Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

Friends, wrap your head with duct tape (to prevent it from exploding). It’s Down-the-Rabbit-Hole time!

rabbit hole

If you’re age 40 years or older, you’d probably remember January 28, 1986.

That was day of the Challenger disaster, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida at 11:38 EST. All seven crew members were killed, including five NASA astronauts and two payload specialists.

Millions of Americans (17% of the total population) watched the launch live on TV because of Payload Specialist Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. Media coverage of the explosion was extensive: one study reported that 85% of Americans surveyed had heard the news within an hour of the accident.

Challenger disaster

We were told that Challenger disintegrated because of a malfunctioning O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster. The O-ring failure caused a breach in the SRB joint it sealed, allowing pressurized burning gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the adjacent SRB aft field joint attachment hardware and external fuel tank, leading to the structural failure of the external tank. Aerodynamic forces broke up the orbiter.

The crew compartment and many other vehicle fragments were eventually recovered from the ocean floor after a lengthy search and recovery operation. The exact timing of the death of the crew is unknown; several crew members are known to have survived the initial breakup of the spacecraft. But the shuttle had no escape system, and the impact of the crew compartment with the ocean surface was too violent to be survivable.

The disaster resulted in a 32-month hiatus in NASA’s shuttle program and the formation of the Rogers Commission, a special commission appointed by then President Ronald Reagan to investigate the accident. The commission found NASA’s organizational culture and decision-making processes had been key contributing factors to the accident.

These are the names of Challenger’s 7 crew members:

  1. Francis Richard Scobee, Commander
  2. Michael J. Smith, Pilot
  3. Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist
  4. Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist
  5. Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist
  6. Gregory Jarvis, Payload Specialist
  7. Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist

But wait!

What if someone were to tell you that most, if not all, of Challenger’s 7 crew members are still alive and thriving in their new professions, contrary to what we’ve been told?

That is the contention of simonshack and other contributors on the chat forum, They claim 6 of the 7 Challenger crew members are still alive; some even kept their names. Here’s their evidence. (Note: referenced a short article by Darrell Foss on Opob News, “Was the Challenger disaster a hoax?,” March 2015, as their first source.)

Click pic below to enlarge


1. Francis Richard Scobee, Commander of Challenger Space Shuttle

Born on May 19, 1939, Commander Francis Richard Scobee was 46 when he died in the Challenger explosion. He would be 75 years old if he were alive today.

Strangely, there’s a man also named Richard Scobee, the CEO of a Chicago marketing-advertising company called Cows in Trees, who bears a striking resemblance (factoring in the 30-year timelapse) to Commander Richard Scobee — same high forehead, same eyebrows, same wide-set eyes that are slightly tilted down in their outer corners.

Richard Scobee

The source of the pic on the right of CEO Richard Scobee is his LinkedIn page.

If you go on Cows in Trees’ website, you’ll see an animation of a rocket-powered cow in the sky with swirling smoke shaped like the number 6, much like Space Shuttle Challenger as it was seen on TV exploding in mid-air. Wink, wink. CEO Richard Scobee sure has a sense of humor! /sarc

Cows in Trees & Challenger explosion

2. Michael J. Smith, Pilot of Challenger

Born on April 30, 1945, Challenger pilot Michael John Smith was 41 years old when he died in the explosion.

There’s a man also named Michael J. Smith, who bears a striking resemblance to astronaut Michael J. Smith — same horizontal eyebrows, same grey-blue eyes, same vertical indentation in the tip of the nose. This Michael J. Smith is a Professor Emeritus (retired) of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, whose email address is


Astronaut Michael J. Smith would be 70 years old if he were still alive today. Well, hot diggidy damn, there just happens to be a 69-year-old Michael J. Smith (the professor?) whose addresses include Madison, Wisconsin! (He’s #74 on this LookUpAnyone list.)

3. Ronald McNair, Challenger’s Mission Specialist

Born on Oct. 21, 1950, Challenger’s mission specialist Ronald McNair, the second African-American astronaut, with a Ph.D. in physics, would be 64 years old if he had not perished in the space shuttle explosion. If Ronald (l) were still alive today, he would look just like this pic of his brother, Carl (r).

Ronald McNair

Carl McNair is an author, education consultant and inspirational speaker. He is the founder and president emeritus of the Ronald E. McNair Foundation in honor of his brother. Here’s Carl’s LinkedIn page. (Please scroll down to my Update of May 9, 2015, for the results of my search on for the birth record(s) of Carl McNair.)

4. Ellison Onizuka, Challenger Mission Specialist

Another Challenger mission specialist, Ellison Onizuka, the first Japanese-American astronaut, also has a lookalike brother named Claude. Born on June 24, 1946 in Hawaii, Ellison would be 68 years old today if he had not died in the Challenger explosion. If Ellison were still alive, he would look just like this pic of his younger brother Claude — same eyebrows, same eyes, same crow’s feet wrinkles, same nose, even the same hair-parting.

Ellison and Claude Onizuka

Claude Onizuka is a Liquor Adjudication Board Member of the Department of Liquor Control, County of Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii. (Please scroll down to my Update of May 9, 2015, for the results of my search on for the birth record(s) of Claude Onizuka.)

5. Judith Resnik, Challenger Mission Specialist

Born on April 5, 1949, Challenger mission specialist Judith Arlene Resnik, with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, was the first Jewish American astronaut to go into space and the second female American astronaut. She would be 66 years old today if she had not died in the explosion.

If she were alive today, it is not difficult to imagine that after 29 years, astronaut Judith Resnik would look like Arthur Liman Professor of Law Judith Resnik at Yale Law School — dark curly hair, dark eyes, same eyebrow shape, same lines on both sides of the face extending up from the jaw.

Judith Resniks

Judith Resniks1

Simonshack draws our attention to how both Judith Resnicks’ upper lips form a slight peak (on their left) when they speak:

Judith Resniks2

I searched for “Judith Resnik” whose birthday was April 5, 1949 (according to Wikipedia). While there are burials and obituaries for Judith Resnik who was born April 4 or 5, 1949 and died on Jan. 28, 1986 (see below the screenshot I took), I looked through’s 241 death records for the last name Resnik but cannot find the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for astronaut Judith Resnik or any other Judith Resnik. The only Resnik SSDIs I found are for Gerald Resnik, Paul Resnik, Sharon Resnik, Wulf Resnik, Michael Resnik, Charles Resnik, Stanley Resnik, Gary Resnik, Daniel Resnik, Donald Resnik, and Patricia Resnik. There is no SSDI for Judith Resnik.

↓ Click image below to enlarge ↓

Challenger - Resnik1

UPDATE (Sept. 10, 2015):

Here’s a YouTube video comparing the voices of astronaut Judith Resnick and Professor Judith Resnick (h/t FOTM reader CW). They are the same woman.

6. Sharon Christa McAuliffe, Challenger Payload Specialist

Born on Sept. 2, 1948, Sharon Christa McAuliffe was a social studies teacher at Concord High School in New Hampshire when she was selected from more than 11,000 applicants to participate in the NASA Teacher in Space Project. If Challenger had not exploded, she would be the first teacher in space. If she had not died in the Challenger disaster, McAuliffe would be 66 years old today.

Well, there’s a Sharon A. McAuliffe, an adjunct professor at Syracuse University College of Law, who kinda looks like an older astronaut McAuliffe, factoring in the 30 years timelapse. Look at the cowlick of hair, sweeping from the center of their hairlines to the left side of their foreheads.

Sharon McAuliffe

I searched for the SSDI for “Sharon McAuliffe,” with the birthdate of Sept. 2, 1948. I found grave/burial indexes for Sharon Christa McAuliffe and an SSDI for a Sha McAuliffe. See screenshot I took below (click to enlarge):

Challenger - McAuliffe1

Simonshack points us that “It may also be entirely coincidental” that Syracuse law professor Sharon is a cousin of Terry McAuliffe, the current governor of Virginia who was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Terry McAuliffe, an advocate of gun control, is also very much concerned about NASA funding issues. See here and here.

In the end we need to ask ourselves this question:

It’s one thing that one of the Challenger’s crew members resembles someone alive today. For that, we can chalk it up to a coincidence.

It’s another thing entirely that SIX members of the Challenger crew have doppelgängers who are alive, in some cases with exactly the same names (Richard Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Judith Resnick, Sharon McAuliffe). What are the chances of that?

You don’t have to be an expert in mathematics to know that those odds defy statistical probability.

H/t FOTM’s Martha Trowbridge

Update (May 1, 2015):

On the genealogy website, I found the SSDIs of Francis Richard Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and a “Sha McAuliffe” (see above in the section on McAuliffe), but not of Judith Resnik (as I explained above in the section on her above. Here are the screenshots I took of the SSDIs of Scobee, Smith, McNair, Onizuka, and Jarvis. (Click to enlarge)

Challenger - ScobeeChallenger - SmithChallenger - McNairChallenger - OnizukaChallenger - Jarvis

It should be said that although SSDI presumably has the imprimatur of the U.S. government, we still have reasons to be skeptical. I refer you to the curious case of Adam Lanza, who on Dec. 14, 2012, allegedly shot to death, first his mother Nancy, then 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. We are told that he then shot himself in the head minutes before the police arrived at the school.

Genealogy sites such as initially had Adam Lanza’s SSDI with a date of death (DOD) as Dec. 13, 2012 — one day BEFORE the massacre. Then when bloggers discovered that strange DOD, the genealogy websites quickly changed his DOD to Dec. 14, 2012. See:

Update (May 9, 2015): The Search for 2 Brothers

Carl McNair

I searched on for a “Carl McNair,” who claims to be the brother of astronaut Ronald McNair. Carl S. McNair’s LinkedIn page says his birthdate is Dec. 16; Wikipedia’s page on Ronald McNair says his parents are Carl C. and Pearl M. McNair.  So I asked to search all “birth, baptism and christening” records for “Carl McNair,” born on Dec. 16, whose father is Carl McNair and mother is Pearl McNair.

Result of search: Just one record in Texas Birth Certificates 1903-1932, that of Herschel John McNair, born on 12 Oct 1912 – Rosewood, Upshur, whose father was William McNair and mother was Pearl Watkins.

In other words, according to, there is no Carl McNair, brother of Ronald McNair. Here’s the screenshot I took of’s search results, with the time (10:18 AM) and date (5/9/2015) when I took it in the lower right corner (circled in red).

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Carl McNair

Just to be sure, I re-did my search for “Carl McNair,” this time without specifying the names of the parents. There were 8,850 results. So I narrowed the search to “Carl McNair,” whose father’s last name is McNair and whose mother’s first name is Pearl. That narrowed the results to 8,980, which include all persons whose last name is McNair or similar-sounding last names, e.g., McNare, McNear, Mackner. Of those 8,980 results, I found no Carl McNair whose father’s name is (also) Carl McNair and whose mother’s first name is Pearl.

No parent names were given for these 3 Carl McNairs:

  1. Carl W. McNair, b. Sept 2, 1950
  2. Carl F. McNair, b. Feb. 9, 1954
  3. Marcus Carl McNair, b. Dec. 23, 1952

Since astronaut Ronald McNair was born on Oct. 21, 1950, we can rule out #1 Carl W. McNair, born on Sept. 2, 1950, as Ronald’s brother. That leaves us with Carl. F. McNair and Marcus Carl McNair.

Claude Onizuka

I also asked to search for the birth records of “Claude Onizuka,” the alleged brother of astronaut Ellison Onizuka. According to Wikipedia’s entry on Ellison Onizuka, his father was the late Masamitsu Onizuka, his mother is Mitsue Onizuka.

Result of search:  “Your search for Claude Onizuka returned zero good matches.”

Claude Onizuka1

Just to be sure, I re-did the search for “Claude Onizuka,” this time without putting in the names of the parents. There were 36 results, none of which is Claude Onizuka. In other words, according to, no one named Claude Onizuka had ever been born in the United States.


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  1. Unlikely. Prof Bruce Lipton and Greg Jarvis have different eye color, teeth, and facial wrinkles, also compare ears shapes : and

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  2. I can’t wait until the next Civil War kicks off. It’s gonna be the soverign 50 vs teenie tiny DC.

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  3. According to i have never been born… my life is a lie because a website doesn’t know me 😦


    • Well, “Martin J” with an IP address in Blue Bell, PA, we can only verify your assertion if you give us your real name. Then we can determine if you’re on Otherwise, you are just another drive-by troll.

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  4. NONE of these older people look like the younger versions. All of their ears are different, some have a bit of a cleft chin which was not there before – not buying this ONLY on looks – though I must say of late, anything can be possible.


  5. Greg Sholom (President of Team Resources Inc.)

    Same bold head, same eye color and same teeth and also named Greg.

    More info:

    Large pics of Greg Jarvis:


  6. Here a hearing with a younger Judith Resnik. If you ask me. The two Judith’s are different persons.


  7. What could be the motive for staging this shuttle disaster? I don’t doubt that these people are the real crew members; I just don’t see what they have to gain by doing this.


    • Doesn’t mean it was staged! Just would mean they were never on board the shuttle! There is no way anyone could have survived that and seeing how NASA told us they were, they had to follow through with the deception and make them disappear….i.e..,give them new lives. Makes perfect sense. Oh, and there was no need for a crew to even be on board. NASA has had the technology to send unmanned missions since the start of the space program.


    • They were not on the space shuttle, the shuttles were cargo only, ie parts, food, supplies for ISP International space station no humans. Humans flew on SSP pod hoppers, these were and still are secret space ships.


  8. I doubt it was set up (the explosion) i believe the shuttle never has been in space, its remote controlled and empty . We have never been in space or the moon NASA is the joke on everyone.
    The shuttle that you see coming back is a jet made to look like a shuttle.
    (Why ?) i can think of many billions of reasons why (greed)


    • I disagree. I was part of the team that built all the shuttles and the International Space Station. I have been inside the shuttles and they are not “jets” in disguise.

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      • No idea who you are, but in the Sixties I knew a very bright fellow who designed the waste collection & recovery systems.
        He was a REAL character, VERY fringey, but his brilliant engineering got him ‘aboard,’ so to speak.

        So here’s a question for you: Did you ever meet or know of a fellow tagged ‘Charlie the P——? I can’t recall his family name, but everybody on the NASA design team either knew him or had heard of him.

        One more clue: he was what I’d call short, maybe 5’4″, had a balding head BUT what little remained he let grow to a ridiculous [to my taste] length, and it was bright auburn. No one could mistake Charlie for anyone else.

        I’ll believe yr anecdote perfectly if you give me his moniker. Thanks, because I’m not biased against you, even hit both ‘thumb up’ and ‘Liked’, just need some of what Ron Reagan called ‘verification’.

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  9. Polygraph them, prove it.


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  12. Try fingerprints.

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  13. I’m not convinced with this conspiracy theory. The school teacher’s picture on the left has brown eyes, while the picture on the right has blue eyes, not to mention the picture on the right’s chin is too sharp. Her chin isn’t wide enough. Also the supposed brother doesn’t look anything like the picture on the left. The Asian guy’s smile doesn’t match in the before and after picture. I am my family’s genealogist, and the research you have done for this article is not nearly enough to prove much of anything when it comes to something like this. Most of what you have found is based off of speculation and assumptions.


    • Couch Commander

      A person would literally have to be retarded to not see that those are the exact same people, including Carl.

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      • Goes to show that the Govt has long been playing mind games with the public for many years. Do more research into other situations, but don’t be surprised by similar results.

        There is always an agenda behind the actions. As far as the actors involved; clearly everyone of them had a magic price. Who’s to say, maybe the Govt didn’t give them
        “a choice.”


  14. I would believe it except that I am a mother and I am a spouse. I cannot believe that they would move on with their lives and leave their families in grief. Can you please address that point?


  15. I am a forensic toxicologist and have first hand knowledge that the astronauts are indeed deceased.


    • James,

      Please be so good as share some of your “first hand knowledge that the astronauts are indeed deceased” with us. If you prefer, you can email me at:

      If you do not provide even a modicum of your first hand knowledge or at least point us to confirming evidence, and since anyone can claim to be anything on the Internet, you will have to forgive me for not believing you.

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    • Mr James, Exactly what we need is to see is the proof you have … in order to know for sure it was not an hoax. As you can see, words are not enough. We will thank you to publish real evidence for once, and please don´t answer that it is CLASSIFIED. Thank you very much

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      • Felipe,

        James has not responded to my request for evidence, either in a comment or email.


        • I have a relative with “first hand knowledge” also… Maybe you worked with him? Last name: Marden…. He was i involved with some of the more “gory” parts of the clean up.


          • In other words, Clay, what you are offering is at best second-hand knowledge, which is hearsay. Perhaps you can invite your relative, Mr. Marden, to come on FOTM and provide us with his first-hand account?


            • My comment was directed at James. My relative was in the Air force. A doctor. Was wondering if he in fact, had “first hand knowledge”, he may know who I’m talking about?


    • Teri Cooper Brown

      Where have you gone since you claimed you have “first hand knowledge” of the Challenger astronauts re: toxicology?


      • Sir Huddleston Fuddleston

        You need to prove that these people have no alibis for the day of the launch. If the records show that person X was in fact teaching his usual eighth grade math class that morning, that person cannot have been one of the astronauts. You need to establish this for each of them. Until you do, you are basically doing “eyewitness identification” of a bunch of random people 30 years after a crime. And we all know that eyewitness testimony is the LEAST RELIABLE form of proof.


    • Ok so does this mean you were privy to physical recovery specimens for DNA analysis? I was under impression that no physical remains were recovered after explosion, but maybe you know different. Just curious 😕


  16. Dumbest thing I have ever seen. Just another uneducated moron that believes in conspiracy theory hoaxes.


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  18. Don Hefkin, Captain USN (Ret.)

    Mike Smith was a close friend and classmate at the Naval Academy. The guy pictured in this article is not Mike.

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    • Have you seen Mike Smith since he left the Naval Academy in 1967? If you haven’t, and since you mention being friends with him only while at the Naval Academy, so I’m guessing you haven’t, that was frickin’ 49 years ago!!! “I marvel at your certainty.”

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  20. Who would have thought that people with the same surname be genetically similar and look the same.


    • I guess you failed to read the part about researchers finding no evidence of Ronald McNair and Ellison Onizuka ever having a brother. Or you’ve been fooled and you’re finding it hard to face reality. Or you’re a shill.

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  21. I added mascara to the older Judy Resnik, because, to me, it was easier to see the similarities when both had on similar eye make-up.


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  23. 1. As has previously been stated, things like ears, jawlines, etc. don’t match.
    2. I have been doing genealogy on Ancestry for several years. Just because you don’t find something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Plus privacy laws keep many records from the past 75 years or so unavailable. Ask anyone who is actively involved in genealogy how many birth and death records they have had to order because they weren’t available on-line.
    3. A quick comparison of the educational background of a couple of them shows that the Challenger people and the ones you say are them are completely different.
    4. If the Challenger people were still alive, do you really think that they would be going by the same names or even something close?


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  25. Can you talk about why they would do this, and to through something this involved and life changing, what could nasa or the gov or the illum get from the explosion , This is what I want to know, ??????


    • Coal,

      I’d like to know that as well!


    • $$$$$$$, it’s all about the money .

      Let’s face it, the Majority of Americans are peaceful , and do not prefer to send their sons and daughters to get killed overseas.
      Most would not support war, unless they were ALL outraged , like I was , the day after 911.
      To get everyone riled up, start a false flag, blame another Nation, or group of people, label them anti -American , and viola!
      War! Lots of connected Companies and elites enriching themselves at the expense of the lowly tax payer, but it’s all good, because we are “safer” from the Terrorists.


  26. Hello Again, as I said before, I live in Mexico and I can not go in person to talk to the older look alikes, to interview them or their families/sons/fathers/friends/workmates and get a better idea of this…. If anybody in the USA could do that, it would be really appreciated. Thanks to Triuwida for the data… and thanks a lot to Dr. Eowyn…by the way ; does anyone know about what happened to the children of Christa? where do they live now ? Gracias a todos

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  27. I think there is a lot of prove the possibility they still alive and there is also great argument against the evidence…Since Nasa has been faking all space exploration started with Moon landing hoax…I believe no one was on board the shuttle and it accidently blew up they had to orchestrate their death .look at all the footage from the space station now fake it is …..there is no space exploration except in low earth orbit…astrophysics plainly admit the van allen belt has so much radiation ..nothing has ever passed through it ..go do the research the bloopers of fakery are just comical ..


  28. Come to think about the o-ring failure in the solid rocket booster that allegedly doomed the Challenger space shuttle. It is unfathomable that engineers would have designed in something that had such low margin from disaster and not to mention without rigorous testing to more stressful environment. Of course, it is convenient to blame it on inept management. Working as an aerospace engineer in the past, that smells very fishy to me.


  29. The SSDI data used to be managed by the Social Security department used to have numbers added in each entry to guarantee the existing data cannot be modified. However, after transferred over to (private) a few years ago, this authentication mechanism is compromised. So, if you have obtained the SSDI data after the transfer, there is no guarantee of their accuracies.

    Before the transfer, this SSDI data have shown the following events were staged events due to lack of deceased victims shown.

    ** Ruby Ridge stand off of 1992
    ** Waco
    ** Columbine
    ** Virginia Tech

    And many others

    So, don’t dwell too much on the SSDI data after the transfer into private hand.



    Sputnik just ran a piece about the astronauts hearing strange music on the other side of the moon!
    See my comment: It must have been the wind in the California desert! LOL


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  32. Basically you’ve been debunked by people who worked on the Shuttle, people who worked on the forensics, people who knew the deceased. And your only reply to those people is “you may be lying.”

    In your eyes, the entire world is lying all the time, full time. Tens of thousands of people involved in the space program, from 10 countries, for 70 years, people from academia, industry, government: professors, teachers, engineers, the astronauts themselves — all liars, every last one, all holding steadfastly to their lies for 60 years.

    And you the only truth teller.

    And your “motive”? “I don’t know, maybe greed?” Why do they spend billions of dollars on disposable rockets and landers and equipment, which is blown up, left behind, destroyed? So they can “make money?” They’re sure spending a lot of money to make money — I’m not sure any is left over! The Saturn V rockets were — and still are today — the biggest (355 feet), most complicated (3 million parts), most powerful (entire power output of Great Britain, every SECOND), and most expensive ($500 mil in 1960s dollars each) machines ever built. They built six of them. They used and blew up six of them. All made by hand, down to the rivets and drill holes. Tens of thousands of man hours. For what? As a fake? Why not just fake it then?

    Want to steal money from people? Wall Street just goes to the government and ASKS FOR IT. And we deliver — more money to Wall Street in 2004 than was spent by NASA IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY. NASA is not very good at making money.

    Your criteria for judging is the “I can’t believe it” criteria. That’s not a logical argument — there are lots of things that people can’t believe, and it doesn’t mean they’re not real.

    TL/DR: your junk is all innuendo and doesn’t pass the smell test. There are more questions about your “evidence” than there were about the actual event. The actual event has lots and lots of physical evidence, lots of telemetry data, lots of live video. Your evidence is a bunch of photos with somebody saying “Hey, could be, right?!?!” Junk.


    • “Basically you’ve been debunked by people who worked on the Shuttle, people who worked on the forensics, people who knew the deceased.”

      Really? Point us to where this “debunking” is, or shut up.


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  35. Nobody here is suggesting that we have incontrovertible truth. What we are stating is that what evidence we do possess makes investigating further completely justifiable. We want more “proof” ; we want to gather more evidence to establish the truth one way or the other. This is a perfectly rational attitude. But prejudicial skeptics like yourself believe we should stop thinking independently, gathering empirical evidence and just believe the official narratives. Sorry, but we have every right to persist.

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  37. really??? How would they have gotten out of the smashed wreckage? None of them are really uncommon names, and resemblances are likely just coincidence. If you want proof (which likely doesn’t exist), ask them for their 30-years-ago photos.



      What are you talking about?No one said they got out of the wreckage,they were not in it to begin with.This was a total lie told to the American people and I was one that believed it happened until I saw the truth that NASA lied to all of us and the parents and kin folks of the crew knew that NO ONE died that day.All you need to do is look at the photos.Sure they are older now,but they are the same people that supposely was killed…NOT.wake up to the fact that,just about everything that has happened is total fake.

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  38. NASA ~

    High priests of science
    Never A Straight Answer is
    their ancient motto.


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  40. I’m upset. This for some reason really bothers me. It’s like my whole life has been a lie ( I’m 61). We find out our government had been responsible for so many things they have lied to us blaming others for. 9/11 for one. I’m sick to think I sat and cried over that space ship blowing up and those folks never even went up in it. What was the purpose of all that. God help us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I share your pain. I’m a wee bit older than you and felt the same! After my initial reaction of the sickening realization of the total lie in which we have been raised and live, I chose to self-educate with as many alternate sources as possible. FOTM is my all time favorite site as it is a wealth of TRUTH and willingness to investigate the information provided to we the people. I have also learned an incredible amount from the youtube channel of Tim Kelly at thkelly67.
      Tim holds degrees as a historian and is a Traditional Catholic with a large family. His wife and Tim homeschool their 6 children. (IMHO, I bring up his background because I think he has a vested interest in revealing the Truth.) Tim hosts a weekly podcast where he has lengthy interviews with many knowledgable guests. Tim, himself is a wealth of historical information and has the ability to connect the many seemingly disparate facets of information. I am still learning but have learned that all of this nonsense and these psyops go way back to (at least) the fall of the Roman Empire!

      Lastly, I am Catholic and have found the Glorious Objective Truth of the (Spiritual) Catholic Faith {not the verbal garbage spewing forth from the mouths and behavior of the sinful, earthly men who hold clerical roles, today.} from the videos posted on the Sensus Fidelium youtube channel: and there and separate youtube postings of Fr. Chad Ripperger. Fr. Ripperger also has a web site Sensus Traditionis: Father asks for prayers as Penance-ware for listening to his work.

      So, my advice is to not believe a morsel of information we are being fed by the total spectrum dominance of information flow through news events, TV, radio, newspapers, many books, politicians, social media, music and any other way that escapes me, at the moment.

      True “Knowledge is Power” Allow yourself time to grieve the past you thought you knew and work towards TRUTH.

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  43. John Hamilton

    I would like to know the actual sources of these pics. For all we know, they could be photo shopped, like so many other photos with some BS background story. And to pass off pictures of relations is not evidence of survival.
    I have to face the evidence for the controversy with the same skepticism as those who debunk or disagree.
    This doesn’t mean I believe NASA or the Gov’t at all. I’m not naive to believe that 911 wasn’t a false flag event. However, today, it seems that every tragedy is a false flag or fake. Really? I’m not buying it just because a few nutters say so. That’s as stupid as me saying the pics and names of the supposed survivors aren’t uncanny and hold some resemblance if they are real. Usually, the kill the witnesses. However, considering how stupid the gov’t thinks we are, times have changed. And if thi is true, they all deserve to burn.


  44. sausage fingers

    Hi, Interesting reading, and there are for sure some similarities.

    Let me start with; I was one of the few lucky bastards who actually was @ cape canaveral and watched the whole thing in ’86, which of course made all of this even more spectacular. (Was looking for some photos online, haven’t heard about this before, so late on subject) 🙂

    I’ve spent 2 hours now comparing photos and going thru both Resnik’s bio, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t the same. There are photos of the living Resnik from the 80’s if you image-search.
    Going to spend a little time on Smith before I start the day. (I really want this to be true.)

    I’ll get back if I find something, so don’t count on it, but it was a soft start even for a Sunday.

    PS. It was a horrible day at cape c.

    PS2. Why don’t you guys ever learn? NEVER reply to a flat-earth-shill.
    They don’t believe the earth is flat, they are here only to connect events to idiots. I got good insight in firms working solely with this.
    (Of course there are jerks believing in all kinds of magic, but not to this level.)
    The same goes for lizard-ppl..😉


  45. sausage fingers
  46. NASA was started by the Masons and is kept by them as well. Why? You would never believe me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack Parsons, a deep occultist, was a founding member of NASA, I thought. That’s worse than “The Masons”.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yes, Aerojet General and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are attributed to Jack Parsons and his crew. Let’s not forget “Operation Paperclip” as well.

        Prior to “The 911 Movie”, false flag operations or hoaxes were known, but not thought to be extensive. “9-11” was so spectacular and “in-our-faces” that it went a long way to showing just how outrageous TPTB were willing to be in order to justify their agenda.

        As a result, many of us have had to go back over history and reexamine what we learned at earlier points in our lives. With regard to certain aspects of my life I’ve had to completely “unlearn” certain things.

        I no longer have any difficulty whatsoever believing NASA (or any other government entity) would do something like this. That slimy little vermin Karl Rove was not joking when he gave his little impromptu speech; “We’re an empire now. We make reality………”. He wasn’t stating a future plan, he was admitting an existing reality.

        When BO came out with at least two Executive Orders related to truthfulness in broadcasting and the use of propaganda on American citizens, there was a reason. He was both hedging his bets and setting the stage for an argument that, because something is “legal”, it is “moral”.

        To me this is about as good as anecdotal evidence gets. Someone should try to run the stats on this. Our conditioning runs deep. I find it in myself after all this time. We don’t WANT to believe that “our” government lies to us, even when we know that it does.

        Liked by 2 people

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