Methodist minister said caring about aborted babies is idolatry

It’s bad enough that the United Methodist Church supports legalized abortion, but what a Methodist pastor says about those who care about unborn babies should tell us how low the church has sunken.

Steve Ertelt reports for Life News, May 18, 2015, that pro-life advocate Sarah Terzo, who has a knack for documenting the history of the abortion debate and the abortion advocacy movement by posting quotes from pro-abortion activists through the years, posted a new quote that features Methodist Minister John M. Swomley.

Terzo explains that Swomley is an ordained United Methodist minister who was professor of Christian Ethics (!) at St. Paul’s school of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri from 1960 to 1984, president of Americans for Religious Liberty, and a longtime board member and sometimes vice president of the pro-abortion American Civil Liberties Union and chair of its church–state committee.

This is what Methodist Minister John Swomley wrote about pro-life Americans in his 1999 book Compulsory Pregnancy: the War against American Women:

Opponents of abortion in America have attributed to fetal life a sacredness that is actually idolatry… Fetal idolatry denies a woman’s right to control her body, her life, her destiny, all of which must be sacrificed to an embryo or fetus once she is pregnant…

Fetal idolatry shows no mercy. … One of the major critiques of idolatry about unborn life is its lack of concern for the abundant or purposeful life to which all of us should be called. No one of us should be an unwanted child or have to experience emotional abandonment or lack of compassion and love in childhood.”

Nothing much has changed in the United Methodist Church (UMC) since Swomley’s book. As examples:

This is why pro-life Methodists have left the denomination over the last couple of decades and continue to leave the church in droves, causing historic low membership rolls for the church.

John M. Swomley

I did an Internet search for John M. Swomley and discovered that he died on August 16, 2010, in Kansas City, Missouri at age 95 after living with Alzheimer’s for several years.

That’s 95 years more than the millions of aborted unborn babies, whom Swomley dismissed as “idols,” who never had a chance to breathe even one day of air.

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11 responses to “Methodist minister said caring about aborted babies is idolatry

  1. traildustfotm

    As I recall, the Methodists were among the first of the big Evangelical denominations to start ordaining out-of-the-closet homosexuals. Their predecessors from the 1800s would be disgusted with what has happened in the last 50 years.

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  2. The Catholic Church may have some issues with confused and corrupt management, but IMO they got the rest right.

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  3. He’s drunk the progressive left/liberal Kool Aid…

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  4. “Fetal idolatry shows no mercy…” I wonder if this is what he means by “mercy”:

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    • DCG . . . thank you for adding this picture. Not that it is pleasant to view, because it is not . . . . . but, you cannot look at these body parts, and deny that they belong to a human being. A human being who was denied their turn on earth. This idea of abortion,and explaining it away sickens me to my very core!

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  5. How very sad for Mr Swomley that he is dead . . . thus he cannot repent of his promotion of the killing of beings who were intended to be the sons and daughters of The Living God! I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes for all the money in the world. How do you stand before The Lord and make an accounting for such evil doings ???

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  6. I see where this “man of God”died in 2010.Maybe our Lord gave him mercy,but in my opinion,he did not deserve any.

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  7. What a load of flaming crap! This is the most twisted thing I’ve heard in a good while. This man didn’t have a grasp of what life really means.
    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” I don’t think this verse only applied to Jeremiah, but to all of God’s children. When Mr. Swomley met his maker, I’ll bet He slapped him upside the head!

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  8. Liberalism is a character disorder at best…a dire sickness at least. Anyone who can look at identifiable human remains in an aborted human and call it misplaced “idolatry” HAS to be : a)an evil twin of Hitler, or b) beneath any attempt to define or describe and unworthy of human regard anyway, or, c) on a zip-line to Hell, or d) all of the above.


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