians, they’re Jordanians


  9. It’s a spoof? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? …. Anyone know what I am referring to?

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  10. What these guys are saying in the video is what everyone in the world who is not vegged out is saying.
    Maybe the people appearing in the video are not who they are identified as, but the observations and remarks are valid, and maybe Hillary wants to wave off the criticisms, but really it all makes a world of difference to some of us.


  11. I watched the video and I have serious doubts about it. First, the font used is not normal MEMRI subtitle font. More importantly, I speak pretty good Arabic (albeit find Egyptian dialect hard to follow) and at one point the chap with the moustache says that Obama does things “at the behest of the Jews”–but the subtitle says something entirely different. I’m a conservative who detests Obama, but I agree with Dr. Eowyn on this one.


    • Thank you, Dr. Furnish.


      • You’re welcome. And it turns out that MEMRI was hacked; I just got this from at counter-terrorism chap I know earlier today: Someone took our clip from you tube blackened our translation and put in captions that are not related to the clip at all. (not our fonts either.)

        First time ever it happens to us.


        Yigal Carmon
        Founder & President | Middle East Media Research Institute


  12. this one is really from MEMRi ….funny it’s harsher on 0bozo than the spoof


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