Someone at Google Maps thinks Obama is a racist, traitor and usurper

My friend Mark S. McGrew alerted me to a FASCINATING phenomenon on Google Maps.

If you go to Google Maps and type in the following words in the search bar, you’ll get the White House as the result each time:

  • racist Washington D. C.
  • traitor Washington D.C.
  • treason Washington D.C.
  • usurper Washington D.C.
  • Muslim nigger Washington D.C.

It is noteworthy that in the case of the search words “traitor Washington, D.C.,” “treason Washington D.C.” and usurper Washington D.C.,” the Supreme Court is below the White House in search results.

Here are screenshots I took of each search result, with the time and date when I took the screenshot in the lower right corner. I painted red rectangles around the search words. I also painted over my personal information.

↓ Click images to enlarge ↓

Google Maps1Google Maps3Google Maps treasonGoogle Maps usurperGoogle Maps muslim

The explanation can’t be that Google Maps has a glitch and shows the White House for any and all “Washington D.C.” searches because I tested it by typing in “dogs Washington D.C.” and “cars Washington D.C.,” but the search results are not the White House, as you can in the screen shots I took below:

Google Maps dogsGoogle Maps cars

Try it yourself before Google Maps discovers the programmer and disables the program:


18 responses to “Someone at Google Maps thinks Obama is a racist, traitor and usurper

  1. Hate to tell you, but i didn’t need google to tell me what I already knew.

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    • You don’t think it’s interesting that someone at Google Maps has programmed those searches to point at Obama?

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      • Lance Jackson

        I found it interesting, yes someone at Google, planted Easter eggs in certain searches. They have done it before. Well it is the truth, all bloodstained and tainted roads seem to lead to Obama’s door


  2. Whoever programmed those results deserves a GENEROUS tip.

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  3. I think this is astonishing! I would almost be afraid that he might fear for their life! Even though, the answer to each and every question is undeniably correct! As usual, Dr Eowyn, you have presented a fabulous post!


  4. traildustfotm

    That is interesting! I tried them all. The only one that failed was the last one.


  5. traildustfotm



  6. I typed “delusional Washington DC” and got (can’t figure out how to save screen shot): 1) Supreme Court of the United States, 2) The Pentagon, 3) NRCC, 4) United States Capitol, and 5) The White House. Interesting…


    • DCG,

      I just repeated what you did by typing “delusional Washington D.C.”
      I got:
      1. The Pentagon
      2. The Washington Times
      3. NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee)

      Looks like a liberal has taken over now.


    • Lance Jackson

      A quick way to save a screen shot is click the Print Scrn key from the screen you want to capture, then open a word processor or graphics program in a fresh page , go up to edit and select paste. it will insert the saved screen


      • Or if you have Windows, go to Windows, click “Snipping tool,” then just use your cursor to make a rectangle around the image you want to copy & save to your hard drive. 🙂


  7. There is obviously a true patriotic American at Google…….
    Evidently, the Nazis in power are going nuts trying to uncover him/her.
    They can always find sanctuary at my place.


  8. A eleven year old Rumanian hacker did it for a Snoop Dog t-shirt


  9. Mark S. McGrew

    I have come across this Mark S. McGrew fellow before. He is a communist plant, shilling for Obama. Don’t fall for everything he tells you. He probably bribed one of his buddies in the NSA to rig the google maps.


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